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  1. Why are you copying the write ups direct from http://floydscabana.blogspot.com/2008/07/top-100-wrestling-matches-of-80s.html?
  2. About thirty seconds into the match GTV plays on the big screen and we see Eddy Guerrero coming out of a shower cubicle which he’d been sharing with Mandy and Victoria, the ho’s. He immediately tries to explain himself to Chyna, but she just turns her back on him and sits on the ring steps facing away, where she stays for the rest of the match. She’s not the most emotive, only having the one expression while she mulls over where to go from here. The match itself is nothing special, Val pinning Eddy after a Blue Thunder Driver. Steven Richards gets in Chyna’s face to gloat and she responds by forearming him across the chops. The other members of the RTC drag her into the ring, but before they can do anything Mr Ass (wearing another badly judge wardrobe outfit) makes the save. Backstage a tearful Chyna is leaving the arena while Eddy is still trying to apologise and explain. For once she’s not interested though and throws her engagement ring at him, telling him that she never wants to see him again. There is some pretty wooden acting here on her part. As Eddy looks around on the floor for the ring he bumps into Mr Ass who had been watching on. Gunn advises him to take that ring to the pawn shop as while he’s around he’ll never get close to Chyna again. Eddy looks like he’s heeding his words, but the moment the ‘Ass man’ turns his back on him he breaks a beer bottle over his head to leave him laying.
  3. Mick Foley is walking with a purpose and has one rattlesnake shaped problem. He says that both he and Steve Austin have been conducting their own investigations into who ran ‘Stone Cole’ over last November, however he has an issue with the way Austin has been conducting his. On Thursday night he told him to “stop the Stunner’s or else”, but those words were ignored as he proceeded to subsequently interfere in two title matches. When he tried to speak to ‘Stone Cole’ to find out what was going on, he disrespected him, so would like to give him the opportunity to come out here now and explain himself. Austin joins Foley and Mick tells him that as Commissioner, when he makes a promise he needs to keep it, otherwise he may as well not be here. He understands that he’s pissed off and is free to conduct his investigation however he wants, but needs to have his word that he won’t interfere in matches again. Austin clearly isn’t impressed with the way Mick’s investigation is going, saying that he knows full well he has no idea who ran him over and is doing nothing while the person responsible is sat out in the back. Sherlock Foley corrects him and claims to have made some developments, calling out ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn. Christ, Mr Ass looks ridiculous. A confident Commissioner believes he has solved the case and leaves the pair of them to it. Mr Ass realises that he is a prime suspect, what with being unaccountable for on the night it happened and at the time a loyal member of D-Generation X, but tells Austin that he did not run him down. He does have some information for him though, as when he arrived to the arena late that evening he saw the car which ran him over and whoever was driving it had blonde hair. ‘Stone Cold’ is not sure whether to believe him, so Mr Ass says he can check with the Brooklyn Brawler as he picked him up from the airport and was there too. Austin looks into his eyes, says that he believes him, but ‘stunners’ him anyway as he never really liked him! Jim Ross wants his copy of Playboy back from ‘the King’ who has had it for four days now. Considering how excited Lawler was to see a naked Chyna you would’ve thought he would’ve bought his own copy! The match goes all of sixty seconds before Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather interfere for the DQ. Austin comes out and stunners the RTC and as it looks like Richards is about to get away, he runs into Chyna who grabs him by the balls and drags him back to the ring. Stunner for Richards, one for Eddy and ‘Stone Cold’ celebrates with some brewskis. ‘The King’ mentions how Austin has interfered in yet another match and wonders what Commissioner Foley is going to do now. Right on cue here he is! He tells Austin that he has no choice and can either fine or suspend him, but before Mick can finish his sentence, he gets stunnered as well.
