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  1. It seems like everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room a bit. Smackdown is proving it's possible to have a good show that runs 52 weeks a year, but RAW spent the last 3+ years establishing that Roman is the only star on the show (other than Brock when he's around). Everyone else existed to put him over, so when he suddenly is out for the forseeable future, RAW's left with little more than a roster full of guys fimly established as second tier.
  2. Stephanie hasn't had any involvment in creative for a while. It's basically 30 or so ex TV writers solely trying to please Vince. Dunn just does the TV production end of things.
  3. sek69

    NXT talk

    That's kind of odd considering WWE usually considers tag teams a package deal unless one of them messes up IRL.
  4. sek69

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I find myself wondering what's the creepiest old man announcer behavior on Twitter: Tony Shiavone hawking discount boner pills or JR retweeting accounts like WwEDiVaPoRn all the time. I supposed at least Tony's making money (I think the pills are a sponsor for his podcast) but I find myself learning more than I wanted to know about his dick because of it.
  5. So it looks like good news and Becky is officially cleared for contact (she was cleared for the concussion but not from the broken nose) based on her getting involved last night. I wonder what the plan will be, have Askua win the belt and pair off with Charlotte while Becky goes after Ronda at RR/WM? Seems that would be the best case for all involved.
  6. While I was sure he had the chops, I didn't know if the fans would go all in on hating him. Good work all around helps greatly I suppose.
  7. At the risk of getting clubbed to death from an angry mob looking forward to what surely will be a great match, it makes no sense for the WWE Champion to have a match against what most fans just see as a rando 205 Live guy. I know it's non title, but still.
  8. I think it's not so much she lost momentum, more that everyone else gained it. People want to see Becky/Nia for the revenge factor, Becky/Askua/Charlotte because it will be fucking awesome, but there's zero reason to be interested in anything Ronda does unless it's against Becky because the fans got blueballed out of seeing it before. Even Nattie's feud with Ruby, cornball as it is, gets some interest since it touches on real life events,
  9. Yeah, people seem to think that Dream will automatically find success on the main roster and not realize Vince will probably look at him and think he's found the next R-Truth.
  10. sek69

    RIP Larry Hennig

    If they did, they kept it professional since Curt and Greg were always portrayed as the next generation of the AWA when they were around.
  11. I believe his point is that there might be something to what I said because Vince is presumably going to be devoting significant energy toward the XFL.
  12. sek69

    WWE Hidden Gems

    FWIW, WWE is notorious for making lowball offers for tape libraries. I would assume largely due to them mainly dealing with families who just want to make what cash they can with the stuff that was filling up a storage container somewhere. Bruce knew what he had and what it would be worth to WWE, and they just kept dealing with him like he was some old time promoter's mark-ass grandson or whatnot. There shouldn't have been a scenario where fucking Billy Corgan should have been able to bid more than WWE for anyone's library, but here we are.
  13. I almost want to say this is all part of their plan to make people pine for Vince/Steph/HHH to return, but even that would require them to plan for the future.
  14. I'm not sure I was expecting "potential eco terrorist" to be the angle they'd go with Bryan's heel character but I dig it.
  15. I don't know if it's intentional, but I love how Paige has ended up the only authority figure in wrestling history to prevent a contract signing from getting turned into a brawl/attack.