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    WCW Saturday Night 1988

    WCW Saturday Night WTBS Studios - Atlanta, Georgia 4/2/88 -Saturday Night opens up with the Final Moments of the Sting vs Ric Flair World Title match. We see the time limit expire with Sting turning the figure-four on Flair. We cut to Tony and Jim who put over a big night of WCW Saturday Night. They say that we will hear from Jim Crockett Jr on the top eight seeds for the Crockett Cup in just 3 weeks! They also announce that Ric Flair will learn his challenger for the WCW World Title here tonight! Plus we’ll hear from Dusty Rhodes, Sting, the Road Warriors, and the Horsemen will be here! We’ll see the TV title match from the Clash of the Champions that couldn’t air due to time constraints. Plus the Hart Foundation make their debut! Right now let’s head to the ring for our opening contest! Tommy Rich defeated Bobby Richards via the Thesz Press! *COMMERCIAL* Big Bubba Rogers w/ Jim Cornette & The MXE defeated Tom Snow & Al Wertz -Jim Cornette and the MXE come over with Bubba and put themselves over along with the Crockett Cup coming up. Cornette says that he knows the MXE should be the number one seed but figueres that Jim Crockett will figure out a way to screw that up. He says that Big Bubba has even been looking for a partner to secure a win for the Midnights! Ross and Schiavone wonder who it could be but James E is keeping quiet… we’ll find out soon enough! Boris Zhukov & Nikolia Vokoff defeated Tommy Jones & Rock Watson *COMMERCIAL* -Saturday Night is back with footage of Rick Rude winning the US title. We see Rude, Bundy, and Jimmy Hart celebrating at the stand. Ross and Schiavone put over how they stole the title with the help of Stan Hansen and Jimmy Hart acts like he doesn’t even know who that is! He says that he has entered Rude and Bundy in the Crockett Cup and now he’s going to be a millionaire! He says he has another team in the cup… he wants to introduce everyone to Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart… the HART FOUNDATION BABY! The Hart Foundation defeat the Shadows via the Hart Attack! -The Harts get a good reaction from the crowd with some boos and jeers but when they go over to the booth… they proclaim that they are the Hart Foundation… but not Jimmy Hart’s HART FOUNDATION! They are here for a purpose… they’re here to show everyone why they are the best team in wrestling and they’re going to prove it at the Crockett Cup! They walk off to some major cheers while Rude and Bundy can’t believe it and Jimmy Hart is going nuts! *COMMERCIAL* Dick Murdoch defeated Ronny Williams -Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes join Tony and Jim Ross… Dusty takes over… Dusty: Ladies and gentlemen… I have stood out here for years and talked about the pain, blues, and agony of this sport. I have talked about the miscarriages of justice that have fallen on me in the past but I have also talked about my triumphs. I have never done it alone… I have had friends and I have had the fans. But this next fight… ladies and gentlemen… I have to go it alone. Stan Hansen...the master of the Lariat! The man who has wreaked havoc and caused terror all over the world if you will. Stan Hansen… our paths have only crossed a hand full of times and brother we’ve both felt it. I put a letter on the desk of Jim Crockett Jr this morning to give you a full reinstatement so I can kick your ass! I am begging Jim Crockett… I am begging WCW… give me what I want… give these people what they want… GIVE ME STAN HANSEN! The Road Warriors defeated Mike Kelly & Tim Simms -The Road Warriors come over after killing these guys and put over Dusty’s comments but also say that they know Hansen… they know Rhodes… when it comes down to it… it will be a war… but a war they aren’t apart of and don’t want anything to do with because they are focused primarily on the Crockett Cup! They want the Million Dollars again! Once you taste it once… you can’t get the taste out of your mouth and we’re hungry. We snack on danger and dine on death and dead men don’t cash checks but you’re looking at the two baddest dudes on the block who have got one thing in mind and that is pain and destruction for everyone in our path! *COMMERCIAL* -Ross and Schiavone put over the Clash and build up to the TV title match that we’ll see now in its entirety! TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Ron Simmons vs Mike Rotundo © -A decent contest here but nothing too crazy. These guys are on after Flair and Sting and the live crowd doesn’t show much love for it after that last match. They go about 11-minutes but Rotundo has to do a lot of the work. Simmons power is definitely something to behold but it just isn’t all there yet. The finish sees Simmons get a big head of steam and even hit the SPINEBUSTER on Rotundo. When he goes up to the top rope for the shoulder block, Sullivan distracts the referee and Dr. Death comes out of nowhere with an Oklahoma Sooners helmet and just CRACKS Simmons in the skull. He hunches over and falls to the mat for Rotundo to make the pinfall and retain the title! *COMMERCIAL* -We’re back on set with the Varsity Club and Sullivan has got the Oklahoma Sooners helmet on the table... Kevin Sullivan: Ron Simmons… you see these Oklahoma Helmet… this was the helmet worn by Steve Williams on January 1st, 1981! It was the helmet he wore when the Oklahoma Sooners BEAT the Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl! You see during that game… Steve