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  1. rovert

    WWE TV 08/03 - 08/09 Giannis is a future back to back MVP

    A good post DMJ. This time two weeks Summerslam will be over or almost over. As you've said WWE has a lot to do and a major coherence problem. ALSO, they will quickly have to decide whether Summerslam will take place on a beach in front of fans in Atlantic City pretty pronto even if they let fans in for free. The company is a failing, indecisive mess currently even cutting them a lot of slack due to COVID conditions.
  2. rovert

    WWE TV 08/03 - 08/09 Giannis is a future back to back MVP

    I know this is PWO (not a DIG like what you like) and here isn't not the best to advocate for Cole's act and star-power. But I thought this was Cole's version of the Mickie James "Piggie James" angle as it amplified his worst "faults" for zero return against a virtual unknown outsider.
  3. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - July 29, 2020

    10-15 years ago people really believed that we were in a “post-racial” society where only slack-jawed bigots harboured racial, gender, or sexual biases, so it would be hilarious if they said offensive things because they so obviously didn’t actually believe it.
  4. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - July 29, 2020

    Boom goes the Dynamite
  5. rovert

    Rusev says he's done with wrestling

    Most likely it was Lana coming on to his live stream in a bikini. Lana has been banned from other platforms (TikTok) as she lives in bikinis basically and shows a lot of skin.
  6. rovert

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    When it comes to creating homegrowns the lack of one to one training time/the wrestler to coach ratio is a real issue there. If you know anyone about the situation people will tell you the coaches are SO overstretched there due to the amount of talent on the books. Also with it being an in-house training facility run by a publicly-traded company coaches and management often are reluctant to give truly honest feedback or any feedback at all. Triple H/"the office" is overly concerned with cohesion to point questioning things and being assertive will get you heat for being pushy. Which doesn't really breed ambition or a front runner personality that you'd traditionally associate with a Pro Wrestling draw.
  7. rovert

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    Dusty's death, NXT head writer Ryan Ward being promoted to the main roster, the FCW hold over talent moving up to the main roster, long time soundboards character developmental wise Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze being promoted to the main roster, signing people off the indies so no one else could have them rather out of their actual potential or need for them in NXT or the main roster, the advent of the Shawn Michaels advanced class being the final exam that everyone works towards now.
  8. rovert

    Rusev says he's done with wrestling

    Still has 4 plus years left on her deal. Got one of those big contracts late last year that Gallows and Anderson and others sign BUT managed to a dodge being released somehow.
  9. rovert

    NWA Powerrr

    *IF* Eddie signed the same extension offered to everyone a couple of months back, they are up at the end of August with a company rollover option through December. I've NO idea about Eddie's actual contract situation is. He's playing his cards close to his vest as anyone would in his position with any common sense. But I personally do know from the AEW side AEW intends to at least bring him back for more "shots" at least.
  10. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - July 22, 2020

    Mike Johnson noted that NXT very recently hired 2-3 more writers for the show. The brand does need a massive rebuild of their babyfaces and tag division so they might be actually needed. But I do regard it as unfortunate news as writers write to perpetuate their jobs. They are more likely to present ideas for skits than suggesting a 2 or 3 segment match for example.
  11. rovert

    AEW Dynamite - July 22, 2020

    Yeah, it was one of the great Dynamite episodes. Hard to believe last week's show was the live one and this was taped in terms of urgency and dynamism. Kingson came across as must sign to be me. Ivelisse's performance was pretty listless and sad. Came across as carrying injuries that hobbled her for forever and/or not being able to pay for the surgery required. I know she totally flamed out of her Performance Center tryout in April 2019 before anyone put the screws to her. She's largely shot. Time moves on.
  12. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    She's wrestling Diamante as she's one of her few friends. A pet opponent basically. Things will get really interesting if she gets over and then gets to wrestle people she had past with or friends of people who she had a past with. Ivelisse is a very sad story relative to her potential, talent and the time in which she existed in. She would get a lot of support if she admitted her mistakes and got help. But she has never shown any capacity to do so. Personally interested to find out if she still can "go" after a couple of bad breaks with leg and foot injuries in the past few years. But if I am sharing a locker room with her I am running a million miles and avoiding getting written up by AEW HR for some he said/she said thing or having a drama that leaks to the internet.
  13. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    Well, this got weird. Ivelisse has a long history of backstage fights of all kinds and hurting people in the ring. Most US indies won't book her as a lot of wrestlers male and female would pull out of the show if they did . Which is why she basically wrestles once a month.
  14. rovert

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    The production, lack of crowd and Moose/Dreamer are my main concerns. The returns and debut/almost Slamboree Legends Reunion gimmick will extend the show to a decent and enjoyable PPV window runtime at a time when WWE is ending their PPVs short and is using cinematic matches to break from the sterile no fans environment.
  15. rovert

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I haven't read "soyboys" in like 18 months ironically or non-ironically.