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    Windy City Pro Wrestling

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    Okay... some deals to put out there now that Triumph is over. Some of these people have already debuted and such but wanted to get everything out there. UWF sends: Demolition, Kevin Sullivan, & Scott Hall Windy City sends: Ivan & Nikita, Mike Rotundo, & Barbarian WWF sends: Bam Bam & Killer Bees Windy City sends: Demolition & Kevin Sullivan UWF sends: Bruiser Brody & Bob Orton Windy City sends: Hacksaw Duggan AWA sends: Dick Slater, Buzz Sawyer, and the Sheepherders Windy City sends: Bad News Brown and Jimmy Snuka plus worker to be named later Austin Idol Bill Dundee Brian Knobbs Buddy Landel Chris Adams Chris Champion Dan Spivey Fidel Sierra Harley Race Jerry Sags Jimmy Garvin Kabuki Kamala Killer Khan (To retire after 1987) King Tonga Len Denton Marty Jannetty Mike Davis Ranger Ross Rocky Johnson Sean Royal Scott Casey Shawn Michaels Tommy Lane Tonga Kid Tony Anthony Bam Bam Bigelow Brian Blair Jim Brunzell Bruiser Brody Bob Orton Dick Slater Buzz Sawyer Butch Miller Luke Williams Precious Sherri Martel Skandar Akbar Now if I am doing my math right... I need to be at 35... so I am going to drop Johnny Mantel & Italian Stallion
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    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    TRIUMPH WCPW Presents: Triumph! May 21 - Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Arena Scott Steiner & Mike Rotundo vs The Grapplers Our opener has some juice Scott Steiner looks like a monster right now Rotundo and Steiner look great as a team The Grapplers try to get some offense going but Steiner and Rotundo just turn the tide and keep control The finish sees Rotundo and Steiner double clothesline one of the Grapplers out of the ring! The other Grappler runs but Steiner ducks and then hits a TWILT A WHIRL SLAM! Steiner covers for the 3-count! Rotundo and Steiner work the fans and put an end to their issues with the Grapplers once and for all! TEXAS TORNADO The New Breed vs Rock N Roll RPMs The uneven opener is twisted on its side with the chaos of this Texas Tornado match up. Both teams go full fledged for 13-minutes and beat the hell out of one another We see the New Breed really rise to the challenge and give the Rock N Roll RPMs more than they can handle In the end we see the New Breed fight back from a two on one and then set up Davis for a nice double back breaker Lane then comes running but Royal catches him for a SPINEBUSTER Champion off the top with a splash for the 3-count! The New Breed work the fans and look good… we’ll see what their future holds… Scott Hall vs Kabuki Scott Hall comes out to a good ovation. He’s got his head bandaged still from the issue with Bad News Hall and Kabuki have a decent enough contest Kabuki gets in some offense and gans some heat Hall fights back and takes care of his enemy The big fall away slam spells the end for Kabuki and the 3-count seals the deal! Hall has got a good following with the crowd and hopes to have some big things coming in the future. The Killer Bees vs The Samoan Savages w/ Akbar Akbar leads out his Savages for a high profile contest The Killer Bees have got some good momentum so far and really bring the pace to a peak The Samoans are nasty here… they bite and claw any second they get. The Bees are going at a breakneck pace to try and keep the Savages on their toes! Akbar is getting involved outside the ring The Bees try to double team but once they both hit the ropes - Akbar pulls it down and Blair goes tumbling Brunzell then turns to find both Samoans with a crescent kick right to the MUSH! 1….2….3! The Savages win… they look strong… can the Bees recover? Hacksaw Duggan vs Killer Khan Big time HOSS match here Duggan is super over Khan has got his last run here and is made to look dangerous Khan gets some heat on Duggan for the All American to build back up. The crowd gets behind Duggan who throws out some huge right hands! Khan once again goes for Duggans head but Duggan ducks and Khan kicks the turnbuckle… he turns around and Duggan with a huge shoulder block and Khan goes flying. Khan stumbles out and Duggan picks him up for a POWERSLAM and the 3-count!!! Rocky Johnson & Ranger Ross vs Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel A pretty good tag team encounter with Ross and Johnson coming for a fight tonight. Landel and Dundee have got some good tag team maneuvering and not only work over their opponents but also get the crowd very riled up Johnson plays the