Williams got to play at offensive guard against the great Ron Simmons of Florida State. It was in that game that Ron Simmons was playing dirty! He was poking eyes. He was punching people in the throat. He was an all out cheater! Well… Ron Simmons… how the tables have turned… but not really. On January 1st, 1981… the Oklahoma Sooners defeated Florida State… and on March the 27th, 1988, it was the 5th quarter of that game and look once again… Oklahoma came out on top! HAHAHA! -This draws out Ron Simmons who is got piss and fire running through his veins with security holding him back. He challenges Williams to a fight and Dr. Death doesn’t back down! Simmons shoves the football helmet back into Williams face and Dr. Death challenges him to a football fight at the Crockett Cup! Come any way you want but ready to BRAWL! Simmons gladly accepts and it looks like we’ve got a fight brewing! Security escorts Simmons to the back while we cut to the ring for the Varsity Club in tag team action! Dan Spivey & Rick Steiner defeated Johnny Jones & Mark Dupree via the Powerbomb! *COMMERCIAL* Terry Taylor defeated Norman Mason with the Five-Arm! -Flair, Arn, Tully, and JJ come out to cut a promo but Terry Taylor jumps in again...He puts over how he’s been winning week in and week out! The Horsemen give him his due… but JJ puts over how Terry Taylor is on a short list… a very short list… but there’s someone else on the list and we’ll see him in just a few minutes. Arn and Tully put over the Crockett Cup and talk about being the number one team in wrestling for a reason… it is these tag titles and they will face anyone for them… anytime… anyplace! Ric Flair then goes on a huge rant saying he knows it is going to be Windham, Luger, or Sting at the Crockett Cup but the end result will be the same with him holding the title. Ross points out Roddy Piper but Flair says that Piper is nowhere to be found and he won’t be in the ring anytime soon! Flair continues to put himself over and then the Horsemen say they will stand by and watch the next match with a close eye... Curt Hennig defeated Donny Knight with the Fisherman’s Suplex *COMMERCIAL* Jim Crockett is here and he makes the official announcement for the 2-night… 14 team… 1 Million Dollar Tag Team Tournament. He says that the top two teams in WCW… the World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard along with the US Tag Team Champions the Midnight Express will both receive byes in the first round and begin action in round number two. The remaining teams will be randomly drawn and those pairings will be released in two weeks right here on Saturday Night. Here are the remaining teams... Crockett Cup Announcement… Arn & Tully Midnight Express Road Warriors Lex Luger & Sting Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy Rotundo & Sullivan Horner & Armstrong Steiner & Spivey The Rockers The Hart Foundation Dick Murdoch & Tommy Rich Ron Bass & Black Bart Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov Ross & Schiavone point out how there’s only 13 teams… but Jim Crockett says he is currently finalizing a deal with Jim Cornette in regards to a teammate for Big Bubba Rogers. We will have that final decision next week. He also announces that the Football Brawl between Ron Simmons and Steve Williams will be held on night one along with a very special attraction that will also be announced next week! Crockett then turns his attention to Stan Hansen and Dusty Rhodes. He says that Stan Hansen has not returned any communication in regards to his reinstatement. He is still suspended indefinitely and will not be reinstated until the $100,000 fine is paid! Crockett then says that there will be a special attraction on night two. A match has just been signed between two big stars in the sport who will be here next week… Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be taking on Butch Reed! Crockett says a world heavyweight championship match has been signed… The Nature Boy Ric Flair will be defending the World Championship against the Total Package Lex Luger on the second night of the Crockett Cup! *COMMERCIAL* -Ross and Schiavone are back putting over the teams in the Crockett Cup and how the Horsemen and MXE will get byes! They also put over Lex Luger getting a chance to take on Ric Flair for the World Title. We then get to our Main Event with the man called Sting in action! Sting vs Buddy Landel -A fun matchup for the Stinger who goes about 12-minutes with Buddy Landel. They put on a good show for the fans and just when Landel tires to put the Stinger down he comes back with a huge flurry. Landel runs and Sting ducks out of the way. He then hits a Stinger splash in the corner nailing both men before going up top for a high cross body and the 3-count! -Sting, Luger, and Windham walk over to the booth and are going wild! They put over the Crockett Cup and how this is going to be different than the Clash. This is the night they will get their revenge on the Horsemen. That draws the Horsemen out and Flair and company are calling them out for a match but when Sting, Luger, and Windham accept they back off to say not here… not now… but behind the Horsemen is none other than Rowdy Roddy Piper! Piper gets right in Flair’s face as Luger and Sting turn Arn and Tully around and knock them down! Flair swings at Piper who ducks and then atomic drops him into Luger who backdrops him over the announce table! The crowd is going wild as we go off the air!
  2. LowBlowPodcast

    Back to the future...

