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  1. rovert

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    You can knock Nattie's in-ring and promos all day and/or be just TIRED of seeing her on TV in the same basic slot for nearly 15 years. But her social media dunks towards Ronda have been really funny and caustic. And ultimately always in the right. And overall you just can't shame a Hart. But Ronda didn't understand that and keeps making herself look worse.
  2. rovert

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Ronda won't get "it" and will never get "it" on a WWE TV level - angles, promos-wise. However, in her defence, her matches are almost always good and compelling. But social media-wise has been a real story the last two weeks. Nattie's Twitter replies have genuinely needled Ronda hard. Like when Becky tried to smack talk "Ronnie The Little Weirdo" on the platform. Ronda just showed all the emotional maturity of a toddler. Alvarez and Meltzer confirmed that Ronda wrote this promo. Nattie has followed me for YEARS but I got a very rare DM from her about it and when I said Ronda brought a gun to a knife fight here. Remember Ronda is the babyface here. The promo wasn't a counter to a heel but this weird evisceration of Nattie.
  3. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    It is honestly true. Hence the below. He wrestled through a labrum tear and a dislocated shoulder in 2015 too.
  4. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    Not a victory lap or a back pat. I wish I give Tony Khan a hug or buy him a pint. Jungle Boy is publicly confirmed as injured. After Christian's hot promo on Dynamite and everything. And there's still MUCH MORE TO COME.
  5. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    If you are Tony Khan you have to be secretly rooting for Forbidden Door be a 85k PPV rather than a 100k one or beyond. Rather than a crazy success that has fans and PPV companies clamouring for AEW to do monthly PPVs. Also running ROH full time let alone trying to revive a dead brand is a full-time, 24/7 job. Tony has scheduled another ROH PPV in a month's time. AND Tony has to navigate Fulham's promotion into English Premiership League and level up their squad this Summer so to insure they don't get relegated AGAIN. Abject insanity. A stomach ulcer at best, a heart attack/early grave at worst.
  6. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    Forbidden Door still has great talent depth. The actual, active AEW roster list that appears next Wednesday on Dynamite and whose isn't out until 2023 is a much more worrisome issue. The last two weeks has lead to AEW going "WWE" and asking talent not to disclose their injuries and surgeries. However, I will say to Tony Khan's credit he hasn't false advertised anyone yet. But AEW's public list of injuries is the tip of the iceberg. Top line scene-wise Punk and Danielson is just the start. Dynamite next Wednesday will be a reshuffle/restart. But I've deep concerns if Tony is up to the challenge as he has more than displayed he has reached the traditional 3-year burnout point of any booker. And has overdosed on his booking tropes the last month specifically.
  7. rovert

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Not what I expected when I clicked on the thread. Anyway, Vince McMahon-Johnny Ace-Kevin Dunn is a sex ring and has been for 20 years. There's a follow-up WSJ article coming.
  8. rovert

    WWE Cell in a Hell 2022

    Watching it I likened it to Brock Lesnar vs John Cena (Extreme Rules 2012) in terms of a "live live" compelling main event up there with any other combat sport. He gave that match ****1/2 and I would go that for this too. NOT a full fiver.
  9. rovert

    WWE TV 05/30 - 06/05 Gimme Big Dawg vs Xavier Woods

    If only Meltzer actually said that....
  10. rovert

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Back in my day, WWE would false advertise her in every arena in the Country for the next 3 months.
  11. rovert

    WWE TV 05/23 - 05/29 Scooby Doo and Scooby Don't

    It has been noticed too. FOX want her as soon as she is ready so she's really digging deep to full out her character and in ring.
  12. rovert

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    PWO is the last place I'd expect "work" talk. A work is meant to make money. If it is a work whose in on it? WWE is working the roster? Why and to what benefit? What's the payoff? At a time WWE is the least dynamic and stay the course it has ever been riding out until Vince dies/the company is sold: Shitting on two African American women in 2022. ??? Profit? With the greatest respect buy a clue, guys.
  13. rovert

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    The match is *supposed* to be Ric Flair & FTR vs Rock N Roll Express and Ricky Steamboat.
  14. rovert

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    EXTREMELY excited to find out if Lacey Evans is a heel on RAW after the babyface vignettes on Smackdown.
  15. rovert

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Yeah, it is something that you would draw freehand on the application form not all that long ago. Not remotely definitive. The bigger story is how the logo fits in with the AEW's current network's branding ahead of the TV upfronts: fronts: https://www.nexttv.com/news/upfront-warner-bros-discovery-puts-sports-in-its-premier-package