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  1. Wade Garrett

    WrestleMania 32

    Cena should beat Taker at WM. Cena and Lesnar should be the only two men to have beaten Taker at WM. It sets up a match between Cena and Lesnar down the line. Cause you know they aren't finished with each other yet. They will wrestle again. Taker needs to retire the fuck off.
  2. Wade Garrett

    TLC 2015

    I agree. TLC is ridiculous in general. Shouldn't even be an event. I think they should do a fan fueled event where the fans select the matches via A vs. BCDE. WWE chooses ABCDE but the vote is legit. Do the voting post Survivor Series RAW up through the go home RAW.
  3. Wade Garrett

    Has anyone finished the project?

    I'm curious. I'm havin issues with 90-100.
  4. Wade Garrett

    TLC 2015

    I have an open invitation to watch all WWE events. I've declined. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches is ridiculous shit. I watched the MSG special and Japan special. I enjoyed Japan and was letdown by MSG. Then again I'm not a mark for MSG either. I watch all the WWE-NXT stuff. It's all I watch that's current. With the WWE-RAW stuff being so shitty and a lot of bitching about it occurring why would anyone waste their time with this show? Honest question. Not tryin to be a dickhead.
  5. Wade Garrett

    Worst Ring Attire?

    What does that even mean? A lot of looks work for a lot of guys. Doesn't mean it looks good or I gotta like it.
  6. Wade Garrett

    Debunking A Popular Flairism

    Anyone who read my introduction to the board knows I lived through the majority of this 18 up until my late 20's. The longtime JCP fans who were the backbone of the company were burnt out on Rhodes as a baby (booker) and Flair as a heel. Dusty over did it with the gimmick matches. A lot of us didn't care for a lot of the new stars and there style either. When I moved back to the Napa Valley in the Fall of 87 JCP had a shitty house in Greensboro. Problem with that is that Greensboro is a 16,000 seat arena. UICP in Chicago was about 8,500 tops. Not worth it on a monthly basis. No more then 4 times a year should it be run and realistically 3 is about right. Same thing with LA and SF. I attended JCPs first card in SF in December of 86 when I was back home for Christmas. It sold out and had a turn away crowd at the 8,500 seat Civic Center. The amazing thing is JCP TV was TBS west coast time so 3:05 on a Saturday and Worldwide on an Asian station at midnight Saturday in the SF Bay Area and they still drew. They came back in March and April 87 and couldn't break 3,000. Returned in July 87 and sold out. Less was more with markets like this. As for Philly, Baltimore, Washington. They weren't to far off the JCP base. They both drew and Baltimore was a big venue. Richmond and Norfolk were big venues. Bottom line Crockett had National TV exposure via TBS and Syndication. The business model was shifting towards pay-per-view. When you have National TV exposure and a pay-per-view model coming into place you don't need to run you can simply walk. Crockett ran. Go look at how outta whack the touring was at times. Wasn't set-up with any logic. I mentioned the JCP fans in the base not liking some of the up and comers. Well the one I remember hearing about the most was Sting. I only attended JCP cards in the Bay Area in 88 so this was coming from my Buds in the Carolinas. He had his fans. But was no where near a top draw in the JCP base and that continued when JCP sold too. The Road Warriors lost a lot of shine. Nikita Koloff lost a lot of shine. Muscleheads weren't the flavor in JCP country. JCP rose through angles with GREAT in-ring work. Which we got in the 70's and early to mid-80's constantly.
  7. Wade Garrett

    Worst Ring Attire?

    One of my 3 biggest problems with wrestling is attire. So forgiving me for ranting. Anything that's not short or long tights. I don't mind the amateur gear itself or blended with long tights. I don't mind the trunks that Lesnar sports. Guys like One Man Gang and Bam Bam Bigelow are on the cusp. Bossman looked like a turd. Undertaker looked like a turd. What has bugged me more then anything is John Cena and his 'look'. This guy is your ACE and he's running around in JEAN (Cargo)SHORTS and a fuckin BALL CAP like a frat boy. He wrestles in sneakers. He looks like a tool. He doesn't look like a World Champion/Top guy. Have you seen him in a suit? You're a multi-millionaire. Get a fuckin tailor. You can add Bray Wyatt and his crew to the list. Bray can at least remove his pants and have long tights or something. I hate the Dudley Boys and have always thought they sucked. There look sucks harder then they do. The majority of the ECW roster fits the bill. Extremely Crappy Wardrobe to go along with the Extremely Crappy Wrestling. I like Bret Harts amateur-long tight blend. But the color was awful. Pink! Fuckin Pink! Add the shitty shades and saturated stringy hair and you expect me to buy into this pony as your workhorse. Your Ace. Yeah, OK. Bret The Pinkman Hart.
  8. Wade Garrett


    Don't know where it goes or where it belongs? Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great time with your Family and Friends! Be safe. Don't be sorry. Drink up. Eat Up. Enjoy re-watching Starrcade 85. Wade Garrett
  9. Wade Garrett

    Stan Hansen

    He was a WORKER. Big Horse who you'd wanna put out to stud and make other versions of to spread thru generations of rasslin. Pretty much the ultimate brawlin and bulldozin bad ass you can trust in to deliver an entertaining affair. He'll have an affair when it comes to whoopin your ass. It will be a short affair but your ass will remember it. THE BOAT!!!
  10. Wade Garrett

    Hector & Chavo Guerrero

    They're in my Top-25. Listed it months ago. They smoke any team of the last 20 years.
  11. Wade Garrett

    Ric Flair

    I'd like to know who the fans are/were who saw Ric Flair around the horn in Crockett in the mid 70's thru early 80's? We may have met? Let's talk about Flair and his formula. Let's talk about that pre-NWA Title formula he worked.
  12. Great question. I'd like to know who has seen what and where. My bulk is 70's and 80's. I saw shows in the 60's but don't like to hang my hat on shows I saw before I was legal behind the wheel.
  13. Wade Garrett

    Fixing the Diva's Division

    The division needs a serious ass kicker. A bad ass Woman who kicks ass. Not Sasha running around with her pals or Bayley and her huggin. Not Charlotte. Not Paige. A female form that is believable and kicks some ass like Rousey does in UFC. An image that is believable. A female Goldberg.
  14. Wade Garrett

    Things in WWE you want to see more of?

  15. Wade Garrett

    WWE TV from November 2nd to 7th of 2015

    I have a question for Johnny Sorrow. Are you a helicopter Mom?