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  1. Segues from the previous match where Rhino attacked Sandman and Chilly Willy and then called out Van Dam. He attacks RVD as he’s slapping hands with the fans, but after whipping him into the metal guard rail runs into a big boot. Van Dam goes for a moonsault off the rail, however Rhino shoves him in the backside and he goes flying into the crowd. They fight around the back of, and even out of the building, although it is pretty dark and the camera often goes out of focus. RVD fires back and a thrust kick drops Rhino. Rather than follow up he starts posing to the crowd. It gets worse, as after a double axe handle off the fence he proceeds to take a bottle of water from a fan and drink from that. Bad move as Rhino had already hopped over the fence and suplexes Van Dam over it and onto the hard wooden floor. That’s gotta hurt Gorilla. They finally make it into the ring and Rhino with a thunderous powerbomb for a two. RVD ducks the clothesline and lands a spinning heel kick, although it looked more like he just flung himself into Rhino. He rattles through his offense, finishing by dropkicking a chair into Rhino’s face after he collapsed in the corner following an inverted atomic drop. Of course he then has to bow to the fans! Forward rolling slam into a middle rope moonsault. Rhino reverses the Irish whip and gores Van Dam against the turnbuckles. Fonzie is up on the apron and as Rhino whips him towards him, Fonzie throws his man a chair. ‘Van Daminator’, frog splash and put another in the win column for Mr Van Dam. Any match which limits all the extracurricular Rob Van Dam nonsense automatically gets a thumbs up from me. Enjoyed the brawling and even when it was dark and the camera went out of focus it did add to things. Van Dam’s crowd appreciation shit bothers me every time he does it, although at least it wasn’t as nauseating as it has been, or no doubt will be. A strong way to close out the event.
  2. GSR

    WWE Hidden Gems

    This is from 3/16/87 house show in London, ONT, not from the 2/17 Challenge taping.
  3. Simon, C.W. and Swinger have a problem, one which they eventually get around to informing us about after throwing some insults towards the various local sports teams. Mikey Whipwreck and the Sinister Minister are already out and Simon says that there is no way Tajiri and he should’ve beaten them in the tag team tournament final. He knows that Tajiri is in Japan and Mikey is going to have to take the butt kicking that the three of them are about to dish out. The Sinister Minister refers to the three of them as “Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Da-Fuck” and says how they clearly never went to Sunday school because if they did they would know that if you mess with the devil you get the horns. He’s got a couple of friends with him who are still pretty pissed off with Simon & Swinger from the tag team tournament, and those friends are Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer. The match commences with everyone going at it on the floor although C.W. and Lynn, the more proficient wrestlers, quickly move into the ring where they’re more comfortable. There is just so much going on here, too much for the lone cameraman to keep up with. Simon with a Russian legsweep on Dreamer as things appear to have slowed down after that chaotic start. The Sinister Minister grabs Simon’s ankle from ringside, however as he reaches down over to get him he slides his cane into Tommy who then hooks it between Simon’s legs. He ties him in the ‘Tree of Woe’ and the Minister is in to apply a testicular claw. Dreamer places a chair in front of Simon’s face and dropkicks it but is caught by a C.W. exploder. The heels get the briefest of heat on Dreamer including hitting a double flatliner. Anderson straddles himself across the middle which gives Tommy the chance to make the hot tag. Lynn with a tornado DDT on Simon and then C.W. with a spinebuster on Lynn. Dreamer is doing his best to help his partners, but is more of a hindrance in there at the moment. The attempted ‘Problem Solver’ is broken up and the faces each hit their finishers concurrently for the win. Dreamer rushes out of there as soon as the match is over, still holding that shoulder, so maybe he wasn’t selling it and was genuinely hurt. Agree with the comments that multiple cameras would’ve been beneficial here due to how much was going on. I doubt I’ll ever fully come to an opinion on Simon & Swinger; one minute I’ll see something in them, next minute time out “what was I thinking, they’re as dull as dishwater” and so it continues. I’ve not been huge on this house show, but if you’re going to check out something make sure it’s this brawl which was a nice surprise among the mediocrity of everything else on the card.
