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  1. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    Most/all wrestlers are massively overvalued in 2020. The last wrestler that made a +1,000 or more fan difference at the gate on live events is John Cena. Still, the Elite themselves created the expectation on their own Youtube channel that Scrull was inbound. They had enough goodwill to be able to wave it off and playoff the "Marty" angle with a joke hiring of Marty Jannetty on Being The Elite this week. In the future, they should manage expectations better. You live and learn.
  2. rovert

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Definitely. WOW is heavily edited and practised. But man Tessa did an amazing job with Jungle Grrl and The Beast. Two people that are barely even part time Wrestlers.
  3. rovert

    WWE TV 01/20 - 01/26 Lost 10 pounds in two days AMA

    I am not being glib or troll-y. But the real PPV build is on the social media the last handful days and not on Television. Not my idea but that's been the reality for several years. They do have big plans for the women's division. It is like four-six month out of the year style property. But it will be highly relevant again Sunday night.
  4. rovert

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Nah they are doing a WOH tryout soon (largely a cash grab). Martina is debuting soon and Maria Manic will likely win her feud with Bully Ray. They just turned Sumie heel and Nicole Savoy has been used a lot most recently. It is believed Jonathan Gresham has taken over the booking of the women. It bounced around a lot but I think the last two people who were handling it were Bully Ray and Todd Sinclair.
  5. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    The Meltzer/AEW thing is so tiresome. But it is what it is. He will lose his shit if WWE doesn't deliver a locally advertised dark match at a TV taping. But for months and months Being The Elite on Youtube created the expectation Marty was coming in. Casual/faithful ELITE/AEW fans thought it was a done and were left disappointed. ROH presented Marty with an incredible package and he made the best decision for him. No question. But trust me Marty and Cody have an odd relationship. Cody made it clear Marty was the sixth and bottom member of the Elite and broadly thought Marty was using the Being The Elite Youtube show and the general faction deal to promote his own separate merch.
  6. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    Not how it happened. Marty decided on ROH in September. His was deal with ROH was agreed on in November. As hashed out on Voices of Wrestling's Flagship this week. Marty has been working to repair the relationships with NWA and for awhile. If you watch Marty's Youtube channel he laid out his directions/the Aldis in September.
  7. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 15, 2020

    All true. Tony is cool as shit and uber approachable. But there's genuine concern about next week's "boat show" as they really want two strong shows in a row. I really, really liked the ROH show on the last Cruise. Super loose and crowd-pleasing. The oldest school schtick based. But that wasn't a live national TV broadcast.
  8. rovert

    WWE TV 1/6/20-1/12/20: At least 2019 is finally over

    This has just been posted too: Over the weekend, PWInsider.com reported that WWE would return to Saudi Arabia on Thursday 2/20. WWE sources have since indicated to PWInsidercom that preliminary date has been moved to the following week, Thursday 2/27. Another reason why I believe they are going the direction of bringing every part-timer they can find back for Wrestlemania season is that a lot of the full-time roster probably won't go back to Saudi after what happened last time. And in general, part-timers seem to have fewer qualms about taking Saudi blood money than younger wrestlers do.
  9. rovert

    WWE TV 1/6/20-1/12/20: At least 2019 is finally over

    No one get too carried away with this. But I've heard WWE is trying to bring back absolutely everyone. Or was around a month ago. In-ring matches with Austin, Rock, CM Punk and everyone you can think of. John Cena is rumoured to have said he wants to do something substantial on the show. Also obviously Edge is coming to the ring in some capacity. Not a forum favourite but his return match should be a pretty big deal. I personally expect and wishful thinking wise we are getting Austin & Rock vs Reigns & Cena, CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey. WWE really does need to bring back the real stars for the FOX ratings given what FOX is paying them. Wrestling being cool again even briefly should help the XFL indirectly too. Something has to be up as normally we would have a strong working idea what the Wrestlemania card is at this stage.
  10. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 8, 2020

    Migs and gordi's posts are pretty much spot on. But time marches on and the substantial bulk on his frame is catching up to him at age 35 and within the last year he has suffered a couple of injuries. This bump, in particular, caused him a lot of problems and limited his title reign. Now he has a torn bicep. It was very hard not to come away from following any length of time without coming away with the impression he has body dysmorphia. He keeps getting big and doesn't seem to see the issue with doing that.
  11. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - January 8, 2020

    A title match too. Lots of viewers tuned out after that segment and that is probably more important.
  12. rovert

    WWE TV 1/6/20-1/12/20: At least 2019 is finally over

    Apparently Kevin Dunn hasn't directed WWE programming in a while or at least delegates it to Michael Mansury the Vice President of Global Television Production. Which is unfortunate as now it is just WWE's in-house style rather than Kevin Dunn's reign of terror.
  13. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    I hope they give Dave something not amateurish/bad like a Jimmy Havoc match or something. A nice competent Shawn Spears type match instead is probably the safest route. If he's been watching the TV and likes it for the shits and giggles I'd love to hear him react to a spot fest.
  14. rovert

    The Wade Keller Appreciation Thread

    Typically I agree but the people who privately auditioned for Ryan Satin's eventual WWE Backstage role didn't debunk Corey Graves's assertion though.
  15. rovert

    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    The clips posted their respective shows Youtube channel keeps you from completely missing out on the shows. It is a very convenient way to keep up.