    I want to welcome @Chachins He will take over Florida Championship Wrestling... Florida Championship Wrestling Figurehead: Jack Brisco Head Booker: Dusty Rhodes Announcers: Gordon Solie & Ernie Ladd Adrian Adonis Al Perez Billy Jack Haynes Blackjack Mulligan Bob Backlund Bob Bradley Brady Boone Corporal Kirchner Danny Davis Dave Taylor Doug Furnas Dr. D Dave Schultz Freddie Blassie George Wells George Steele Great Kabuki Hillbilly Jim Iceman King Parsons Iron Sheik Ivan Koloff Jimmy Jack Funk (Jesse Barr) Junkyard Dog Kamala Ken Patera Killer Khan Koko Ware Manager - Mr. Fuji Manny Fernandez Matt Borne Omar Atlas Pete Doherty Pez Whatley Phil Lafon Reno Riggins Ricky Morton Robert Gibson Rocky Johnson Tony Atlas Steve Keirn Tom Prichard Jimmy Del Ray Tommy Rogers Bobby Fulton Les Thornton Mike Graham Bubba Ottman Percy Pringle Kendall Windham Dusty Rhodes (Currently shared w/ WCW) Dustin Rhodes (Currently shared w/ WCW)
  3. LowBlowPodcast

    Australian Wrestling Association (AWA)

    Here we go with the Thunder Down Under... Again... I love Race in the color role... I do like Nikita here and he did have a push going into 88 and 89 just a different kind of character than before. Kokina is a monster and a lot of people don't know how good Yoko was before he showed up in the WWF... we'll see that here. Bulldogs and SST are some hot tag teams... could be some big brawls int he future. Lastly, Dibiase is the man and he will be the headliner here without question. Good stuff!
  4. LowBlowPodcast

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka are leaving WCW to look for more stable work. Buzz Sawyer and Eddie Gilbert are coming in on a short term basis.
  5. LowBlowPodcast

    World Wrestling Federation

    The 16 Man Tourney is upon us...I see 18 total names with Hogan and Bock in there but no Andre which is surprising. I like the actual 16 rather than 14 with the double bye. Other than that it looks like Jaggers and Oliver are looking to cause some trouble. Seems like the WWF has got some big things on the horizon and I am excited to see how the rest of the WrestleMania card plays out.
  6. LowBlowPodcast

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    WCW is going to swap Teddy Long for Slick... seems to be the right move at this point in 88.
  7. LowBlowPodcast