  4. And we’re down to the final three in the tournament to crown new ECW tag team champions. Despite being piledriven through the table in the semis, Tommy Dreamer is out for the final, although wearing a neck brace. We get a recap of the Lynn/Dreamer vs RVD/Kash match from earlier in the tournament that will air on Hardcore TV in two days, Joey Styles hammering it home how Lynn pinned both Rob Van Dam and the ECW World champion on the same night. Three way dance rules are in operation, meaning that it’s three men in the ring at the same time. Tajiri and Lynn work the opening stretch while Simon looks on leaving them to it. Good stuff here, they eventually tag their partners and it gets a tad awkward. Dreamer tries to rip off the neck brace and while he does so Mikey and Swinger look to capitalise. All six very quickly end up in the ring before the action spills out to the floor. There’s a nice snap suplex by Tajiri to Dreamer on the steps, but the camera is cutting back and forth trying to keep up with everything. In a rather odd moment amongst this brawling, Lynn and Simon return to the ring where Lynn puts him in a sloppy looking bow and arrow hold. Jerry knows more than we do, Simon apparently having a history of lower back problems! Tajiri joins Lynn in putting a beating on Simon who then, along with his partner, gets tied in the ‘Tree of Woe’. Chairs are placed in front of them and four person baseball slide dropkicks. As Tajiri puts a ‘Tarantula’ on Lynn, Tommy with one of his own on Mikey. Stereo tornado DDT’s for Simon and Swinger. Dreamer counters the ‘Whippersnapper’ with a DDT, but as he makes the cover gets pulled from the ring by C.W. Anderson who blasts him over the head with a chair. He throws him back inside, ‘Problem Solver’ and he and Lynn are out of there. ‘Swing Thing’ on Tajiri and a double flatliner for Mikey as the locker room empties to add some gravitas for the closing moments. There’s none of the big guns, maybe naturally, and it’s mainly your opening card types like Chris Chetti, York & Matthews, Jazz etc. Swinger sits Tajiri on his shoulders as Simon heads up top for something. What, we’ll never know, as Tajiri mists him before he gets the chance and then dumps Swinger on his neck with a German suplex. ‘Super Whippersnapper’ on Simon and the ‘Unholy Alliance’ are the new ECW World tag team champions. I found this a disappointing final and all a bit underwhelming. I really enjoyed Tajiri and Lynn at the start but with the tag team titles as the prize it didn’t half get hokey at times. You’ve got some decent stuff on the floor involving Dreamer and Tajiri (starting to notice a theme yet?), such as Tajiri suplexing him on the stairs and also standing on a chair which he’d placed over Dreamer’s head, next thing they’re all working together against Simon & Swinger with the contrived ‘Tree of Woe’ stuff and don’t get me started on the double ‘Tarantula’ spot. The finish looked great and at least we’re guaranteed a strong run of matches with the 'Unholy Alliance' as the champions.
  5. Roadkill continues to remain over way more than you would expect given he and Doring’s position on the card. You can sense the ‘stand off’ coming and they don’t disappoint. Talking about not disappointing, after Matthews tags in and the crowd start chanting for Roadkill, Doring is happy to oblige and give them what they want. ‘Lancaster Lariat of Lust’ for a two. York and Matthews make a blind tag and hit the ‘Future Shock’ on Doring. The double clothesline has no effect on Roadkill as he just walks through it, but a double dropkick takes him off his feet and he joins his partner on the outside. Great stereo suicide dives. Back in the ring Doring ducks the double clothesline and slides to the floor, under Roadkill, who comes off the top rope with a double clothesline off his own. He’s more and more playing to the crowd after a hot move, a la Rob Van Dam, which is not a good sign. Doring gets crotched upstairs and Matthews with a top rope huracanrana for a near fall. He counters an Irish whip with the ‘G-Spot Sweep’ (I’m getting good at these now) and makes the hot tag. Roadkill runs through York and Matthews finishing up with a big ‘Stinger splash’ in the corner onto both. ‘Bareback’ on Matthews and as a groggy Christian York staggers around, he’s easy pickings for the ‘Buggy Back’. There’s a rather patronising round of applause from Doring and Roadkill for the opposition, before all four raise each other’s arms. York and Matthews leave the winners to it, but they’re then jumped by the FBI and left lying courtesy of a couple of Big Sal ‘Bonzai splashes’ as it looks like Doring and Roadkill are the next challengers for the tag team champions.
