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Shake Them Ropes 10/6: Rock's return, Rob's Hall of Fame ballot, Raw & more

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Shake Them Ropes

October 7, 2014
Hall of Fame season continues, and this week Rob McCarron reveals his completed ballot for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame 2014. Plus, we discuss Rock's return, and some possibly unreasonable anger emerges. Also, Nick Dinsmore is released, and pronunciation lessons that may or may not be accurate.
00:00-01:45: Intro
01:45-21:30: Rock's Return with Rusev
21:30-35:10: Raw Thoughts
35:10-36:00: Brief Announcer Rant
36:00-39:00: Puroresushop.com / Pronunciations
39:00-58:12: Rob's Hall of Fame elections
58:12-66:00: Wyatt Family Split & Raw Guests
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I started listening to this episode on my drive to work.

I liked seeing the Rock work with Rusev because like a DQ finish with Roman Reigns, I don't think this hurts Rusev's ability to stay as a top heel. He sparred with the Rock and I do believe there's something worthwhile to that. Furthermore, it gave the large, live crowd something special. The fact that it didn't do much for the ratings isn't great because I think we're starting on the new NBCU television deal and WWE would certainly like to keep their corporate parent happy. I get your point with La Resistance and Eugene failing to be elevated by Rock's interaction, but well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Totally disagree about the mustard. I love mustard in pro-wrestling. Whether it's the Tupelo Concession Stand brawl, El Hot Dog or Kane wrestling covered in condiments, I love it.

As Floyd Pepper points out in the Great Muppet Caper: "I brought some hot mustard, maybe that will eat through the bars." Ambrose will be able to escape from Jail now. Smart move.

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Haha! Good stuff mookie.


I may have overreacted about the Rusev thing, but I still believe everything would have been better if it were Bo Dallas or Fandango in the segment with Rock. All of the positives would have still been there, and you get the same surprise moment. If Rock-Rusev never meet again, whether a match or a segment, I think this was a waste still.

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