face in peril so well for Ross to come in like a house of fire Dundee and Landel give them both just enough to make them look good Ranger Ross goes for the big Army Kick but Dundee ducks out of the way Landel comes out of nowhere with an Elbow right to the back of Ross’ head Landel covers for the 3-count and they may have just stolen one here. Jimmy Snuka vs Kamala w/ Akbar This one has got a little steam to it Kamala is a monster and Snuka is fighting him tooth and nail There is not much to the imagination when it comes to the blows that both of these men are throwing Akbar gets involved outside the ring but Snuka is able to get adjusted and back in line Kamala goes for a huge clothesline but Snuka ducks and Kamala goes flying over the top rope! Snuka then goes up top and CROSS BODY ONTO KAMALA! The referee has lost control… he has made the 10-count… but both men barely get in What a finish we see… Snuka leaps for a cross body but Kamala catches him mid-air… POWERSLAM! Kamala pats his belly and hits the ropes with a BIG SPLASH! 1…..2…..3!!! Kamala is the winner and Snuka looks to be in a bad way. {Mike McGuirk then leads us into our next match which is for the Windy City Tag Team Championships! We see the Nasty Boys come out and they are soaking up all the heat they can. They are looking ready for a fight as we hear the Rockers music and they make their way down to the ring. Marty is in his street clothes though… Joe Pedicino steps into the ring…} Joe Pedicino: Fans… I have spoken to the doctors and Marty Jannetty has not been cleared to wrestle tonight. He has a broken orbital bone and will be out of action for another couple of weeks. Shawn… Shawn: Joe… you told us that we couldn’t compete as a team… we understood that… you said we had two choices… turn in the titles… or find someone else… {Michaels grabs both of the titles…} Shawn: We found someone else… {Michaels and Jannetty hold the titles up and Metal Health by Quiet Riot hits the PA… wait a second… who is this?!?!} {BAM BAM BIGELOW IS HERE! BAM BAM IS BACK IN CHICAGO AND HE IS FIRED UP AND SO IS THE CROWD! The Nasty Boys are going crazy! WINDY CITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Shawn & Bam Bam vs The Nasty Boys What a big surprise and the Nasty Boys didn’t like it one bit These guys go 13-minutes… and even though they didn’t love it the Nasty Boys do show some promise Michaels sells like there is no tomorrow and outside the ring Marty gets the fans going wild Bam Bam comes in and he is literally a ball of fire with huge rights and lefts and slams for both of the Nasty Boys We even get a big double clothesline on both men taking them out of the ring to the floor Shawn Michaels then pops up and runs and JUMPS OVER THE ROPES with a cross body on both men They all brawl outside the ring before coming back in The finish sees the referee trying to hold back Michaels who does a go between his legs and pops up with a huge SUPERKICK on Sags and he goes flying out of the ring! Bam Bam grabs Knobbs for the POWERSLAM! The crowd is stirring…. Here we go… Bam Bam goes up top and MOONSAULT! 1….2…..3! Michaels and Bam Bam retain the titles for the Rockers… the crowd explodes… Chris Adams vs Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious One of the most talked about matches going into this event Their last match was a draw… tonight they get 30-minutes This one is a hard hitting and fast paced contest Adams looks like a Million Dollars here and is giving everything he can Garvin is getting some serious heat Precious is trying to get some extra help with little tricks outside the ring Midway through the contest - we see Garvin ram Adam’s shoulder into the ring post. Adams has to work through it the rest of the contest Another big spot is when Garvin hits a back body drop on Adams outside the ring! The referee is counting and Adams somehow makes it inside the ring We get into the final moments as the 30-minute time limit is nearing Adams then hits a super kick but not all the way Adams goes up to the top but Precious pulls the ropes and Adams goes down the hard way! Garvin slowly goes up and grabs Adams to turn him around and then a backwards Superplex/back body drop right on Adam’s shoulder! Adams is writhing in pain! Garvin with the cover for the 3-count! Garvin and Precious share a kiss and he owes this one to her for sure! Dan Spivey vs Bad News - Chicago Street Fight Here we go… both men in jeans… ready to throw some serious bombs This one gets going right away when Spivey runs into the ring They quickly go out of the ring to the floor A big spot when