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I'm a new user, and am loving this board so far.


Has anyone read the Don Fargo book "The Hard Way?" I just finished it. It's literally the craziest wrestling book I've ever read.


Some highlights:

--He is illiterate.

--He joined the KKK and goes on to say that they weren't a bad group of people. He gives an example of the KKK harassing child and wife abusers.

--There is at least a page detailing how his wife became a stripper after they were together.

--The ribs that him and Jackie Fargo did were insane. These including Don jumping onto a moving car packed with wrestlers while Jackie drove and convincing innocent hitchhikers that one of them had murdered the other.

--He hated blading and the only way he would get juice is "the hard way."



There is lots of territorial stuff in here as well as he worked in many major territories, but the side antics are what makes the book. I'm trying to digest this and was wondering if anyone else has read it.

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