  6. Joey Styles welcomes us to Extreme Championship Wrestling when he and Joel Gertner are interrupted by Cyrus, not before another of Gertner’s smutty little poems though. The ‘Quintessential Studmuffin’ removes his neck brace, ready for a fight, as Cyrus claims that the show is now cancelled and there is no more ECW on this network. He notices what Gertner has done and wonders if he wants to fight the Network, but says that just like all these pieces of New York crap he doesn’t have the guts. Cyrus is strongly emphasising New York and how he doesn’t think a New Yorker can stand up to the Network, which is the signal for Paul Heyman to make an appearance and he breaks his clunky mobile phone over Cyrus’ head. Rhino is out to save face for the Network, puts Heyman over his shoulder and drives him through a table which had been placed in the corner by Cyrus and dodgy referee Danny Daniels. Cyrus goes back to insulting all the fans, calling them “pieces of New York crap” and challenging anyone to get in there with he and Rhino. It looks like some fan gets part way in when he’s stopped by security and the police. As one of the cops is trying to restrain this fan he’s gored by Rhino who then starts throwing punches at him. The entire locker room has emptied in an attempt to calm the situation but that just leads to them fighting each other. A TV title match is scheduled and rather than waiting for the ring to clear, Kash makes his entrance, gets body surfed from the top turnbuckle to Rhino and the two start swinging before getting lost in amongst the masses. ‘Enter Sandman’ kicks in and conveniently at this point the ring does begin to empty. Styles talks about Sandman wanting a piece of the World Television champion, although he’s clearly not that desperate to get his hands on him as he stops off for a drink beforehand, Rhino left stood waiting for his arrival. Sandman breaks a cane over Rhino’s head but that hardly phases him and as the Sandman turns to the crowd to celebrate, he’s gored. Rhino follows Sandman to the outside where the roster are lingering and Kash with an almighty springboard flip dive onto everyone who tumble like falling cards. That was a great visual. Double jump springboard huracanrana doesn’t have the impact Kash had hoped for and he’s next to be gored. With Rhino standing tall here comes Rob Van Dam to try his luck. ‘Van Daminator’, ‘Van Terminator’, he then drags Rhino to the middle of the ring and comes off the top turnbuckle with a ‘Five Star frog splash’ while at the same time from the opposite one Kash lands a legdrop. All that is enough to put the ‘Manbeast’ away and we have ourselves a new TV champion. Is this even a match? The kind of thing that only ECW could get away with and it feels like more of an elaborate angle. The crowd baiting and the ‘fan’ trying to attack Rhino came across as legit, that is until Rhino attacked the policeman! Notice how despite this no other security or police came to take him away. The finish doesn’t put Kash in the strongest of lights either, needing help from both Sandman and RVD, the latter doing the majority of the damage, to get the win.
