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DYNAMITE/Myers/Gama/Davis/Gallant vs

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10 MAN ELIMINATION TAG 1981 Stampede abouts



Eliminations can take place not only over by pinfall, submission, disqualifaction or countout but by throwing your opponent over the top rope.


We only see a couple of minutes of action where we than proceed to cut away until the 30 minute mark where it's Davey and Bret vs Dynamite/Myers and Gama.


The action in this is just great. It's your typical very rough Stampede match with great work ethic and the electric crowd they had at the time. You even had your typical Stampede blood on the mat from a previous bout.


Dynamite just brings such an electric spark to his matches and here it's no different. His segments in the ring are full of excitement and its his bumping at the end of this which ends up being one's biggest memory from this bout. Bret and Davey finally come back after being beaten for a while and just take it to DK and Myers who are the tag champs.

DK and Myers just end up leaving and it's due to DK's bumping that this ending is completely believable.


Part 1 of Bret Hart's attack -- Dynamite does his trademark upside down flip bump into the turnbuckles and it's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen in wrestling. The heigth was amazing and the speed was out of this world. So much so that I had to rewind it over 5 times with my jaw hitting the floor each time so fast that I almost knocked myself out. There's nobody in wrestling who could've duplicated that.


Part 2 -- Bret Hart irish whips DK across the ring into an awating Davey Boy Smith who hits DK on the run with a shoulderblock from the top rope. Full contact. This stuff is occuring in 1981 -82 North America mind you.


Part 3 -- Davey Boy slingshots DK into Bret Hart's foot who's in the corner turnbuckle. The height and the timing here were great as this looks like a legit knock out move. Terrific bump.


Part 4 -- DK eats one of those piledrivers that Bret loves to do.


Yeah, so Dynamite was the ultimate punching bag here and is definitely the best bumper I've ever seen. His timing and athletic ability were just incredible and they helped make the ending of this match a memoarable one. The more you see of Dynamite the more you understand why he ended up being in a wheelchair. This was just a few minutes of one day of about a 38 minute match. The bumping he was doing in Stampede was insane.

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