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  1. Tim Cooke

    Antonio Inoki

    You bring WAY too much to the table. Unless you're a tape list scourer or we're around at the time, it's not easy following all of these releases. The 2019 JWA did bring a few new matches, most notably the 12/01/70 Baba/Inoki vs. Kininski/Johnny Valentine
  2. Tim Cooke

    AEW Rampage - November 26, 2021

    Good show especially being taped. Opener is not my cup of tea but Baker vs Rhio and Kingston vs Garcia were fun and worth watching.
  3. Tim Cooke

    AEW Dynamite - November 24, 2021

    The promo was too long. It was good but this was not Flair returning in September 1998. Not sure it was even Bret Hart/Goldberg from March 1999. Could have easily shaved 7 minutes and made it tighter, which also would have helped lessen MJF's rambling/not have to use filler that ultimately didn't get over (and yes, you don't know what ultimately gets over until you are out there but he's been doing this long enough that it should have helped.)
  4. Tim Cooke

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    Pretty excited for Romero vs. Danielson. Their 2004 NJPW LA Dojo match is a lot of fun. I don't think this will get that time or be as mat based, but still looking forward to it regardless.
  5. Tim Cooke

    GWE & Lucha

    The 80's DVDVR Lucha set is great but I wouldn't recommend it as a starting point. I think the matches that are the easiest to appreciate from a higher worldview are the 8/31/86 Santo/Espanto Mask vs Mask match, 7/18/87 Santo/Casas Mask vs Hair match, 4/10/88 Santo/Espanto title match, and MS1 vs Chicana 9/23/83 (which you need to almost view through a lens of 1970's US in terms of using fewer moves but getting everything out of them. For the 90's, the easiest entry is 1990 CMLL trios matches. The best 1990 trios matches are better than almost all of the trios matches on the 80's set. Then you get to Dandy/Casas from 7/5/92, Panther/Atlantis 8/11/91. AAA is all over the place in the 90's (and really throughout it's entire history) but there are some excellent trios and atomicos matches from 1993-1995. Rey vs. Psicosis from 9/22/95 is also a good gateway into a lucha title match but with elements of Japan thrown in.
  6. Tim Cooke

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    I've watched almost every Jumbo single match on tape. Think I have seen probably 60-70% of his tags/trios match. This isn't selection bias. This is saying a guy in my top 5 may go down to 10-11 because of a very underwhelming four year period.
  7. Tim Cooke

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    1980 - 1984. Wasn't a great period for All Japan anyway but couldn't find anything that really moved me. Could also be too hard on him right now as well.
  8. Tim Cooke

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    RISING: Yoshiaki Fujiwara. He made my list in 2016 and I appreciated his famous matches (June 1987 vs. Choshu; July 1989 vs. Yamazaki) but in doing a deeper re-dive into his 1984-1990 work, he's got a shot at the top 10 and easily in the top 20. Akira Maeda. Special wrestler, who admittingly was very lazy at times and could be quite an asshole, but it's clear watching 1984-1990 why he was able to open the most obscure of the three offshoots of UWF 2.0 and have success with almost no wrestlers of any name value in Japan until they came and worked in RINGS. FALLING: Jumbo Tsuruta. By falling, he is out of my top 10. Probably still makes top 20. So not a dramatic fall but he's not quite hitting the top 10 vibe with what I have re-watched of him lately.
  9. Tim Cooke

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    They didn't backload commercials. First segment always goes to 8:20-8:22. Every single week.
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  11. Tim Cooke

    Volk Han vs Kiyoshi Tamura

    This isn't fair. Today I choose Tamura but tomorrow it could be Han. Probably could go back and forth every day over a 365 day period. I think if you value carrying limited to no skill kickboxers, low end pro wrestlers, and being absolutely dynamic with his high spot (on the mat and on his feet), Han is the answer. I think if you value making a worked match look real and having legit standing and ground skills, the answer is Tamura. Both are amazing. Both are easy top 50 for me.
  12. Tim Cooke

    AEW Dynamite - September 1, 2021

    They are pushing a sit down interview which is going to air after Rampage on Friday at 11 as one of the regular countdown shows. That could mean he's not live for either show, they could pick one over the other, or do both. My guess is he is on tonight and maybe they air a preview of the sit down interview from the Friday Night Special on Rampage to get you to stay with the countdown show.
  13. Tim Cooke

    CM Punk

    Rewatched the Punk vs. Roderick Strong (07/09/05) ROH match a few weeks ago and it still holds up. Maybe my favorite "Summer of Punk 2005" singles match.
  14. Tim Cooke

    AEW Rampage - 20th August 2021

    Remember that Punk’s lawsuit wasn’t settled when AEW started. That was definitely one reason he wasn’t on board at the beginning. Probably plenty of other reasons as well.
  15. Tim Cooke

    AEW Dynamite - August 18, 2021

    That was the best Jericho performance in AEW. Looked invigorated. A nice surprise.