    WCW Presents: Clash of the Champions

    WCW Presents: The Clash of the Champions The Omni - Atlanta, Georgia 3/27/1988 -A great opening video sets the stage for the Omni in Atlanta! Jim Ross and Bob Caudle are standing by… JR: Welcome everyone to the Clash of the Champions! Jim Ross and Bob Caudle here to call the action for the next two hours. Bob… tonight we’ve got every title in WCW on the line but everyone is looking forward to the World Title with Ric Flair and Sting! Bob: Well everyone knows what Ric Flair is all about but tonight we find out what Sting is all about. JR: I think everyone is ready to see what the Venice Beach Bad Boy is going to do tonight to the Nature Boy… plus… what role will Roddy Piper play in this event? Bob: Well he said it last night… as a judge he’s just here to watch… but you gotta know if someone tries him… he will show his true colors! JR: Fans we have got five title matches… we’re well away of the time constraints of this broadcast with the time limits of these contests. Right now we’re going to kick things off with our US Tag Title Contest! US TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Midnight Express © w/ Jim Cornette -A good 13-minute match with Horner and Armstrong getting in some offense and looking good but the MXE are at a different level. JR and Caudle put over the Road Warriors, Rockers, and others in the tag division. They also name drop the Hart Foundation who will be on WCW Saturday Night next week! They also put over the Crockett Cupand the announcement of the top 8 teams next week. They say the US tag champions will be there and tonight we see the MXE get the wind with the Rocket Launcher. Horner and Armstrong look good but just don’t have enough in the tank! *COMMERCIAL* -We’re back at the Clash with Champions and Tony Schaivone is with Sting, Luger, and Windham. They all put over their matches but you can feel the dissention with Luger and Windham. They say they’re on the same page and they will have to be tonight. Sting says that the waiting is over… he says all the outside things will not be a factor and tonight the match will be decided inside the ring… the way it should be! US HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Dusty Rhodes © vs Ravishing Rick Rude w/ Jimmy Hart -A big time match up here with Rhodes and Rude and the crowd is solidly behind the dream. Ross and Caudle put over the arrival of King Kong Bundy. They talk about Dick Murdoch. Inside the ring, these guys have 30-minutes and the match gets drawn out a bit but is still fun to see. The finish sees Bundy make his way out to the ring but here comes Dick Murdoch! Murdoch and Bundy are fighting outside the ring and then Rude and Dusty are brawling inside the ring and the referee gets knocked down. Rude then goes out and he hammers on Murdoch but inside the ring… out of nowhere… STAN HANSEN IS HERE… Rhodes turns around and Hansen NAILS HIM WITH THE LARIAT! Rhodes is slow to get up and Hansen AGAIN WITH A LARIAT! Hansen rolls out of the ring and is being pummeled by the crowd to the back… Rude gets in the ring, pulls up Rhodes and RUDE AWAKENING and pulls the referee over...1…..2…..3! RICK RUDE HAS WON THE US TITLE! The crowd is in shock! Jimmy Hart and Bundy are celebrating like crazy! Ross and Caudle can’t believe what they’ve seen… we have a new US Champion! *COMMERCIAL* -We’re back with Ross and Caudle putting over the US title match… they can’t believe Stan Hansen showed up… they can’t believe Rude is the champion… they say that Rhodes is receiving medical attention in the back and they hope to hear from him after our next match… the world tag team titles are on the line... WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard © w/ JJ Dillon -After all the talk… all the hoopla… it comes to these four men and they put on a helluva match for about 18-minutes. Luger and Windham look good and Blanchard and Anderson look great. A lot of tags and smooth moves from both teams but you can tell Anderson and Blanchard are more polished. The drama comes when Luger accidently hits Windham with a forearm. This draws and argument between the two… they are pushing one another and reach back to throw a punch but Anderson runs from behind and nails Windham who hammers Luger and he goes out of the ring to the floor! Anderson pulls Windham over and has a handful of tights for the 3-count! The Horsemen get the win and retain the titles! We see Windham and Luger starting to go at it outside the ring… we see some babyface jobbys come out to break them apart… we cut back to Tony and the Dream! Dusty Rhodes; Tony Schiavone… the best thing you can do right now is just chill daddy… Rick Rude… you stole the American Dream… you stole the US Title… you call it a Rude Awakening well brother I AM WIDE AWAKE NOW AND THERE ARE DUES TO BE PAID! Stan Hansen… you come out of the shadows… to try and stop the DREAM that is AMERICA! You want to try and put be down daddy well you can try and try but you ain’t done a damn thing but wake me up! Rude! Hansen! Bundy! Hart! I am coming! I am coming with scorn in my heart! I am coming with fire in my soul! I am coming with the American Dream to reclaim what is mine in this world! I am coming for the RECKONING...one way or another… I will get mine… and you… you will get yours! *COMMERCIAL* -Ross and Caudle are back putting over the big Tag Title match and how the Horsemen played the mind games with Luger and Windham and it looks to have worked. They put over Dusty Rhodes and how he is vowing revenge on Hansen and Rude! They put over the big World Title match. They say the TV title match between Rotundo and Simmons is on stand by as we cut to Tom Miller for our introductions... Tom Miller: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event… for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World. Introducing first, our three judges... Television star… Jason Hervey! Penthouse Playmate Patty Mullen Professional Wrestling great… the one… the only… ROWDY RODDY PIPER! Tom Miller: Now… the challenger… from Venice Beach, California… ladies and gentlemen… STING! His opponent… the champion… from Charlotte, North Carolina… the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World… the NATURE BOY… RIC FLAIR! WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Sting vs Ric Flair © w/ JJ Dillon -What a moment we have here. The Omni is going wild for this one. Flair and Sting… the first WCW World title defense since the buyout. Caudle and Ross put it through the roof and we see these two men push each other to the limit. It is Sting’s strength that is on display and the crowd is eating every motion and move. Flair turns the tide and breaks the big man down and tries to work the knee but Sting once again shows just how powerful he is by breaking loose. We get a very close 2-count at about the 25-minute mark on Flair and he is right in Tommy Young’s face but Young pushes him back and he goes out of the ring. Piper is there and smiles at Flair but doesn’t get involved. Flair continues to move around and STING OVER THE TOP ROPE with a cross body on Flair and the crowd explodes! They continue to go through and now Sting is on the offensive and he is looking to pick up steam. He even looks to finish with the Stinger Splash but Flair ducks down and Sting goes over the top to the floor. This is Flair’s chance and at the 45-minute mark he goes for broke. He does everything he can to break down that knee of Sting but Sting’s got a fire inside him that continues to burn. JJ Dillon is sweating bullets outside the ring. Ross and Caudle say that this is a special moment and anything could happen. Flair gets into his series and he is looking to lock in the Figure Four but Sting rolls through for another very close 2-count! Sting is now in control and we’ve got limited time remaining! He press slams Flair and the crowd is going nuts! Sting screams as though he knows this is his moment! Arn and Tully are shown running down to the ring but Windham and Luger… UNITED… they run down and stop them! The Horsemen are drawn back without issue! Sting then locks in the SCORPION DEATHLOCK and Flair is in the center of the ring! He has Flair right where he wants him but it is JJ Dillon who gets up on the apron and Sting runs over and NAILS HIM! This gives Flair a chance to take out the knee and he goes for the Figure-Four! He has it locked in with minutes remaining! Sting continues to fight and the crowd is going nuts! 60-seconds as Tom Miller calls out and Sting turns the Figure-Four over and Flair is hurting but then Flair turns it back…. Sting comes back up and turns it one more time and now he has Flair in pain…. The bell rings! The crowd is stunned! They have gone the full 60-minutes! Both men struggle to their feet. Flair has to be helped by JJ Dillon! Sting pulls himself up by the ropes! Tommy Young grabs the title and he won’t give it to Flair… he says that the Judges have the final say! Tom Miller: Ladies and gentlemen… with this match going to a sixty minute time limit… we must go to the judges for the victor. Please give me your cards… First… Jason Hervey scores the match…to RIC FLAIR! Rowdy Roddy Piper scores the match… to STING! Lastly, Patty Mullen scores the match… RIC FLAIR! -The crowd boos and Roddy Piper gets in the ring as Flair grabs the title. Piper helps up Sting as Windham and Luger come out and help him up. Anderson and Blanchard come out with Flair. Ross and Caudle say that our tv time has elapsed… we will show the TV title match this Saturday on WCW Saturday Night! Our final scene is Piper, Sting, Luger, and Windham looking at the Horsemen walking up the aisle with the titles…
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    WCW Saturday Night 1988