  4. Lilian Garcia wonders if The Rock can trust the Undertaker going into this tag team tables match, it’s inconsequential to him though as he’s already made up his mind that he can’t and the only person he can trust is himself. We get a recap of Steve Austin being run down at the Survivor Series and are reminded that he has given the man responsible ten days to come forward; if he doesn’t the interrogation will begin at Unforgiven. Bubba with a succession of hard slaps to the chest of the Rock. All that does though is rile the ‘Great One’ up, who switches positions with him in the corner and fires away with flurry of punches. Old school rope walk by Taker who then drops Bubba with a clothesline. D-Von gets some of the same when he tries to help his partner out, but with Taker losing his focus it enables Bubba to gain control. The Dudley’s then work him over until D-Von runs into a big boot. They’re quickly back in charge mind, hitting the ‘wassup’ diving headbutt to The Rock before collecting a table from under the ring. As they are in the process of setting it up though the Undertaker kicks it into their faces. Taker props that table up in the corner, Rock whips D-Von into it, however Bubba rugby tackles his own partner to prevent him from going through it in a nice little tease. Rock fetches a second table and another tease, this time D-Von flipping it out of the way just in time as Rock is about to ‘Rock Bottom’ Bubba through it. A couple more close calls before Bubba clotheslines Rock over the top rope to the outside. Taker slugs Bubba and then gestures to his partner on the floor, telling him to “come on” and help him out in here. When he turns around he walks into a 3-D, getting put through a table in the process in what Michael Cole calls the biggest win in the Dudley’s career. Post-match Taker chokeslams Rock through the other time, either in frustration at the loss or holding him responsible for what just happened.
  5. Commissioner Foley is doing what he does best in getting plenty of ‘cheap pops’ in. Steve Austin is planning on interrogating each and every WWF superstar at Unforgiven to find out who ran him over last November, but says that they don’t have to wait until then as he is going to conduct an investigation of his own. He explains that ‘Stone Cold’ isn’t here tonight, and if anyone wants to come forward and admit they were responsible it will be far easier facing calm, cool, collected Commissioner Foley than an unforgiving rattlesnake. With Austin waiving off criminal proceedings nobody is going to be criminally negligent and, although there will be some repercussions, if anyone has the guts they can settle the matter here tonight in Phoenix, AZ (another bleeding cheap pop!). The Rock’s music plays and as he makes his way down the ramp way, a confident Jerry Lawler claims that he knew it was him all along. Foley is in disbelief and as he starts going off at the Rock for his cold hearted callousness, ‘the Great One’ puts up a hand to stop him mid-tirade. The Rock calls this the biggest half assed criminal investigation he has ever seen, with the penny slowly dropping with the Commissioner that he didn’t run over Steve Austin after all. ‘The King’ has a sudden change of heart, now claiming that he really didn’t think he was the one responsible! When Foley asks him outright if he ran ‘Stone Cold’ over, he replies with an “Oh, hell no!” The Rock goes on to say that the only reason he came out here was for payback after what Kane did to him on Smackdown, and he wants him to bring his number one contendership to Unforgiven so he can lay the smacketh down on his candy ass! On hearing the words “number one contender” it brings out Chris Benoit who surely hopes that Mick Foley isn’t going to make a title match between the Rock and Kane? He says that he’s already beaten this “joke of a champion” once, so if anyone deserves a title match it should be him. ‘The Crippler’ is followed by Kane and then the Undertaker, both thinking that they too should be the number one contender. All four start fighting amongst each other with Foley even getting bumped from an errant Kane shot. A bunch of referees and officials eventually separate them as a confused Commissioner looks on wondering how he is going to solve this. Backstage Foley tells Michael Cole that by the end of the night he will announce the number one contender before setting up a tag team match between the four for later in the show. It’s going to be Chris Benoit teaming with Kane, so ‘The Crippler’ goes to see his partner in the dressing room beforehand stating that they need to function as a team, regardless of who ends up being the number one contender. They try to add some humour into the dialogue which doesn’t work with either’s character, especially Kane’s. Rock and the Undertaker have a pretty similar conversation, although it’s clear that the three main protagonists have their eyes on the main prize of getting that title shot at Unforgiven. After the Benoit and Kane team make their entrance, Commissioner Foley joins JR and ‘the King’ at the commentary desk and it turns out he still hasn’t come to a decision about the number one contendership. The Undertaker picks up right where he left off against Kurt Angle, hitting that same modified powerslam and forcing Kane to break up the early pin. Rock with a back elbow smash before using Benoit’s own finisher against him. Kane is again in the for the save, and when the Undertaker tries to even things up in there Earl Hebner prevents him from doing so, giving Kane and Benoit the chance to double team ‘the Great One’. Kane pulls the Rock to the floor where he drops him throat first across the barricade. Rock with a clothesline to Benoit followed by a spinebuster. He’s about to hit the ‘People’s elbow’ when Kane trips him from the outside causing him to face plant into the mat. Diving headbutt connects, although it looks like that took as much out of Benoit as it did the Rock. Irish whip is reversed, release overhead belly to belly and Rock makes the hot tag to the Undertaker. Taker clears the ring of Kane leaving him all alone with ‘the Crippler’. Huge chokeslam and he’s about to give him the ‘Last Ride’ when Kane returns and clotheslines him. He’s still got hold of Benoit though who uses the momentum to flip over and cradle Taker for the upset three. Great finish! So great in fact the JR loses his train of thought and says that “Chris Jericho pinned the Undertaker”. The four of them continue to go at it after the bell, and Foley says they have all been so impressive that the only thing he can do is make it a ‘Fatal Four-Way’ match at Unforgiven.