  7. A good seven and a half minutes after his entrance began, some five cans of beer later, most of which did end up down the throats of fans to be fair, the Sandman finally steps into the ring. If the introductions hadn’t started when they did there is every chance he could still be doing that entrance now as he seemed in less of a hurry than usual. I spoke too soon, the fans are already chanting for tables so he steps out to get one and throws it into the ring. Da Baldies immediately toss it to the floor which leads to the Sandman disappearing to the back and returning with a ladder which he sits upon. Over ten minutes have now passed and no action. Chilly and Angel open with some actual wrestling, which lasts longer than expected, until the tags are made to their respective partners. DeVito is in the face of Sandman yelling “WTF do you want?” which results in Sandman open handing him hard across the jaw. That’s the sign for things to move up a notch. In the surrealist of moments Sandman sits on a rear chinlock while the crowd chant “fuck him Sandman fuck him up”, anyone else even attempting that would be getting booed out the building but he can get away with it. Chilly with a pair of clotheslines followed by the Iceman Parson flying butt attack. He’s not paying attention though and gets clocked from behind by Angel who then distracts referee Loc so DeVito can choke Willy with the tag rope. Willy catches DeVito with a powerslam and then makes the hot tag to Sandman. A ‘Drunkensteiner’ on Angel at which point the match takes the route you expected going in. Chilly throws DeVito over the guard rail into the crowd, while Sandman suplexes Angel onto an upright ladder, snapping it in half. Da Baldies swipe their opponents’ Singapore canes but can only get a couple of shots in before stereo low blows stop them in their tracks. Sandman with a Russian legsweep on Angel, Chilly with a Falcon Arrow on DeVito and as he makes the cover Sandman piles on for added weight to prevent the kick out. Post-match Rhino is out and puts Sandman and Willy through a table which had been propped up in the corner and then calls out Rob Van Dam for costing him the Television title as this segues into the next match. I remember seeing Chilly Willy in OVW and it turns out he got a developmental deal with the WWE after he’d finished military duty. Call me a cynic but I imagine it was one of those deals where they saw someone who was a forces vet and wanted to piggyback and promote that side of him. It never amounted to anything anyway as he was cut after just twelve months. The match itself didn’t go as expected with the opening wresting and then the weird Sandman rear chinlock that the crowd didn’t shit on. Eventually the brawling began and another match on this card that isn’t bad, but is hardly memorable either (six-man tag aside).
  8. I’ll never understand how Danny Doring got so over, Roadkill I can see, not the ‘Dastardly’ one. An eager Tony Mamaluke wants in against the ‘Angry Amish Chicken Plucker’ although will have to quickly re-evaluate as trying a shoulder tackle against a 300lb’er isn’t the wisest of moves. He reverses the hammerlock, side headlock, but Roadkill just picks him up and dumps him over the top rope onto Big Sal. Mamaluke ducks under the clothesline before catching Roadkill with a springboard tornado DDT. Tag to Guido and a double snapmare followed by a pair of basement dropkicks to either side of Roadkill’s head. The running crossbody was every bit as bad of an idea as Mamaluke’s shoulder tackle, here Roadkill catching Guido and slamming him to the mat. ‘Dirt Road slam’ and when Mamaluke rushes in he gets pressed skywards and dropped. Guido tries to escape but Doring quickly rolls him back inside. Big Sal is up on the apron and Guido reverses the Irish whip sending Doring crashing into that ample sized back of his, turning the match in the FBI’s direction. Side Italian legsweep/powerbomb off the middle for a two. Guido throws Doring to the floor before causing the distraction so that Sal can whip him into the metal guard rail and then splash him up against it. Doring blocks the ‘Kiss of Death’ and hits a double underhook implant DDT. That does have one of those ridiculous names but without Joey Styles’ help I can’t remember which one it is. Hot tag to Roadkill who just runs through Guido and Mamaluke. Double flying lariat from the top rope. Doring drops the ‘Danaconda’ after a ‘Bareback’ and as it looks like we’ve got new tag team champions Sal pulls the referee from the ring to break up the count. The ‘Dastardly One’ goes after him, but in the immediate confusion that follows Mamaluke clocks Roadkill with one of the title belts and the official turns around to see Guido making the cover as the FBI retain the gold. No connection there for me in what was a run of the mill house show tag match. It wasn’t helped by the fact did I not once think the champions were in any danger of losing. Match #1000 watched and reviewed by the way, the end is in sight!
