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[1953-03-12-Long Beach, CA] Baron Michele Leone vs Ali Pasha


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No clue on the exact date for this other than 1953. At some point I think it could be found by looking through some results Clawmaster has posted online. Good match, however, gaging by the finish it seems like the purpose may have been to set up future matches between the two as Ali gets himself disqualified in the third fall. I thought the continental nobleman came off as an upper echelon talent. I really liked Leone on offense, as he wrestles an aggressive, opportunistic style, taking advantage of any opening with some pretty nasty strikes and holds. I thought his selling was good, and appreciated that anytime Ali had him in a hold, for example the headlock in the first fall, Leone was always very active, putting over the struggle and looking for various ways out. The 2nd fall has an annoying edit that jumps to Leone submitting, which makes me wonder if there is a full version out there.


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