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  1. Tim Cooke

    French catch

    That's awesome!
  2. Tim Cooke

    Desert Island Graps: PWO Edition

    1. Wargames 1992 The best Wargames and the best gimmick match ever in Pro Wrestling for my money. 2. Misawa vs. Kawada 6/3/94 I've probably watched this 50+ times since 2002. Always holds up and always quenches my thirst for a good wrestling match. 3. Rey Jr. vs. Eddy Halloween Havoc 1997 See #2, increase to 100. This would also help tide over not having a true lucha match from Mexico on the island.
  3. Tim Cooke

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Enjoyed this but Vikingo has been in much better and TJP is much better as well. Didn't click as well as it should of.
  4. Tim Cooke

    P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

    10/26/97 - Rey vs Eddy 5/25/92 - War Games 2/21/93 - Vader vs Sting 2/22/89 - Steamboat vs Flair 3/27/88 - MX vs Fantastics
  5. Tim Cooke

    My New Year's Revolution: The Rewatchening

    Very much enjoying this!
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  8. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    That was actually from a GAB show in LA, if I'm remembering correctly.
  9. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    This. That announcing sucked and I imagine I will like the match better without that side annoyance.
  10. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It's a great **** match. The tournament is a lot of fun with the Fantastics and Sheepherders standing out but really good matches from the RnR Express, Arn/Tully, and a legit surprise in the first Baba/Tiger Mask match.
  11. Tim Cooke

    Jerry Lawler

    This has been out since 2012 (on DVD). Rick Crane found it and released it.
  12. Tim Cooke

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I will be participating as well
  13. Tim Cooke

    Your Current Fav Five

    Active: Rey Jr. Ronda Rousey Daniel Bryan Samoa Joe Non-Active: Destroyer El Hijo del Santo Giant Baba
  14. Tim Cooke


    The Joe senton on Rey was nasty. I hope Rey and Andrade get at least 10 minutes. 15-18 would be ideal.
  15. Tim Cooke

    Current Lucha Talk

    Cavernario vs. Titan from Friday's Arena Mexico show is worth checking out.