  9. We join this at the end of a match between C.W. Anderson and Jerry Lynn, dodgy Danny Daniels having cost Lynn the victory. Simon & Swinger celebrate the win with C.W. before putting the boots to Lynn as they look to collect the bounty that has been put on his head by the World champion. This all segues into an unscheduled, according to Joey Styles, three way tag, the team of Nova and Chris Chetti arriving on the scene later than everyone else. The match itself is just a series of spots one followed by the next. Chetti gives Swinger the ‘Amityville Horror’ onto a chair, ‘Swanton’ by Nova, but Chetti then turns on his partner, blasting him in the head with that chair. As he makes his way back to the dressing room, Simon the opportunist covers Nova for the first elimination. As Simon and Swinger Celebrate, Roadkill with a clothesline from the top rope. ‘Swing Thing’, ‘Bareback’, ‘Simonizer’, ‘Lancaster Lariat of Lust’ it’s still nothing but spots until a Doring ‘Buggy Bang’ gives Roadkill and he the win. Notable I suppose for the Chetti turn which came out of nowhere. All incredibly rushed, like Paul E. had five minutes he couldn’t fill on the TV show so sent these out to fill it while telling them to get a Chetti heel turn in there too.
  10. Another day and Simon, Swinger and C.W. have another problem. Oh, it’s the same problem he had yesterday in that he’s still not over the World Tag Team tournament. The set up here is the same as what we saw in Cleveland last night, right down to Mikey putting on Simon’s robe which he steals, to the Sinister Minister calling the three of them “Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Da-Fuck”, only difference being Mikey’s partners turn out to be Chilly Willy and Balls Mahoney. The match follows a similar pattern, C.W. and Chilly being the ones in the ring while everyone else battles it out on the floor. ‘Swing Thing’ on Mikey, at which point Swinger starts shaking his stuff like he’s Jimmy Garvin. He catches the kick but an enziguiri knocks him silly. Mikey ties Swinger in the ‘Tree of Woe’ and the Minister and his testicular claw are back. Chilly misses a legdrop off the top following a Balls powerslam and C.W. with a superkick as Willy replaces Tommy Dreamer as the one the heels get the heat on. Combination side slam/reverse DDT for a two count. The Irish whip is reversed and a sit out spinebuster by Chilly before making the hot tag to both his partners. A pier sixer ensues as Balls orchestrates the crowd in getting a “Balls, Mikey, Chilly” chant going as they alternate throwing jabs at their opponents. Iceman Parson flying butt attack! C.W. decks Chilly with a straight left but is dropped by a Balls superkick. The spinebuster is fast becoming an overused move and we get our fourth of the match, this time from C.W. on Balls. ‘Problem Solver’ on Mikey is broken up, the heels get whipped into one another and the faces hit their respective finishers as all three men do the job again.
  11. Oh Elektra is in Cleveland then, just seconding ‘Confederate Currency’ rather than Mr Money. This ECW crowd will wolf whistle and go giddy for any female showing some flesh no matter how rough and skanky that woman, or Elektra, may be. In her Southern drawl she turns to RF and says “we’re taking that belt home because Mommy wants champagne and we’re fabulous”. If you say so love. We’ve seen plenty of ‘stand offs’ this year but the one here between Kash and Hamrick felt different, more natural and less choreographed. As an example in the leg trip/cover spot there was actually some force behind the trip, not just a flimsy tap of the ankle or the wrestler looking like he was falling backward of his own accord. A dropkick sends Hamrick to the outside where Kash launches himself at him with a slingshot plancha. Springboard lariat and as Kash makes the cover Elektra gets up on the apron shouting “ref, ref” at official H.C. Loc. Rather than do his job he stops his count to go and speak with her as she starts flirting with him. The “show your tits” chants she was receiving earlier in the match have turned into “she’s a crack whore”. Kash is next to be somehow mesmerized by her non-beauty, and as he is, Hamrick nails him from behind. A great flying elbow drop for a two count. The chants get even more disgusting towards Elektra, the audience now wanting to see her “beaver”. Hamrick telegraphs a backdrop and Kash with what looks like a double jump double axe handle. It’s not long before Hamrick is back in charge though after Kash runs into an elbow. Elektra is badly out of position for her interference, probably distracted by the non-stop crass chants she’s been on the end of. The match goes one way and then the other from here until Hamrick misses on the top rope legdrop. Kash with the ‘Money Maker’ (which gets the best response of anything in the match) and he picks up the win. The crowd were completely obnoxious throughout, more interested in making derogatory chants at Elektra than anything the men were doing. A back and forth match that would’ve played better in front of a more respectful audience.
