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STR Interview: Nick Dinsmore discusses NXT, Prince Devitt, Kenta, his release, and more

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Shake Them Ropes

Nick Dinsmore Joins The Show
Former WWE Superstar and NXT coach, Nick Dinsmore, took some time to chat with Rob McCarron on Shake Them Ropes. Formerly "Eugene" in WWE, Nick discusses a wide range of topics. From returning to WWE to coach at the Performance Center, to living in India for three months while taping Ring Ka King, to Fergal Devitt’s lack of driving skills, and more. Rob also goes into the news from the Smackdown taping, and a new stipulation added to a Hell In A Cell match.
00:00-01:00: Intro
01:00-05:00: Smackdown News / New Stips
05:00-07:00: Contact / Show Info
07:00-34:35: Nick Dinsmore Interview
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Nick is a bit closed and old school when it comes to disclosure but still I really enjoyed this interview and especially your line/level of questions.


The Devitt driving thing has resulted in great bemusement for me reading the reactions. Buying, taxing, insuring and fueling a car in Ireland is barely worth your time even if you are in Country full time. New Japan coach buses everyone around so there's no need to rent a car.

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Absolutely. I was surprised at first that Devitt had never driven, just because we're so accustomed to it here in the US. But then, thinking after the interview, I wasn't that surprised.


I definitely wanted to focus on things over the last year with Nick, since he had done plenty of interviews before his NXT stint. I wanted to make sure this wasn't a re-hash.

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