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  1. sek69

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I'm assuming the Sputnik match is one of those no-sound 16mm deals from Florida? I never quite understood why they would film things like that. Other territories barely valued taping on regular film and the Grahams are out there all avant garde and shit.
  2. sek69

    NXT talk

    I don't know if he said that, but Flair definately had a set style of match he did when he didn't feel the other guy was capable of a whole lot (the infamous broomstick match). That being said, Sting did improve greatly after working with him even if it wasn't a Flair/Steamboat level classic.
  3. sek69

    NXT talk

    That's actually a pretty good comparison. UWF/early Crockett Sting was a ball of green charisma that clearly had potential, and was lucky enough to have a career defining match with one of the greatest of all time (not to mention a career long program with the guy to make sure he improved as a wrestler).
  4. Just in case you have any doubt how this is going to go.
  5. KO was supposed to be reintroduced after Mania, so bringing him back now (they usually don't bring people back from injury this close to WM) also screams "we have no idea what to do for this show".
  6. Must have been a recent thing, I clearly remember her first NXT push being mostly "ex Marine MP turned single mom fighting for her daughter".
  7. Other than the obvious traits Vince likes, she's also ex military and a single mom. I could imagine the stars in their eyes thinking of all the PR possibilities. Hopefully she can overcome her Rumble performance, which I would hope was just her having a deer in the headlights moment in front of such a large crowd. I don't recall her being *that* bad the few times I remember watching her in NXT.
  8. sek69

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Yeah this seems like a way to get Chyna in without having to deal with the awkwardness of a solo introduction. Which is fine, because she was a pretty big star in the biggest boom time the company had so she definately deserves a place (at least just as much as anyone else in the WWE HOF). And yes, there should be a pool to see how many times Hunter gets in before it's all said and done: HHH solo DX Evolution Authority Hunter NXT Dad Paul Generous Benefactor to the UK Audience Because of NXT UK Paul Future WWE Chairman Paul
  9. It does my deadened-by-too-many-years-of-fandom heart good to see Kofi getting one on one WWE title match after all these years (and getting his last big push squashed after the Orton match).
  10. Honestly, if Becky can't be trusted to deliver weapon shots without it looking like Ronda was still in UFC maybe it's a discussion we should have.
  11. Charlotte posted a photo of nearly her entire arm covered in bruises after the crutch shots from Becky, who also busted Ronda open as well. Charlotte lit up Ronda with the kendo stick shots when they had their match, are we sure these three know it's a work?
  12. It's notable that other than Ronda/Becky/Charlotte and Brock/Seth, there's not any obvious Mania matches even being hinted at. Usually by this point you can at least see the direction they are heading toward. I can't recall another build where other than the top one or two matches the rest of the card is "I guess this guy can face that guy".
  13. The best is when someone overdoes the fake tanner (I seem to recall Miz being guilty of this more than once) to the point it leaves brown stains on the mat like someone shit themselves in the ring. There was also that awkard time when HD first started to become a standard and TV makeup crews had to adjust, resulting in a year or so where half the people on TV looked like they were wearing clown makeup. Looks aside, she absolutely has Tully's smug charisma down to a T. The reason why Tully was such a great heel is he'd tell you how he was better than everyone and then he'd go out there and do it, and come back even more smug the next time all "See, I told ya!".
  14. He went from having great matches with the champ to not even being on the radar of people like us for possible Mania opponents. He might be "alright" but he sure ain't going anywhere.
  15. Amazing how Mustafa Ali has disappeared from everyone's mind after missing one show.