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  1. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    This. That announcing sucked and I imagine I will like the match better without that side annoyance.
  2. Tim Cooke

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It's a great **** match. The tournament is a lot of fun with the Fantastics and Sheepherders standing out but really good matches from the RnR Express, Arn/Tully, and a legit surprise in the first Baba/Tiger Mask match.
  3. Tim Cooke

    Jerry Lawler

    This has been out since 2012 (on DVD). Rick Crane found it and released it.
  4. Tim Cooke

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I will be participating as well
  5. Tim Cooke

    Your Current Fav Five

    Active: Rey Jr. Ronda Rousey Daniel Bryan Samoa Joe Non-Active: Destroyer El Hijo del Santo Giant Baba
  6. Tim Cooke


    The Joe senton on Rey was nasty. I hope Rey and Andrade get at least 10 minutes. 15-18 would be ideal.
  7. Tim Cooke

    Current Lucha Talk

    Cavernario vs. Titan from Friday's Arena Mexico show is worth checking out.
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  9. Tim Cooke

    WWE/NXT 2010s MOTD List

    2010 - TBD 2011 - CM Punk vs. John Centa (MITB) 2012 - John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules) 2013 - CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (Summerslam) 2014 - Daniel Bryan vs. HHH (WrestleMania) 2015 - TBD 2016 - Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series) 2017 - TBD 2018 - TBD 2019 - Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Andrade (Smackdown - 1/15)
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  12. Tim Cooke

    WCW ongoing thread

    Agreed. You watch this and think about what a healthy, non-sabotaged by backstage antics Benoit, Sting, and Bret Hart could have done with Goldberg before he lost.
  13. Tim Cooke

    Trying to get into Lucha (Need help)

    The Cubs Fan and CrossArmBreaker are excellent resources. Do you like flying? High spots? Mat work? Brawling?
  14. Tim Cooke

    Current Lucha Talk

    Sombra was involved in 3 mask matches on Anniversary cards. The first was a 14-man cage match that did come down to him and Olimpico but that wasn't very good and I haven't seen anyone praise it. The next was the Volador match which was spotty at the time and probably holds up even less since the spots aren’t that impressive six years later. The Atlantis match is a classic (or at least a top lucha match of this decade).
  15. Tim Cooke

    2018 Match of the Year

    My match of the year is Hechicero vs. Ricky Marvin from October 21. Lucha shoot style. Even with a terrible finish, the match is really interesting. If I actually went through a top 10 I would probably have 2-3 of Rousey's best matches but not sure what would really round out my top 10.