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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired October 15, 1994 Tracey Smothers vs George South INT: Tracey Smothers - Jim Ross says that this week we’ll be seeing the wrestling debut of Bryant Anderson and he wonders what this problem is that they had when Bryant was in college. Tracey says that he’s just like his father, a great athlete but with a bad attitude. Bryant thought he knew all there is too know about wrestling, but he went down there, worked out with him and showed him that he didn’t. He hasn’t forgotten that and has now come to Smoky Mountain Wrestling looking for him. Any time he wants some of him they can get in the ring and see who the better man is. Handheld footage of Ricky Morton in the dressing room from after last week’s show being tended to by Robert Gibson, Tracey Smothers and Mark Curtis. He’s dazed and beaten after being attacked by three men on his way to the arena and while not sure, he thinks one of them was from The Gangstas posse. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that ever since The Gangstas arrived in Smoky Mountain Wrestling all they’ve talked about is the Rock & Roll Express and getting their hands on the SMW tag team titles. When The Gangstas first appeared they came to the ring using blackjacks, they got them in a match where they beat them and then they used blackjacks, and when on the way to the arena last week he was jumped from behind but got too see what it was, he got hit across the back of the head with a blackjack. He tells The Gangstas that they better start looking under their beds and behind the shower curtain to make sure they’re not there as they’re coming to get them and that’s a promise. The Gangstas (w/ D-Lo Brown) vs Sean Casey & Brian Logan INT: The Gangstas & D-Lo Brown - Jim Ross asks The Gangstas if they had anything to do with what happened to Ricky Morton recently? New Jack says that somebody called him up and told him that Ricky had got beaten up at the side of the highway but he was at home asleep. The police did come to his house and question him like they always do but he had nothing to do with it. He tells Ricky not to blame himself getting drunk and hitting his head on a table in some nightclub in Memphis on him and Mustafa as they didn’t do anything to him. They told these red neck, hillbilly, Uncle Tom, Negro sellouts that they would get the job done and now look who’s the tag team champions. He doesn’t care if they like it or not but they’re here to stay. Great stuff here and in the previous Rock & Roll Express interview but it really feels like a Ricky Morton vs New Jack feud with Robert and Mustafa just along for the ride. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam vs Tony Anthony where Cornette and the Bruiser handcuffed and whipped the Dirty White Boy INT: Tony Anthony - says that was probably the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him on nationwide TV. He’s been able to get a bit of revenge on Bruiser Bedlam these past few weeks but as of yet, he hasn’t been able to get his hands on Jim Cornette. He went to the promoters and talked to the Commissioners, explained the situation and said that he needs to humiliate Jim Cornette on television just like he did to him. As a result, on next week’s show there will be a ‘Whipping’ match between him and Bruiser Bedlam and as per previous matches, if Bedlam wins he gets to whip him ten times with the leather strap, but if he wins, it’s five lashes for the Bruiser and five for Cornette. He also says that he a surprise in store for Cornette next week. Confrontation w/ Jim Cornette & Bob Armstrong - Confrontation is hosted by Jim Ross and appears to be a replacement for Personality Profile which was an almighty letdown after Down & Dirty w/ Dutch. Cornette wants Armstrong to promise that he’s not going to hit him, but Ross tells him that he’s got nothing to worry about as ‘The Bullet’ is a man of his word, it’s just a shame he can’t say the same about him. Armstrong says that a while ago he gave up the Commissionership as he figured he had a job to do, but now he figures he’s just about got that job done. At Night of Legends and Fire on the Mountain his team beat Jim Cornette’s, a team that consisted of two former World champions and the strongest wrestler in the world, he busted up his Union and even got his hands on Cornette himself. He’s done all he had to do, and as of 12/1 he will once again be the Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Cornette says what do you mean “again?” He’s still the Commissioner, he just can’t get any proof and doesn’t believe this hokey story about a new Commissioner. It’s a con job! He tells him that he can’t do it as he’s finally got the man who can beat him (not again!), he couldn’t get him until now but he’s got to give him one last shot. Bob says that there is a new Commissioner, and no matter Cornette may say he’s not the Commissioner, he’s just upset because he hasn’t been able to find out who it is. Whether he likes it or not, as of 12/1 he will be the Commissioner once again. Cornette is desperate at this point and tells Armstrong if he gives him one more shot before 12/1 to get rid of him he’ll agree never to challenge him or darken the Armstrong doors again, all he wants is one more chance. If his man wins then he will have to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling for good, no returning under a mask as The Bullet, no hokey stuff with the Board of Directors and he’ll do anything if he gives him one more chance to get rid of him. Armstrong thinks about it for a bit and says does he remember back in February when he bought Terry Funk in to face him in a Texas Death match and if he lost he had to crawl across the ring and kiss Cornette’s feet? Well if he gives him this match, and he wins, he wants Cornette to crawl across the ring and kiss his feet. Cornette reluctantly agrees and the match is set for Thanksgiving Thunder. Will this feud ever die? It feels like I have seen this all before, time and time again. Why is Armstrong agreeing to this? Does he not remember when he is faced mystery opponents in the past (see ‘the Ninja’)? Does he not remember when he faced people Cornette bought in (see Terry Funk and Dick Murdoch)? Why is he agreeing to Cornette’s stipulations when all he gets in return is Cornette kissing his feet? Is he Mel Phillips in disguise? I have so much apathy for this feud it’s beyond true. INT: Ole & Bryant Anderson - Ole wants everyone to understand that his son Bryant is going to carry on the Anderson legacy; he’s an athlete, no music, no fancy robes, he just does one thing better than everyone else and that’s wrestle. Bryant says that wrestling is one of the toughest sports there is, he doesn’t go out in the ring and punch, kick and scratch, he doesn’t dance around like a trained monkey, he gets in there and wrestles. He wrestles with holds, with skill and with his head and everybody is about to see what wrestling is all about. Ole then warns Tracey Smothers that Bryant is a man now and start thinking what it’s going to be like when the Anderson’s come after him. Bryant Anderson (w/ Ole Anderson) vs Steve Skyfire INT: Lance Storm & Brian Lee - they’re looking forward to Chris Candido’s suspension being up, as when it is they get to face him and Boo Bradley in some tag team matches Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Scott Studd (Cactus Jack comes out to ringside and starts talking to Boo, although this distraction leads to Studd rolling him up from behind and becoming the new TV champion. Fytch starts berating and slapping Boo after the match as he cowers in the corner. INT: Cactus Jack - says he didn’t come here to cause any problems, he came here for one reason, a mission of mercy, because in Boo Bradley he senses a kindred spirit. He senses that maybe he’s not being treated so well and Cactus Jack knows what it’s like to be mistreated and he knows what it’s like to be slapped around. For all the times he dove off ring aprons and had what’s left of his brain splattered on the concrete floor, the most difficult move he ever made in his life was to stand up to scum like Kevin Sullivan and say he won’t take it. Yes it was difficult, but Boo Bradley can stand up too, he doesn’t have to take it and he’s a man on a mission in Smoky Mountain Wrestling to help him. Good interview and a bit of a shock to see Cactus just stroll out and turn up in SMW. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired October 8, 1994 Bob Caudle announces that the Rock & Roll Express have been stripped of their tag team titles, The Gangstas are the new champions and we will find out why later in the show. Tony Anthony vs Steve Skyfire INT: Tony Anthony - says that from this day forward the gates of hell have been opened up and the Dirty White Boy has stepped out of the flames. He’s going to beat Bruiser Bedlam’s brains out because when he gets rid of him it’ll just be Jim Cornette and himself. He’s going to take that leather strap, strip him naked and give him the whipping of a lifetime. Every time that leather strap hits that big butt of his blood is going to fly because no-one whips him like he did, the last person that tried ended up in hospital and they’ve been an invalid ever since. The Dirty White Girl told him that he’s been too nice, well now they’ve got the old Dirty White Boy back and he’s bringing hell with him. Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Mike Moraldo INT: Tammy Fytch & Boo Bradley - Tammy’s just got herself another $1,000 and there’s a couple more to come! She’s still upset by Candido’s suspension and is still trying to talk with her lawyers, but they say there is nothing they can do as they don’t know who the Commissioner is who handed out this suspension. While he is still suspended for two more weeks, the good news is that she’s got Boo who’s a big, dumb goof just like Brian Lee, but unlike Brian Lee he actually listens to her. They’re coming for Lance Storm and when Boo gets hold of him he’s going to eat him up and spit him out, just like he does with all the dogs in the neighbourhood. INT: Bob Armstrong & Rock & Roll Express - Bob says that everyone saw on TV last week what took place at the Tennessee Valley Fair, it’s embarrassing for everyone but something unprecedented happened and the Rock & Roll Express are no longer the SMW tag team champions. Rather than explain everything, he plays the footage of the end of the match so that every can see it for themselves. After the footage has finished the Bullet says that in the past week they had to give the belts to The Gangstas. It was the Commissioner who asked him to watch the match and when he saw The Gangstas cheat he went down to ringside and told the referee what happened. The referee then restarted the match like he should, and the Rock & Roll Express ended up winning. The Gangstas got upset about things saying that they won the match first, although conveniently forgetting about their cheating in the process. They went down to Atlanta and got themselves a civil rights lawyer who had connections in New York and California and threatened Smoky Mountain Wrestling with all kinds of lawsuits unless they could prove that they weren’t discriminating against them. He’s seen the papers and we’re talking about millions of dollars. While they could go ahead and bankrupt the company they don’t want to do that, they want the Rock & Roll Express to have a shot at getting their belts back. The Gangstas are walking around all proud after having the belts handed to them, and rather than fight this he’s leaving it up to the Rock & Roll Express to do what they want to do. Although he was only doing what the Commissioner asked him, he does feel partly responsible and will do whatever he can to help them get the belts back. Morton says that they don’t blame him, they blame the Gangstas. Over their career they have been World tag team champions, U.S. tag team champions, SMW tag team champions, Southern tag team champions, Mid-South tag team champions and every time they’ve lost the belts it was in the middle of the ring, no-one has ever just come and took the belts from them. The only way to get even with The Gangstas is to fight their way and on their terms. If they had won the titles the way The Gangstas did he wouldn’t be able to show his face around Smoky Mountain Wrestling, he’d be too embarrassed. Robert and he are going to return to the way that the Rock & Roll Express used to be, when they’d take that rule book and throw it out the window because they don’t care anymore. They got cheated out of the SMW tag team titles and before it’s over they’re going to have more than respect for the Rock & Roll Express. The Gangstas video - they are giving us the privilege of letting us hang out with them for a minute, showing us how gang bangers and head splitters do it! They’re in an area of town where you’re liable to see some old women cutting her husband up for doing something wrong, where you’re liable to see a drive by as they see it every day, Ricky and Robert couldn’t last five minutes in an area like this. Robert Gibson vs Brimstone the Inferno INT: Ole & Bryant Anderson - Bryant says that Tracey had a week to think about things and does he remember him yet as he sure remembers him. Bryant goes back to running up and down the hill and Ole says how he’s had Bryant in amateur wrestling programs since he was five years old. When he got to high school he was the high school champion, the state champion and was on the junior national team. He was 171lbs when Tracey saw him in college, now he’s 250lbs and knows, lives and breathes Anderson wrestling. Bryant says he’s coming and he’s going to do it the Anderson way, it’s not pretty but it works. He’s been working on a special hold for Tracey Smothers and when he clamps it on he’ll never be the same. Tracey Smothers should start sweating because the Anderson’s are coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Personality Profile w/ Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - this week’s episode opens be recapping the whipping that they gave the Dirty White Boy last week. When Les Thatcher