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So what would it take for TNA to be a success?


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Guest EastCoastJ

A 2.0 is unattainable for TNA, and really a 1.5 in unattainable too. If ECW, Confidential and Velocity couldn't pull a 1.5 in prime time or late night slots on the weekend when wrestling was hot, TNA doesn't have a chance. It's not really their fault, it's just the landscape of television these days in that Saturday is a dead night. I can't see TNA possibly adding even 20,000 monthly buys with the slot either.


I think that the only thing that would make TNA on Saturday late night a success would be to get a strong number for their debut (1.2 maybe) and maintain a 1.0 over the course of a span of several months (which I honestly don't know if TNA can do) and then be moved into a better spot during the week. A better time slot in prime time during the week is the only thing TNN should be worrying about proving themselves worthy of, and that would be a success. If they can pull steady enough ratings to get a prime time, Clash of the Champions style live event every two months, then it is a success. Basically any means of positioning themselves better on Spike TV would be a success.


TNA already achieved what would have been the most important success for them and no longer has to pay for airtime, so they are off to a great start already.

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