    Moved the Clash to its own thread.
  9. LowBlowPodcast

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    WCW drops Wild Bill Irwin for Jimmy Snuka on a short term deal.
  10. LowBlowPodcast

    WCW Saturday Night 1988

    WCW Saturday Night WTBS Studios - Atlanta, Georgia 3/26/88 Saturday Night opens up with some footage from last week’s big show in Charlotte. We then cut to Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross at the booth! -Ross and Schiavone put over last week’s big night. They welcome Jim Crockett Jr right off the bat… -Ross, Schaivone, and Crockett run through the big night last week and then Crockett announces that Stan Hansen’s suspension is still upheld even after an appeal. Crockett says there is a zero tolerance policy in WCW against hurting referees. Hansen will be forced to pay a $100,000 fine in order to be reinstated. He has spoken to Hansen and he has already denied his willingness to pay the fine. Until the fine is paid… Hansen will not be allowed at WCW events and will not be receiving a paycheck. They turned their attention to Rick Rude in which Crockett announced that Rude would indeed be facing Dusty Rhodes at the Clash tomorrow night with the title on the line. He understands that King Kong Bundy got involved but has already signed a bout between Murdoch and Bundy for Murdoch to get his revenge. The last thing they discuss is Rowdy Roddy Piper! Crockett announces that Piper has only signed on to be a judge tomorrow night at the Clash. He hopes to hear more from him later this evening but before he can continue we see Ric Flair come out with JJ Dillon and the crowd pops big time! Ric Flair: Let me be the first to tell you Jim Crockett that the sale of Jim Crockett Promotions to Ted Turner has made me rich beyond my wildest dreams…. But then you had to go and sign Roddy Piper! I don’t know if you know what is going on around here… but you and I both know he is not an impartial judge… you and I both know he has got an issue with me and everyone knows he is going to do anything he can to stop me tomorrow night. Crockett: Well Ric… I would guess that your best chance at not letting Roddy Piper get involved would be for you to just go ahead and beat Sting… if you can. Ric Flair: Listen up pal… you and I have been around the world but right now we’re eye to eye but I don’t think you can see me. I don’t think you can hear me. Crockett: No Ric… I don’t think you can hear me… you see… the only reason Piper would get involved is if you can’t be Sting in 60 minutes… if that’s the case then it will be up to him. I think you better stop worrying about me and start worrying about him. In fact… if you have anything to say to Roddy Piper… he’ll be here later on tonight and you can do it then. I’ve got business to take care of. -Flair is irate as Crockett walks off… Ross and Tony put over our next match when we come back… here come the Rockers! *COMMERCIAL* King Kong Bundy w/ Jimmy Hart & Rick Rude defeated Tom Shaw & Sam Michaels in a handicap match with the 5-count! -We then cut to a promo with Jimmy Hart who is joined by Rick Rude & Bundy. They say anything can happen and tomorrow night they are walking out with the US title by any means! Jimmy Hart then says that next week he is going to be bringing in a very special attraction… Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart… the HART FOUNDATION BABY! They are his premiere tag team and they are going to show everyone what tag team wrasslin is all about baby! Ross and Schiavone put it over but then pump up the Rockers who are in action next! The Rockers defeated Jimmy Knight & Ronny Davis *COMMERCIAL* Mike Rotundo w/ Kevin Sullivan defeated Burt Peterson -Rotundo is joined by the rest of the Varsity Club. They put over the eight-man tag and the clear miscommunication due to the referee. They talk about having some serious plans for 1988 and it starts with the Clash but continues next month with the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup. Sullivan says he has got some internal news and knows that there will be two Varsity Club teams represented… one of them is sure to win. Tomorrow night… they will exert their force on Ron Simmons but this time Sting, Windham, and Luger won’t be there to help him! Buddy Landel defeated Otto Samson *COMMERCIAL* The Road Warriors defeated The Night Ryders -A big time promo from the Road Warriors who build up from Sullivan earlier and say that they’ve spoken to Jim Crockett Jr already… they are in the Crockett Cup and have got destruction on their mind and don’t care who is in front of them! Ron Simmons defeated Lenny Riggins *COMMERCIAL* Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dillon defeated Ken Turns & Ryle Willis The Horsemen (JJ, Arn, & Tully) put over the Clash of the Champions and say they have secured the 4th member. They will be revealed when the time is right. They say that the tag team title match will be the final hand played and the Horsemen will set themselves apart from the rest of the wrestling world like usual when it is all said and done. This brings out Terry Taylor who says he has all the tools to be the 4th Horsemen. Tully and Arn put him over and JJ says he’ll watch on just to see what Terry Taylor has to offer... Terry Taylor defeated Cael Hughes *COMMERCIAL* -We’re back with Tony and Jim putting over the big announcement of Rowdy Roddy Piper signing on to be the special judge for the World Title match at