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Low Blow Booking Podcast Ep. 13 Martin Casaus from WWE Tough Enough

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Hey guys,


I am going to be having Martin Casaus from WWE's tough enough on the show this coming Monday and wanted to open up the forum to any questions you have for him regarding his career, Tough Enough, and now Lucha Underground. Here is the link to our Facebook page. Shoot me a message on there or here and let me know if there's anything you'd like to have answered. I will post the show as soon as I can.






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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Low Blow Booking Podcast! Join Derek Cornett as he welcomes in his very special guest, former cast member of WWE Tough Enough and newest member of Lucha Underground, Martin Casaus! Derek and Martin sit down for over 90 minutes and discuss indy wrestling, character development, the current WWE product, and then they go in depth on WWE Tough Enough. Learn about what you didn't get to see when Martin had to withdrawal from the show and how others responded. So sit back and relax with the newest edition of the Low Blow Booking Podcast!

Don't forget to check out Martin's pages if you'd like to learn more about what he is doing with Lucha Underground!





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