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    MACW 1981

    Thanks for all your feedback. I am not sure what the next project will be. I don't know if Kevin will give me a chance to join you guys due to our history. You could always let me come in and run your MACW developmental If that's the case, I will find a way to keep the juices flowing. Stay tuned.
  2. LowBlowPodcast

    MACW 1981

    MACW & GCW - Event @ Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 9/19/1981 GCW vs MACW Final Conflict Best of the Rest Battle Royal MACW: Blackjack Mulligan, Ivan Koloff, Nikolai Volkoff, Mr. Fuji, Baron Von Raschke, Don Kernodle, Bret Hart, Jay Youngblood, Hacksaw Butch Reed, & Hacksaw Jim Duggan GCW: Assassin #1, Assassin #2, Buzz Sawyer, Bobby Eaton, Jim Brunzell, Kevin Sullivan, Matt Borne, Mike Rotundo, Steve O, & Terry Taylor Results: A big opener with teams drawn right down the middle but right from the outset, thing get out of hand with Ivan Koloff and Blackjack Mulligan go right to work on one another and we see Sullivan, Sawyer, & Borne take the chance to toss the two of them. The Hacksaws team up to get the Assassins out and then we see Fuji, Volkoff, & Baron taking out Bobby Eaton while Bret Hart eliminates Don Kerndole putting a caper on that feud. We’re dwindled down and some of the highlights see Brunzell, Rotundo, & Taylor teaming up against the Triangle of Terror and throughout the chaos, Nikolai Volkoff is the only one standing tall. On the other side of the ring, we see the Hacksaws taking out Sullivan and Borne but also going out themselves. We’re down to Bret, Youngblood & Nikolai vs Sawyer & Steve O. Nikolai then turns on Youngblood and starts working him over while Sawyer throws out Steve O and then goes up against Bret. These four throw some nice shots and Bret looks good but he gets backdropped over the top rope and sent to the floor with a nasty bump! Sawyer and Nikolai then team up on Youngblood and throw him out. That gives Bret a chance to get back in and he is fighting off both men. The finish sees Bret go for a running clothesline on Nikolai but he ducks and Bret tackles Sawyer and then go into the ropes while Nikolai comes from behind and tosses both men! Nikolai Volkoff is the winner and MACW goes up 1-0! Tag Titles vs Tag Titles Dick Slater & Jake Roberts vs Bob Orton & JJ Dillon -Another hot one with some juice due to Orton and Dillon turning on Slater plus Roberts is one of the ones who started this whole issue with GCW. These guys go about 12-minutes. Orton does a brunt of the work and he and Slater look good. Roberts is also on top of his game. We see him and Orton battle out to the ring and that gives Slater a chance to get his revenge on Dillon before hitting him with a BRAINBUSTER for the 3-count! Slater & Roberts get the victory and MACW is up 2-0! NWA Six-Man Championship Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, & Bobby Heenan vs The Freebirds © -Much like the previous match, there is some nice juice here. It is a little odd with both teams kind of getting some heat from the crowd. Studd & Bundy look very strong here. Gordy is the workhorse of the match. Hayes is the one who puts it all over the top. The finish is a nice one because we see Studd and Bundy go toe to toe with Gordy and he is holding his own but then we see Hayes get his hands on Bobby Heenan and hits the DDT for the finish. The Birds retain the six-man titles but there seems to be a little more meat on this bone. The Freebirds retain the six-man titles and get a win for GCW but they trail 1-2! TV title v TV title Unification Match for NWA Television Championship! Tito Santana vs Paul Orndorff -This is an interesting match with both of these titles being taken away with the winner becoming the new NWA World Television Champion. Orndorff and Santana go right up to the 20-minute time limit and leave everything out there in the ring. The finish sees Santana go for the flying forearm but Orndorff ducks and pulls the ropes down and Santana goes out of the ring to the floor! Santana took a nasty bump and now Orndorff goes out and picks up the body of Santana to throw him back in the ring and hits a piledriver for good measure and the 3-count! Paul Orndorff wins the NWA World Television Championship and puts GCW at 2-2! NWA United States Championship Sgt. Slaughter vs Ron Garvin -This one just doesn’t seem to have the juice of the others. Garvin is a viable contender and Slaughter looks good. The previous finish a couple of months ago wasn’t very satisfying and this one is a little more clear cut as Garvin goes for the big right hand but Sarge ducks and then grabs the cobra clutch and Garvin seems to be in a bad way before going down. Garvin tries to fight back and hits the turnbuckle and nails Slaughter who stumbles and Garvin comes back but Sarge hits a nasty ero uppercut and gets a backslide 3 count for the victory! Sgt. Slaughter retains the NWA United States Championship and MACW is up 3-2! MACW Title vs NWA National Ken Patera vs Tommy Rich -Another good one with some meat. These two guys bring everything they’ve got and Heenan oes his best outside the ring to build the heat. He takes some shots at Tommy Rich every chance he gets before Earl Hebner tosses him from ringside. This gives Rich a chance to fight back. He is a Wildfire and throwing some huge bombs. He sets up Patera and goes for the Thesz Press but Patera grabs him and locks in the bearhug! He has Rich locked up. The crowd seems to be behind Tommy Rich here. They are cheering for him and he starts to fight back and a nasty headbutt on Patera breaks the bearhug. Rich hits the ropes for another Thesz Press but Patera ducks and Rich counters into a sunset flip and he’s got Patera off guard for a 3-count! Tommy Rich wins and ties it up at 3-3 for both companies. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Ric Flair © vs Roddy Piper -We get a little break here in the big event for a huge main event. These guys have go a lot of issue with one another and it boils over early in the match. They start fast and begin battling all over the ringside area. Piper and Flair both get busted open early and this one seems to be getting out of hand. They go back in the ring and slow things down. Flair tries to work the leg while Piper works the neck and the back. Flair makes a big comeback to hammer away at Piper but Roddy goes with a low blow to counter and then he takes control. Piper is looking to finish with a lot of work on the neck and goes for the sleeper hold. He’s got it locked in and then Flair counters with a jawbreaker! Piper is reeling and Flair goes for a small package but Piper kicks out. They get up and Piper swings wild but Flair ducks and Atomic Drop and then he grabs the leg for the figure-four but Piper pulls him into a roll up for a 2-count but Flair pushes over and he’s got Piper locked up for the 3-count! Ric Flair retains the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! FINAL SHOWDOWN MACW: Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Greg Valentine, & Harley Race GCW: Ole Anderson, Ted Dibiase, Stan Hansen, Don Muraco , Masked Superstar -A big time main event with a lot on the line. Jim Crockett Jr even comes out and he is at ringside. We get the first two entries and it is Ricky Steamboat and Masked Superstar. They get things going and Steamboat seems to be the fire that MACW needs right now and he is hammering away but Superstar has got some nice power and strength to slow him down. The first five minutes do go fast and we’ve got Tom Miller counting down as we see Ole Anderson come out and it is 2-1. They’re hammering away at Steamboat and beating the hell out of him and working right in front of Crockett! Ole is really letting Crockett have it before Tom Miller runs down the time for our next competitor… -Barry Windham runs out and he is a house of fire throwing some huge bombs at both men. If you remember, this all started with Windham hurting Gene Anderson which led to everything falling apart. He and Ole are going toe to toe and really beating the piss out of one another. Time is running down and here comes Ted Dibiase! He seems like a man on an island but he goes after Steamboat while Ole and Masked Superstar work over Windham and he is busted open like a stuck pig! Windham is a mess right now. Time is running down and here comes Greg Valentine! Valentine comes in and he is throwing bombs at everyone and the crowd even pops when Valentine and Ole start throwing! Barry Windham is still in a very bad way as Ricky Steamboat tries to cover him up before Tom Miller runs down the time… -Stan Hansen comes out and he is a wildman. He hammers away at everyone before we see the first elimination as Barry Windham, a bloody mess, is tossed over the top rope by Ole Anderson! Steamboat and Valentine have their backs against the wall as time runs down for our next competitor… Wahoo McDaniel! Wahoo comes in and evens the odds. He and Stan Hansen are throwing some legit bombs at one another. These guys are showing the world there are no two tougher men in the business. In the end we see them both go over the top as the time runs down. Here comes Don Muraco! Muraco jumps in and he joins Dibiase in beating down Valentine. On the other side of the ring we see a huge dropkick from Steamboat that sends Masked Superstar over the top to the floor! Time is running down… here comes the final man… Harley Race! -We’ve got Steamboat, Race, & Valentine against Dibiase, Muraco, & Ole Anderson. Everyone singles up against one another and it is Harley Race who really looks good. Dibiase makes a huge wave when he tackles Race from behind and tosses him over the top rope to the floor! Race can’t believe it but here comes Steamboat tossing out Dibiase! Muraco and Ole then double up on Valentine and toss him to the floor! Ole and Muraco look excited to get their hands on Steamboat, Mid Atlantic’s final option! He comes with a fire that is unmatched. He’s throwing at both men and leaving everything out there. The crowd is solidly behind him! They are screaming for Steamboat. Ole and Muraco then get the upperhand and double him up and look for the final elimination but when Ole runs at clotheslines Steamboat ducks and Ole clotheslines Muraco out of the ring to the floor! It is Ole and Steamboat. Ole still jumps on and takes the upperhand before Steamboat fires back with some huge chops and then Ole with a huge low blow! Ole then tosses Steamboat out of the ring and Ole thinks he has won it but Steamboat skins the cat. Ole is screaming at Crockett who gets up on the apron. Steamboat climbs to the top rope. Crockett smiles at Ole and tells him to turn around. Ole does so and Steamboat with a high cross body off the top rope and the roll up as TommyYoung makes the 1….2…..3!!!!! MACW HAS WON IT! MACW HAS WON IT! STEAMBOAT PINS OLE ANDERSON! The crowd is going wild! Here comes Wahoo, Youngblood, Tito, Slater, Roberts, The Hacksaws, Bret Hart! The babyfaces come out and even Jim Crockett shakes Steamboat’s hand and raises his arm in the air! Ole holds his head and walks back up the aisle. He is irate and can’t believe it. Steamboat welcomes him back in the ring. Ole walks off as the crowd is going absolutely wild for Steamboat and the Mid Atlantic Crew!
  3. LowBlowPodcast

