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  1. Yeah, I nearly added something when posting that link. For reasons @The Thread Killer said (and I agree with pretty much everything written in the middle paragraph, bar I don't think Last was as bad as what he could've been, and I'm no Brian Last fan) there's no need to recap what was said, you can listen and make your own mind up. Plus, this whole shit storm was a few weeks ago now, no need to re-stoke the fires.
  2. https://art19.com/shows/jim-cornette-experience Episode 349 I believe.
  3. GSR

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Yeah, pretty sure John talked about the formation of the Observer Hall of Fame in the past when he used to post here.
  4. I've amended the post and deleted the tweet. Agree with the other comments about that account being sad and pathetic. I didn't even listen to whatever it was they posted, but no surprise that it was out of context, framed and edited like most of the shit they post.
  5. Meltzer said pretty much this on the audio the other day; noting if you were looking for names, check who was absent from the Undisputed Era congratulating Kyle O'Reilly at the end of the show.
  6. And they have Jude Bellingham! That kid is going to be a superstar. His father (Mark) used to play for my local non-league side and was a ridiculously prolific goalscorer.
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  8. GSR

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Does anyone who has a vote even post here any more though?
  9. GSR

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    In a sea of awful accounts on wrestling Twitter, that MeltzerSaidWhat one is the worst by some way. Fancy hating someone so much that you would devote your time reading everything they write, listening to everything they say just to play "gotcha" on Twitter (not to mention carefully editing audio). And actually paying that person to do so! Whomever runs that account has one seriously empty life.
  10. GSR