  6. Commissioner Foley has put ‘the Game’ in a match with an unnamed opponent. Triple H tells Stephanie that he doesn’t trust Foley for a second and therefore doesn’t want her coming to the ring with him tonight, preferring her to stay here in the dressing room. HHH makes his entrance and no-one is any the wiser as to who his opponent is. We go backstage to see Chyna, frustrated yet again with Eddy Guerrero’s behaviour, while he tries to sweet talk his way around her. When he tells her how fine she looks and that she should be in pictures, she admits to him that before they were together she had some photographs taken and is going to be on the cover of Playboy. Eddy at first thinks it’s great that she’s doing an interview with them, when he realises that she is in fact having nude pictures printed he flips his lid, telling her that no-one is seeing his Mamacita. He doesn’t care if he has to storm the palace or beat up Hugh Hefner himself, no-one is seeing her! Back in the ring and ‘the Game’s’ opponent turns out to be Chris Jericho. Jerry Lawler is practically beside himself at the prospect of seeing a naked Chyna. Spinning heel kick by Y2J, but as he charges HHH backdrops him over the top rope and to the outside. Double axe handle off the apron. Triple H throws him shoulder first into the ring post and then back inside, however rather than follow up on his opponent he prefers to have words with referee Tim White. The delay allows Jericho to nail him with a springboard dropkick sending Hunter sprawling to the floor. JR and ‘the King’ are back talking about the number one contendership being announced later in the show. Lawler jokes that no-one knows what Mick Foley will do, so it could end up being someone like Taka Michinoku or Funaki. Jericho slams HHH’s head into the ring steps and gets a two count after a nice top rope flying back elbow. ‘The Game’ regroups quickly and a high knee floors Y2J. HHH is about to hit ‘the pedigree’ when Stephanie makes her way down towards the ring, disobeying Hunter’s request from earlier. All that does is distract him and Jericho is able to counter. He looks for ‘the Walls’ but isn’t able to fully turn HHH over, so instead catapults him into the turnbuckles. Triple H gets his knees up on the Lionsault and with both men down, here comes Kurt Angle trying to drag Stephanie to the back. ‘The Game’ sees what’s going on and sets off after them. While he and Angle have an exchange of words, X-Pac arrives through the crowd and attacks Jericho, giving Y2J the DQ win. Triple H is irate that Pac cost him the match and the two get into it as it looks like their friendship is now no more.
  7. I’m not sure if this is Regal’s re-debut so to speak, but I think it might be. I completely forgot that he was doing this ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ shtick on his return. A Japanese stranglehold out of his Lordship. Smart little Lucha-style cradle from Crash for a two, however Regal is immediately back on him, dropping him with an uppercut. Tazz is so bloody annoying! A seated ‘Cobra clutch’ which Regal gives up on and Crash is able to get a flurry of flash near falls. Missile dropkick off the top but he then runs into a big boot. Regal with a ‘Kamikaze Crash’ (something else taken from his WOS days like the Japanese stranglehold) and the ‘Regal Stretch’ gets the tap shortly after. Talking of things I had forgotten, Naked Mideon makes an appearance after the match and Regal looks disgusted on seeing a starkers, bar fanny pack, Dennis Knight. He’s not the only one!
