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My new favorite wrestler

Tim Cooke

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Jim Breaks.


I have only seen 3 of his matches but I am pretty convinced that he may be the greatest heel I have ever seen. He is sneaky, he is whiny, he is angry at the crowd, he cheats but swears he isn't, and the list goes on and on.


Jim Breaks v Jon Cortez from 2/14/81 has Breaks really making the match. Cortez looks like a sturdy hand in the ring but without Breaks to really put a solid story into the match, he would be just another flashy euro mat work guy. Instead Breaks makes him look like 1000 bucks while getting over his character.


Breaks v Grasshopper is the shortest match but features lots more jawing with the crowd and heel bufoonary.


Breaks v Kung Fu is right up with the Cortez match as Breaks goes all out complaining about everything, being a prick. The ending literally made me pop up. It isn't intricate or anything but it works so well.


Longer reviews after I watch some more this weekend. All 3 of these matches are on the World of Sport Vol-11 from Niall, FM, GH, or Ginnetty.



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