starts to talk about the new Commissioner, Cornette interrupts him and says that he knows as well as he does that Bob Armstrong is the Commissioner, he’s been the Commissioner all along and never gave it up. It was a hornswoggle, a con job and it’s as plain as the food stamps and welfare coupons sticking out of these hillbillies pockets. Bob Armstrong has been calling the shots all along and the Board of Directors, Sandy Scott, Bob Caudle and everyone has been covering for him. He’s going to get some proof and then have him up on some charge. He turns his attention to the Dirty White Boy and tells him to go home and ask that stinking, crummy old lady of his what she thought of him when a so called ‘mommies boy’, a so called ‘wimp’, handcuffed him to the turnbuckles and whipped the hide off his back? In these ‘Whipping’ matches what’s going to happen is exactly what he just experienced. When Les says what if the White Boy ends up winning and Jim Cornette has to take some lashes? Cornette says that he’s going to be prepared for that eventuality because he knows what the Dirty White Boy could do to his back with one of those big leather straps. He’s got a plan up his sleeves and all he’s got to do is make sure that plan is implemented and that way he’s not going to get whipped. Battle Royale - the Battle Royal comes down to Robert Gibson and New Jack, but for some reason when they start exchanging punches the bell just starts ringing. Mark Curtis tries to separate them but gets thrown down, then Mustafa is back out and the two of them start double teaming Robert. It ends up with most of the participants in the Battle Royal coming back out to try and keep the three of them apart. INT: The Gangstas - New Jack says he told Robert Gibson that he’s nothing without Ricky Morton. He’s lucky they pulled him off because he was going to try and kill him. He knows that this isn’t the end of it and if he’s man enough, Robert will come back out and face the music. If he doesn’t get him tonight he’ll get him in the next few days as he’s got some surprises in store for him. Gibson runs back out and jumps at The Gangstas and the three of them start fighting again. The show goes off the air with Brian Lee, Lance Storm, Mike Moraldo, Steve Skyfire, Boo Bradley and The Infernos all trying their best to keep them apart. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired September 24, 1994 Clips of The Gangstas and Rock & Roll Express parking lot brawl The Gangstas vs Brian Logan & Anthony Michaels INT: The Gangstas - Bob Caudle says that whatever way you look at it, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are not going to be pushovers. New Jack says did the Rock & Roll Express think they were soft? That they were easy? That maybe they were cotton pickers? Wrong! Maybe they thought they had some homegrown Negroes? Wrong! Maybe they thought they would do to them what they’ve done to everybody else? Now they’re in for a fight, the fight of their lives and these folk better get a last look at the Rock & Roll Express because next time they get hold of them they’re going to hurt them. He doesn’t care what it takes or what he has to bring to the ring; he wants to hear some bones breaking, some eyes being pulled out of their heads and some teeth being knocked out. He’s not coming here to play, he’s coming here to get paid, but most of all he’s coming to put an end to a myth that Rock & Roll was created by some Caucasian with a guitar on a hill in Kentucky. Wrong, they created it, they just let them borrow it for a little while. They’re going to borrow the Rock & Roll Express and beat them like their slave owning ancestors used to beat them. They should kiss their ugly kids goodbye, smack their fat wives and get ready, because when they get them they’re going to know they’ve been got! Real good interview and Mustafa looks proper menacing for a change just carrying a noose and swinging it back and forth. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam and Jim Cornette whipping the Dirty White Boy from last week INT: Tony Anthony - says he’s never been so humiliated in his life, and last time he got a whipping with a belt his momma did it. Jim Cornette has been whining and crying saying how he’s never had the SMW Heavyweight champion in his stable, well don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Bruiser Bedlam wants a shot at his belt and that’s fine with him, but there’s a stipulation that goes along with the match. If Bedlam beats him, then he will be handcuffed to one of the turnbuckles and he can whip him ten times with the leather strap. However if he beats him Bedlam, then Bruiser and Cornette will both get handcuffed to the turnbuckle and each will receive five licks with the strap. He says that Cornette can get out of the whipping just by saying the words “I Quit”, but if he says “I Quit”, then he’s got to leave the Smoky Mountain area and can never step foot in it again. If he wants that title shot for Bruiser Bedlam those are the stipulations, take it or leave it! Recap of Chris Candido & Boo Bradley vs Lance Storm & Brian Lee from last week Lance Storm vs Boo Bradley (w/ Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch) - Storm with a dropkick off the top rope but Candido climbs up on the apron and Lance goes over and decks him. Brian Lee comes out to get to Candido and the two of them start fighting at ringside. Fytch jumps up on the apron distracting Mark Curtis and this enables Bradley to grab the chain which he clocks Storm with to become the new TV champion. Candido and Bradley then double team Lee and start beating on him with the chain. Brian Logan comes out to try and help Primetime but Candido nails him with a piledriver. The beating only ends when Storm eventually comes round and saves Lee from taking any more punishment. INT: Rock & Roll Express - dressing room interview. The interview opens by replaying The Gangstas and Rock & Roll Express match and brawl from Johnson City. Ricky Morton says that The Gangstas came into Smoky Mountain Wrestling and said that they’ve beaten every tag team across the United States but they’ve never wrestled the Rock & Roll Express. Every time they’ve met The Gangstas they’ve beat them in the ring, but they’ve said they know we can beat them wrestling, but we can’t beat them fighting. They proved in Johnson City that they’re just like they are, that they can throw the rulebook out the window and The Gangstas have started something that they’re going to finish. The Gangstas have come into Smoky Mountain Wrestling with no respect and they guarantee that when they get through with them they’ll have more than respect for the Rock & Roll Express. Robert Gibson is just sat there and doesn’t say a thing. At one point the camera even zooms in on Ricky as though it is ‘his’ feud and not ‘theirs’. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Jim Cornette’s got a lot of problems! The Gangstas still won’t talk with either himself or Tammy Fytch about the upcoming ‘Rage in the Cage’ match at Apple Brawl ’94 and they don’t want to be associated with any of them. The only thing that he likes about them is that they want to get rid of the Rock & Roll Express, but he doesn’t know how they will work together and it looks like they’ll have to wait for Paintsville to see. He’s got a match today with Killer Kyle against Bob Armstrong and he’s going to reveal to the people that he’s more of a man than they realise. He’s going to unleash his big arms, his massive chest and his powerful abdominals and he’s going to teach Bob Armstrong a lesson, you can be sure of that! The worst thing on his mind though is the stinking, filthy Dirty White Boy and this ‘Whipping’ match. The White Boy has gone to Smoky Mountain Wrestling, buttered up whomever this mystery Commissioner is and got this match signed where if Bruiser Bedlam loses, the Dirty White Boy gets to handcuff both himself and the Bruiser to the turnbuckle and whip them five times apiece with a leather strap. Bedlam says that’s not going to happen, before Cornette quips “is this Singapore?” He tells the White Boy that he’s going to do something about this and something bad is going to happen to him before they get to the ‘Whipping’ match because he can’t take five lashes from that “big, fat, no good redneck.” INT: Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch & Boo Bradley - Candido is very happy as not only did Boo Bradley avenge his loss to Lance Storm, but he’s also now the ‘Beat the Champ’ TV title holder. He got some revenge on Brian Lee by choking him out with the chain, and whomever that other guy was (Brian Logan) who wanted to get in his and Tammy’s way, he piledrove him through the mat. He’s the greatest wrestler in SMW! At this point they are joined by Bob Armstrong who is here to deliver a message from the new Commissioner. He says that Chris Candido violated the most basic rule in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, he piledrove a man and could’ve finished his career. The new Commissioner is a man who likes to put his foot down, doesn’t like people who break the rules, and as a result has suspended Candido for four weeks as of now. They’re not happy anymore and Tammy says that this isn’t going to happen and she’s going to call her lawyers. Handicap Match: Bob Armstrong vs Killer Kyle & Jim Cornette - Cornette comes out to ringside with his arm in a sling and his neck in a brace. Bob Caudle smells a rat as Cornette was only just out here talking to them and there was nothing wrong with him then. Cornette gets on the mic and says he’s got the worst luck in the world. He wanted to have this match real bad so he could beat up Bob Armstrong, but when he went back to put on his wrestling tights he slipped, fell down the stairs and hurt his whole body. He should be in hospital right now, but he came out wracked with pain and misery just so he could see Killer Kyle take Armstrong out. Not long into the match Cornette takes off the sling and brace and gets involved, although for some reason Mark Curtis calls for the bell and the DQ (wasn’t this a handicap match anyway?). The Bullet holds his own against the two of them until Bruiser Bedlam comes out and they triple team him. The Dirty White Boy carrying the leather strap makes the save and he even gets a few shots in on FITE before the three of them get out of there. INT: Bob Armstrong & Tony Anthony - Armstrong says that it seems Jim Cornette is full of surprises this week, but he’ll have one of his own next week and he’s not going to like it one bit. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired September 17, 1994 Clips of a parking lot brawl between the Rock & Roll Express and The Gangstas in Johnson City, TN Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas (from Johnson City, TN) - this is much better than the TV match (which was pretty much a straight wrestling match), as here we’ve got the ‘fight’ that New Jack had been promising in his interviews. The Gangstas hang Ricky Morton with a noose at one point, before Robert Gibson attacks them with a blackjack he stole from New Jack busting them both open. New Jack ends up with the noose around his neck and when Mark Curtis tries to regain some sort of order, Morton tosses him over the top rope to the floor (and he takes a great bump in the process). The Hornet, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Chris Candido, Brian Lee, Anthony Michaels, Tracey Smothers, Killer Kyle and Tony Anthony all come out to try and separate the two teams and keep them from one another. They don’t have much luck and they continue to brawl all the way to the backstage area, hitting each other with whatever weapons they can get their hands on from 2x4’s to mops to door frames. The brawl makes its way out into the parking lot where all the wrestlers finally manage to separate them both. Tremendous stuff. INT: The Gangstas - New Jack says that he told those Caucasian white devils that they would get them and that it will no longer be a wrestling match but a fight. They’re going to get them again and next time he gets to put his hands round that punk neck of theirs, he’s going to choke the life out of them and they will see that he and Mustafa are not to be played. They’re the people they’re going to sit up and lose sleep about, they’re on a mission and that mission is to put the Rock & Roll Express right beside that big, fat, greasy haired Elvis Presley. Rock & Roll is dead! Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Steve Skyfire INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Bob Caudle says that the Bruiser had it all his own way against Steve Skyfire, but it will be a different story when he faces the Dirty White Boy. Cornette says it won’t be a different story it’s going to be the same old song and dance, as once again Bruiser Bedlam is going to demolish, destroy, demoralize and discombobulate anybody that stands in his path, and that includes the Dirty White Boy. He’s never managed the SMW Heavyweight champion and that’s something he lusts for, his mouth waters at the prospect of seeing that gold belt around Bruiser Bedlam’s waist and one way or another the Dirty White Boy is going to give it over to him. Cornette then turns his attention to Apple Brawl ’94 and the ‘Rage in the Cage’ match between the Dirty White Boy & Tracey Smothers & Rock & Roll Express and Bruiser Bedlam & Chris Candido & The Gangstas. He’s not happy at all about being put in there with The Gangstas, they won’t talk to him, Bruiser, Candido and Tammy and don’t want to be managed by anyone, yet they have to be partners with them at Apple Brawl. He still doesn’t know who the Commissioner is, he knows that someone at Smoky Mountain Wrestling is behind this and that somebody is out to get him. The prospect of being partners with The Gangstas concerns him and he’s still trying to contact them so that he can talk and try and work out some sort of strategy with them, but so far no dice. Personality Profile w/ Bob Armstrong & Tony Anthony - Les Thatchers opens by recapping the Bruiser Bedlam & Killer Kyle vs Tracey Smothers & Bob Armstrong match from last week. Back on set and Bob says that his eye is still a little cloudy after Jim Cornette threw that alcohol in his face but he’s got one good eye left. The good news is that already signed for next week is a handicap match between himself and Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle. Cornette will never go one-on-one with anybody, but he’ll take whatever Kyle can dish out if it means he can get one good shot in on him. He plans to lay him out so bad that his momma may have to fix him up with some plastic surgery so that she can remember what he used to look like. The Dirty White Boy tells Bruiser Bedlam that he’s good at jumping people from behind, but next time he’ll be meeting him head on face to face and if Cornette sticks his nose in his business he’ll get a belt, jerk down his draws and blister his behind. Tony Anthony vs Mike Moraldo - Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam join them at the commentary desk and Cornette doesn’t appreciate what he heard that no good Bob Armstrong and Dirty White trash say about him. They were making public threats to his safety and he should have them arrested! Whipping is not what you do to a man of his breeding, social status and background, whipping is what you do to horse thieves, trailer park trash and welfare cases like these hillbillies that cheer for the Dirty White Boy. You give them a public whipping to show that kind of trash is not going to be tolerated in this society. He then says that a public whipping is just what the Dirty White Boy needs and a public whipping is what he thinks he ought to get. Bedlam and Cornette then charge to the ring and jump the White Boy. Cornette hands the Bruiser a belt and he starts whipping the White Boy before handing it back to Cornette who gets a few licks in of his own. Anthony manages to grab the belt off Cornette and he immediately flees the ring but is able to get a couple of shots in on Bedlam until he too makes an exit out of there. Recap of Boo Bradley and Chris Candido’s attack on Chris Jericho from last week INT: Lance Storm - says everyone saw what happened to Chris Jericho and they can’t risk any further injury to him, so they’ve decided he should stay away from the ring until he’s 100% and has flown back to Calgary. He’s going to be out here all on his own and needed to find someone to help him take care of Chris Candido and Boo Bradley. He didn’t have to look very far as someone stepped up who’s got a bigger problem with Chris Candido than anybody and that man, his new partner, is Brian Lee. Chris Candido & Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Lance Storm & Brian Lee - Candido and Lee are fighting on the outside when Fytch clocks Primetime in the knee with her purse just as he’s about to get back in the ring. He falls to the floor and fails to beat the count giving Bradley and Candido the win. A poor finish to an otherwise decent match. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired September 10, 1994 Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch & Boo Bradley) vs Steve Skyfire INT: Tammy Fytch & Chris Candido & Boo Bradley - Candido says that he hasn’t forgotten the way that Lance Storm cheated him out of the TV title and there is no way that he could beat him fair and square. He has a plan and is going to get revenge on him. When Bob Caudle wonders what that plan is, Tammy says that she’s not telling anyone, but what she will say is that Boo Bradley is the best pet she’s ever had. He’s not really house trained so is making a bit of a mess and is eating everything in sight, but it’s all going to be worth it in the end. Lance Storm (w/ Chris Jericho) vs Brian Logan - Boo Bradley jumps Logan before the bell rings and ends up replacing him as Storm’s opponent for today’s TV title match. Lance Storm (w/ Chris Jericho) vs Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch & Chris Candido) - Candido interferes for a weak DQ finish, which appeared to be botched as Bradley wasn’t in position for Storm’s leap to the top turnbuckle/reverse cross body combination. Jericho tries to help his partner after the match but they attack him too, with Candido coming off the top with a diving headbutt to his broken arm. INT: Rock & Roll Express INT: Lance Storm - he doesn’t know what Chris Candido and Boo Bradley thought they were playing at coming off the top with a diving headbutt to his buddy’s broken arm? Chris Jericho is in a lot of pain and they’re going to get some doctors to look at him, but Candido and Bradley are going to pay if they’ve injured his arm some more. The Gangstas vs Doug Dalton & Anthony Michaels Personality Profile w/ The Gangstas - Les Thatcher opens by recapping last week’s Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas match. Back in the studio and New Jack says that he doesn’t care about Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson coming out here crying because of what they did to them, it doesn’t mean anything to them as they will beat them anyway they want, South Central style! He got a kick out of hitting Morton with that night stick as every time he hit him he could hear bones snapping. When Les wonders whether The Gangstas can beat the Rock & Roll Express without ‘the posse’, he says that of course they can beat them. If Ricky Morton wants to get it on again they’ll get it on, he’s just got to tell them when and where and he’ll be there. They’re ready to go one more time, Ricky Morton may not last one more time, but he’ll give him the honour of getting in the ring with him. INT: Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch Recap of Dirty White Boy and Bruiser Bedlam INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam & Killer Kyle - it seems to Cornette that there are a lot of things going on in Smoky Mountain Wrestling that he doesn’t appreciate. For a start he doesn’t know who the new Commissioner is. Bob Armstrong has got one of his old cronies from the rest home and installed them as Commissioner and won’t tell anyone who it is. He’s going to find out though and when he does he’ll get to them. Then there is the Dirty White Boy who has one thing that he’s never owned, and that’s the SMW Heavyweight title. He’s never managed the SMW Heavyweight champion before, but he’s now found Bruiser Bedlam who can whip any man in the Smoky Mountain area. He picked his teeth with Tracey Smothers and is now ready for the Dirty White Boy. The Smoky Mountain title is going to end up around Bruiser Bedlam’s waist and when it’s all over the Dirty White Boy is going to back to that stinking, ugly, old lady of his at home. He then says the Bob Armstrong needs his eyes opening to a few things and they’re going to open them today, he guarantees it. Bruiser Bedlam & Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers - as soon as Armstrong steps in the ring Cornette throws a cup of something in his face (Bob Caudle says it is alcohol) and is taken out of the match. Tracey wrestles the first few minutes on his own before Tony Anthony comes out and on to the apron to take the Bullet’s place. All four men are in the ring and with Mark Curtis pre-occupied with Kyle and Smothers, Cornette cracks the Dirty White Boy in the back with his tennis racket. The Bruiser follows up with a big splash for the three count and the win. FITE and Cornette continue to attack Smothers and the White Boy after the match hitting them with the tennis racket, but all it does is bring back out Bob Armstrong and his baseball bat who clears the ring of them. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers & Tony Anthony - the Dirty White Boy says that Bruiser Bedlam claims to be the toughest man from the docks of Detroit, then how come he has to have a momma’s boy come out and hit him in the back to beat him? It’s because he isn’t a man and hasn’t got the guts to come head on, eyeball to eyeball with the Dirty White Boy. He then warns Cornette that if he ever gets his hands on him he’s going to stomp his stinking guts out and there is nothing his Union can do about it. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired September 3, 1994 Tracey Smothers vs Brian Logan Lance Storm (w/ Chris Jericho) vs Chris Hamrick Recap of Chris Candido vs Lance Storm from last week INT: Tammy Fytch & Chris Candido & Boo Bradley - Candido says that the only reason Lance Storm beat him is because that backstabbing ingrate Brian Lee attacked him from behind. Ricky Morton is still trying to get the hood off his head but it will only come off when his beautiful, natural blonde hair has fully grown back. He hasn’t managed to shave Morton’s hair yet, but it is going to happen. When Bob Caudle asks Tammy if she can control Boo Bradley, she says that she was worried about him chasing all the dogs in the neighborhood, but he ate all the dogs! He’s the best thing she’s ever owned, better than Brian Lee who wouldn’t listen to her, and now with someone that she can control they’re going to get revenge on Ricky Morton, The Thrillseekers and Brian Lee. Recap of Tony Anthony vs Killer Kyle from last week INT: Tony Anthony - says that Bruiser Bedlam may be the toughest man from the docks of Detroit but they’re not in Detroit, they’re in the Smoky Mountain Wrestling area. He worked long and hard for this title and he’s not about to let some Yankee and a momma’s boy take it from him. Bruiser Bedlam jumped him from behind, his ribs are still sore and now they’ve got a score to settle and he’ll be seeing him real soon. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Doug Dalton Sherlock Cornette vignette - he’s been trying to find out who the new Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling is but no-one will tell him. He’s made a few phone calls and received an anonymous tip off that he should come to this location, which he believes means that the new Commissioner is inside this building. He’s going to find him and make him see things his way so that Smoky Mountain Wrestling will be run a lot better than it has been. First he wants to talk about the Dirty White Boy, and he will have already seen what Bruiser Bedlam is capable of in today’s show, but maybe he hasn’t fully thought or realized what he can do. Cornette reminds everyone that he beat Randy Savage in the Knoxville Coliseum, can bench press 600lbs, breaks beer bottles over his head, can hold a truck back with the power of his legs and can drive nails through boards with his bare hands (all while clips of these air). He says that Bedlam is the world’s most dangerous wrestler and he’s coming after the Dirty White Boy and the SMW Heavyweight title. The White Boy may have had lots of trials and tribulations in the past, but he’s never seen anyone who can do anything to him like Bruiser Bedlam can. Sherlock Cornette finally knocks on the door to the building and when it’s answered says that he’s heard the new Commissioner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling is working here and he would like to speak to him. The guy tells him that this is a funeral home before closing the door on him! Cornette wonders if someone is trying to tell him something and then tells them to turn the camera off. Video package on what led to the upcoming Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas match Rock & Roll Express vs The Gangstas - a combination sunset flip and dropkick from the Rock & Rolls on Mustafa sees them score the pin. The Gangstas jump the Rock & Rolls after the match and throw Gibson over the top rope to the arena floor. Their security then get in the ring and the four of them start putting the boots to Morton and beating him with nightsticks a la Rodney King. Morton ends up getting busted open while they manage to keep Gibson at bay from helping his partner. Pretty lackluster match especially when you consider New Jack’s promos leading up to this and how they were coming to ‘fight’ with the Rock & Roll Express, the post-match beatdown was the highlight. INT: The Gangstas - New Jack says that they’ve set the tone for what’s going to happen to the Rock & Roll Express in the days to come…if they make it that far. He told them that he’s not someone to be played with and sooner or later he’d get them. Sure, they may beat them wrestling, but not when it comes to fighting. He’s a bad man and this is only the beginning of a whole lotta lumps upside their head, the beginning of a whole lotta trips to the hospital and the beginning of seeing what happens when you run with someone from South Central. They’re the wrong niggas to mess with and don’t the Rock & Roll Express ever forget it. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired August 27, 1994 INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette thinks it’s garbage that he can have the finest tag team combination in pro wrestling stood here next to him and they can’t get in the ring. The Rock & Roll Express got one fluke win over the Heavenly Bodies and they’ve been riding that stipulation ever since. He wants them to drop their complaint and allow the Bodies to face them one more time just so they can show everyone that they can beat the Rock & Roll Express. If the Rock & Rolls have one gut in their body they will come out and allow them to wrestle one more time, it doesn’t even have to be for the title belts or be sanctioned. The Express join them and say that if they want a match they can have a match, but with one stipulation. The Heavenly Bodies always have a manager in their corner and for this match they’re going to have a manager of their own, when out comes Bob Armstrong. Cornette isn’t happy but says if that’s the way it’s got to be he’ll take it. Don’t like this at all. Why are the Bodies back so soon after losing the match to the Rock & Rolls at Bluegrass Brawl? Why after everything are the Rock & Rolls just rolling over and giving them this match? It all seems very rushed and incredibly lazy booking to return to this feud, not to mention the stipulations of that Bluegrass Brawl match not being honoured. The Gangstas vs Chris Hamrick & Dan Dubiel INT: The Gangstas - Bob Caudle says how they’ve gone to humiliating their opponents with an ‘x’ after they’ve beaten them in the ring. New Jack says that for 400 years his ancestors got humiliated. They were chained in the bowels of a slave ship and bought over here, but then they built this country up and now they want them to leave? That’s not going to happen and they’re going to stay whether they like it or not. The Rock & Roll Express have got to stop dodging them and put their name on the dotted line to face them. They may have beaten the likes of the Midnight Express, Doom and the Road Warriors but that was wrestling, they haven’t been in a Street Fight yet and they want to fight them. Sooner or later they are going to have to get with New Jack and Mustafa. Rock & Roll is dead, Rap is in! Recap of Tony Anthony vs Bruiser Bedlam from last week Tony Anthony vs Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) - the Dirty White Boy gets the win, but is jumped by Bruiser Bedlam after the match. The Union of FITE start double teaming and beating on him until Tracey Smothers and Bob Armstrong make the save. Personality Profile w/ Chris Candido - Les Thatcher opens by recapping the Brian Lee & Chris Candido vs Rock & Roll Express match from last week and the post-match where Tammy Fytch fired Primetime. Back in the studio and Candido says everyone thinks it’s real funny that he’s wearing this hood to cover up his bald head. They beat Ricky Morton fair and square and if he was a real man he would’ve sat in the middle of the ring and shaved his head, instead he attacked him like a coward and tried to mutilate him. Now Morton wants these matches against him, where if he beats him he’s got to take off this hood and show all these hillbillies his bald head, but if he beats Ricky Morton then he has to shave his head. He turns his attention to Brian Lee and says that he was a hindrance to him and that he carried that big goof on his back for six months. What he and Tammy Fytch need in a partner is someone big, strong and stupid, and whilst Brian Lee was all of those things, they’ve now got someone bigger, stronger and even stupider than him. When he was back in New Jersey there was this kid who was bigger than everyone else, meaner than everyone else and he knew him all the way through Grade school. Every day he was beating kids up, stealing their lunch money, stealing their milk money and when everyone would start getting on his case, while he could take care of one or two of them, when a whole bunch would jump on him, for the price of half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this guy would come and take each and every one of them out. He kept in touch with him and when he went back home to New Jersey recently, he walked round the alleys of Asbury Park and found his buddy. He asks Tammy Fytch to bring him out, her new pet, his longtime buddy, a stupid idiot, a goof, a complete moron, but the toughest guy you’ll ever meet, Boo Bradley. Tammy has a leash round Bradley’s neck and he is crawling on the canvas and barking like he is a dog. Candido says that Bradley is his new tag team partner, he does whatever Tammy Fytch says, and they’re going to get back the SMW tag team titles. Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Lance Storm (w/ Chris Jericho) - Boo Bradley comes out to ringside and starts stalking after Chris Jericho. Candido sets Storm up for the Suicideplex, but with Mark Curtis distracted by what’s going on outside, Brian Lee rushes out and throws Candido from the top turnbuckle to the canvas. Storm then comes off the top with a big splash to become the new TV champion. Heavenly Bodies (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Rock & Roll Express (w/ Bob Armstrong) - double dropkick to Jimmy Del Ray, but Cornette pulls Mark Curtis out of the ring before he can count the three. Bob Armstrong is around, slugs Cornette and then throws Curtis back in the ring. Robert Gibson with a Thesz press on Del Ray, Ricky Morton with a cross body on Tom Prichard and both members of the Heavenly Bodies end up getting pinned. INT: Tony Anthony - says that he’s got a lot of matches already signed for his SMW Heavyweight title, but he’s going to talk to the Board of Directors as the only person he wants is Bruiser Bedlam. They’ve a score that they need to settle and if Jim Cornette gets involved he’s going to squeeze his neck until his eyes pop out. He went through hell and back to get this title and there is no way Bruiser Bedlam is going to take it from him. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired August 6, 1994 Northwest Ashe High School, Warrensville, NC INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong - they say it’s been a long time coming, but today is the day the Armstrong brothers finally get a chance at the tag team titles Tony Anthony vs Brian Logan INT: Jim Cornette & Chris Walker - Cornette says that the Dirty White Boy may be worried about Dick Slater tonight at Fire on the Mountain, but the newest member of the Union, ‘the Ultimate Male’ Conan Chris Walker is in his future. Footage then airs of the closing moments of a Battle Royal from Chilhowie, VA which Cornette narrates over. He claims that the Dirty White Boy viciously attacked him from behind without provocation and he bravely stood up to him to try and fight him off, but he used every underhand tactic in the book to get the upper hand. He was cowering back from him saying “Please Jim Cornette don’t beat me anymore,” then while his back was turned as he was trying to assist some old lady in the front row, the Dirty White Boy attacked him from behind and he slipped on a banana peel and fell to the ground. Thankfully his newest Union member Chris Walker was there to save the day, and even though the White Boy tried to attack him from behind as well, Chris Walker is too much of a man for him. Walker literally demolishes the White Boy until he slips on the same banana peel that he did! The Dirty White Boy was scared though, he feared for his life and had every intent of running from the ring, when thankfully a fan out of the front row threw something in his eyes that blinded him and he wasn’t able to run away (it was actually Cornette throwing his powder in Anthony’s eyes). Walker puts the White Boy in the Torture Rack backbreaker and Cornette says that although he might be the SMW Heavyweight champion now, when the ‘Ultimate Male’ Chris Walker gets his hands on him one more time in a title match he’ll be the ex-champion. Chris Walker will bring the gold back to the Union and it will be the first time ever that Jim Cornette has managed the SMW Heavyweight champion! Cornette’s narrating over the video is very funny. I have no recollection whatsoever of Walker ever wrestling in SMW so will be interesting to see how long he is around for or whether this is it? INT: Tony Anthony - he can’t wait for Fire on the Mountain tonight. He was sitting back at home and the Dirty White Girl told him he was laying back too much, that he needed to start getting mean and nasty, that he needs to rip somebody’s eyeball out, rip a head off, and stick his fist down someone’s throat. That’s exactly what he’s going to do to Dick Slater and as far as Jim Cornette and Chris Walker are concerned he’ll see them later in the week. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says that everyone knows tonight is Fire on the Mountain, that the Rock & Roll Express are always full of surprises and they’ve got a great surprise for everyone in Johnson City. He then gets them to put a photo of Tammy Fytch up on screen, but then replaces it with a mock-up of her without any hair (although to be fair she still looks hot). He promises that they are going to cut someone’s hair in Johnson City, the head games are over and Tammy Fytch is going home looking like Kojak. The Thrillseekers vs Chris Hamrick & Anthony Michaels INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - repeat from 7/23 INT: The Thrillseekers - they’ve waited a long time and this week it’s their chance to finally get some revenge and get their hands on the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette The Thrillseekers music video - Van Halen ‘Top of the World’ The Gangstas vs Scott Studd & Steve Skyfire INT: The Gangstas - New Jack doesn’t care if it’s the Rock & Roll Express, The Thrillseekers or the Dirty White Boy, the Gangstas are going to get you. If you’re familiar with the Rodney King beating, they just did the reverse to that redneck in the ring. None of these tobacco chewers can whip him and if they think they can, get in the ring and he’ll beat them like they used to beat his ancestors. If you hit him he’ll hit you back and the only thing they’ve got in common is that they both don’t like Martin Luther King. He doesn’t like him because if you smacked Martin Luther King he just turned the other cheek, but if you smack New Jack or Mustafa they’ll beat you like they own you. Sooner or later they’re going to get what they came for and the Rock & Roll Express better watch their backs because these country, tobacco chewing hog heads are going to see them get beaten like they’ve never been beaten before, you can take that to the bank. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - tonight’s the night of the ‘Texas Death’ match, but before Cornette gets going he wants to hear what a couple of “real men,” the masters of the ‘Texas Death’ match, Terry and Dory Funk Jr. have to say. Dory runs down the rules (like he did previously for the Terry Funk vs The Bullet ‘Texas Death’ match) and says that together they have never lost a ‘Texas Death’ match and you will never see the Funk brothers quit or give up in one either. Terry is trying to reel off the names of the Armstrongs but is struggling because there is so many of them. He finally remembers Brian and says that he is going to be on his knees begging for them to “leave his daddy alone” and for the match to stop, but he’s not going to leave him alone because this is the match their father made famous. He had over 240 of them, never lost one and had a match against ‘Iron’ Mike Dibiase that went four and a half hours, where he received 36 stitches in his head and the police had to be called in to stop it. Dibiase received 40-50 stitches, he went to the hospital and didn’t get out of there for weeks while his father was up and dancing the very next day. There is one thing that a Funk has that an Armstrong or a Dibiase doesn’t, and that’s a heart. They may not be the world’s greatest wrestlers, but they’ve got more guts and pride and the Armstrong’s are going to see their daddy stay down for a lifetime as the gravedigger is coming! Back in the studio and Cornette gives a final run down and reminder about tonight’s ‘Texas Death’ match, before saying that it’s going to be the final chance to get his revenge on Bob Armstrong and his whole green acres assemblage! INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers & Ron Wright - Armstrong says that all the walking and talking is over with, tonight’s the night, but before he says another word he wants everyone to hear from Road Warrior Hawk himself. We get a taped promo from Hawk before returning back to the studio. Smothers says that the ‘Texas Death’ match might by the Funk’s speciality, but he’s got partners in Bob Armstrong and Road Warrior Hawk that’s going to take care of them. Wright tells Cornette that he used to think he had a loaded boot, well now he’s got a walking cane loaded with lead that weighs 9.5lbs. When he wraps it around his head there isn’t going to be anything left of him and if they throw those men he’s managing out the ring he is going to wrap it around their heads too because they’re going to walk out of there victorious and you can put that down in the record books. Armstrong says that they are going to feel the power of the people tonight in Johnson City. Only one man has ever beaten Terry Funk in a ‘Texas Death’ match before, so now he’s gone and surrounded himself with people, but he’s got the ‘Wild Eyed’ Southern Boy, Road Warrior Hawk and the meanest man to ever come out of the Smoky Mountain with him and tonight they’re going to finish it once and for all. Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Steve & Scott Armstrong - with all four men in the ring and Mark Curtis preoccupied with Steve and Lee, Tammy Fytch hands her purse to Candido who nails Scott with it. Robert Gibson runs out and gets up on the apron to try and get Curtis’ attention but Candido clobbers him too. Ricky Morton is out next, gets hold of the purse and wallops Candido with it, however right at that moment Curtis turns round to see it and DQ’s the Armstrong’s costing them the match. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired July 16, 1994 Northwest Ashe High School, Warrensville, NC INT: Tony Anthony - he’s the new SMW Heavyweight champion (phantom title change as Jake Roberts had no showed a number of live cards). He’s proved, not only to himself, but to all the fans and especially the Dirty White Girl that he was the better man, and any time Jake the Snake wants another shot at him all he’s got to do is slither back into the ring. On 8/5 in Knoxville, TN he’s facing Terry Gordy and the very next night on 8/6 in Johnson City, TN he’s taking on Dick Slater. He’s fought long and hard to get this belt back around his waist, so Gordy and Slater better lace them up and get ready for some action. Steve & Scott Armstrong vs Chris Hamrick & Steve Skyfire INT: Steve & Scott Armstrong - they say that Night of Legends is one of the biggest nights in the history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and it’s a little disappointing to not be part of it and be their father’s partner in the six-man tag team match, although their goals remain the SMW tag team titles. As of 8/5 their father won’t be Commissioner and maybe that’s held them back in the past from getting title shots as he didn’t want to be accused of showing favouritism, but now they’re finally going to make sure that they get those belts around their waists. INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers - Armstrong & Smothers along with a mystery partner will be facing the Terry & Dory Funk Jr. & Bruiser Bedlam, with Jim Cornette in their corner, at the Night of Legends. Bob has some stipulations for this match, but as usual, so does Cornette. He did want a ‘Coward Waves the Flag’ match, but Cornette said he wouldn’t do that unless they agreed to something in return. Les Thatcher says that they have a videotape from Jim Cornette and plays it so everyone can hear what he has to say. He is sat in his Union headquarters and has finally got what he wanted as Bob Armstrong has resigned as Commissioner of SMW and effective of 8/5 he’ll no longer be Commissioner as he wanted to get back in the ring and get his hands on his Union. He received some communication from Armstrong in the post that he wants to take Tracey Smother as his partner and face the Funks and Bruiser Bedlam. When he questions that would be 2 vs 3, they said how he wants a mystery partner to be his third person, so he started thinking that Armstrong must have something up his sleeve. The contracts arrived and ‘Bullet’ Bob wants it to be a ‘Coward Waves the Flag’ match, but says that he wasn’t born yesterday and Jim Cornette has conditions on everything and Jim Cornette gets what he wants. He then put a clause in the contract and the only way he’ll agree to it is if there are two six-man tag team matches and not just the one, because if Armstrong gets the kind of match that he wants, he also wants to get a match of his choosing, that’s the only way he’ll agree to things without knowing who their partner is. On 5/8 at the Night of Legends in Knoxville, TN it’s a ‘Coward Waves the Flag’ match and he doesn’t know who they’ve got waving their flag, but he doesn’t care about his men’s health so he’s certainly not going to wave the flag because he doesn’t want to lose. The next night, 8/6 it’s Fire on the Mountain in Johnson City, TN and it’s going to be a ‘Texas Death’ match; the Funk family invented it, there are no rules, you fight with everything you’ve got and the only way to win is to beat your opponent down so bad they can’t continue and they have to wave it off. This way he gets what he wants and Bob Armstrong gets what he wants, but he still wants to know who he’s turning the Commissionership over to and who this mystery partner is? Back in the studio and Thatcher wants to know who is going to be in their corner and waving the flag for them? Armstrong says he thought about who they needed and it turns out Tracey and he were thinking of the same person. Tracey says he’s the toughest, meanest man the Lord ever put on the earth and even if their arms were cut off he wouldn’t wave that flag. Bob says that his man has put knots on his head, scars on his face and is the meanest man to come out of the Smoky Mountains, Mr Ron Wright (who is looking rather dapper in his white tuxedo). Ron says they can guarantee they’ve picked one of the meanest men in the world with the worst temper, and they better not get in that ring and think he’s going to wave the flag for any reason, as they could take their heads off and he still wouldn’t wave it. In fact he’s going to take the flag, dip it in concrete and it’ll be wrapped up so solid that it will be impossible to wave, although if Jim Cornette gets involved in the match he may wrap it around his head!. Thatcher says that it sounds like they are planning on making this one of the worst nights in Jim Cornette’s life, but they have some video of what may very well be one of the worst nights in his career. That night is Starcade ’86 ‘Night of the Skywalkers’ and we see the awful bumps that the Midnight Express and Cornette take from the scaffold. Armstrong decides that it’s about time they told everyone who their third man is, and it will be Road Warrior Hawk. Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are watching from the dressing room and they head straight to the ring on the announcement. Cornette is irate and besides himself banging on the ring saying that they can’t do that! Excellent segment and although I’d had enough of the Cornette and Armstrong feud, this and the previous week’s promo where Bob relinquished the Commissionership has got me interested in these matches at least. Great to see Ron Wright back and cutting promos as I’ve missed him, whilst Cornette and the Bullet are tremendous as you would come to expect from these two by now. Rock & Roll Express vs The Infernos Recap of the ‘Hair vs Hair’ contract signing from last week INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says it’s all coming down to the ‘Hair vs Hair’ match at Fire on the Mountain on 8/6. The night before they have a title match against Brian Lee & Chris Candido, and Tammy Fytch will be handcuffed to the legend Ricky Gibson. They know that if they can beat them for the belts in Knoxville they’re already the winners when it comes to Fire on the Mountain in Johnson City. Recap of The Thrillseekers pushing Jim Cornette’s face in a cake from last week Fan footage of The Thrillseekers arriving at the arena and getting jumped by Jim Cornette and two masked men. A woman was filming her children getting some autographs and their picture taken with Mark Curtis, when the Thrillseekers arrived at the arena soon followed by Cornette and the masked assailiants. This is very Bill Wattsesque in there is a plausible and logical reason for the attack being caught on camera. INT: The Thrillseekers - they say that Jim Cornette can deny it all he likes but they know it was the Heavenly Bodies that beat them up in the parking lot, and thanks to that fan’s videotape they’ve got proof. Lance Storm says that Chris Jericho took 18 stitches to the back of his head, while his face has looked better. The Heavenly Bodies may be great but they’re not rolling over for anybody. Jericho says that the Heavenly Bodies were banned from Smoky Mountain when they lost to the Rock & Roll Express at the Bluegrass Brawl and now they want to come back. They could take it to the courts and file a grievance but Jim Cornette would tie it up for weeks, months and years and that’s not how they want to decide this. The only thing they could think to do legally to get them back in the ring was talk to SMW, who in turn talked to the WWF, who in turn told the Heavenly Bodies that they have to come back to Smoky Mountain for a week. If a week’s all they’ve got that’s fine because they’re not going to forget what the Heavenly Bodies did to them and they made a big mistake when they jumped them from behind. Good stuff from Jericho here. INT: Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies - Cornette claims that he’s getting accused of being responsible for things that he had nothing to do with. The Thrillseekers got attacked in the parking lot, that’s not his fault, it was two guys in masks that did it, but now they’re claiming that he was responsible for it and it was the Heavenly Bodies who were under those masks and thanks to some snoopy lady with a video camera trying to get autographs for her snot nosed kids they’ve got tape of it. It’s that kind of snoopiness in America today that got those fine upstandind Los Angeles police officers in hot water for trying to apprehend that convicted felon Rodney King! He claims that the videotape shows him trying to pull the masked guys off The Thrillseekers because he knew they couldn’t take it, but they just wouldn’t let it lie. They went to the promoters in SMW, they came to the WWF, and the result is that the WWF are not going to sign any matches for the Heavenly Bodies between the period of 8/5 and 8/13. They’re going to force the Heavenly Bodies under threat of a heavy fine to go back to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to meet The Thrillseekers so that they can get their revenge. They don’t want to do it in a court of law because they haven’t got any evidence, they want to do it in a wrestling ring. Cornette says that the ban hasn’t been lifted, but for one glorious week the Heavenly Bodies are back in SMW to teach The Thrillseekers a lesson. Despite how well this was done and explained, I can’t say I’m overly impressed with the Heavenly Bodies being back a little over four months after losing the ‘Loser Leaves SMW’ match to the Rock & Roll Express. Sadly just another example of Cornette not adhering to stipulations, although the straw that broke the camel’s back is just around the corner now. SMW Night of Legends update - Les Thatchers profiles Bob Orton Jr., Ricky Gibson and ‘Dandy’ Jack Donovan INT: Tammy Fytch & Brian Lee & Chris Candido - Tammy thinks the entire world has something against her and she can’t understand why? At Night of Legends she has to be handcuffed to Ricky Gibson and then at Fire on the Mountain it’s a ‘Hair vs Hair’ match and if her boys lose it is her hair that will be shaved! She’s hiring the best lawyers possible to try and get out of these contracts but the problem with that is it’s depleting her bank account. What she has done is start a legal defence fund so that all her loyal and gracious fans can contribute some money towards her defence, and help her to try and get out of those contracts. She knows that all these wonderful people out there will send in plenty of money for her! Funny segment but very reminiscent of the Ron Wright angle a couple of years previously where he wanted the fans to send in money for his hip implant surgery. Tracey Smothers vs Brian Lee (w/ Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch) - Lee has Smothers on his shoulders and he spins round with him but accidentally knocks down Mark Curtis in the process. Candido gets in the ring to interfere but this only brings out the Rock & Roll Express. They pull Candido back out the ring, give the double dropkick to Primetime, roll out the ring themselves and as Tracey is covering Lee, Curtis comes back around and counts the three. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Cornette says that Road Warrior Hawk is a convicted murderer. He’s a felon who attempted to take his life at Starcade ’86 when he knocked him off a 25ft scaffold. If Smoky Mountain Wrestling allow him to come in for Night of Legends and Fire on the Mountain, then he and his Union of FITE will go on strike and they’ll bring SMW to a standstill. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired June 11, 1994 Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN Tracey Smothers vs Brian Logan INT: Bob Armstrong & Tracey Smothers - Bob announces that this year’s Summerblast tour will run from 7/1 to 7/9 and later on he’s got a special announcement just for the ears of James E. Cornette. Smothers says that Bruiser Bedlam is an animal, he’s the ‘Motor City Madman’, he can drive nails with his fists, break bricks and glass bottles over his head, but he’s going to knock him into the next area code in the ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match. He tells Armstrong that as much as he wants to get back in the ring they need him as Commissioner to keep Cornette and his criminals in check, so leave the fighting to him and the boys. Recap of Brian Lee & Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze & Mike Furnas from last week INT: Ricky Morton - says ever since Chris Candido piledrove him he’s been trying to get back at him, and now they have these ‘Piledriver’ matches where the only way to win is by piledriving your opponent. Although Bob Armstrong has said the matches will be unsanctioned, the title will still be on the line and the only thing they are concerned with is getting those titles back around their waists, they don’t care as they have been in all kinds of matches. Morton asks Tammy Fytch to come out as he would like to talk to her for a few minutes. She makes her way out but seems a little cautious and nervous about things. Morton says that ever since they’ve been wrestling Brian Lee & Chris Candido, Tammy has done one thing to them, so Robert and he have got a little something for her. Robert Gibson then appears from the back and empties a bucket of dirt (which they sell as manure) over her head. Candido and Lee comes rushing out to help her but are a little put off by the ‘smell’. INT: Tammy Fytch & Brian Lee & Chris Candido - Tammy is hysterical and in tears saying look at what they did to her. It’s not fair, she’s going to get both of them, before Primetime picks her up, puts her over his shoulder and carries her out of there. Handicap Match: Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs James Atkins & Chris Hamrick - Bedlam gets the win but puts the stomach claw on them both after the match and Mark Curtis reverses the decision DQ’ing him. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Bob Caudle says that the Bruiser has once again proven that he’s rough, tough and vicious, but he thinks there’s going to be some blood let in the ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match, to which Cornette interjects there sure is, it’s all going to be red blood, redneck blood, Tracey Smothers’ blood. Tracey wanted this ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match with metal all across the knuckles of the glove, and the first person who gets it can use it whatever way they want. He may be able to climb a pole but that’s of no concern to either of them because once he climbs up there and gets that glove, he’s just saving the Bruiser the trouble of having to go get it himself. He’s going to bring it right to him like a dog playing fetch with his master, only instead of bringing a newspaper he’s going to be bringing the instrument of his own destruction. Tracey Smothers is out of his mind if he thinks he’s going to knock out the Bruiser as you can’t knock him out whatever you hit him with. All that’s going to happen is that Smothers is going to get that glove, he’ll bring it down into the ring, the Bruiser will take it off him, he’ll put it on and then split Tracey like a ripe melon. Brass Knux, chains, chairs, bottles, blackjacks, Bruiser Bedlam has used them all and taken them all in his line of work and no man has been able to put him down yet. The challenge still goes to any dock workers, construction workers, truckers or anybody that thinks they’re bad, try the Bruiser and you’ll find out just how bad you are. Les Thatcher’s ‘History of Pro Wrestling in Knoxville’ INT: Bob & Steve & Scott Armstrong - dressing room interview. Bob says that everybody is talking about this year’s Summerblast tour and it’s going to be real special to the Armstrong family as the question has arisen who is the most famous family in wrestling, who’s the family that can get it done? Everyone knows that the Funk brothers are the only brothers to have held the NWA World championship at different times, but you could say it’s like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Dory Funk has tried to cripple him but he’s still standing and the Armstrongs are still here. By the time his boys were two year’s old he was giving them bodyslams, they’re used to punishment and know how to take it. In their home town the question of who is the most famous family in wrestling will be answered, his boys maybe younger and may not have the experience, but they have the desire. Scott says that they have idolized and respected the Funks, but now they’ve done something to their father and when you bruise one Armstrong you bruise the whole family. Come Summerblast they’re going to take care of business. INT: Jim Cornette & Dory Funk Jr. - Cornette says that now the sons are going to suffer for the sins of their father. Scott and Steve want to pick up daddy’s crusade and take on the most legendary brother combination in the history of wrestling, the Funk brothers. Bob Armstrong is too cowardly to get back in the ring and is claiming he can’t because he doesn’t want to relinquish the Commissionership. The reason he won’t relinquish it is because he’ll get his brains beat out by guys like the Funk brothers, so now he’s sending his sons in there but they’re in way over their heads. At Summerblast they’re going to find out what it’s like to be in the ring with real legends, not a couple of local, yokel heroes. Dory says that he never forgets a wrestling match and many years ago he whipped and beat Bob Armstrong in the Macon Coliseum until he wouldn’t come back. He tells Scott and Steve that they’re stepping in the ring with the wrong people when they step in there with the Funk brothers; Terry is the most crazy, wildest man in all of wrestling and while he may look different, he’s not far behind him. It’s okay for Scott and Steve to be afraid of them and to back out because they have the reputation to back everything up. Christ Dory is a terrible interview. INT: Jake Roberts - he says it’s okay, Jake the Snake is still your champion, Smoky Mountain can be proud one more day and in him there’s a man parents can tell their children to look up to. A lot of people are talking a lot of garbage about him at the moment so he needs to address a few things. He tells the Dirty White Boy that he did him a favour, that it was the humane thing to do, to put the Dirty White Girl out of her misery the way he did. The White Boy is a lucky man, “the fortunate son” as it could have been him, he should thank the Dirty White Girl and not worry about her forgiving him. Kendo the Samurai vs Tony Anthony - Jake Roberts comes down to ringside and starts taunting the Dirty White Boy with the belt. Bucksnort Blaster on Kendo but Mark Curtis is dealing with Jake on the outside. The White Boy gets off Kendo and goes over to them, but Kendo shoulder charges Anthony and he takes a fall out the ring. Roberts tips a drink over him before absolutely leathering him with the belt which lays him out and costs him the match via count out. Kendo is the least convincing oriental wrestler ever! INT: Tony Anthony - Bob Caudle is starting to wonder if there is such a thing as justice as what happened just now was completely uncalled for and a travesty as Jake Roberts had no business being out there. The Dirty White Boy says that his momma told him a long time ago that one of these days he’s going to have to face the devil and maybe this is his time? He goes home at night and wonders whether his dog and wife still think that he’s the man he used to be? Is he still the man she married? He just wants to be able to walk down the road with his wife beside him, her head held high proud of him. He doesn’t want her to be scared in public, afraid to be seen with him to where she has to say ‘my husband’s a loser’. He tells Jake that nobody in his family is going to be ashamed of him and from this day forth his family is going to walk beside him with their heads held high, because if he doesn’t take him out, he’ll quit. Great interview, those quiet, hushed tones again. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired November 19, 1994 Chris Candido & Boo Bradley (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Anthony Michaels & James Adkins INT: Chris Candido & Boo Bradley & Tammy Fytch - Candido says how happy he is to be back in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and he knows the people are glad to have him back too! He tells Brian Lee that he is an idiot, he’s got an idiot for a partner and come Thanksgiving Thunder they’re taking those two morons out. Fytch tells Boo that if he doesn’t want anything to happen to this kitten of his he’ll do exactly as she says and promises that Lee and Cactus won’t be in one piece when they get through with them. Wrestler’s Eye View w/ Cactus Jack & Brian Lee - Cactus calls out the number ‘9’ and Lee slams him, drops an elbow and covers him. Cactus says that they’ve a new Brian Lee on their hands as the old Brian Lee would’ve been too polite to slam and cover him during an interview. He’s not just a wrestler, he’s a motivator and Brian Lee is motivated like he’s never been motivated before. As a motivator he has no peers, but as a communicator he’s finding out the only way he can reach out and touch Boo Bradley is to reach out and touch Boo Bradley. Boo is like a giant refrigerator with a bunch of spoiled hamburger meat inside and the only way to fix the problem is by walking around pretending the whole thing doesn’t stink, or by opening the door, throwing that meat out and cleaning up the problem. Chris Candido is hamburger meat in Brian Lee’s hands, he’s the refrigerator repair man and Boo Bradley will be fixed. INT: Tracey Smothers - the segment opens by recapping the Bryant Anderson vs Tracey Smothers match from last week and the post-match action. Smothers says that he did what he said he would do if Bryant beat him and that he would shake his hand. He did that but Anderson sucker punched him and he’s going to get even at Thanksgiving Thunder. Bryant Anderson vs George South - Tracey Smothers is on commentary for this match. Anderson gets on the mic after the match and tell Smothers that what he did to George South is exactly what he’s going to do to him, and if he’s got the guts, get in the ring and face him now. Smothers leaves the commentary position and goes and gets in the ring. The two of them get into a shoving contest but end up being kept apart by Mark Curtis and Ron West. Confrontation w/ Jim Cornette & Bob Armstrong - Cornette says that as of next week after Thanksgiving Thunder, Bob Armstrong is going to be out of his life and out of his hair. He sees that Armstrong is out here all on his decrepit, lonesome self, which means that, as he suspected, Armstrong has been the Commissioner all along and he’s going to sue him and have him in so many courtrooms for this con job he’s pulled on him, the people and all of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Armstrong says that he knew Cornette would be in touch with his lawyers so he came prepared. He had to look over a long list to find a man who thought like him, who has the same values as he does and would give everyone a fair shake. He was struggling to find someone who fit the bill and then a light bulb went off and the man who should replace him as Commissioner was right under his nose. He then introduces the new Commissioner and it’s Scott Armstong. Needless to say Cornette isn’t happy. Bob Armstrong has perpetrated another one on him and while he may be smiling and laughing now, come Thanksgiving Thunder, Abdullah the Butcher is going to make him and hors d’oeuvre in an Armstrong pie! Armstrong reiterates why he chose the stipulations for this match (including clips from his match against Terry Funk in February) and that no amount of money would buy that satisfaction. He wants all the fans that Jim Cornette has insulted to be there because when Cornette kisses his feet he wants them to feel like he is kissing theirs too. Talk is that Bill Watts was supposed to be the mystery Commissioner and it certainly makes sense. Scott Armstrong comes across as a substitute or a last minute replacement as surely they wouldn’t have built this angle for so long and have him as the pay off?) INT: The Gangstas - repeat from 11/5 INT: Rock & Roll Express INT: Tony Anthony - today’s main event will be him against Bruiser Bedlam in a strap match. He’s sure that Jim Cornette will be at ringside in the Bruiser’s corner and while Ron Wright was supposed to be in his, he’s not here, so he will have to go it alone. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Cornette says that it’s so sad that Wright won’t be here today as he had his Geritol on ice for him in the back, his milk of magnesia and he wanted him to see Bruiser Bedlam beat the Dirty White Boy for the SMW Heavyweight title. He warns Wright that he’s going down at Thanksgiving Thunder, just like Muhammad Ali was great in his day, he stepped in the ring one too many times and got his brain scrambled on the end of a fist sandwich. Strap Match: Tony Anthony vs Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) - Bucksnort Blaster and the Dirty White Boy touches three of the corners, but before he can get to the fourth Cornette gets in the ring and cracks him in the back with his tennis racket. Bedlam puts the boots to the White Boy when from the other side, out comes Ron Wright. He nails Cornette and starts beating on him until he and the White Boy clear the ring of them both. A terrible, screwy ending, but great post-match with Ron Wright. INT: Tony Anthony & Ron Wright - the Dirty White Boy says that does Jim Cornette believe he was the only man who knew how to be devious? What just happened out here was a little example of what came out of Ron Wright’s rulebook, which means there are no rules, anything could happen and he should get ready for the whipping of a lifetime. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired June 4, 1994 Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN Rock & Roll Express vs Killer Kyle & James Atkins INT: Tammy Fytch - she’s called a press conference to answer some of the controversies that have come up recently. There have been some questions as to who is the ‘boss’ in the team of Brian Lee & Chris Candido is? Obviously this has come from the male media as everyone knows that when a woman is involved the woman is in charge because women, unlike men, are born leaders. She calls the shots for the tag team champions, but occasionally she’ll let Brian and Chris think it was their idea just to keep them happy. There has been some concern as to whether there is a conflict between Chris and Brian? Obviously the people who are asking these questions have never attended a business class like she has, because anyone who has half a brain should know, all CEO’s of major companies keep competitiveness between their employees to increase productivity. Brian and Chris may argue once in a while, but that’s just to impress her as they both want to do the best they can for her. As far as the ‘Piledriver’ match that Bob Armstrong has forced them into, she thinks that it’s ridiculous. Not only are Smoky Mountain Wrestling trying to make them lose the belts, but they are trying to hurt them as well. When Chris Candido used the piledriver on Ricky Morton it was in self-defence, he didn’t want to do it, he just had to in order to save his life. She knows that the Rock & Rolls can’t beat them in a regular match but they may be able to piledrive them, so she doesn’t care what it takes, they’re going to make sure that they piledrive them first. It’s amazing how far Tammy has come in just over a year and she looks fantastic here. Recap of Bruiser Bedlam vs Randy Savage from Volunteer Slam INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam & Dory Funk Jr. - Cornette says Bob Armstrong is telling his same tale of sorrow, but they proved at the Volunteer Slam that bad things are going to happen to him, his friends and everyone that is associated with him until he wisens up. Bob Armstrong says he can’t get back in the ring to face the Bruiser because he doesn’t want to resign the Commissionership and have it fall into enemy hands again. Cornette says that the Commissionership is going and it’s going to fall back in his hands one way or another, so he may as well give it up and make it easy for himself. Dory almost sends the viewers to sleep talking about the Armstrong boys and how they need to stay away Terry and him. Cornette then says that blood is thicker than water and that they’re going to see a lot of the Armstrong’s blood before this is over, because with the Funk family and Bruiser Bedlam by his side, Bob Armstrong isn’t going to run Smoky Mountain Wrestling for very long. INT: Bob Armstrong - he knows Jim Cornette and his men are trying to goad him into leaving the Commissioner’s chair but that happened once before and he almost ruined Smoky Mountain Wrestling. So he’s not going to let it happen again. As much as he wants to get his hands on Cornette and his cronies, he’s just not going to do that and he’s got something in the back of his mind. Armstrong’s Army still lives, the Armstrong family numbers a few and if he needs help he just has to call for it, he doesn’t have to pay for it like Jim Cornette does. He has friends, his Mama doesn’t have to pay for them and when he asks his friends for help, the Army will be right by his side. He will not resign from the Commissioner’s chair and Jim Cornette can count on that. INT: Tracey Smothers - says that it’s one thing to win a wrestling match, it’s another thing to down your family, but when you pull brass knux out and try to kill him, that’s a heavy deal. There’s no doubt Bruiser Bedlam is a big, bad, strong man, but how come he had to use brass knux to put him down? He’s got a ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match coming up against him and that’s ‘his’ match. He knows he can climb better than him, is quicker than