Spivey is run face first into the ring steps Spivey is busted wide open Bad News HAMMERS away and soon Spivey is in a bad way The Big man does fight back though… and a huge boot to Bad News knocks him down The battle continues in and out of the ring and then the fireworks really hit when we see Spivey pull a garbage can over the rail from the fans and he just cracks Bad News right between the eyes! Bad News is now busted open and Spivey is on the prowl Bad News reaches into his pants… he pulls something onto his wrist and then hits a LOW BLOW! Bad News goes out and grabs a chair and he just destroys Spivey’s back. Dangerous Danny is writhing in pain… Bad News looks like he is going to go for the finish and when he goes for the Ghetto blaster, Spivey ducks and then hits a clothesline Both men are slow to get up… they are both bloody and battered… Bad News grabs a chair and now Spivey does… they get up and Bad News swings but Spivey ducks and comes back around with a huge shot to the skull! Spivey picks up Bad News and POWERBOMB ON THE TRASH CAN! 1….2…..3!!! Dangerous Danny Spivey is the winner and it is hard to tell the difference NWA WORLD WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Medusa Miceli vs Lisa Moretti There's a lot of doubt and trepidation from our competitors in this match, neither wants an indecisive finish like last time. Lisa Moretti takes the initiative and dominates the first half but frustration ultimately proves to be her undoing. Medusa Miceli makes sure to put the challenger away definitively, with a chain of three German suplexes. Lisa Moretti gets her shoulder up a split-second after the three, all the same, and complains to the referee. Medusa Miceli is ecstatic, perhaps viewing this a more real victory over her opponent than their previous match. Mike McGuirk: Ladies and gentlemen… it is now time for the Main Event of the Evening. This match is sanctioned by Windy City Pro Wrestling. It is scheduled for one fall and will be held inside a STEEL CAGE! The individual can win the math by pinning his opponent or making him submit. A winner can also be declared when an individual climbs over the top of the cage and both feet touch the floor! Introducing first… the challenger… he hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He is the former 7-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion…ladies and gentlemen… the challenger… HARLEY RACE! Mike McGuirk: His opponent… he hails from Tampa, Florida. He is the reigning… defending… Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion… ladies and gentlemen… AUSTIN IDOL! MAIN EVENT WINDY CITY HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP CAGE MATCH Harley Race vs Austin Idol © The biggest match in the history of Windy City Everything is on the line for these two and they go blow for blow for 25-minutes of pure bedlam We get some of the fun spots… Idol is busted open early with Race tossing him left and right up against the mesh steel Idol is able to get some offense against Race and now he’s busted open We get an ass spot when Race catches Idol going up the cage The second half of the match is all Idol working over the knee of Race Race is just trying to get by right now but Idol looks like he’s going to finish A nasty piledriver sets up a very close 2-count Idol then starts to go for the top of the cage but Race finds a way to get close Race grabs the leg and Idol nuts himself hard We also see a huge moment when Race hits a double arm suplex off the top rope A very close two count Both men slowly get to their feet and continue to throw bombs Idol then throws a huge clothesline but Race ducks and kicks Idol into the cage Idol pops back and Race with a kick in the gut and PILEDRIVER! 1……2……3!!!! WE HAVE A NEW WINDY CITY HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! {Race is up on his feet with the title in the air. The fans are going wild here in Chicago. Idol slowly gets to his feet… they shake hands… Idol makes his way out of the ring as Race holds the title high for all of the fans to see. Windy City returns in two weeks from Elgin, Illinois. See you there!}
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    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    A little movement with some nice wins happening. I especially like to see the Bulldogs here... with Heenan... such a fun pairing. Bundy and Sarge... a feud I wouldn't mind seeing IRL. I am also interested in the trajectory of the Fantastics. They are a top tier team at this point in their career but we'll see how they swim in this deep water.