    MACW 1981

    MACW TV Taping - TV-Show @ in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA MACW opens with footage from last week and the attack on Ric Flair along with the gloating by Roddy Piper. We then see the heated promo from Flair. We also see footage from the tag team match in which Ivan Koloff pinned Blackjack Mulligan to earn the final spot in the Final Showdown match tomorrow night. We welcome Jim Crockett Jr. Jim Crockett Jr.; Ladies and gentlemen, last week we saw a special tag team encounter in which the loser of the fall was taken out of the big Showdown match tomorrow night. Upon further review, we saw the use of the chain by Ivan Koloff which led to that victory. Furthermore, the officials here in the Mid Atlantic have decided to remove Mr. Koloff from that match. We are hoping to find a suitable replacement before the end of our broadcast. Additionally, after speaking with representatives of the National Wrestling Alliance and Georgia Championship Wrestling, we’ve come to an agreement that the MACW vs GCW television champion match will now be a unification bout. Mr. Santana and Mr. Orndorff will fight for the right to be the undisputed NWA World’s Television Champion. I’d also like to announce that tomorrow night’s World’s Heavyweight Championship Match will have extra security at ringside due to the nature of this issue between Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. I have spoken to the Greensboro Police Department and extra officials will be ringside. We hope to have a fun night tomorrow night but more importantly, a night that shows the dominance of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling! Caudle and Crockett put it over as we head to the ring for our opening contest… The Hacksaws defeated Mike Jones & Skip Jackson via the Flying Shoulder Block! A quick promo from Duggan and Reed who say they are back in the Mid Atlantic because they can’t trust Ole Anderson. They may not have a big dog in the fight but they plan on bringing the lumber and proving themselves to all the Mid Atlantic fans! *COMMERCIAL* We’re back with Caudle and Crockett putting over the announcement of Koloff & Mulligan being out of the Final Conflict Showdown and setting up the big match here tonight. Blackjack Mulligan vs Ivan Koloff -Not much of a contest. We get some heavy brawling early before Ivan takes over but Mulligan fights back in a big way before the fight spills outside of the ring. Nothing really great happens other than a brawl that spills all over the ringside area before the referee hits the Double DQ and officials try to break it up! *COMMERCIAL* We’re back with a special taped promo from Ric Flair… Flair: You know for all of my career, I have had the goal of becoming world champion. I beat Harley Race is Kansas City and it was perhaps the greatest night of my career… but the night before… a man who I called my friend turned his back on me and stabbed me right in the back and twisted that knife. A week ago… he attacked me with some thugs and proved he is nothing more than a low down piece of trash. Roddy Piper… you and I have been in the ring before… numerous times… well brother tomorrow night it is different. It is for this title. The World’s Heavyweight Championship. But more than that… I am fighting you to show you why I am the man! I am gonna dog you Piper and I am gonna run you out of Greensboro… run you out of the Mid Atlantic… and run you out of Wrestling once and for all! Bret Hart defeated Tenryu via the Piledriver *COMMERCIAL* We’re back with Caudle and Crockett putting over the arrival of Harley Race a couple of weeks ago. They talk about Jay Youngblood calling him out leading to our big contest here tonight. Jay Youngblood vs Harley Race -A great showcase for Race as he makes Youngblood look pretty good here but let’s the fans know he is in complete control. Race takes some liberties with Youngblood and beats the piss out of him. Youngblood mounts a comeback but Race breaks it off with the big high knee and then sets him up for a brainbuster! Oh my! Race covers for the 3-count. Harley Race walks over to the booth and calls out Jim Crockett Jr… he says that after his ruling on Mulligan and Koloff… he will take that final spot… and when he wins… he will get the next shot at Flair. Crockett has no choice but to agree and shakes his hand. Has Jim Crockett sealed his own fate with this agreement? *COMMERCIAL* Caudle and Crockett put over the huge announcement of Harley Race joining Rick Steamboat, Wahoo McDaniel, Greg Valentine, & Barry Windham in the big Showdown match tomorrow night. They say the rules are as follows. One member of each team starts the match. Every two minutes another member of a team will come out as they alternate until all ten men have entered. Elimination can occur via throw over the top rope, pinfall, or submission. There are no count outs and no disqualifications. They say that if GCW wins… Crockett loses control of the Mid Atlantic to Ole Anderson… while if Mid Atlantic wins… Anderson will be banned from the Mid Atlantic and presumably so will all the members of GCW! Ken Patera, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, & Bobby Heenan defeated four jobbers when Heenan made the pinfall! Heenan and his crew come over and put over how they’ll be the next six-man champions and there’s nothing that the Freebirds can do about it. He says they are going to take those Freebird feathers and stuff those turkeys! We then get a promo from Ricky Steamboat, Wahoo McDaniel, & Barry Windham putting over the big Showdown match. Valentine and Race come out and you can tell there’s a lot of tension throughout this team but they said they have to work together or perhaps it could be the last time… Valentine says that… that may be for the best of everyone... *COMMERCIAL* Caudle and Crockett make one more big play for tomorrow night. Greensboro will be rocking and so much will be on the line. They put over the TV Title unification… the champion v champion matches and so much more. Seriously...you can’t miss this show… it may be the last one I write… so pay attention and enjoy! MACW Tag Championship Dick Slater & Jake Roberts vs Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle -A good main event… tag titles are on the line and we don’t get a change but do see some good action. Sarge carries his team while Roberts and Slater have become a decent unit. The finish sees Sarge all but leave Kernodle to the wolves… or snakes if you will… and Roberts grabs Donny for a nasty DDT and gets the cover. The champs look good tonight and have big plans for tomorrow when they take on JJ Dillon and Bob Orton Jr! Take a look at the big card in Greensboro tomorrow night! Full Card for tomorrow night… GCW vs MACW Final Conflict NWA World Heavyweight Championship Ric Flair © vs Roddy Piper Final Showdown - Team battle royal with a new member coming out every 2 minutes! MACW: Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Greg Valentine, & Harley Race GCW: Ole Anderson, Ted Dibiase, Stan Hansen, Don Muraco , Masked Superstar MACW Title vs NWA National Ken Patera vs Tommy Rich TV title v TV title Unification Match for NWA Television Championship! Tito Santana vs Paul Orndorff Tag Titles vs Tag Titles Dick Slater & Jake Roberts vs Bob Orton & JJ Dillon NWA Six-Man Championship Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, & Bobby Heenan vs The Freebirds NWA United States Championship Sgt. Slaughter vs Ron Garvin Best of the Rest Battle Royal
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    MACW 1981