  8. No Chyna with Eddy tonight as she’s in Washington getting ready for an autograph signing. Tazz, who knows how to keep a broad in line, isn’t liking that ‘Latino Heat’ is now so supportive of Chyna and thinks that he needs to get back on her. The match is all Road Dogg, to the point that Eddy is on his knees begging for mercy. Dogg accepts his offer of a hand only to double cross him with a short lariat. Eddy resorts to a poke in the eye and gets a two count after a slingshot senton. Dogg ducks a clothesline and floors the I-C champion before dropping a knee across his throat. Scoop powerslam, but Eddy rolls through and, using the ropes for added leverage, gets the pin.
  9. Malenko is being portrayed as a ladies man as a way to try and give him a bit of a personality. He’s got a couple of rough looking women on either arm and Michael Cole even refers to him as “the James Bond of the World Wrestling Federation”. Tazz and Cole are doing commentary from WWF New York as opposed to ringside, while Tazz is still at it with the joke telling and forced OTT laughter. A Taka dropkick sends the Light Heavyweight champion through the ropes to the floor, and as he’s distracted by Funaki, Taka nails him with a double axe handle off the apron. Basement dropkick to the face of a seated Malenko. Flying crossbody for a two. Malenko reverses the Irish whip and flapjacks Taka to the mat. It looks like he may have hurt his shoulder on landing the way he’s grabbing at it. Taka counters the Texas Cloverleaf with a small package and he’s definitely hurt that shoulder as his arm is just dangling there. Snap suplex that Malenko floats over on and he gets the subdued three. For the first thirty seconds while they were wrestling I thought we were in for a heck of a short match. No idea how the Taka injury affected the ending, although the finish coming after a suplex felt flat, almost as if they called an audible because Taka could no longer continue.
  10. Strap match where you can win by pinfall, submission or dragging your opponent to all four corners. Wow, Lawler even goes up for one of Tazz’s suplexes. He tosses ‘the King’ through the ropes to the outside and uses the strap to choke him right in front of JR. Tazz and Ross have a heated verbal exchange at the same time, but Tazz ends up letting go of the strap as he’s more interested in getting in Ross’ face. Lawler makes the most of the situation, using the strap to choke Tazz as JR plays number one cheerleader “get him King! Choke the hell out of him!” Both take some hard lashes from that strap although there is nothing fancy going on here. Tazz no sells THREE piledrivers before a ridiculous looking delayed face plant after the third. Lawler touches three turnbuckles then hangs Tazz over his shoulder as he goes for the final one. Surprisingly for the WWF we get some poor camera work, missing seeing Tazz kick the referee. Ross says that it was accidental as he was trying to kick out but who knows? It does look a weak bump from our vantage point, so maybe that’s why we have this angle as it would have looked even worse if we had a clear view of it. Raven debuts to a huge ovation and gives Lawler the ‘Even Flow’ DDT before disappearing back into the crowd. Tazz locks in the ‘Tazzmission’ and he gets the win when ‘the King’s’ arm drops for the third time. I can just about live with one no sold piledriver, but what we got here was ridiculous. Completely forgettable match bar the Raven debut and I bet he never expected it would be all downhill for his time in the WWF from here.
  11. GSR

    [2000-09-18-WWF-Raw] Chyna vs Rikishi

    A jealous Eddy Guerrero is seen causing a disturbance at the Playboy Mansions, but Hugh Hefner says that his objections makes no difference and everyone will see Chyna in the next issue of Playboy and see her like they’ve never seen her before. More apologizing to Chyna, although he seems to have changed his tune, thinking that because she is so beautiful everyone deserves to look at her. Chyna tells him that she had already forgiven him and there’s no need to apologise, however he does have one more thing to worry about, a match with Rikishi. All of a sudden Eddy starts coughing as if he’s coming down with something and tells her that he feels a little wheezy. Next time we see him he is wrapped in a blanket while Chyna is taking his temperature. She wants to get Commissioner Foley to cancel the match as he’s not well enough, but he ends up talking her into taking his place. Tazz imposes himself as honorary ring announcer, with Jerry Lawler saying that he’s probably a better ring announcer than he is wrestler. This looks like it’s going to be some angle involving the two of them, however Jim Ross informs us that the Commissioner made it clear than neither are to touch each other until Unforgiven on Sunday. ‘The King’ notes that Eddy came down with whatever it was awfully quickly, seemingly not buying it for one second. After both participants are introduced Eddy gets off his death bed and struggles his way down the aisle, still wrapped in that blanket. Rikishi leaves the ring to get his hands on him and throws him into the ring steps. As he is about to give him the ‘stink face’, Chyna again saves her man at which point Eddy pulls out some mace which he sprays in Rikishi’s face. Chyna, not happy with the way Eddy clearly used her, goes to check on Rikishi, but he grabs and gives her a ‘Samoan drop’. Rikishi, who still wants Eddy, gestures for him to come back to the ring, but when he shows no sign of doing so pulls Chyna into the corner. He’s basically trying to force Eddy’s hand implying that if he’s not going to get it, his Mamacita is. Eddy is on his knees pleading for her, but there is not a cat in hells chance he’s getting back in that ring. When he realises he’s not, Rikishi gives Chyna the safest, most protected ‘Bonzai splash’ you’re ever likely to see.