the Clash. We then hear the bag pipes and the Rowdy One makes his way out to the set. The fans are going wild for him and he says he’s happy to be back… but before he can even talk… here comes Ric Flair! Ric Flair: Before you start anything pal… let me be the first to say… welcome to WCW! Piper: Well Ric… I guess… thank you… Flair: The pleasantries are over… what in the hell are you doing here Piper? Piper: Haha… there’s the man I know… listen pal… I signed on to come in and judge a match. They said they needed someone who knew the sport… who knew what it was all about to be a champion… Flair: In my book pal… you’ve never been world champion… so I don’t know who thought you’d know anything about this title… Piper: Well Ric… I know what it means to be a CHAMPION! What you are… well… i can’t say those words on television. Flair: Oh yeah big man… well this isn’t Hollywood… you’ve been out making movies and having someone else fall for you… well pal when you step in this ring you’re stepping in there with me… the World’s Champion. Piper: I am not here to wrestling Ric… I mean… do you people want to see me wrestle? {The crowd pops huge!} Piper: Well… maybe I might be here to wrestle… Flair: This is what I am talking about. You’re out here to play games… this is my world Piper and in my world I make the rules… Piper: Well I guess I am in your world then Ric… and when you make the rules… I change the game pal! You haven’t scared me one bit! Flair: Don’t think for a minu… Piper: You just bite your tongue there pally… you just sit back for a minute and let me tell you a thing or two about a thing or two. You talk bad about me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize. I am not here for your pleasure or fodder… I am here to call in down the line and boy you are looking at a man who doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. Not you… not Jim Crockett… not WCW! I am here to watch Sting whoop you for that title in front of a million people. I get a ringside seat at history and you better not worry about me but you better worry about 6’2, 250 pounds of Venice Beach Bad Boy and he is coming for you and that title and me and a million other people are going to watch it go down tomorrow night. Now Ric… you feel that cold sweat… that cold sweat going down your back… that Ric Flair… that’s fear… you may not know it yet but inside that little brain of yours I am already inside playing any game that I want to play. You want me to fight.. I’ll fight… but tomorrow night I am just there to watch and watch is exactly what I am going to do! -Roddy pushes the microphone in Ric’s face and walks off and the crowd pops! Flair is in shock as Ross and Tony put this over in a big way! *COMMERCIAL* -We see Tony and Ross putting over Roddy Piper in a big way! We see Bart and Bass come out and work the fans and then Luger… but Windham is not there… wait a second… we see Windham in the back trying to come out but it is JJ Dillon who is talking to him with Arn Anderson… Luger comes over and he argues with them while Windham backs him up towards the ring… What is going on here?!?! MAIN EVENT Barry Windham & Lex Luger vs Ron Bass & Black Bart w/ Bill Irwin -There’s definitely some mis-communication with Luger and Windham here. Bass and Bart are getting the edge with limited television time remaining. The crowd is in it and cheering for Luger and Windham. We see Bill Irwin getting involved outside the ring. The finish sees Luger go out to the floor and then Irwin putting the boots to him while Bass and Bart are doubling up on Windham inside the ring. The crowd then stirs when Tully Blanchard comes out and nails Irwin and then he picks up Luger who looks at him with wild eyes… Blanchard backs off and then Luger comes in with some big clotheslines and he and Barry get the upperhand before Windham comes off the top rope with a Bulldog on Bass for the 3-count! Luger and Windham aren’t done though as they are now jaw jacking with one another outside the ring! -Sting runs out and breaks them apart and brings them to the booth. They continue to argue but Sting gets them settled. He puts over the Clash tomorrow night and how the Horsemen are playing mind games with both of them! He tells them to stay focused… stay focused on the gold! Tomorrow night they can turn the tide of WCW and get control from the Horsemen! Sting: FLAIR! I see what you’re doing… don’t think for a second that I am not looking at you boy. Don’t think for a second that I don’t have you in my sights! When a scorpion strikes...it strikes to take out whatever is in its way and brother you’re in my way! I am coming for that title Flair… we’re coming for the tag titles. TOGETHER! TOGETHER! LET’S GO! -Sting, Windham, and Luger all shake hands… Ross and Schiavone put it over… tomorrow night in the OMNI… it is the CLASH OF CHAMPIONS! WCW Presents: The Clash of the Champions The Omni - Atlanta, Georgia 3/27/1988 TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Ron Simmons vs Mike Rotundo © US TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Midnight Express © w/ Jim Cornette WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard © w/ JJ Dillon US HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Dusty Rhodes © vs Ravishing Rick Rude w/ Jimmy Hart WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Sting vs Ric Flair © w/ JJ Dillon
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    Australian Wrestling Association (AWA)