him and if he gets the chance he’ll knock him into the next area code. Well Dunn vs Anthony Michaels & Brian Logan The Thrillseekers music video - Van Halen ‘Top of the World’ Les Thatcher’s ‘History of Pro Wrestling in Knoxville’ - to promote SMW’s Night of Legends show on August 5. Fascinating little segment with old photos, clippings and footage and is much better than Personality Profile. Recap of Jake Roberts vs Tony Anthony from Volunteer Slam INT: Tony Anthony - another man has put their hands on his old lady and Jake Roberts has no idea what’s going through his mind when he sees him drop his wife on her head. Jake can beat on him all night long it doesn’t matter because he can take it, but he messed with his old lady. When they said their vows, for better or for worse, it wasn’t supposed to be anything like this, it’s like he’s taken something from him. The White Girl has said that she forgives him “Don’t worry about it,” but he can’t even look his wife in the eye. Yes she’s forgave him, but he can’t forgive himself. Very different than what you would normally expect from an angry and upset Dirty White Boy. No ranting or raving, very similar in a way to a Jake Roberts interview, speaking quietly and softly and troubled that he wasn’t able to protect his wife. INT: Jake Roberts - he didn’t get a chance to listen to the Dirty White Boy’s interview as some of the other wrestlers in the back were wanting his autograph and pictures with him. He tried to accommodate most, but he’s never liked that Rock & Roll Express and is not going to take pictures with them no matter what they offer him! Jake says that when a child comes into this world does he know how to eat, how to fight, how to lie or how to steal? It’s the parents who teach them what to be, “Thanks Dad!” So whatever he has done is not his fault (Bob Caudle starts shaking his head and going “Oh Jake!”), it’s all because of outside impacts, of other people making the mistakes and “Tony” made the mistake of getting in the ring with him. Whatever he has to do, be it taking his belt or abusing something that he holds on to at night, he’ll do. He’ll hurt them, keep them, use them and when he’s through using them he’ll spit them out. Kendo the Samurai vs Chris Hamrick - Tony Anthony joins them on commentary Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Bobby Blaze & Mike Furnas - Candido & Lee get the win and after the match spike piledrive Blaze. They try to do the same to Furnas, but just before they can the Rock & Roll Express run out for the save. The Express attempt to piledrive first Candido and then Lee, but without success both times). Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired May 21, 1994 Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton has a match against Chris Candido in the main event on today’s show, but the good thing about this match is that Brian Lee will be handcuffed in one corner and Robert Gibson in the other to prevent either from interfering. He’s not worried about Robert, but everyone knows what Brian Lee is capable of doing before warning Candido that he’s going to drop him on his head with the piledriver. Tracey Smothers vs Chris Hamrick INT: Tracey Smothers - he tells Bruiser Bedlam that the Volunteer Slam is over and he doesn’t have to worry about Randy Savage, he has to worry about the ‘Wild Eyed Southern Boy’ and he’s taking up the crusade against Cornette’s Criminals. Bruiser Bedlam w/ Jim Cornette) vs Brian Logan INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Bob Caudle wishes that Jim Cornette could’ve been out here earlier as he thinks Tracey Smothers has Bruiser Bedlam’s number. Cornette says that the only number he’s got is 911 because he’s going to be going to the hospital. That was the easiest $5,000 the Bruiser ever won in his life and he’s the undefeated TV champion. To anybody who thinks they’re big and bad, whether they are a professional wrestler, a truck driver, a bouncer, it doesn’t make any difference Bruiser Bedlam can kick your butt and is willing to at any opportunity. ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong is so noble, he’s on a mission, he’d get in the ring and take care of Bruiser Bedlam and all of his guys, but unfortunately he can’t resign as Commissioner because so many things need to be done around here. It makes Cornette sick to his stomach to see Bob Armstrong and Tracey Smothers on this campaign. If Bob Armstrong wants to get in the ring just resign as Commissioner, that’s all he’s got to do, but now he’s got Tracey Smothers doing his fighting for him. Cornette tells Smothers that he’s a hillbilly and the Bruiser says that hillbillies like to wear white shoes and have white flags so they can run fast and give up the fight. Tracey says that ‘The Bullet’ is like a second father to him, but Cornette wonders how he knows whether he is a first father or second father? From what he understands old man Smothers spent all his time drunk around Springfield staggering from one bar to the next, while Mrs Smothers had so many visitors to her bedroom she had to put a revolving door in the front of it. Tracey rushes out and clubs Bedlam and Cornette. The Bruiser pulls brass knux out of his trunks and nails Smothers which busts him open and he takes a tumble over the announcing desk. Anthony Michaels, Chris Hamrick and Brian Logan try to help but the Bruiser sees them all off while Cornette continues to attack Smothers. The attack only ends when Bobby Blaze and Bob Armstrong come out and Smothers is left bleeding and helpless on the floor amongst the busted announcer’s desk. We return from a break and Tracey is being held up by Blaze and Armstrong. He tells ‘Bullet’ Bob that this guy has got to be stopped and if he’s so big and bad why did he have to hit him with brass knux to put him down? He’s still standing and will still be standing long after he’s gone. He wants a ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match, that’s his match and that glove will just be like brass knux and we’ll see how Bruiser Bedlam’s blood flows. Armstrong says that he doesn’t usually condone these kind of things, but after what just happened, he’s got that ‘Coal Miner’s Glove’ match anytime he wants it. Tracey was great here and this feud is the first time I’ve really felt like Smothers is/can be the true face of the company. It does appear that Cornette’s answer to everything is a gimmick match of some sort, and after the Dirty White Boy winning the title in a Chain match and now another Coal Miner’s Glove match, it’s all a tad repetitive. Recap of Dirty White Boy and Jake Roberts from last week INT: Tony Anthony - Bob Caudle says that he felt the Dirty White Boy was at a disadvantage from the opening bell with that eye. “Maybe, maybe not” but the White Boy isn’t making any excuses. Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts did what he wanted to do, he wanted to get under his skin, he wanted to make him mad and that cost him the SMW Heavyweight title. He’s been in the back talking to Bob Armstrong and there is going to be a rematch whether he likes it or not. These big city boys go all over the world and think they can fool these country boys. Maybe they can once because they give them the benefit of the doubt, but it will never happen again as it’s time to get mean and nasty. They’ve got snakes running around the hills in East Tennessee and the way the country boys take care of them is by taking a 12 gauge shotgun and blowing their heads off. Jake the Snake get ready because he’s coming snake hunting. INT: Daryl Van Horn & Kendo the Samurai - Van Horn says the Dirty White Boy had no idea what he was doing when he got involved in his concerns, when he came out on television and made fun of the ancient Egyptian invocations. He then completed the ultimate act of blasphemy by laying his hands on him, but he got a wakeup call at the hands of Kendo the Samurai; the most dangerous man in the history of wrestling, feared by the Yakuza themselves and master of many nerve holds. He tells the White Boy that the title is of no importance to them anymore, it’s all about paying your dues. When he touched him he made the biggest mistake of his career, and if he thinks Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts is an evil man he obviously doesn’t know Daryl Van Horn. Personality Profile w/ Jake Roberts - Les Thatcher wonders where the SMW Heavyweight belt is? Jake Roberts has never had to wrap a belt around his waist as the people know he’s the best, so why should he carry a piece of metal with him? There’s no need to bring it out here as there’s no-one that can beat him for it anyway. He wants to clear the air of a few things though. He was accused of trying to blind Tony Anthony with a camera, he just wanted to get the last picture of the champion, that’s all. It’s come to light that he’s gained a bit of weight, well when you have victory meals every night you do gain a bit of weight. He then says as the new champion of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, it’s his privilege to do something for these…to do something. If Donnie Ellison had a race car that went around the track at 200mph, won every race that year and then next year came out with a new model with wing designs and far more horse power he’d retire that car, it would be the humane thing to do. If a bull had sired a million calves and was no longer up to the job you’d retire him, it would be the humane thing to do. If a woman can no longer have children they give her a hysterectomy, it’s the humane thing to do. He’s got people working 24 hours a day for his fans as he’s going to give one of those sleeping masks to everyone, as when he and Tony meet again, it’s the humane thing to do not to let them see it. He tell the Dirty White Boy don’t be foolish, he’s had his fun, it’s over. Another very good promo, although it was a bit weird to hear some of the fans cheers Jake at times in this as well. The Thrillseekers vs Killer Kyle & Brimstone the Inferno (jip) INT: Well Dunn - Steven Dunn says that they came out a few weeks ago with some legitimate grievances as all they want is a little respect around here. The Thrillseekers mouthed off a little too often so they left them laying in the ring. They may not have got their respect but they got their attention and they’re going to get the gold, the videos, the limos and everything. It doesn’t matter who they’ve got to run through to get them and if they have to start with The Thrillseekers that’s good enough for them. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - dressing room interview. Tammy says that Ricky Morton wants his revenge against Chris Candido, well he’s got his match. It doesn’t matter than Brian is handcuffed to the ring post as Chris doesn’t need his help and he’s going to piledrive him one more time, and this time he’ll fix him for good. Chris Candido (w/ Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch) vs Ricky Morton (w/ Robert Gibson) - Lee and Gibson are handcuffed to the ring posts in the corner of their respective partners. With Morton in control, Tammy uses a hairclip or something to pick the lock and uncuff Brian Lee. He then attacks Morton and when Mark Curtis goes to try and unlock Gibson, Fytch grabs him to prevent him from doing so. The two of them double team Ricky and just before they’re about to spike piledrive him, Curtis finally manages to release Robert who makes the save and prevents it from happening. INT: Bob Armstrong & Rock & Roll Express - Armstrong says that he hates the piledriver worse than any hold because it can injure someone permanently and it’s put a lot of good wrestlers out of professional wrestling, but he recognises that the Rock & Roll Express have the right to fight fire with fire. What he will do is sign the ‘Piledriver’ match, in which the participants can use the piledriver and will also put the belts up, but he can’t sanction it. Ricky Morton says he knows how dangerous the piledriver can be, but Brian Lee and Chris Candido stole their belts from them and they’re coming after them in this ‘Piledriver’ match. Pinfalls don’t count and whomever gets piledriven, the other team wins. Bold matches are PWO recommended
