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  1. jpchicago23

    Beach Club Pro

    Man I would totally tune in for this tourney. Awesome stuff
  2. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    Here’s a pic for reference. His promos are pretty insane too I can’t even do it justice. His voice alone is creepy.
  3. jpchicago23

    Can-Am Pro Wrestling

    I love good old fashioned stip matches like hair vs hair. I’ll definitely be using that stip somewhere down the line and can’t wait to see who challenges Funk
  4. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    Thanks, that was one of my first thoughts when I looked at my roster. Kasai needs to be leashed I just had to find the pieces to go with it.
  5. jpchicago23

    Can-Am Pro Wrestling

    I like the use of Dibiase here. Something fresh for him
  6. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    Thanks man I appreciate it and took the advice of being more structured. It actually led to a better progressed writing for me so that helped
  7. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    GTW Windy City Saturday Night 8/22/00 Show opens with a video recap of the press conference introducing Harley Race as the new president of GTW. Dave Prazak welcomes us to Chicago live in the ring and introduces Harley Race to a huge ovation. In Ring: Harley Race tells the crowd he’s excited to be back in the business and he wants to make sure there’s still a business for years to come. Harley then calls for Gabe Sapolsky and Bryan Danielson to come to the ring. Danielson is quickly becoming known as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world and the crowd is showing their appreciation by giving him a favorable response. Gabe tells Harley it’s an honor to be working for you and that he trusts that Mr Race will help progress the wrestling world into the new millennium. Harley then tells Gabe, I love your vision for wrestling but you also need Jarrett. The crowd boos and Gabe looks confused. Harley: now Jerry also needs you. You need the history and tradition to keep this train rolling and Jerry needs the innovation to make sure that tradition doesn’t die. I only hope we can come to some common ground. Now, as to why I called both of you out here. Next Sunday night as you know will be our first big event in GTW, The Legacy Begins. In the main event will be you Mr Danielson vs Jerry “The King” Lawler. I commend both of you for making history and wish you both luck in the match however this won’t be a normal title match. This will be a 2/3 falls match. I will allow you to pick a stipulation as well as Lawler and I will pick the third. So tonight it’s your call. Gabe and Bryan are seen conversing and Danielson grabs the mic. My choice is a submission match, no one on this planet can match me hold for hold. Harley says alright you heard it fall 1 will be a submission match and we cut to break. Match 1: Backseat Boyz vs Super Dragon & Excalibur Fun, fast paced match with Trent Acid and Super Dragon being the real highlights here. Trent came off as a scummy heel with Dragon and Excalibur showing plenty of innovative offense. Finish comes when Kashmere hit Dragon with a baseball bat in the corner allowing The Backseat Boyz to hit Excalibur with their finish. Winners: The Backseat Boyz Backstage: We then cut to William Regal backstage where he says he is absolutely disgusted with himself more than Danielson. I should have known better than to take a pathetic American under my belt and show him the way. He then introduces his new protege Nigel Mcguinness. Nigel is a proper student and with my guidance will rid Bryan of his claim to be the best technical wrestler besides myself of course. Match 2: Brian XL vs Ruckus vs Amazing Red Great athletic showcase in this three way match. Prazak mentions on commentary that the best high flying, fast paced action is featured here in the Midwest side of town. Ruckus and XL make a great impression with the crowd showcasing a ton of high spots and double team offense. Finish comes with Ruckus landing a 450 splash on XL. Winner- Ruckus Backstage: We get a quick word from Eddie Guerrero regarding the title tournament. Eddie says that Danielson is a hell of a competitor and is glad he woke up to the fact that Regal was using him before it was too late. He says while he’s mad that he lost in the tournament he hopes Danielson wins and gives him a fair shot afterwards. Oh and speaking of challenges,Eddie then challenged Regal to a match next Sunday. We next get a video sent in by Jerry Lawler. Lawler says he couldn’t be paid enough to to actually be in the Shitcago this weekend. He then goes on to acknowledge Danielsons stipulation and says he will reveal his next Saturday in Memphis. We head back to the ring for the next match. Match 3: Bryan Danielson vs local jobber The Prince Barry Brawler Danielson puts on a clinic here with lots of grappling and submission attempts. Danielson puts on variations of leg locks and releases before Brawler taps. He puts Bralwer in a cross face and screams into the camera, this is your destiny Lawler. Finish comes when Danielson applies Cattle Mutilation and Brawler quickly taps. Winner- Bryan Danielson After the match Danielson gets on the mic and tells Lawler to study that match. Learn a few holds Lawler, learn how to wrestle but most of all, learn how to tap! Back from break and the arena is pitch black. Demon of the Fall by Opeth is playing over the speakers and a demonic being is shown at the entrance. Reverend Dan Wilson walks into the light and reveals his face. He is seen walking Jun Kasai on a leash with Tank, Iceberg and Necro Butcher following behind. Wilson begins speaking in tongues before he says “These are The Devils Rejects” . These are the shadows of death and destruction. These men will rid this business of the martyrs that bleed for a lost prophet. Wilson then states that Raven is never more and anyone else that holds on to the past will become it. Take a good look at these men because this will be the last time you see them as you once knew them. These men will no longer be judged by their blood and scars. These men have been adopted by the under lord and these men will lead the new beginning of extreme. Wilson is seen with multiple masks in his hand as he falls to his knees and begins speaking in tongues again. Arena cuts to black as Solitude by Candlemass plays and the show ends.
  8. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    At a press conference held earlier Friday morning Harley Race was introduced as the President of GTW. Here are a few notes from what Race had to say in regards to future of the company. Reporter: Mr Race congratulations on your new position with GTW, what is your vision for the company? Harley Race: Thank you, my vision is simple. I want to evolve the sport of professional wrestling while staying true to the roots that got us here. I believe we have two of the best guys to pull this vision off and it’s going to be my job to make sure they do so with the best interest for business in mind. Reporter: Mr Race, do you feel it is a detriment to the company to have your top two bookers on completely different pages? Harley Race: I can see from the outside looking in how you would think that. In fact before I got here I thought the same thing. However I’ve spoken to both men and realized that their sights are set on the fans in their audiences and I feel like we check all the boxes when it comes to wrestling. Reporter: Do you lean more towards one side then the other when it comes to wrestling philosophy? Harley Race: To say I don’t have a spot in my heart for the old school would be an obvious lie. I’ve had battles with Lawler dating back to the 70s and my prime as NWA champion was as old school as it gets. That being said, I’ve also trained some of the younger talent coming up today and I see the hunger in them. They may go about the business in a different manner but their heart and desire is still there. So I’ll take the political answer and say both. Harley Race also made the announcement that he has signed a deal starting in September for two weekly shows to air for GTW. One show will be on Monday nights on the southern side of the promotion and the other will be on Saturday nights covering the Midwest. Both men will be given creative freedom to run their shows and book talent accordingly. Also I have spoke with both men in regards to having a core talent pool for each region as well. This won’t limit talent from being booked in either region but instead will ensure that our large roster is being used to its highest value. And to add to that news Mr Race announced that the finals for the title tournament will be held next Sunday, Aug 30th in St Louis. The card will be announced in the next week and will be GTWs first major show.
  9. jpchicago23


