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Left Over Classics from the Territories


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I've been back into a territories mood as of late due to Kris' podcast and watching Cornette's series with KC. I'm going to try and do a massive watching/rewatching venture and need a few pointers on stuff thats not already on one of the 80's territory sets. I'm talking classic matches,angles,promos and anything else memorable. Off the top of my head this would be stuff from Mid-Atlantic/Crockett,Portland,Georgia,Florida,Houston,Southwest,CCW,Central States,PR,the left out WWF stuff and probably a few others im forgetting. I have a few off hand already such as the "I'd like to talk to Tom" angle and the Hansen/Colon feud but after that i need a little help. There could even be things left off the territory sets that are essential as well.

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