  5. LowBlowPodcast

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Seattle Showdown has the makings of the event of the year thus far. I love Bubba but the match of the show is going to go to Bock and Windham... that is a pairing for the ages.
  6. LowBlowPodcast

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    I will echo Dragon... everyone has a spot... everyone has a reason... great booking. Seattle Showdown... WrestleRock... Triumph... this world of wrestling is on fire.
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    Fun little write up here... I haven't had the chance to dissect this model yet but it has got some really fun happenings. Nothing wrong with keeping it short and simple to move forward. Mississippi Mayhem is going to have to be something big to match up with all the other huge events going on. The star power alone with your crew will bring the house.
  8. LowBlowPodcast


    I dunno... the super rookie thing has be rethinking why I got rid of Hase. You've done some wonders. The Posse is a fun little group and I got to meet Bill Irwin about 10 years ago... awesome dude so I have a soft spot for good booking for the goon. I was also hoping to see Haystacks up for the Doomsday but maybe another time. Randy Savage... US Champion... will he end 87 with that title or the next step up? I know what I am pulling for!
  9. LowBlowPodcast

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    I can't wait to see the ladies come to Windy City and one of them... Lisa Moretti... getting a huge win and momentum to boot. Velvet and Lelani have got some juice here as well. I have really enjoyed seeing the women's evolution/revolution here. I have done quite a bit of learning when it comes to these women and you've done a great job presenting them.
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    I didn't do too bad on my picks. This looks to be a turning point show for UWF. Now the question is where people end up when the dust settles. Who is the next big challenger for Reed? I wouldn't mind seeing Luger in that spot. You also have to wonder who is next in line for Gordy and Williams - I have a feeling but we'll see if it comes true. I will say that Rick Steiner looks to be one of my faves here... I am excited to see his growth and with Eddie nearby literally anything could happen.
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    Windy City Pro Wrestling

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    Windy City Pro Wrestling

    WCPW Anarchy in Aurora! May 7 - Aurora, Illinois - Civic Center {WCPW Is live from Aurora, Illinois! The Civic Center is rocking with about 4,200 people as Mike McGuirk is getting the crowd ready for 10 huge matches here tonight! Let’s head to the ring!} Chris Adams vs The Texas Hangman The Gentlemen is here and he isn’t playing nice with the TX Hangman The Hangman gets a little bit of offense to get some heat Adams fights his way back - he’s got the crowd with him SUPERKICK and the 3-count! {Adams walks over to Joe Pedicino… he grabs the microphone and says that he wants Jimmy Garin at Triumph. He plans to not only put him to sleep with the Superkick but he might just steal a kiss from Precious! Pedicino puts it over in a big way. He announces that in two weeks in Chicago at the Chicago Arena… Windy City will promote Triumph! Tonight, the winner of the main event tag match will get to select a special stipulation for the match. He also announces that we’ll see a tag match with Mike Rotundo & Scott Steiner taking on the Grapplers but tonight Steiner is in action with one of the Grapplers… here we go! Scott Steiner w/ Mike Rotundo vs Grappler II w/ Grappler I The longest running feud in Windy City looks to come to an end in a couple of weeks. Steier looks like a stud here and Grappler II sells big for him We get an attempt at a switcheroo with the Grapplers but Mike Rotundo is able to get in there and take Grappler I out! Grappler II gets pulled back in the ring by Steiner and he nails a double underhook suplex! 1….2….3!! Steiner with the win… he and Rotundo look good and they are looking to finish thigs off with the Grapplers in Two Weeks! {Steiner and Rotundo celebrate… they face the Grapplers in two weeks… right now we have more tag team action… here comes the Samoan Savages with Skandar Akbar…} Scott Casey & Johnny Mantel vs The Samoan Savages w/ Skandar Akbar A meaningful match for Casey and Mantel to try and get in some offense They’re getting their names out there for the crowd Tonga and Tama are just too much They are tough as nails and we see them beat the piss out of these guys Tonga hits a nasty shoulder breaker on Mantel Tama then flies off the top rope with a diving headbutt for the 3-count! The Samoans look awesome… Pedicino says they will be taking on the new team of the Killer Bees at Triumph… {Here comes Big Scott Hall and he’s got the crowd behind him. Bad News Brown sneaks out through the crowd and he nails Scott Hall from behind!