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    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired April 30, 1994 Anderson County High School, Clinton, TN Well Dunn vs Anthony Michaels & Bobby Blaze INT: Bob Armstrong - says that everyone knows that the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage is on his way to Knoxville for the Volunteer Slam to take care of Bruiser Bedlam, but the news he promised everyone about the Dirty White Boy’s title defence has all been signed and finalised and he will face Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts. Armstrong believes it will be the Dirty White Boy’s toughest defence yet, and rather than just talk about Jake, they’ve got some words from him. Jake appears to be sat at home and says let’s see how smart the people of Kentucky, Tennessee and Smoky Mountain are. “Who was the man who dropped Andre the Giant? Who was the man that played with Randy Savage like a toy? Who was the man that made Rick Rude’s life miserable? Who was the man that had Sting this close to quitting professional wrestling? Who was the man that the WWF wouldn’t even think of putting Hulk Hogan in the ring with? Who was the man that invented the DDT? Who was the man who does exactly what he wants to? The answer to those is very simple, it’s Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts.” What he needs to know though is who the hell is the Dirty White Boy? He said he’s the SMW Heavyweight champion. Not for long as come May 20th that man will be Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts like it or not, and you won’t. Mesmeric stuff from Jake, just talking in his quiet, hushed tone. Doesn’t shout one bit and you’re hanging on every word that he says. Back in the studio and Tony Anthony has joined them with his eye all bandaged following last week’s attack. Bob Armstrong tells him that he knows it’s going to be a tough test but he didn’t get that title easy and Jake Roberts is a mean, mean man. The White Boy says that Jake is one of the most evil and sickest human beings he’s ever met in his life. It’s bad enough to go up against him with two good eyes, but he’s handicapped because he’s only got the one. No matter what it takes, one eye, one arm, one leg, it doesn’t matter to him, he’ll be there defending this title. They then replay the attack on him from last week. Bob Caudle says it was a despicable act, they didn’t know what that stuff was and whether he was going to be permanently blinded or not. The White Boy says that the doctors don’t know and he’s got to wear this bandage for a few more weeks, but he got pearl harboured by a slinty eyed, sock wearing, nothing happening geek. He worked long and hard for this title and isn’t letting someone like him and that closet queen Daryl Van Horn get the better of him. The Dirty White Boy doesn’t back down from anyone so bring your army on! After one interview I’m already looking forward to more of Jake and the Dirty White Boy, not so Kendo and the White Boy. Kendo the Samurai (w/ Daryl Van Horn) vs Brian Logan INT: Daryl Van Horn & Kendo the Samurai - Van Horn says he told everyone that he was going to bring in Kendo the Samurai, that he was going to make big changes in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and his first victim was the Dirty White Boy. He likes to huff and puff with his big baritone voice, but his corn bread and coloured greens wrestling ethic did him no good. He thought he’d gotten through Prince Kharis, but he found out that the Van Horn Corporation is just like a hydra, if you cut off one limb, eight more will come and take its place. Kendo the Samurai has the speed of a cat, he can’t be stopped and people are going to get hurt. The Dirty White boy isn’t worthy of being a champion; he’s got that bald head and big bosoms that he looks like Dolly Parton without her wig on. Kendo the Samurai is going to change wrestling and he’s going to be the next SMW Heavyweight champion, because if Jake Roberts doesn’t stop the Dirty White Boy, Kendo the Samurai surely will. Personality Profile w/ The Thrillseekers - Chris Jericho would like to thank all the fans who have been really good to them since they arrived and made them feel at home. Lance Storm thinks they’re in Rocky Mountain Wrestling before correcting himself, and says the two of them are hoping to make their mark here in the tag team division. Well Dunn interrupt them and say that ever since they arrived in Smoky Mountain Wrestling The Thrillseekers have been dodging them. They haven’t been getting treated fairly, they’ve been in the WWF and all over the world and yet they get no respect. Steven Dunn has some requests and they want music videos, big contracts, entrance music and interview time. Everyone else is getting them and they want some of the pie. Jericho calls them “Beavis & Butthead” and says that maybe they haven’t got these things because they haven’t been working hard enough? Dunn says they’ve been chasing them all over SMW and if they think they don’t deserve it, any time, any place, they don’t care if it’s on TV or not, they’ll fight them, beat them and show all their stupid fans what no talent little punks they are. The Thrillseekers accept and the match is set for next week. Well Dunn are surprisingly good promos and Jericho was good here though I’m not too keen on the pandering to the crowd although I guess that was their role. Lance comes across fairly uncomfortable though he’s probably not helped by getting the name of the promotion wrong with his first sentence. INT: Bob Armstrong - says that everybody’s talking about Volunteer Slam and everyone knows that Jake the Snake is coming to town to try and get the title. He’s going to be facing a tough man and although he’s hurt, the Dirty White Boy can still get the job done. He is going to have the best seat in the house when his man Randy Savage takes on Bruiser Bedlam, and he’s hoping that James E. sticks his nose in things because he’s open for business. Randy Savage vs Yokozuna (highlights, from WWF) INT: Randy Savage - he’s ready, willing and able for Knoxville, TN and is flattered that Bob Armstrong chose him. He has the same problems in the WWF that Armstrong has with him in SMW and now he’s got a guy called Bruiser Bedlam who he thinks is going to get the better of him? The Coliseum is going to rock and roll on May 20th, ‘Bullet’ Bob is going to be real proud of him and Bruiser Bedlam will wish he was anywhere but there that night. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - when Bob Caudle tells Jim Cornette how Bob Armstrong is going to be in the Macho Man’s corner, Cornette quips that maybe he can help carry him out afterwards. The Bullet can’t get back in the ring and can’t get his own revenge, so he tries to take a page out of his book and get this big WWF superstar. At the Volunteer Slam there’s going to be two superstars carted out of that ring, Randy Savage and ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong. He’s had some dealings with the Macho Man in the WWF and he didn’t much like them as he’s shell shocked and has a tendency to go off, but when he gets in the ring with the Bruiser he’s going to tackle something the likes of which he’s never seen. The Bruiser says he comes across people like Randy Savage in Detroit and he’d bust their heads! He’s the toughest man, he’ll fight anyone’ all these people are punks, he’ll try them all as he’s the baddest man around. Cornette says that the Bruiser is a sadist, he enjoys pain both giving and receiving, there’s no way to stop him, no way to hurt him, his strength has no limits and at Volunteer Slam Randy Savage is going to meet his Waterloo. INT: Rock & Roll Express - Ricky Morton says how he was watching the monitor and saw how Brian Lee was out here thinking he’s this big superstar, but he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into whilst Chris Candido would get lost in a phone booth; they’re just another tag team coming after their SMW tag team titles though. A lot of teams have tried it, ask Jim Cornette they went through several of his, and the same thing is going to happen to them. Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Tracey Smothers - Bedlam becomes the first person to kick out of the jawjacker and when Smothers goes for it a second time, with Mark Curtis’ back turned, Cornette nails him in the back with the tennis racket. Smothers falls to the canvas and the Bruiser covers him for the win. Bedlam applies the stomach claw to him after the match which brings out Bob Armstrong who runs down and into the ring, takes off his shirt and attacks the Bruiser. Armstrong is getting the better of things until Cornette whacks him with his racket and then Bedlam applies the stomach claw to him. He only breaks the hold when Smothers clocks him flush on the head with the racket for the third time. Cornette powders Tracey and the two of them beat on Armstrong and him until The Thrillseekers make the save. Bold matches are PWO recommended
  15. GSR


    Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Aired April 23, 1994 Anderson County High School, Clinton, TN Rock & Roll Express vs Killer Kyle & Dark Secret INT: Well Dunn - they again come out for an interview and Bob Caudle again tells them that they aren’t scheduled, they have to be scheduled, and can’t just come out here as he wants everyone to see this tape of Dutch Mantel in South America. Down & Dirty w/ Dutch Mantel - he’s in a South America but can’t say where as some people are trying to find him. He had received some late night phone calls and some bad looking people had started to follow him around, so thought it would be beneficial to his health if he just left the country. He tells everyone that he is okay and hopes to be back soon, when his bodyguards (Paco and Julio) spot some people and they abruptly have to go. Dutch deserved better than this as his swansong, especially as the storyline doesn’t go anywhere. Surely they could have thought of a better way to write him out than this? I will say without question that he is one of the best colour men ever after having watching his run in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Bob Caudle and he were a wonderful double act. It really won’t be the same without him (hmmm, haven’t I said that already recently?) and does feel like a changing of the guards with the Heavenly Bodies also now out of there. INT: Bob Armstrong - announces that this year’s Volunteer Slam will be held on May 20th. They’ve talked to a major wrestling star who is coming to try and take the Dirty White Boy’s title and when they finalise the contract he’ll have more to say about it. On a personal note, James Cornette has barred him from wrestling through that injunction. His heart is in the ring and there’s nothing he’d like better than to get back in the ring with Bruiser Bedlam and be a little more ready for him this time. Since Cornette has bought in all his friends in the past, on May 20, he’s bringing in a friend of his own to take care of Bruiser Bedlam, that man is Randy Savage and he is going to be in the Macho Man’s corner for that match. A Randy Savage music video ‘He’s the Macho Man’ that looks like it’s off a WWF album then airs. Armstrong says what’s so good about this match and him being the Macho Man’s manager is that whenever James E tries any of his funny stuff he’ll be right there, so if he sticks his nose in, he’ll bite it right off. He is joined by Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam and Cornette tells him that he has no business bringing someone like Randy Savage into Smoky Mountain Wrestling to get in the ring with the Bruiser. He’s going to tear his head off, Randy Savage or no-one else can stand up to Bruiser Bedlam, he’ll tear his stinking head off, that’s a promise! Bruiser Bedlam (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Bobby Baze - nice finish as Blaze goes for a flip dive off the top, Bedlam catches him over his shoulder and drops to his knees for a shoulder breaker before applying the stomach claw. He again continues to apply the hold again after the match until Tracey Smothers comes out for the save. INT: Jim Cornette & Bruiser Bedlam - Cornette has had enough, he’s had enough of the stinking interference and has had enough of everyone banding together against him. They did it to the Heavenly Bodies and now they’re doing it to Bruiser Bedlam as they can’t fight one on one. Tracey Smothers joins them and tells Cornette that no-one is banding together, he’s out here all on his lonesome. Bedlam says “Who is this hillbilly punk?” and Tracey replies that he’s Tracey Smothers, the wild eyed Southern Boy, this isn’t Detroit and this isn’t the streets, it’s the South and he represents it. He challenges Bedlam to put up the TV title next week (no drawing out of a hat anymore?) and Cornette accepts with Bedlam calling Smothers a “hillbilly scab” and telling him he’ll bust him in half. Personality Profile w/ Rock & Roll Express - Les opens by recapping the Brian Lee and Ricky Morton situation from last week. Back on Personality Profile and Morton says that there is nothing he can do about Brian Lee and Chris Candido jumping on the Rock & Roll Express, but there’s a lot he can do to get them off. They don’t care about their big reputation or Tammy Fytch outside on the floor, as they’ve been through it all with Jim Cornette for the past ten years. The Heavenly Bodies are not around anymore and it looks like they’ll have to do the same to them too. Brian Lee & Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) vs Anthony Michaels & Chris Hamrick - Candido leaves the match to go and sit at the commentary desk and it’s essentially a handicap match for Lee. He says that Primetime is such a tough guy with all the moves that he’s been showing him that he can take care of these two on his own. Candido is very funny here. INT: Brian Lee & Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch - Bob Caudle says how Chris left him up there to do it all by himself again. Candido says he knew Brian could take care of those guys and he was telling Bob and everyone about all the new moves Brian had been teaching him and how he’s had him back in training (not quite what he said!). Lee tells “little man” that all he’s got to do is stand back, keep his eyes open, his ears open, get that pad and Primetime will lead him down that golden path. Candido makes signs and faces behind his back as if Lee is a bit doolally. Tammy tells the Rock & Roll Express that Brian Lee & Chris Candido are coming at them strong and they’re not going to stop until they have the belts. Tony Anthony vs Prince Kharis (w/ Daryl Van Horn) - Van Horn gets up on the apron and the White Boy grabs hold of him, but whilst this is going on Kharis starts to turn round his arm. The White Boy decks Van Horn, who takes a great looking bump, and Kharis goes to hit him with his arm but he catches it and hits the Prince in the head with his own arm instead, knocking him out and scoring the pin. Kendo the Samurai comes in to the ring after the match to attack Anthony and the White Boy ducks a couple of sword swings, lifts Kendo off his feet, but then he sprays some green mist in his face. The three of them put the boots to the White Boy until the Rock & Roll Express make the save. We return from a break and Anthony is still blinded in the ring and being tended to by the Rock & Rolls. Tracey Smothers and Mike Furnas come out with a towel to try and help and get his eyes and face cleaned up. As they are still trying to help, Daryl Van Horn goes to the commentary desk and tells the White Boy you see what happens when you screw with the Van Horn Corporation? You pay a serious price. He should be upset about the fact he got through Prince Kharis, but Kendo the Samurai is the man he has to worry about now and his days in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as the champion are through. This appears to be the end for Prince Kharis who has been an almighty failure, and the fact that the blow off was in a TV match says it all. Kendo the Samurai seems only marginally better mind, especially as it appears he is a masked Tim Horner. Bold matches are PWO recommended