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Huh? Dave and Bryan were both of the opinion that the match should've been stopped there and then. At least on the audio that I listened to earlier.
  11. Van Hammer’s unlikely tour of Big Japan continues with another televised bout. The light tube and barbed wire covered boards are already in the ring, one positioned upright in each unoccupied corner. Zandig presses Beater over his head, which brings in Pondo with his Stop sign to make the save, however before he can do so, Hammer, who is moving in slow motion, is in and boots the sign into his face. Hammer gets in on the Hardcore action, stapling a dollar bill to Pondo’s cheek and then another onto Wifebeater. Ah, okay, this is clipped, the next thing we see being Beater getting powerbombed through the light tube covered board. Zandig and Hammer double press slam Pondo off the stage into a mass of chairs. Beater suplexes Zandig from the apron back into the ring and then side slams him onto the thumbtacks. Alabama slam by Hammer on Beater. Pondo charges Zandig, but a drop toe hold sees him go face first into the tacks, Hammer stomping on his head for good measure. Zandig positions a couple of tables at ringside and places the barbed wire board onto them. He’s about to powerbomb Beater from the ring, over the top rope and through it when he’s attacked from behind by Ruckus. Beater lays Zandig across the barbed wire and Ruckus with a Swanton onto him from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Pondo staples Hammer in the groin, some payback for earlier. They set some light tubes between a couple of chairs and surely Hammer’s not taking the bump? He is! Double superplex through the light tubes for the win, Zandig unable to get there in time to make the save. Hammer and Zandig exchange words post-match, Hammer pissed about something, whether that be the state of his back (which is an absolute bloody mess), Zandig not being there to help or being forced into this match in the first place. Zandig tells him this is “C-Z-fucking-W” and that you’re either with us or against us, the rest of the CZW crew still in the ring at this point. Hammer acts as if he’s going to accept Zandig’s hand, but pulls it away at the last minute. Against them he is then!
  12. No sign of the tarantulas yet, but the ropes are entwined with bracken and there looks to be boards covered in barbed wire and bracken positioned upright in two corners of the ring. Oh there they are, we just get a glimpse of a glass/Perspex box containing them. Matsunaga pulls the box into the centre of the ring, goes to powerbomb Zandig into it but ends up getting backdropped into it himself. That breaks the box, leading to one of tarantulas escaping and crawling across the ring and they have to stop the match whilst the ref scoops him up and puts him back inside. Each tries to force the other’s head into the box as another tarantula makes it’s bid for freedom. Matsunaga gets flung head first through some light tubes, Zandig then digging the end of a broken tube into his forehead. And he’s back trying to shove Matsunaga’s head into the box. Zandig gets suplexed through some thorny brambles and light tubes that have been bridged across a couple of chairs. Matsunaga with the worlds slowest applied Scorpion Deathlock. They even edited the video it was taking so long! It looks like Zandig is tapping when he is in fact just banging on the mat to rally the fans. The two end up on the outside where Zandig slams Matsunaga onto the carpet. He drags him up to a raised platform whilst a bunch of the seconds position one of those bracken barbed wire boards between two tables underneath and then press slams him through it. Zandig leaves Matsunaga there to return to the ring and arrange more tables and boards. Fucking hell, a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle with both men stood on a table into a mass of stuff that has been set on fire! Jun Kasai breaks up the cover at the count of two which brings in Van Hammer to help Zandig. Stereo Falcon Arrows, the match having been thrown out at this point. Zandig empties that box of tarantulas onto Kasai (I actually don’t think there were many, if any, left in at this point) who scarpers out of there. The whole tarantula gimmick was incredibly lame, they should’ve just stuck with the thorns and brambles instead. Matsunaga took a couple of crazy bumps, especially the powerbomb through the flames, but if you were intrigued by the gimmick and were considering watching it, it’s not worth the time.
  13. Van Hammer, in Big Japan, teaming with Zandig, in a Death Match, might be the most surreal thing of 2001. The big question is will he take any bumps into the barbed wire or allow himself to be hit with a light tube? Zandig gets busted open on the first shot of the match as he and Wifebeater simultaneously break a light tube over the other’s head. Beater falls into his corner so he is able to tag Kasai who goes about working Zandig over. Double flapjack. Double clothesline and both Beater and Zandig go down. Tag to Hammer, making his first foray into the match. Considering he’s a vet at this point he looks so stilted and awkward. Kasai ducks the clothesline and hits a floatover DDT. He collects a bunch of light tubes but Hammer kicks him in the mid-section before he gets the chance to use them. Modified Alabama slam onto the light tubes, Beater saving his partner by breaking a light tube over Hammer’s back. Well that answers that question! The action takes to the floor, Kasai landing a high plancha out onto everyone. Zandig whips him into the merchandise table, which may add or subtract something from the price of the merch that’s now got Kasai’s blood all over it. That slam onto the light tubes shredded him good and proper. Some slight clipping in the broadcast and next thing we see is Beater and Hammer back in the ring. Zandig powerbombs Beater through the barbed wire board. Delayed superplex on Kasai, however Zandig holds on and sits him back on top for Hammer. Delayed superplex by Hammer. That was a cool spot. Flying elbow but the bloodied Kasai somehow kicks out of the cover at two. Beater returns and breaks a light tube over Zandig before positioning a bunch more between a couple of chairs. Powerslam through the light tubes, this time Zandig kicking out of the cover at two. Kasai is on the outside setting a barbed wire board between two tables, the only question now is who is going through it. Hammer saves Zandig on the attempted double suplex and the pair suplex Beater and Kasai back into the ring from the apron. The answer to question two was the Wifebeater, Zandig press slamming him through the barbed wire board. Cobra clutch slam on Kasai. Zandig places some light tubes on his chest and then comes off the top with a big splash onto them for the win. Some good moments in here.
  14. The last few times we’ve seen Tobita he’s been facing monsters out on the waste ground, here he’s back taking them on in that same function room that we saw last year. Ghost appears to be doing an old woman gimmick, wearing a dress and carrying a bag of household objects, such as a carpet beater, a plunger, clothes pegs etc., that they use against Tobita. They also seem more interested in trying to get Tobita to read some book rather than defeating him. What book? No idea. Tobita, with pegs hanging from his ear lobes and nostrils, gets his face cling filmed at one point. He eventually drops Ghost with a clothesline and disappears out the door, returning with a rubber baseball bat which he batters both Ghost and then the referee with. Oh yeah, the classical music is back playing while all this is going on. Tobita wins with a piledriver on the floor. As odd as my brief write up would indicate.
  15. The match is joined in progress, Malenko in control. Side headlock takedown and he transitions from one submission attempt to another on the arms, Yone eventually having to go the ropes for the reset. A stiff clothesline, but that hurt Yone too due to Malenko’s earlier arm work. After a legdrop, Yone starts cranking away on Malenko’s neck. These pro wrestling spots like legdrops are the one thing I’m not really digging in my BattlARTS viewing. Malenko escapes the sleeper, reversing into a cross face chicken wing. He grounds Yone and has him all tied up with a great combination oma plata/crossface. That looks nasty the way he’s wrenching back. Power guillotine, however on the takedown they roll into the ropes. Yone fires back with a headbutt to the mid-section and it becomes pure pro wrestling with a suplex followed by middle rope legdrop. Single leg crab. Malenko grabs the ropes, so Yone drags him back to the centre of the ring and applies the full version. It looks like he might be close to tapping, instead though rolls through, flipping Yone over and ending up on top. Cross armbar. Double underhook, Malenko dropping Yone face first into his knee and then locking in a Butterfly stretch, leading to another rope break. Yone catches him with a spinning heel kick, Musclebuster, a second single leg crab and this time Malenko taps. I’d not watched any BattlARTS prior to PWO2K and while I like the pure shoot style matches, these hybrid ones which mix the shoot elements with pro wrestling I’m not quite so sure of. Malenko is very good though and what I didn’t like about this match had nothing to do with him.