    MACW TV Taping - TV-Show @ in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA We’re here in Raleigh and Caudle and Crockett are joined by none other than Ric Flair to start the night… oh my… Crockett: Ric, it has to feel good to be on the pinnacle… the mountain top… the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion… Ric Flair: You know something David Crockett… for the last decade, I have put myself through hell and back to become the number one wrestler in the world…. This title right here is the cherry on top that says I am the MAN! Woo! Crockett: We know that there have been a lot of words from guys like Harley Race and Roddy Piper… you’ll meet Piper in two weeks in Greensboro… Ric Flair: Here’s the thing… Piper… you and I had a go at it this summer but we came back together. That was because of Harley Race. That was because of this. Then… you go back to two weeks ago in Greensboro… you stabbed me in the back and you stabbed all the fans in the Mid Atlantic in the back and brother… you crossed the line. Understand this… in two weeks… you are going to get a Ric Flair you’ve never seen before… Now Harley Race… if anyone deserves a shot at this title it is you and pal, you just tell me where and when and I will be there. Crockett: What about the Final Conflict… do you have a dog in the fight? Ric Flair: Well David… I have wrestled here in the Mid Atlantic for quite some time… I have also wrestled in Georgia… I can’t say that I want one company to win over the other… but I can say that I want to see Ole Anderson get his come uppings and I will watch it with a smile on my face! Crockett: Alright fans… we’ve got a huge card… the Mid Atlantic Television Championship is on the line tonight plus we’ve got a big tag team match in which the loser of the fall is out of the Final Conflict team match… right now let’s see the two men who have been named to the team already… Rick Steamboat and the Chief, Wahoo McDaniel! Wahoo McDaniel & Ricky Steamboat defeated Frank Wiliams & Mike Starr via the Flying Crossbody! Wahoo and Ricky walk over and put over the final conflict. They say that all four men in that big tag team match are rough and tough but they want to know who the others will be joining Ole Anderson. They say they will be proud to fight for the honor of Mid Atlantic but they would rather fight alongside Windham and Mulligan than Valentine and Koloff! We’ll find out who joins them later tonight! *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and we’re joined by the Triangle of Terror with Sheik Adnan. He’s got the Baron, Fuji, and Nikolai all pumped up. They talk about the tv title match tonight and they plan on getting that TV title from Tito and they’re going to make him pay! The Baron & Mr. Fuji defeated Roger Richards & Tim Thomas via the CLAW! We head back over to the booth where we hear there is a commotion in the back… we head back there and we see Ric Flair laid out in the dressing room as Roddy Piper is shown walking away with Ole Anderson and Paul Orndorff! Security rushes back but it appears Flair is hurt! *COMMERCIAL* We’re back with Caudle and Crockett putting over the apparent injury to Ric Flair at the hands of Roddy Piper! They are awaiting news on his condition in the back. They hope to be able to address it with the fans soon. Jay Youngblood defeated Calvin McHugh via the Cross Body! We’re back and here comes Harley Race. He is going after Piper and saying that he didn’t finish the job but Harley will be happy to finish off Ric Flair once and for all! That brings Jay Youngblood over to the booth and he confronts Harley about doing a lot of talking… Harley says that Youngblood couldn’t lace his boots… so Youngblood tells him to lace them up next week for a one on one match! *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and Caudle and Crockett point out that we will hear about Ric Flair’s condition following our next big match. They put the stakes on the line… the man who is the loser of the fall of the next match is out while the other three will move on and join Rick Steamboat and Wahoo McDaniel in the Final Conflict next week in Greensboro… let’s head to the ring! FINAL CONFLICT SPOT MATCH LOSER OF THE FALL IS OUT OF THE MATCH! Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham vs Ivan Koloff & Greg Valentine A huge match with huge stakes on the line. Windham seems to be the one who has the most to gain here. Koloff and Valentine are an odd but fun pairing and work very well together. These guys go about 12-minutes and Koloff and Valentine isolate Windham only for him to make a big comeback and tag in Mulligan who comes in like a house of fire! The crowd is really rocking for this one and Mulligan is letting them all have it. Barry has found a way to get back up and he comes off the top rope with a huge clothesline on Valentine and they go tumbling out of the ring. The referee has lost control but then Ivan...he grabs the Russian chain… Mulligan turns around and CRACK! Koloff throws the chain out and covers him for the 3-count! Koloff, Valentine, and Barry Windham go on while Mulligan won’t be part of the Final Conflict Showdown! *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and Mulligan and Windham are there. Out comes Wahoo and Steamboat… Valentine and Koloff laugh as they walk off. Mulligan goes on about how Koloff had to cheat to beat him and he challenges him next week to a match. He tells Barry that he is going to have to watch his back with those two as teammates and they will be out for themselves before the rest of you. Barry agrees and Wahoo and Steamboat say they’ll be there to even the odds. Ken Patera, Big John Studd, & King Kong Bundy defeated Rick Carlisle, Sam Stone, & Phil Roberts via the Bear Hug Splash! Heenan comes over and puts over his men for a moment. He talks about challenging the Freebirds for the six-man titles and he says that he will be joining Bundy and Studd as their partner but there won’t be much of a need for him to get involved because the Freebirds will be fried chickens when all is said and done! Then we see Ric Flair come out and Bobby Heenan backs his men off… Flair grabs the microphone… his shirt is ripped… his head is bandaged… Ric Flair: PIPER! You coward! You no good son of a bitch! You want to try me pal… C’MON! I am right here! C’Mon Piper! You yellow coward. All your life you’ve been a punk and can’t be trusted. Well pal… Greensboro… one week from tomorrow… I am going to dog you like no one ever has. I am going to be on you and I am going to run you down like never before. If you can walk when it is all said and done then I won’t be the World’s Champion pal. So Piper… anyone from Georgia… listen to me when I tell you that I am coming for your ass… WOOO! *COMMERCIAL* Big night of action capped by a huge main event. We’ve got Tito Santana defending the TV Title… here comes Nikolai and of course he’s got the Triangle of Terror with him... TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Tito Santana © vs Nikolai Volkoff w/ Sheik Adnan -A good main event match for the TV title as Santana and Nikolai do some decent work out here. Nikolai uses his power and strength to show off what he brings to the table while Santana can sell like no other. Soon we’ve got the Baron and Fuji out here… they are roughing up Santana on every turn but Tito finds a way to fight back and he fires up before hitting the ropes and then the Flying Forearm! He covers but the Baron and Fuji jump in the ring for the DQ finish… As the Triangle start to beat him down… the crowd is surprised to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Hacksaw Butch Reed, decked out in American Flag Shirts… and 2x4s… run out and they chase off the Triangle of Terror. The crowd is hyped for this one. We’ve got one week till the final conflict… who will survive?
  5. LowBlowPodcast

