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  1. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Way too far gone. Anything that shows a competitor to WWE as viable is 100% an invention by Dave to them and nothing with change that mindset.
  2. Well I suppose at least Seth was a Stupid Heel instead of the usual WWE trope of Stupid Babyface.
  3. I don't have a frame of reference being an American sports fan, but I imagine NXT 2.0 is the equivalent of being a fan of a football team that got regulated to a lower division/level.
  4. Sonya might be the kayfabe greatest WWE TV Authority Figure ever, managed to do a contract signing without it ending up a brawl of some sort.
  5. Also there's been two separate times (Edge to Miz and Liv to Becky) where they script promos to blame people losing their jobs on other wrestlers and not the company "budget cutting" when they are raking in billions. Kinda gross IMO.
  6. Wow they actually acknowledged AEW bringing up Miz's name, Vince must be tied up in a locker somewhere.
  7. Miz is back: meh Maryse is back: FUCK YEAH
  8. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Rhodes to the Top got a second season, so I suppose if it's only purpose is to make TNT happy with more content that's at least something positive.
  9. I don't really get the vibe Seth his gonna win, I think it's more giving E a win over an established guy.
  10. i mean, it may be 1989 thinking but it usually works when someone tries it. Just because an idea isn't something new or inventive doesn't mean it needs to be discarded completely. No one's advocating for the return of all-squash shows, but they still have a place even in 2021. I will say though, watching endless squashes is what got me to get invested in the wrestlers as a kid and I can't say that would be the case if I was growing up watching WWE today.
  11. Squash matches still have their purpose even in today's wrestling. They're still the best way to build someone up to be a monster, and it's still a good way to showcase someone new. Also you don't have to do short squashes either, that's the value of having someone like QT where he can give you a good match and there's nothing lost by jobbing him out. Have him make the person you want to be a star look like a million bucks and off you go. WWE's biggest flaw is they are so addicted to 50/50 booking to the point that even if they end up ass-backwards-ing their way into someone getting over, they can't wait to beat them. It's not like WWE doesn't have a bunch of guys who can be beat regularly to serve this purpose either, it's just that for whatever reason they won't do it.
  12. Yeah I think Ridge Holland was just part of the "call up people Vince might be into" deal they did when NXT switched to TWO POINT OH. Also I think people were less mad at him jobbing on day one than Kross since no one really had any expectations that he would have any success on the main roster when Kross and Scarlett's act in NXT seemed like a no brainer.
  13. i would say *maybe* the New Day would be considered top five, thats it.
  14. sek69

    AEW Rampage - November 26, 2021

    Rampage is such a fun, easy show to watch. Due to it being only an hour, nothing overstays its welcome and it always leaves you wanting more which is pretty much all you can ask for from a show like that.