    Word out of GTW is that the financial backer for the company has hired Harley Race as its president of operations. Feeling is that Sapolsky and Jarrett have completely different visions and Harley is being brought in to make sure each vision is presented with the best interest of the company in mind. Expect a press conference before the end of the week from Harley Race discussing the future of the company and his role. Also out of GTW Cm Punk and Colt Cabana are said to be disgusted at how they were treated in Memphis. They now refuse to work the southern loop going forward stating that their value has been decreased. A stable is said to be formed with younger southern talents called The New South. Rumored names are Jimmy Rave, David Young, and The Hot Shots(Cassidy Riley and Derrick King). The crew is said to be formed with the intention on working their way to the top of the scene the right way by earning it. Last week, Bill Dundee said they were undercard talent which Punk and Cabana took exception to but the New South seem to be eager to earn their place and have used that as motivation.
  10. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    Thanks man I’m loving the feedback and I appreciate it. I admittedly rushed Danielson turning face but it was more used to eliminate Regal without killing him as well as building Danielson in a believable manner. It was rushed though
  11. jpchicago23

    RAGE Wrestling 2000

    This was awesome and I’m a Mabel/Vis mark so it’s cool to see him being presented as a main event we. Definitely love the direction this is going
  12. jpchicago23

    Grind Time Wrestling

    That’s the exact advice I was looking for because I flirted with taking the titles out to make it an entire read instead of formatted. I see the benefit of reading a format when I read other people’s feds so that makes total sense. Thanks man
  13. jpchicago23

    Pro Wrestling Outlaws

    Seeing guys like Liger, Mysterio and Togo in the same tournament in 2000 would have been insane. Three of my favorite guys here and I love how this is setting up
  14. jpchicago23

    Beach Club Pro

    I’m really loving the use of Banderas in this fed. He was a guy that I always thought could’ve had a decent run in the states outside of his TNA stuff. Good shit man
  15. jpchicago23

    Pro Wrestling International

    I liked the idea of the gauntlet as opposed to the normal battle royal or tournament. This was a fun ride