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    NWA On Demand

    I can't get to the Dick Murdoch matches that were mentioned (tag and single) vs. Jose Lothario. Is there a permalink or something. I can't find them in the search and I've searched for every wrestler involved in those matches.
  2. grapplin' apple

    NWA On Demand

    Bruce, I know I asked for this a while back, but is there any way to get a historical scroll at the bottom of the page like you used to have? I tend to binge watch NWA on demand, and I like to go back and watch the matches in the order they were posted. The only way I have this ability now is go and cross reference the matches that have been posted with Shoe's ratings and reviews (Thanks Shoe!)
  3. grapplin' apple

    Your most "Against The Grain" opinion on wrestling

    RVD's promos were he continually insults Sabu and Fonzie are some of my favorite promos of all time. And, yeah, I do think he was a pretty good tag wrestler.
  4. grapplin' apple

    NWA On Demand

    I don't know if anyone mentioned Spoiler vs. Wahoo, but that's a must watch. All of the Midnights vs. TA/Wrestling 2 matches are amazing as well. This isn't a great match, but the Duggan vs. Volkoff cage match has as much heat as any wrestling match I've ever seen.
  5. grapplin' apple

    Guys who didnt "fit in"

    As stated before, Mr. Perfect in WWF in 2003. Also, Dean Malenko's entire WWF run was odd. I actually really liked Matt Bourne's short lived run in ECW as Doink, but I love that gimmick.
  6. grapplin' apple

    youtube links in order

    Portland Wrestling's Playlists are all in order by year and sequential (except for availability gaps). Also, be aware if you are watching the Memphis shows (especially TraderJack's) you are watching a specific broadcast, like Evansville. It's actually cool because you get the local promos.
  7. Brian Last talking about his experiences with SMW Fan Fest: Between the Sheets #3: August 4-10, 1995 with Brian Last The episode with Bruce Mitchell, especially him talking about the popularity of Jimmy Valiant in certain regions of the Carolinas, specifically because I never understood exactly he was popular in Crockett. Between the Sheets #13: October 13-19, 1986 with Bruce Mitchell The entire Beau James episode. His hatred of the WWF during that time period brought me back as a kid to when I was a huge territory fan in the '80s: Between the Sheets #33: March 1-7, 1986 with Beau James You and Kris breaking down the Bill Watts interview with the Torch, which I had never heard at length until that show: Between the Sheets #30: February 9-15, 1993
  8. grapplin' apple

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    I just finished "Bruiser: The World's Most Dangerous Wrestler" by Richard Vicek. It's really good, like almost everything I've read from Crowbar Press. Besides serving as a pretty exhaustive biography, it also functions as a great history of the Indianapolis territory and Bruiser's dealing with other territories, which covers basically every major Midwestern territory. I also appreciate it because it focused on his childhood and being a young adult and why he became a wrestler, which is not covered in many other wrestling books that I've read. I highly recommend it.
  9. grapplin' apple

    Midwest Indies

    FYI...I did receive an e-mail back from an AAW representative assuring me that they would handle the situation.
  10. grapplin' apple

    Midwest Indies

    We were in row 2 in the seats that were in the 40s. If you go off directly the ramp and stage, we were off to the left. I don't have access to my tickets right now to get the exact section. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them. I really don't want to turn this into a bashing of AAW thread, but these dudes are out of hand. Of the 4-5 AAW shows I've been to (I lose track), I've been seated by them twice. I've seen them: Yell profanities at little kids, Tell a Hispanic family cheering luchadores "To go back home," and then yell homophobic slurs. Again, I've been at indy shows in and around Chicago for 10 years, and some of those were in venues that served alcohol. Actually, the only place that didn't serve alcohol was Chicago Ridge that ROH runs. I've never heard language like that used at a indy show.
  11. grapplin' apple

    Midwest Indies

    So, I didn't want to write this post, but I feel I kind of have to as a warning. AAW has excellent shows. They bring in big name indy talent, and have great matches. Their new venue is pretty great and spacious. One of their major issues, however, is their hardcore fan base. I'm not saying all of them, but there is a small but very vocal crowd that attends AAW shows and gets obnoxiously drunk and screams the entire night trying to get themselves over. I was in their section at the last show, and everyone in that section was hating them. They got into a number of verbal confrontations with fans. During the main event, they started yelling homophobic slurs at the wrestlers. I got up and left the section, but my friends who I went with (one of whom is bi-sexual) stayed and confronted them about their language. We've contacted AAW about their behavior and haven't heard a response yet. Until I hear something from an AAW representative (We've contacted them on Facebook and Twitter), I won't be attending another one of their shows. I'm just posting this as a warning. I've been to countless wrestling shows over 30 years, including many indies in the Chicago area over the last 10. I can say I've never heard language like this used at any other wrestling show in the last decade, or tolerated.
  12. grapplin' apple

    NWA On Demand

    Hey Bruce, I love this service, but with the new interface, is there a way to access all of the matches in the chronological order they have been posted? I sometimes get behind on my viewing, and I like to go back through and watch the videos in the order they had been posted. Also, I would have missed the Greg Valentine vs. Wahoo match from Mid-Atlantic if it hadn't been pointed out to me on a FB group. And thanks to Shoe for posting reviews for every single match. It's the way I largely decide what to watch on this service. Thanks!
  13. grapplin' apple


    World Class had the worst referees. Bronko Lubich is one of my least favorite wrestling personalities. How long it took him to do a three count is absolutely ridiculous. If he could have done a three count at half the speed of Tommy Young, the Von Erichs would have been combined 16 time NWA World Heavyweight champions. He absolutely takes you out of the flow of the match. The other frustrating aspect is I love Texas wrestling, and he is all over it. From Houston on NWAClassics to World Class to Global/USWA, he is always there. I noticed from watching NWAClassics that Danny McShane has the same "style" as Bronko. David Manning was just ridiculous. Actively trying to get himself over by trying to get heat with the heels. I still think, however, that Lubich is worse.
  14. grapplin' apple

    Moves you really like

    Another move that I have come to appreciate the last two years because I've been watching a lot of Southeastern/Continental: The Fuller leglock. It single handedly looks like the most painful submission move I've ever seen.