    a lot of good stuff going on here. Some really good movement forward with a lot of people. I echo the same sentiment about Jake, He's without a doubt one of your if not your top baby faces but don't discount somebody like Kerry von Erich on being a big name too. I also want to put over how well you are doing with Harley race in that color role I know initially you had some reservations about who to put on color and making that recommendation was a pretty good idea and your execution of it has been great so far.
  12. LowBlowPodcast

    American Wrestling Association

    This is an extremely prestigious show to be shown on ESPN. I think when you go top to bottom in 1985 you've got some of the biggest names in all of wrestling. Obviously with flair and Dibiase that would sell out anywhere with the right build. I think you add in the other pieces of a Dusty Rhodes Ken patera and the Russians and you've got a real great mix of talent that would be well known in the AWA area to keep it as one of the top promotions in the world. I'm interested to see how you use Hanson compared to how he was used in real life around this time and to see if there's going to be somebody ala Curt Hennig who can be a pet project to build up over the course of your time with this promotion.
  13. LowBlowPodcast


    I've always appreciated your writing. I go back to when you told me years ago that you weren't sure you could do this kind of thing and look where you're at now. I haven't been able to follow a lot of the stuff that you've been doing but here I can see a lot of promise but also movement forward with everything. I will definitely be checking things out in the future to see what happens with one of my favorites Tully Blanchard.
  14. LowBlowPodcast

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    WCW is going to drop the Italian Stallion and pick up Teddy Long
  15. LowBlowPodcast