} Scott Hall vs Bad News Brown Hall is down and Bad News is all over him Bad News tosses him out to the floor and then tosses him right into the ringpost! Hall is busted open Bad News then continues to pound away at him. Bad News then grabs Craig DeGeorge’s chair… Bad News runs and CRACKS Hall in the back! Bad News puts Hall in the ring and then we see Bad News set up for another chair shot… now to the skull… DANNY SPIVEY…. OH MY! SPIVEY IS HERE! Spivey runs down to the ring and hammers away at Bad News A huge back body drop A huge boot and Bad News goes flying over the top to the floor! {Officials run down to help out Hall as Spivey is begging Bad News to come back in the ring! Spivey then grabs the microphone and challenges Bad News Brown to a CHICAGO STREET FIGHT at TRIUMPH! Bad News is screaming that he’ll be there… he’ll be there! We take a couple of moments to clear up the debris. Mike McGuirk comes back in and announces our next contest… an eight man tag team match!} EIGHT MAN TAG The Rockers & New Breed vs The Nasty Boys & The Rock N Roll RPMs This one goes 28-minutes and it is non-stop from start to finish. All eight men are able to get a moment to shine The Rockers are at the top of the heap when it comes to the eight men Sean Royal is isolated by the heels and worked over something good He is able to make a big tag to Marty Jannetty in the final moments of the match to turn the tide. The crowd is going wild for Jannetty and soon all hell breaks loose Everyone ends up in the ring and they are throwing bomb after bomb Amidst the chaos… Brian Knobbs grabs the tag title belt and just destroys the face of Marty Jannetty! Sags with a splash and pin for the 3-count! {The Nasties and RPMs walk away winners but there is more to this story. Jannetty is rolling around on the canvas in serious pain. This leads us into our intermission….} 20-minute intermission {The intermission took an extra 5-minutes due to Jannetty getting carted out. They kept his face covered up. He must be in serious pain. We head to the ring for our next matchup…} Italian Stallion vs Kamala Skandar Akbar A great showcase for Kamala who beats the piss out of the Italian Stallion Skandar is out here calling the shots and he may have the most dangerous crew in wrestling right now. Kamala hits a huge crescent kick to the throat Kamala picks up the Stallion and powerslams him over the top rope to the floor! The referee counts to 10 and Kamala is the winner… Akbar takes him to the back…This guy is a monster… {We see the Italian Stallion helped to the back as the Killer Bees show up and make their in ring-debut!} The Killer Bees vs White Lighting & Black Thunder Showcase match for the Bees Really a great showing with some high flying and tag team action There are going to be some similarities to the Rockers with these two but the Bees have an experience edge that could benefit them more down the line We get a nice tandem heart attack style maneuver but instead of a clothesline it is a dropkick! The 3-count and the Bees are buzzing… they take on the Savages at Triumph… what a match that could end up being! {We then get a special run down of the Triumph card with the following matches being announced again… Race vs Idol for the WCPW Title… Dan Spivey vs Bad News in a Chicago Street Fight… the Rockers vs the Nasty Boys for the WCPW Tag Titles… Jimmy Garvin vs Chris Adams… and the New Breed vs the Rock N Roll RPMs in a Tornado Tag Team Match! Buddy Landel then walks out… and he has got Bill Dundee with him!?!? Dundee cuts a quick promo stating that he’s back in Chicago to be the player/coach and he and Landel are taking over baby!} Rocky Johnson vs Buddy Landel w/ Bill Dundee A rematch from a couple of weeks ago but instead of Sherri - Johnson has to deal with Dundee! This one is a good 8-minutes with both men showing their stuff. Dundee and Landel get some nice heat as they alternate dastardly deeds It gets to a point where Dundee is cheating every chance he gets… and then… RANGER ROSS! Ranger Ross runs down to the ring and he turns Dundee around and nails him with a right hand! Landel can’t believe it as he is yelling at Ross Johnson turns him around and then nails a huge LEFT HAND! LANDEL IS OUT! Johnson covers for the 3-count! {Johnson and Ross celebrate while Dundee continues to try and wake up Landel! The fans are stirring here with this win for Rocky… we then get ready for our next contest…} Casey Miller vs Jim Garvin w/ Precious Garvin is getting next level heat and seems to love every minute of it Casey is able to get some offense but it is Garvin who is the star of this show Garvin nails a huge low blow when Precious gets the attention of the referee Garvin then turns Casey around for a hot shot brainbuster that looks debilitating! 