    Georgia Championship Wrestling 1981

    GCW Wrestling WTBS Studios - Atlanta, Georgia Tommy Rich vs Terry Gordy went to a double DQ for the National Title Bob Orton & JJ Dillon defended the Tag Titles against Jim Brunzell & Bobby Eaton Mike Rotundo & Terry Taylor defeated The Assassins Ron Garvin defeated Kevin Sullivan via DQ Also on the show… A pre taped promo from Ole Anderson, Don Muraco, & Masked Superstar as they put over the Final Conflict showdown match but they soon find out that Ted Dibiase and Stan Hansen will join them… they don’t seem too happy. We get a pre-taped promo from Roddy Piper who runs down Ric Flair and says that he has yet to receive the beating of his life but it is coming soon. The Freebirds put over their six-man title match against Heenan, Studd, & Bundy and talk about Heenan being a weasel and the weak link! Tommy Rich then finishes off the show putting over the big match with him and Ken Patera. He says that Patera has beat a lot of men but he ain’t never beat the Wildfire and he is coming with everything he’s got and he will leave it all out there when the bell rings!
  6. LowBlowPodcast

    Mid-South Wrestling 1981 2.0

    "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd & The Wild Samoans defeat Junkyard Dog, "Captain Redneck" Dick Murdoch & "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka when Ladd jabbed his taped thumb into Murdoch's throat behind the referee's back allowing the Samoans to hit a double headbutt. That's a huge main event for the loop. I like the superstar face group and it is great because it is a different flavor than the other main event. Mr Wrestling 2 & Mr Olympia vs The Grappler & The Super Destroyer ended in a double DQ when the referee couldn't stop all four men brawling. SD2 ran down for a breif 3-2 advantage before Plowboy Frazier charged the ring. The massive farmboy caused the heels to scatter & the 3 faces stood tall to close the show. We get the Plowboy coming out and he makes his presence known. He definitely tips the scales in the faces favor. I am interested to see the trajectory of Tony Atlas here. He could make some waves but it seems as though Khan is giving him more than he can handle.
  7. LowBlowPodcast

