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  1. Tim Cooke

    What was the greatest raw of the attitude era?

    3/30/98, 4/6/98, and 4/13/98 have the best three week build of an angle that WWF ever produced. But no idea on what the best overall RAW is.
  2. Tim Cooke

    Are there any good books about Lucha?

    Go to crossarmbreaker.com There are some really good lucha reviews there along with a couple of ebooks for more modern lucha matches
  3. Tim Cooke

    WON HOF 2018

    Go read the Wrestling Classics thread from 2002 about Shawn as a WON HOF'er vs. Takada. All he has is work. No eluding here. The farther removed we get from his induction, the more I think the "he was regarded as the best of his generation" is overblown as well. There were 10 indy workers between 2002-2007 working as a Benoit clone. I guess Spanky was a Michael's esque guy (while also being trained by him). Point is - straight work gets you into the WON. Michaels and Angle opened that Pandora's box. No reason CIMA and Breaks shouldn't get in based on work.
  4. Tim Cooke

    WON HOF 2018

    If we're going off just work alone (the precedent starting with Shawn Michaels), Jim Breaks should be in.
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  6. Tim Cooke

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I don't see the Hodge match up on the Network. The other matches were all there (The Russians vs. Gotch/Goulet tag was a MOTYC).
  7. Tim Cooke

    WON HOF 2018

    Memphis TV ratings are tremendously impressive but it's not a top 20 market in the US. Jarrett made a ton of money but was also known for not paying out a lot. He'd probably be in already on my ballot but Meltzer has never loved the Memphis style and thus hasn't given the push that someone who is not in the 50% range to get over that final hump.
  8. Tim Cooke

    Is Negro Casas finally washed up?

    vs. Santo (07/18/87 - LA) vs. Santo (1/12/92 - UWA) vs. Dandy (7/5/92 - CMLL) vs. Santo vs. Dandy (12/6/96 - CMLL) vs. Santo (9/19/97 - CMLL)
  9. Tim Cooke

    WON HOF 2018

    How does Fredo not have a ballot? I could name ten people who have no qualifications to get a vote but for whatever reason have a ballot. Really hurts Mexico.
  10. Tim Cooke

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Polls

    Essentially, if Ultimo Dragon got in for his training, Fujiwara and Hamada should be in.
  11. Tim Cooke

    Best years for the following wrestlers?

    Dustin Rhodes - 1992, if only for the Superbrawl 1992 tag with Windham vs. Austin/Larry and WarGames. Also has a great 1/4 match against Arn and plenty of other good to great TV matches throughout the year.
  12. Tim Cooke


    Lynch, Lorefice have them all. Ditch has some of the better/famous matches as well.
  13. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Lanny vs. Bockwinkel sounds very interesting.
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