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  1. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    That's entirely possible and probably depressingly close to the truth, but since it's Billie there's a non zero chance that they legit don't know what to do with a woman who isn't blonde.
  2. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I wonder what blackmail material Velveteen Dream has to keep his job while at the same time not get used on TV because the company doesn't want to keep getting asked why they feature a kid groomer.
  3. sek69

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    No lie, the moment I saw the Mauro announcement my first thought was "holy shit, is CS secretly Kenny Omega?"
  4. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    To me and you that sounds good, but someone who busted their ass to be a pro wrestler isn't going to be satisfied sitting in catering for months instead of doing what they spent all that time/effort/money into becoming.
  5. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The company can't make it any more clear that they won't do shit with 85-90% of the people they sign other than waste their peak drawing years, yet somehow folks still are acting like signing a WWE deal is a worthy life goal. At this point the only people who should sign with WWE are guys at the end of their run looking to cash out for a big payday. The Nak Special if you will.
  6. sek69

    Wrestlemania 37

    I just got my second Moderna shot on Monday and I'd still be wary of large crowds like that for a while. Also between the young people who feel invulnerable and the terminally stupid refusing, it will take a while even when shots are widely available.
  7. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Now you have to spam #CancelTheCock instead. .......wait...what?
  8. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Well a lot of sports are on different networks, it's always a little weird to see the NFL on say Fox promoting games that will be on CBS/NBC/ESPN but that's the nature of how sports works these days. If anything, AEW beating the NBA on ESPN is going to make the NBA look sideways at ESPN since they are supposed to be the end all and be all for sports programming.
  9. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    There's so many people who have been in NXT/Developmental for YEARS with little to no signs of improvement that could be let go with little fear they'll show up on TV elsewhere but those are the ones that weirdly seem hoarded the most.
  10. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Did he beat JTG's record of staying employed without having anything to do? It's got to be close.
  11. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Are people doing that for real? I assumed a lot of it was being sarcastic since they just brought him back not too long ago and they immediately started letting people go.
  12. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Yup, Vince thought she was the breakout star, which to be fair might have been the case but they did jack shit with both of them afterwards. Seeing it mentioned on social media that Billie has a case for being the most screwed over by the pandemic as her act would have almost surely become one of those cult favorite things with the fans that would have forced the company to do something with her.
  13. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Dynamite pulled in 1.2 million viewers last night.
  14. sek69

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Not sure why it's baffling to you that people would make lists of expendable AEW folks, they clearly have too many people signed for the TV time they have. Tony's made it clear he doesn't want to cut people until things are back to something close to normal and he sees AEW as a lifeboat for wrestlers during the pandemic. So clearly they aren't going to actually cut anyone based on a list compiled by some rando on the internet. Besides, wrestling fans in the internet like to make lists of things, it's what they do.
  15. sek69

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    He had some concussion issues so they had him on commentary. Everyone assumed he'd be back in the ring at some point, and then *poof* he gets cut. At least he was able to give us Rain Poncho Joe before leaving.