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  1. On top of the normal Seth problems, it really is amazing how they are trying to make him the most unlikable babyface ever. Beating up EY was a straight up asshole move that probably would have been a heel turn in any other era.
  2. FWIW, Dana is the reason none of Warrior's hate blogs are archived. She's put in work to make sure any record of his remarks survive on the internet. One of his blogs specifically mentioned wanting to make sure his kids shared his worldview, so it sure wasn't that. I'd be willing to assume Dana isn't as hateful as he was, but she did marry the guy and it's not like he kept his views hidden. Add that with her attempts to erase any record of the views he clearly felt strongly about leave me not really wanting to give her the benefit of any doubt. She's never said "what he stood for was wrong and I want to make it right", she wants to use his famous symbols for corporate PR and hope no one is able to find out how he really felt about it. Plus like Bix mentioned, WWE already did this when they named Connor the Crusher the first Warrior Award winner. Warrior said some pretty vile stuff about cancer patients when Bobby Heenan was sick, so having his name on an award being given to a pediatric cancer victim is like naming an award after David Duke and having the first recipient be a person of color. Yes there would be some irony in the Warrior symbol being turned into a pride icon, but WWE is basically trying to gaslight everyone by pretending his bigotry never existed. Luckily they did this as hamfisted as they do seemingly everything else so it ends up something we can point and laugh at them.
  3. I love how the only thing they can come up with to get heat in LA is "LAKERS, AMIRIGHT?"........calling it lazy seems insulting to lazy people.
  4. sek69

    Current Lucha Talk

    LOL AAA is learning, they wouldn't give Wagner a live mic after the match.
  5. sek69

    Current Lucha Talk

    Also my goodness does Dr. Wagner's "I'm growing my hair out for the big hair vs mask match" hairstyle look ridiculous.
  6. sek69

    Current Lucha Talk

    Lucha Bros won the titles back in a great match. Fans didn't seem to know/care about the Bucks at first (I did see one guy in a Young Bucks shirt when they brawled in the crowd), but they got 100% into it by the end with the finish getting a monster pop. Money was even thrown in after the match.
  7. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Plus they just did their big post-Elite rebuild around Lifeblood, and since then Teneille left and Juice reportedly told New Japan he doesn't want to go back to ROH since it diminishes the folks that are there.
  8. sek69

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    He said on the radio show with Bryan that he thought it was a good match other than the horrifying head/neck bump spot, but he didn't want to give the match a rating and encourage anyone to copy it and/or do something worse. Also it happening around the anniversary of Misawa's death hit a nerve with him how Japanese promotions are starting to forget the lessons 90s All Japan taught.
  9. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    They were always there, no one ever really made a full court press to get them back until now. Wrestling was able to support numerous territories and promotions for decades, yet when WCW died TV executives apparently believed all their fans got Thanos snapped out of existence.
  10. sek69

    NXT talk

    They do, but then it comes off like some weird form of gaslighting when the talent is all "I chose my weird WWE name, the company didn't do it!" Yeah, but they asked you to change it in the first place though. Plus look at the way new signees react when people point out how silly their new names are on social media, the replies are so similar there's almost certainly a pat response they are expected to give. It completely sidesteps the point that in most cases, people are expected to stop using the name they built up on the indies (and presumably part of what got WWE's attention in the first place). It's OK though, one of Steph's talking points in her rally the troops speeches is how WWE is a place where you're able to really own your own brand!
  11. sek69

    NXT talk

    If WWE decided to stop hoarding, the guys who didn't land in AEW would be bolstering places like ROH and MLW I'm sure. A lot of the lucha guys being wasted would go back to CMLL and/or AAA. Having a strong #2 promotion is a tide that rises all boats most of the time.
  12. I don't know how much is true, but the word was after he did the one Saudi show his Hollywood people basically told him to cut that shit out since it could affect his movie career. Timeline wise it seems to fit since it appears that WWE cooled on him around that same time. They'll probably never fully cut ties with him because he's still a reliable company robot for them plus he's a Make-a-Wish legend, but it's clear there's at least some bruised feelings on WWE's part since he's no longer their go to guy.
  13. sek69

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Reading this post, I didn't "get" the H. Ivy Thomsen one until I said it out loud and I'm torn between how awful it is and my love of terrible puns.
  14. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    WWE fanboys will probably be even extra saltier considering this happens the same week WWE can't seem to give tickets away for Stomping Ground.
  15. sek69

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Here's what I don't get: Jim's a smart guy, he knows most of what goes on in wrestling now isn't his cup of tea, why does he spend so much time upset about it? It's not like someone in WWE is going to be like "oh shit, Jim Cornette didn't like our last show, we better get on that", and he knows that. It seems like his podcast is an audio version of Dave engaging with Twitter randos, wasting the time of someone with tons of expertise that could be better utilized elsewhere.