    Georgia Championship Wrestling 1981

    GCW - Event @ The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia, USA NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Tommy Rich defeated Don Muraco @ the 30 minute mark in a bloody brawl NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Gino & Tully defeated The Hacksaws to retain the titles NWA WORLD SIX-MAN TITLES The Freebirds defeated Matt Borne, Buzz Sawyer, & Kevin Sullivan NWA NATIONAL TAG TEAM JJ Dillon & Bob Orton Jr. defeated Stan Hansen & Ted Dibiase after interference from Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez! GEORGIA TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Paul Orndorff defeated Terry Taylor Ron Garvin defeated Assassin 1 Masked Superstar defeated Mike Rotundo
  8. LowBlowPodcast

    MACW 1981

    Sunday MACW - Event @ Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Mid Atlantic Championship Wahoo McDaniel defeated Ken Patera via Count Out NWA United States Championship Sgt. Slaughter defeated Jay Youngblood Mid Atlantic Television Championship Tito Santana defeated the Baron w/ Sheik Adnan Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championship Dick Slater & Jake Roberts defeated King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd via DQ Blackjack Mulligan defeated Ivan Koloff Greg Valentine defeated Barry Windham Ricky Steamboat defeated Nikolai Volkoff Bret Hart defeated Mr. Fuji
  9. LowBlowPodcast

    Georgia Championship Wrestling 1981

    GCW Television WTBS Studios in Atlanta, Georgia Masked Superstar defeated Terry Taylor Bob Orton & JJ Dillon defeated Jim Brunzell & Mike Rotundo Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer defeated the Hacksaws Ted Dibiase & Stan Hansen defeated the Assassins In other news… We get word about the Final Conflict in three weeks… they put over how Ole Anderson will be here next week to address the fans and put his team together… We also see Roddy Piper cut another spirited promo on MACW and Ric Flair talking about how he’s never got his just due. He says he’s tired of being mistreated and how this is going to be the end of Crockett and there’s nothing he can do about it. The Freebirds put over the six-man titles and their defense tomorrow night in the Omni against Buzz, Sullivan, & Borne. Ron Garvin puts over his big US Title shot at the Final Conflict. JJ Dillon & Bob Orton go on about getting a chance at the tag titles tomorrow night in the Omni and how they plan to take the titles. Tommy Rich talks about his big showdown with Don Muraco tomorrow night in the Omni… he says it may be the toughest defense of his career.
  10. LowBlowPodcast

