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I was thinking about the role women play i wrestling, not like in a separate division, but roles they play interacting with the men.


WWE seems to only want "divas" now who play the Miss Elizabeth type role, but one of the things that made Elizabeth's character work is that she was the only female manager in the WWF when she debuted.


Not every woman in WWE should have to be someone's girlfriend or sex object. Hell, one thing ECW did was book women as something other than that once in a while. One of the most famous bloody brawls was Fonzie vs Beaulah.


Most guys know women are the most vicious fighters, so why keep showing them as wilting flowers in wrestling? The only women who are allowed to get phyisical are ones who are mannish like Chyna or Jackie, what if next week on RAW someone makes one dumb joke too many and Maria claws someone's eyes the fuck out?


I'm not sayin they should be booked to win matches over men or anything, but have them stand up for themselves once in a while to show they're more than just window dressing.

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Guest Famous Mortimer

That would require pro wrestling to become slightly less sexist than it is now, and I can't see that happening unfortunately.


Akira Hokuto is brilliant, as well as for her ring work she's a great foil for Kensuke Sasaki too. They do great promos together and they had some great fun in Dragon Gate. She'd be a model for how women should be used in pro wrestling, says I.

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