  12. Edge and Christian, after getting in some jibes at the local Arizona sports teams, make it clear to everyone that they had nothing to do with what happened to Steve Austin last November (“that was heinousity to the max!”) and if they had a time machine they would go back and stop it from taking place, because that’s just the kind of guys they are. Christian reminds his partner that they do have a time machine though, and what better way to put it to use than by bringing back the Hardy Boyz of the future to see if they learnt anything from all the beatings they gave them. They introduce the Hardyz from the year 2050 and it’s a couple of old guys dressed up to look like them. Michael Cole says that this is “embarrassing for the Hardyz”, he didn’t really need to add “for the Hardyz” as this is embarrassing period. It gets worse as we’re joined by Lita from the future, another OAP. ‘The King’ is in his element here firing off jokes at their expense. As E&C are about to spear the pensioners, they’re interrupted by Commissioner Foley. Nothing gets past our erstwhile Commissioner, who informs them that he knows that isn’t the real Hardyz of the future, because if it were they would have been able to tell them not only did they take them on at Unforgiven, but they did so within the confines of a steel cage. Foley calls out the Hardyz of the present and after taking a bit of a beating from them, the champions high tail it out of there. Y2J and the Hardyz make their entrance through the crowd, attacking their opponents from behind as they’re watching the entrance way expecting them to arrive the traditional way. Jericho goes straight for X-Pac, looking to get some payback after what he did to him on Raw. The requisite flying forearm and bulldog out of Y2J to Christian. Middle rope leg drop by Matt who doesn’t even bother with the cover, preferring to dish out more punishment instead. Edge is in to help out but ends up getting the same treatment. The distraction pays off mind, as Christian then hurls Matt between the turnbuckles and shoulder first into the ring post. He fights his way out of the attempted superplex, but still ends up getting press slammed to the mat. Lita involves herself from the outside, tripping and posting Edge. A pair of tags and we’re back where we started with Jericho and X-Pac. Y2J traps him in ‘the Walls’ when Edge nails him in the back to break the submission. ‘Whisper in the Wind’ by Jeff as the Hardyz run through their trademark offense. After Jeff lands a ‘Swanton bomb’, X-Pac snatches him and hits the ‘X-Factor’ stealing the win for his team.
  13. Not only would Kurt Angle like to dedicate this match to all the Olympic athletes who are going for Gold later this month, but also to his good friend Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. After HHH faced T&A last week, JR explains that Angle’s motivation for taking this handicap match is to show that he can do whatever Triple H can do, only that he can do it better. Release German suplex on Albert, but as Kurt celebrates, Test takes his head off with a boot to the face. Yet again HHH is shown watching on from his dressing room and while he finds the beating he is taking funny, Stephanie not so much. Great looking double press slam as they drop Kurt chest first to the mat. Full nelson slam and there is some serious high impact offense on display from T&A that Angle is bumping around for. After Test clotheslines Kurt over the top rope to the outside, we again cut to HHH laughing at what he’s seeing, but when he tells Stephane to “look at this”, she’s gone, out of there. Trish Stratus puts the boots to Angle on the ringside floor which brings out Stephanie who takes care of her. Test grabs Steph, but she makes the mistake of ducking into the ring to escape, ending up sandwiched between both members of T&A. As her former fiancé is about to powerbomb her, Triple H sprints out to make the save. ‘The Game’ and Angle work together to clear the ring, but while HHH continues to let them have it, Kurt is checking on his wife. Hunter turns around, catching him doing so and has that face of thunder again. Stephanie gets between them, but Triple H shoves her to the mat, incensed at what he just witnessed. As the two trade blows, a couple of referees try to separate them to no avail. HHH is getting the better of things and is about to give Angle the ‘pedigree’ when Steph gets behind him to pull him off. Thinking that it’s another one of the officials, he elbows her in the head. ‘The Game’ can’t believe what he’s done when he realises, although it’s not over for Stephanie who gets bumped a further time, taking a spill off the apron to the floor. Eventually HHH carries her off to the back but is cheapshotted by Kurt. Surprisingly Angle then doesn’t pick Steph up and carry her to the back himself, just leaving her there. Backstage Triple H is tending to his wife when Commissioner Foley enters the room and tells him that this has gotten out of hand, he is therefore booking a match between them at Unforgiven with himself as the special guest referee.