    MACW 1981

    Saturday 9/4 MACW TV Taping - TV-Show @ in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA MACW opens with footage from Greensboro and the Battle Brawl between GCW and MACW. We see the big showdowns between Sarge and Garvin, The World Tag Title Match, and then the big eight man main event. The Roddy Piper incident is covered as we head back to the booth and here is Bob Caudle and David Crockett! They put over the huge issue with GCW and say that Jim Crockett & Sandy Scott will be here momentarily to address the situation. They also note that we have a NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion… Ric Flair! They say that Flair will be here next week to address the change and also to address Roddy Piper! We’ve got a lot going on here this evening… right now let’s head to the ring! The Baron, Nikolai Volkoff, & Mr. Fuji defeated Ryan Marks, Kenny Timbs, & Danny Hughes via the CLAW! These three monsters walk over to the booth and out walks Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie! He says that he has purchased the managerial rights to this group of men that he is calling them the Triangle of Terror. He says he has men from all the great super powers of the world… Germany, Russia, and Japan. Together, they will destroy any and all comers in their path and stomp out any Americans who get in their way! *COMMERCIAL* We’re back on MACW and here comes Jim Crockett Jr and Sandy Scott. They address the fans and talk about how Ric Flair will now be traveling the world as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. They put over how this issue with GCW must come to a head and it will do so in three weeks… in Greensboro… it is called the Final Conflict! Just then we hear a stirring in the crowd… wait just a second… Ole Anderson & Don Muraco are here and the fans are RABID! Crockett: Now gentlemen, we don’t want any… Ole: You quiet down Crockett or I will shut you up for good. Listen here… you got Sandy Scott out here… we’ve had the battle but now… now the time has come for the final battle… you’re calling it what… the Final Conflict? Well… a conflict is between two equal parties and in no way has this been equal. Crockett: Listen Ole… this has gone on for too long… we know that everything will come to head on the 19th.. Ole: But what is going to come to head? Huh… what are the stakes?!? Crockett: What do you mean… Ole: I want to know if you are putting your job on the line… now that Flair is gone… who is gonna save you huh? Crockett: I have supreme faith in my men… and yes damnit… I will put whatever you want on the line to show you that Mid Atlantic has got the best in the world! Ole: Haha… I knew you’d do it… Sandy Scott: Now Mr. Anderson… as a representative of Georgia Championship Wrestling… I spoke with Jim Barnett and he explained that you had authority to sign off on the following agreement for this event. It will be a best of 7 event along with a special NWA World’s Championship Match. The matches will be...a 20-man battle royal, The Six-Man World Tag Team Championship Freebirds representative GCW against challengers from Mid Atlantic. A United States Championship rematch with Sgt. Slaughter (MACW) against Ron Garvin (GCW). A tag team title match between the two champions… right now it is Dibiase & Hansen (GCW) vs Slater & Roberts (MACW). A television title match between Tito Santana (MACW) and Paul Orndorff (GCW). The National Champion, Tommy Rich of GCW against the Mid Atlantic Champion Ken Patera. Then a final, ten man, timed, team, battle royal. One member of each team will start and every 2 minutes, the teams will simultaneously send down another member. Eliminations can occur throughout the match until there is only one team or one man left standing! Ole: Hahaha… right into our hands… not only will we take the US Title but we’re going to destroy those champions of yours along the way! I’ve got Muraco, Piper, Orton, and others all lined up for that main event! Sandy: Well that’s the thing Ole… Roddy Piper can’t be in that match… Ole: What do you mean? Sandy: Well… like I said… there’s going to be a world championship match… and it will be Ric Flair defending against Roddy Piper! Ole and his crew are irate! The crowd is going wild as Crockett smiles… looks like we’ve got the Final Conflict set… but who will make up those final teams? *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back with Caudle and Crockett pumping up those huge announcements from Jim Crockett and Sandy Scott. We’ll hear more about that huge event in Greensboro in three weeks called the Final Conflict. They say that Jim Crockett is putting Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling on the line… if his team loses… he will vacate his role here in the Mid Atlantic and give it to Ole Anderson! We’ll see what happens with that. Right now we’ve got more action! Wahoo McDaniel & Ricky Steamboat defeated The Assassins via the Flying Crossbody! Wahoo and Steamboat walk over and join Caudle and Crockett. They let everyone know that they want to be in that big final conflict match. They talk about putting the Mid Atlantic on their backs and they’ll fight with every ounce of energy they’ve got to keep scum like Ole Anderson out of it for good! *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and here comes the Tag Team Champions Jake Roberts and Dick Slater. They put over the big showdown with Dibiase and Hansen. They talk about them being a very good tag team… perhaps one of the best in the world but when push comes to shove… it is going to be a fight and they won’t go down easy! They put over the big main event tonight as they will join Tito Santana to take on the Heenan Family! Don Kernodle defeated Ricky Roe via the Cobra Clutch Slam! Sgt. Slaughter walks over with the US title and he is letting everyone know that he is the rightful number one contender for the world championship and he should be the one getting the shot against Ric Flair. He vows to get his hands on the gold and he will make sure Flair knows who he is and how he rules wrestling. He also puts over how Roddy PIper ran for the hills instead of facing him for the title. *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and we’ve got Caudle and Crockett saying that Roddy Piper has called the studio and wants to speak… we’ll hear from him after our next match… Barry Windham & Blackjack Mulligan defeated Ron Smith & Mitch Williams via the Flying Lariat! Windham & Mulligan then walk over and put over the Final Conflict. They talk about wanting to earn their keep here as MACW wrestlers and will be willing to take on whomever it takes to get the win. Ivan Koloff & Greg Valentine then come over and they’re giving Windham & Mulligan the business. They want to get in the final conflict match as well. They challenge them to a match next week for the rights to be in the match! Well see how that shakes out! We then cut to Roddy Piper… he has recorded a message since they kept him on hold... Roddy: I don’t know who in the hell is controlling he phones over there but this is garbage. First you got James E Crockett coming out here spewing this complete crap about me facing Flair… what the hell has Ric Flair done to face Roddy Piper huh? What has he done? Oh… he won the World Title… well Ricky Boy… you think I am walking away from the challenge… huh… You’re gonna be the shortest lived and least remembered champion of all time when I get done with you. Don’t plan on any travel after Greensboro pal… I am ending this once and for all! *COMMERCIAL* MACW is back and we’ve got a huge surprise here… Harley Race! Harley Race is here and he grabs the microphone before our huge main event! Harley: I am going to make this very short and sweet. On the 30th of August, I was robbed of the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. Ric Flair stole that title from me. If you’ve seen the footage, you can see he had a handful of tights along with the fact that I kicked out at 2.5! Ric Flair… you hear this… you’ll be here next week and so will I… and Flair… I am taking that title with me! MAIN EVENT Tito Satana, Dick Slater, & Tito Santana vs Ken Patera Big John Studd, & King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan -What a huge main event… all six-men are making a case for being top tier dogs here in Mid Atlantic. Slater and Patera get into a pretty fun little tussle with some serious fists being thrown. This also leads to a good beatdown of Jake Roberts who sells amazingly before he makes a huge tag to Santana who comes in like a house of fire and he’s throwing fists at everyone! Before too long we see that sinister Sheik Adnan out here… wait a second… Tito hits the ropes and Adnan pulls the rope down before Tito goes flying over the top rope and here comes the Baron, Fuji, and Nikolai to beat him down something awful! Oh my! The referee calls for the bell! Inside the ring, Patera Bundy, and Studd are working over the tag team champs… outside the Triangle of Terror is working over Santana…. Wait a second… here comes Wahoo, Steamboat, and Youngblood to even up the odds! Wahoo heads into the ring and he and Patera are going toe to toe and the crowd is going wild! Steamboat & Youngblood are holding their own against the Triangle as Slater, Roberts, and Tito get up to even things up and the heels back off. What a finish...Caudle and Crockett put over how we’ve got the issue with GCW looming… we’ve got Piper saying he’ll be here… Race says he’ll be here… we know Flair will be here… fans it is going to be can’t miss next week!
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    Mid-South Wrestling 1981 2.0

