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Best Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup 1986-1988?

Wade Garrett

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I enjoy tag-team matches on the same level as singles matches. Cutting my teeth on Shire and moving onto Crockett is why. I don't know the last time anyone as watched these three events but I thought I would ask anyway. I know the commercial shots don't allow you to hit the bulls-eye but I'm going with 1986 considering I was at the event.


In 1987 you had the great Flair & Windham match that added to the overall event. Plus the return of Magnum TA. You also get the upstart Luger getting a big run outta the gate. It seems though that 1988 gets lost because of the shitty format and Koloff challenging Flair fell flat obviously due to Koloff. There were some solid matches though.


I'm starting with 1986 here. At the 1986 Cup The Sheepherders were easily the MVPs putting out two solid matches with both the Guerrero's and Rock-n-Rolls. Then they delivered the best match of the show against the Fantastics. The Fantastics also had a solid match with Anderson & Blanchard. The team I remember being really impressed with was Williams & Taylor. Only thing I thought they screwed up was not sending The Russians into the Finals versus The Road Warriors.




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