  12. No Julio Dinero, ‘Confederate Currency’ or Elektra in Money’s corner this evening. E.Z. spots Balls’ chair and tells the crowd that nobodies hitting him with that tonight. Balls blocks the hip toss and comes back with one of his own followed by a nice arm drag. After being dropped by a right hand he manages to avoid a charging Balls who goes careering over the top rope to the outside. E.Z. follows him to the floor, busting him open with the time keeper’s bell, before tossing him back inside. ‘Money Clip’ for a two count. Balls reverses the Irish whip and catches E.Z. with a powerslam. He fails to connect on the ‘New Jersey Jam’ leg drop and Money floors him with a superkick. E.Z. lands the moonsault however that’s not enough to put his opponent away. There’s a cool set up for ‘Money in the Bank’ but E.Z. can’t hold Balls’ weight and they fall into the ropes. What else would you expect from an ECW crowd after that except “you fucked up!” Balls ducks a punch and goes back to throwing jabs that they can join in with. Sit out spinebuster for a near fall. He heads up top but is caught by Money and it sounds like the ring damn near breaks on the superplex. Balls with a float over, ‘Nutcracker Suite’ and that’s all she wrote. This was alright although I’m not seeing what everyone else is and there were a couple of blown spots in there, one pretty bad. You expect Balls to juice whilst doing the hardcore stuff but not in a random house show match against E.Z. Money.
  13. After the introductions we cut to a nightclub to see Elektra celebrating her teams win with some equally as sleazy looking women. Did we have to? Some great ground wrestling between Tajiri and Guido that ends with a standoff to chants of “E-C-Dub”. Tajiri catches the Guido running crossbody, but he’s able to transition it to a Fujiwara armbar forcing ‘the Japanese Buzzsaw’ to go to the ropes. Mamaluke is in, he hammerlocks that arm behind Tajiri’s back and dumps him on it with an overhead suplex. The Irish whip is reversed, Tajiri ducks the clothesline and floors Mamaluke with this awesome kick to the head. He drops him across his own knee and Mikey with a slingshot guillotine elbow drop. Tajiri and Mikey work the double team including a high stomachbreaker and stereo shotgun dropkicks to either side of Mamaluke’s head. Guido does try to help his partner out but ends up receiving similar treatment. Mamaluke is still showing the effects as he staggers about on the outside where the Sinister Minister jabs him with his cane. Mikey with an O’Connor roll, however he misses the blind tag and Guido dropkicks him in the face to break up the pin. Combination side Italian (jeez Joey) legsweep off the middle/powerbomb by the FBI. Tornado DDT for a near fall. Mikey reverses the ‘Kiss of Death’ and hits a ‘Whippersnapper’ before making the hot tag to Tajiri who just destroys the FBI with even more kicks. He locks Guido in the Tarantula but leaves himself open and Mamaluke cracks him in the ribs. After heading up top, Mikey swipes a leg out and lands a ‘super Whippersnapper’. Tajiri with another dropkick flush to the face, he then keeps Guido at bay as Mikey makes the cover and the pair of them move on in the tournament. A real crowd pleaser of a match, one in which they crammed an awful lot into a short space of time. No-one sells Tajiri’s kicks like Tony Mamaluke and he and Mikey continue to add the double teams to their repertoire. It’s strange that this first round match aired on Hardcore TV after the semis had already aired on the TNN show; you would’ve thought they would’ve shown everything in order. This was a tremendously fun match and maybe partly explains why the crowd were dead for that Doring/Roadkill tag, they were just exhausted by that point.