    WCW Saturday Night 1988

    WCW Saturday Night The Coliseum - Charlotte, North Carolina 3/19/88 -WCW Saturday night is here from the Coliseum in Charlotte for a very special (taped) edition of WCW Saturday night. We see Jim Ross and Bob Caudle down at ringside. They pump up a huge night’s worth of action and we get right into the action with our first contest! Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong vs Black Bart & Ron Bass -Jim Cornette joins JR and Tony here as they pump up the US tag title bout next week at the Clash of the Champions. Here we see Horner and Armstrong sell for Ron Bass and Black Bart before making a big comeback and using their speed to overcome their opponents. The finish is a big double dropkick on Bass knocking him out of the ring. This leads to a fun double-team with Horner ducking behind and Armstrong hitting Bart with a flying cross body and he falls over Horner for the 3-count! They celebrate and point at Corney and make the sign for the US Tag Titles! *COMMERCIAL* -We get a quick view of Stan Hansen showing up on Saturday Night a couple of weeks ago and then we see him come to the ring… terrorizing everyone in his path. Stan Hansen vs Jack Reno -This one is quick and we see Hansen just completely destroy Reno. He continues to hammer down on him and Reno looks helpless. The Lariat spells the end and Hansen pulls up him for another! Hansen isn’t done… he pulls him up again and LARIAT! Reno is unconscious! The referee calls for the bell. Hansen pulls the referee off and throws him down. More officials come out and Hansen is going ballistic throwing people around. We see Doug Dillinger come in there with more men and Hansen has to back off. This is pure chaos as we head to the back with Tony Schiavone. -Schiavone is in the back with Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch. They are pumping up this big match with Rick Rude. They know what’s on the line. They say they’re ready for whatever Rude can do and Murdoch is going to secure his spot! Dick Murdoch vs Rick Rude w/ Jimmy Hart -A really fun match with these two working the crowd. Dicky seems to have his boots on tonight and really has the crowd going wild but Rude is also a heat magnet. Jimmy Hart is also playing a key role here and working the crowd. We get a commercial break in the middle of things but come back to see Rude on top. Murdoch fights his way back with the fans going wild. We see Jimmy Hart trying to get involved but Murdoch and Rude are also over there. We see Murdoch rear back and accidently hammer the referee who goes down hard. This causes some chaos with Rude and Murdoch brawling but Murdoch getting the best of him and throwing him into Jimmy Hart… the other side of the ring tells a different story though and KING KONG BUNDY is shown! He’s waiting for Murdoch who turns around and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Bundy then hits the ropes and BIG SPLASH! Bundy rolls out the ring and Rude covers as the referee slowly moves over for the 3-count! The fans are not happy! *COMMERCIAL* -Ross and Caudle are back putting over the fact that we will see Rick Rude and Dusty Rhodes at the Clash of the Champions for the US Title! They also announce that the board of directors is meeting right now about Stan Hansen! We will have more on that in coming minutes but right now we’ve got the debuting Curt Hennig in action! The Italian Stallion vs Curt Hennig -Hennig comes out and works the fans. A little love for him but he’s got a lot of heat as well. Hennig is all over the Stallion and finishes him off with a nice fisherman’s suplex for the 3-count. Hennig looks great and works the crowd… a bright future for this young star! -We then cut to Sting, Luger, Windham, & Simmons. They are pumping up the big eight-man tag main event tonight. Sting says that tonight is going to be a nice little preview of what he’s going to do to Ric Flair at the Clash along with Windham and Luger winning the tag titles and Ron Simmons getting the tv title! Tommy Rich vs Arn Anderson w/ JJ Dillon -A good little tv match with Rich and Anderson. They really put on a clinic with both men getting some offense but it is Anderson who counters the Thesz Press into a backbreaking SPINEBUSTER for the 3-count victory. *COMMERCIAL* -Saturday Night is back… Ross and Caudle make the announcement that Stan Hansen has been suspended indefinitely. His attack on the referees has been unwarranted. He has a $100,000 fine to be reinstated. They will have more on that issue next week… right now it is time for the Road Warriors taking on Terry Taylor and Buddy Landel! The Road Warriors vs Terry Taylor & Buddy Landel -A fun contest that sees the Road Warrior give just enough to make it interesting but then they turn it on and it is cady bar the door! The big finish sees Landel attempt a flying press but Road Warrior Animal catches him and a HUGE POWERSLAM for the 3-count! The Road Warriors look strong and ready for whatever gets in their way! *COMMERCIAL* We return for a very special segment in which Ric Flair w/ JJ Dillon and Sting are in the ring. Jim Crockett Jr is with them along with promoter Gary Jester and ring announcer Tom Miller as well as Jim Ross. Ross is orchestrating everything as they announce the three special judges for the Clash of the Champions World Heavyweight Championship match. Tom Miller runs through the judges... Television star… Jason Hervey! Penthouse Playmate Patty Mullen Professional Wrestling great… the one… the only… ROWDY RODDY PIPER! THE CROWD EXPLODES WHEN RODDY PIPER MAKES HIS WAY DOWN TO THE RING! EVERYONE IS SHOCKED AND RIC FLAIR IS IRATE! Sting and Piper shake hands and then he goes for Flair but pulls his hand up and wipes his hair! Flair can’t believe it! We will see our big eight-man main event when we come back! *COMMERCIAL* -Saturday Night is back with Ross and Caudle putting this over in a big way that Roddy Piper is here! The reiterate the fact that Rick Rude will take on Dusty Rhodes for the US title at the Clash. They pump up Stan Hansen’s suspension and $100,000 fine! They pump up the main event in a big way as we head to the ring and here...we...go! MAIN EVENT 8-Man Tag Sting, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, & Ron Simmons vs The Varsity Club w/ Kevin Sullivan -Lots of heat… lots of energy… lots of tags… and LOTS OF ACTION! They go about 15-minutes with very little tv time left after that. Kevin Sullivan is getting involved but the highlight of the match is seeing Sting fly over the top rope and take out Steiner, Spivey, and Sullivan. Simmons and Williams are fighting on the outside and the finish sees Rotundo go for the five-arm on Luger but he ducks and Windham flies off the top rope with a lariat that takes Rotunod’s head off for the 3-count! The fans go wild. The babyfaces celebrate. Jim Ross has lost his voice. We’ll see you next week as we get geared up for the Clash of the by gawd Champions! WCW Presents: The Clash of the Champions The Omni - Atlanta, Georgia 3/27/1988 TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Ron Simmons vs Mike Rotundo © US TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs Midnight Express © w/ Jim Cornette WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard © w/ JJ Dillon US HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Dusty Rhodes © vs Ravishing Rick Rude w/ Jimmy Hart WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Sting vs Ric Flair © w/ JJ Dillon