    I was excited to see I picked that tourney to a T... not to say it was predictable but the right guy won and now Flair and the JYD are on a collision course! Bob Roop w/Sir Oliver Humperdink defeats "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin(c) by C.O when Roop hit a back suplex during a fight on the floor & Garvin couldn't answer the 10 count. After the result was announced Roop & Humperdink posed with the title before returning to the referee. So in going back, Jim Garvin had a good run here in the Mid South... he's doing okay with you now... but he's messing with the wrong dudes and Bob Roop has got a reputation that isn't very good. Mr Wrestling 2(c) defeats The Grappler by DQ when the Super Destroyers ran down & attacked MW2. The 3-1 assault was broken up by a baseball bat swinging Mr Olympia. Together the masked faces clear the ring and stand tall to send the crowd home happy. Okay... so we've got a lot of masks here... I say you bring in Dusty under a hood as Midnight Ryder or JYD as Stagger Lee and let's see a six-man loser of the fall has to unmask! Love the detail youre putting into this. Keep it up!
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    National Wrestling Alliance Headquarters

    We can confirm... Monday 8/30 - NWA Live Event from Kansas City, Missouri Ric Flair defeated Harley Race to become the NEW NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!
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    Big Boom Free Agents

    Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie is coming to Mid Atlantic
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    Special Attraction Booking Sheet

    NWA World Champion to Mid Atlantic on 9/11 & 9/18
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    MACW 1981

    MACW - Event @ Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 8/29/1981 GCW vs MACW Battle Brawl Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham vs Buzz Sawyer & Kevin Sullivan -A pretty fun Brawl with all four men throwing it out there. We get some juice with Sawyer and Mulligan but it is Windham who hits a Bulldog on Sullivan out of nowhere for the 3-count. UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP Sgt. Slaughter © vs Ron Garvin -Slaughter and Garvin throw some serious blows here. They hammer away at one another with huge shots all over the ring and ringside area. The finish sees Don Kernodle get involved only for Bret Hart to come out and pull him down but this is a distraction for Garvin who gets hit with a low blow and 3-count by Slaughter. SIX-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP Wahoo, Youngblood, & Steamboat vs The Freebirds -The Freebirds retained the titles in a very hot six-man. The Birds have got some real heat here and they work the fans. Wahoo and Gordy really put on a show. The finish sees Michael Hayes hit a DDT on Youngblood out of nowhere for the victory. SPECIAL CHALLENGE Ken Patera & Tito Santana vs Tommy Rich & Paul Orndorff -An odd contest for all intents and purposes. Both teams have communication issues and fight among one another before going at the others. The Rich and Santana/Orndorff and Patera encounters are fun but nothing super special. This one goes to a double DQ as it turns into a face vs heels match with Rich and Santana hitting double drop kicks on both guys sending them out of the ring. NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Tully & Gino © vs Stan Hansen & Ted Dibiase -These four guys leave it all out in the ring. It is a 30-minute contest with a lot tags and some really great action. The finish is kind of messy with JJ Dillon getting involved and pulling Hansen from the ring while Gino and Tully double up on Dibiase with a nasty Spike Piledriver for the 3-count! Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Dick Slater, & Jake Roberts vs Ole Anderson, Bob Orton, Masked Superstar, & Don Muraco -They go 30-minutes and it is hard hitting from bell to bell. Early on in the contest, Piper is thrown into the ringpost and looks to have injured his shoulder again. With the 4 on 3 is it GCW who controls the contest but soon it is the Nature Boy Show and my golly he’s over with the fans. He is coming with some serious shots and turns the tide. Don Muraco looks especially good. Jake Roberts plays the face in peril and he has the crowd in the palm of his hand and then the crowd explodes when Flair comes in and he is hammering away. The GCW crew looks to get control again but then here comes Roddy Piper out again and Oh My! This is pure excitement right now with everyone throwing bombs and Piper gets into the ring… and he NAILS FLAIR! OMG! Piper is on top of Flair and he’s hammering away at him. This is crazy. The GCW crew then jumps all over Slater and Roberts! The referee is calling for the bell as all hell is breaking loose. The fans are rabid right now as Orton and Muraco hold up Flair and Piper is smacking him in the face and then pounding away at his head. He’s busted wide open. Then we hear a huge pop when here comes Mulligan, Windham, Tito, and Wahoo out to even the odds. The battle continues but then here comes The Freebirds, Orndorff, Sullivan, & Sawyer. Not to be outdone...Youngblood, and Ricky Steamboat come out. It is Steamboat who really shines and cleans some house as GCW leaves the ring. Piper then gets to his feet and jumps out of the ring and goes right for them all. The fans are just going nuts! The brawl continues in the aisleway!