  14. I don’t like Hot Commodity coming out to this generic WWE Network music, although I suppose that applies to every ECW act. They jump York & Matthews before the bell but don’t make the most of the sneak attack. Double hip toss powerbomb, from here on known as ‘Future Shock’, on Dinero and a double clothesline sends Money over the top rope to the outside. Dinero had already ducked out himself and avoids the York baseball slide. He calls York on and when he runs at him, backdrops him into the ropes only to get caught with a headscissors takedown on the floor. A staple Christian York spot from the Indies. York ducks the Money clothesline and Matthews with a plancha from the top turnbuckle. Back inside Dinero reverses the Irish whip and looks to throw York back to the outside, but ends up giving him an assist as he flies into Money with the suicide dive. That one’s a Joey Matthews staple from the Indies! As he climbs up onto the apron, Money and Elektra pull his legs out from under him sending him crashing head first into it. ‘Money Clip’ (somersault slingshot clothesline) followed by a standing moonsault for a two. Double wheelbarrow by Hot Commodity, however Dinero delays in making the cover and Matthews kicks out. He fails to connect on the moonsault and Matthews hot tags to York. Dinero gets crotched upstairs before York pancakes Money to the mat. Matthews and York go for their finisher, but it looks like Dinero loses his balance and Joey has to cover the situation, turning what started out as a top rope frankensteiner into a DDT. Referee H.C. Loc is otherwise engaged, doesn’t see the York lateral press and ultimately doesn’t see the Chris Hamrick leg drop off the top to break up that pin. Hamrick puts Dinero on top and Loc turns around as Hot Commodity steal the victory. It’s cool seeing all these spots that York and Matthews had honed and practiced on the Maryland Indy scene being played to a national audience and the crowd going wild for them. The kinda match that is an ideal show opener, although a shame Dinero screwed up that top rope rana for Matthews. I’m at a bit of a loss at what he brings to Hot Commodity, almost as if he was put with them because Heyman couldn’t think of anything else to do with him.
  15. This semi-final is joined in progress and we arrive just as Dreamer whips Rhino into the guard rail, while Credible and Lynn go at it in another part of the Hammerstein Ballroom. After Dreamer launches a garbage can full of rubbish into Rhino’s head, Cyrus says that based on the bracketing he’s confident that the winners of this match will be the next ECW tag team champions. Dreamer takes a short drop over the balcony and the crowd who were dead for the last match are into this. They head back towards the ring, Dreamer nailing Rhino with a fan’s replica belt on the way. Tornado DDT by Lynn on Credible but Francine is upon the apron distracting referee Jim Molyneux. Lynn snatches her, puts her over his knee and spanks her bare ass. As he’s about to give her the cradle piledriver he’s nailed by a Credible superkick. Dreamer with a DDT on Credible, however as he turns around he walks straight into a gore. Rhino piledrives him through the replacement ring announcer’s table when out comes Spike Dudley. Spike breaks a Singapore cane over Rhino’s head and then gives him the ‘Acid Drop’, but in turn falls victim to ‘That’s Incredible’. Credible and Lynn exchange reversals before Lynn gets the three count following the cradle piledriver. Not only do he and Dreamer join Simon & Swinger in the finals, equally as important in doing so, he has just scored a pinfall over the current ECW World champion. We then see Dreamer still laid out after the piledriver and the question is raised as to whether he will be even able to make it to the final. A hot short match that encompasses what ECW is about in a nutshell.