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  1. rovert

    WWE TV 10/14 - 10/20 Randy Orton is the Tom Brady of WWE

    Yeah, social media numbers seemed way down. Fewer people on my timeline were live-tweeting it than a standard Tuesday night. It was always expected this show would show a big decline.
  2. rovert

    Bushiroad (NJPW owners) buys Stardom

    I always heard the original NXT UK contracts were so slapdash and rushed - basically a copy and paste of US-based WWE/NXT contracts that they broke UK and EU employment law.
  3. rovert

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    I just think that's his personality. The WWE roster hero-worshipped him - and were really bothered by how Vince would treat and scream at him.
  4. rovert

    The Wednesday Night War

    And when your favourite NXT Superstar gets called up they get booked like shit on the main event. They do! But I thought this week's show was much better paced and told a few stories/planted seeds for a change.
  5. rovert

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    You are opening up a can of worms. Put she went down an odd path for a while exploring her Deathmatch Wrestling persona which ended up with threatening someone in jest with cannablism which got her banned from Twitter for life.
  6. rovert

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Maria is very well liked by her peers on a few hours every weekend show per show basis. But there are obvious red flags. Has nothing to do with why ROH did run with her - they legit signed her with no plan seriously. Maria harkens back to Chyna and Nicole Bass. Someone is struggling with her self identity and place in the World. Worthy of a documentary and luckily there is a short documentary.
  7. rovert

    AEW Dynamite Week 2 - 9th October 2019

    This gif gets reposted on Twitter a lot
  8. Willing to hear every and all account of NXT. But I think the most stripped-down and simple microcosm of how 2014-19 era NXT can be tracked by completely dated and samey is the music choice. The can compose the next Takeover theme in your head. Just by the composition of the roster, NXT has to change and move on from the white dudes with beards era. A photo from February:
  9. Very, very much so. I'd imagine Vince wants Raw to be taken off his hands so he can deal with Smackdown and XFL in 2020. Heyman is climbing while Triple H has to for arguably for the first time prove himself. I think Triple H has done a solid job with NXT BUT he has been playing on "easy" mode or in a sandbox the last 5 years. The indie/quick fix signing well has largely run dry it is time to put what he has signed together to be greater than the sum of its parts.
  10. rovert

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    When IMPACT does comedy they do it really. Enjoyed the fun half of the Wedding this week a lot. Interested how IMPACT changes now it is an on a real station again. This era had some "no one is really watching" goofing off particularly the commentary. Not entirely sure something like the hanging of Su Yung will fly on AXS and with their advertisers. Wait and see I guess.
  11. rovert

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Su is genuinely regarded as a nice person and very fan-friendly. But there's a reason why NXT never signed or even used for enhancement matches despite how local she is/was, how many live events and TVs she attended. Was seen after hours in the Orlando area too much.
  12. rovert

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Bix owns. Rich and Su come from terrible upbringings. Certainly not an ideal situation. It is just how life is for them and they will likely be together forever. From the night it happened I posted that if anything Su is the aggressor in the relationship especially when drunk and that Rich was just trying to save her from running into traffic. Eventually, a lot of people came around to the fact that what I said was accurate as time went on.
  13. rovert

    All Elite Wrestling

    I can understand this tact but you should and ultimately will. As I said let this one fully play out. Please trust me. Her former AEW colleagues believed that was the case too. Tonight she broke down and cried in the ring tonight. Kylie has gone through a lot this Summer.
  14. rovert

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    Enjoyed your post Thread Killer. Velveteen Dream entered the match with Roddy with a back/lumbar injury and it got worse during the match. I hope that isn't a sign of his body breaking down already.
  15. rovert

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    The Wrestling Features account is doing the positive Wrestling fan grift. A popular one and an easy way to gain followers.