  14. After a video package recapping the recent problems between Eddy and Chyna we got to some footage taped earlier in the day. Chyna is getting ready in her dressing room when she’s approached by a rather tentative Eddy. He’s all apologetic over his actions these past few weeks and explains how he feels that the belt was coming between them. Eddy goes on to say that he loves her more than anything and wants her as his partner in life forever. It doesn’t take much before Chyna is forgiving him. A relieved Eddy suggests that they celebrate by dancing and kicking some ass. When she questions who they’re going to beat up, he replies “Too Cool”. With them being their friends she’s not overly keen on the idea, although again goes along with what Eddy wants. Eddy attacks Too Cool before the bell, throwing Scotty to the outside and levelling the Grandmaster with a clothesline. Despite Chyna saying how he needs to control his temper, he continues with the aggressiveness in the ring, so much so that and “Eddy sucks” chant breaks out amongst the fans. He runs into a thrust kick and GMS comes off the middle with a missile dropkick. Too Cool makes a wish and Scotty with a flying crossbody for a two count. Belly to back suplex as both men are already starting to show the effects of this battle. Eddy is to his feet first, but even though Chyna is begging for the tag, he tells her “no” and that he can do this on his own. Meanwhile S2H has tagged the Grandmaster in who picks up Eddy for a bodyslam, only for an inadvertent swinging leg to catch Chyna on the apron, knocking her to the floor. Bulldog, W-O-R-M and finally a ‘Hip Hop Drop’ to the back of the neck as Too Cool pick up the win. Chyna is wanting to dance with the victors and JR and ‘the King’ wonder whether Eddy will go through with it, even though he promised her that win, lose or draw, he would. It looks at first as if he isn’t going to, but then offers Too Cool his hand and in turn they give him a pair of shades. Eddy dances for a matter of seconds before bailing out of there, returning with the IC title belt which he clobbers them both with. Rikishi saves Too Cool and in turn Chyna saves Eddy, picking up that belt and nailing him with it just as he’s about to deliver the ‘stink face’. Chyna is clearly tormented by her actions, torn between her friends and her man, although the knowing smirk on Eddy’s face as they leave is that of a man who knows his woman will do whatever for him. Whatever you may think of the storyline and Eddy being saddled with Chyna, his character work has been top notch throughout. Crazy that people used to believe he was a bland guy with no personality or charisma, something that will be refuted more and more the further we dive into the decade.
  15. The winners of this will go on to face the WWF tag team champions at Unforgiven, and with those champions currently being Edge & Christian, they head to ringside after the teams to provide some colour commentary of their own. The match only goes two minutes before an ECRI (Edge and Christian Run In), but they do manage to cram in a fair bit in that short space of time including a Jeff flip dive over the top rope to the floor, a Bubba bomb, a Jeff clothesline from the barricades, a Matt middle rope guillotine leg drop and a combination neckbreaker/belly to back by the Dudleys. Matt climbs to the top turnbuckle for a moonsault bodyblock when the ECRI sees Edge clock him with one of their title belts. He flies backwards into Bubba, KO’ing him in the process, and with the unconscious Matt falling on top it’s the Hardyz who advance to Unforgiven. Having cost them a title shot, the Dudleys attack the champions after the bout giving Edge a 3-D through an unbreakable table. It does feel like I’ve been watching these teams feud all year and a kind of backward step for the champions after mixing it with the Rock and the Undertaker. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought they were going for a double pin situation with both teams going on to Unforgiven; it was only when JR explained was it made clear that the Hardyz won and that E&C interference had backfired on them.