3-count… Garvin walks away with a win… Casey may not walk away {We then get the build to our main event… Duggan and Race vs Khan and Kabuki w/ Idol. Whoever wins gets to pick the stipulation for the title match at Triumph…. Here we go!} MAIN EVENT Harley Race & Hacksaw Duggan vs Killer Khan & Kabuki w/ Austin Idol Big fight feel Duggan and Race are super over as Khan an Kabuki seem as dangerous as ever We know Idol has already tried to send Abdullah to hurt Race but now he faces them head on This one 13-minutes of pure brawling and heat from the heels We get some good nerve holds from Khan and Kabuki on Race who is selling everything huge Duggan is able to make a big tag and get in some offense before he is chopped down Khan and Kabuki really seem to be in control much to the delight of Idol We do hear Idol say that he’s going to make Race tie one arm behind his back for the match! Race is able to make the big hot tag and come in like a house of fire Clotheslines and right hands for everyone involved Idol even get one for good measure when he climbs up on the apron! Duggan and Race have got control and the big finish is pretty fun Duggan sets up for the big clothesline but Khan ducks and Duggan nails Kabuki and sends him to the floor! Race then runs and nails Khan in the back with the high knee only for Duggan to come with the clothesline and puts him down! Race then with a big elbow drop and then 3-count! Race and Duggan win as they celebrate… but this one is far from over… {Just as the three count hits… we see the Samoan Savages run down along with Kamala. Skandar is calling the shots here as it is a five on two malling with Idol jumping in with some boots of his own on Race. The crowd then pops when we see the Killer Bees come down to even up the odds a little bit! They hammer away but their momentum only goes so far before they get taken down. The crowd then EXPLODES when THE SUPERFLY runs down to the ring! He goes up top and Crossbody on Kamala! The crowd is going wild! Duggan, Race, and the Killer Bees are able to get to their feet and bring some serious blows. Idol and his army retreat from the ring. Race, Duggan, The Bees, and Snuka stand tall. Race grabs the microphone…} Harley Race: Listen to me you no good son of a bitch…You have bought an army. You have run. You have hid. Well in two weeks… Triumph… Chicago, Illinois… the Chicago Arena… Idol… there will be nowhere to run. There will be nowhere to hide. Because you and I will be LOCKED INSIDE A STEEL CAGE! {Race drops the mic and the crowd explodes. Idol can’t believe it! His Army couldn’t get it done. In two weeks it will all go down. Get your tickets now!}
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    AWA Major League Wrestling

    AWA... lot's happening here and for me... Steamboat... he is going to be coming back with revenge. I like the 60-minute tag team match. I can't say I've seen too many of them in real life... I don't know about Perez but I have no doubt the others could carry this the right way.
  14. LowBlowPodcast

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    WWF - What the world is watching! Give me Andre the Giant all day fucking long. I feel like his potential in this world is so much more than it was IRL. I also really like Rude v Tito. I feel like the WWF missed something with these two but it could also be said that they missed on Rude all together during his tenure. I also want to commend you on your work with these shows. I really appreciate the detail and what is happening in each of the avenues you've got going.
  15. LowBlowPodcast


    NWA bay bay.... Tully continues to be the best world's champion there never was. I like seeing the Road Warrior singles matches... it shows they could go even without the other. I also really enjoy the old school wrecking crew taking down the youngsters with the help of JJ. Keeps the heat and gives them a reason to come back. I will defnitely put over your organization of your talent and the cards. It takes a lot of work to put together this kind of product and you're doing a great job!