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  1. Jim Breaks was pimped pretty heavily last time around, will people be voting for him after he was charged with murdering his girlfriend a couple of years ago? People were talking about Invader I being a top 20-25 candidate. Does his murder of Bruiser Brody in cold blood affect things for them?
  2. GSR


    Has only wrestled 12 matches since 2016, one of those was the Royal Rumble. Not enough output in those five years to make any difference for me.
  3. GSR

    Becky Lynch

    It's been years since I watched the discs, but she was the standout on the ECCW shows I saw before she even made it to Shimmer.
  4. GSR

    2026 Ideas

    Which is pretty much what JvK was trying/wanting to do with the 2016 project, where he thought only certain people should be allowed to vote.
  5. GSR

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    It's been a long time since I listened to these podcasts so have no idea what the situation is like currently, but the Last who podcasted with Arezzi was a completely different person to the one who would podcast with Cornette.
  6. GSR

    Gary Hart's book

    I sold my copy last year as it had just been gathering dust on the shelf and I hadn't read it since I got it (I ended up purchasing it when they announced the second print run). Similarly, I really enjoyed it, but it has been picked apart over the years. It sold for the equivalent of $135 on eBay and I was happy with that (there were around 20 watchers on it but only two or three people actually put on bids - guessing most were just curious to see how much it did sell for). I didn't feel right selling it at some outrageous price like you see on Amazon, plus the sort of person who would be prepared to drop that much on a book is few and far between.
  7. Like this thread I saw of his a few weeks ago.
  8. Zellner too. And while I was never a fan of the guy, didn't it pretty much do for JVK also.
  9. Are you looking to have your own sub-forum for the project like a few of the other fantasy booking ones? If so, the only people who are able to do that will be Admin (Loss, Goodhelmet) or those with Admin capabilities (not sure who, but I don't have that power and pretty sure Paul doesn't either). Loss is very active on Twitter and tends to post about wrestling there these days as opposed to here (sadly). Hopefully Goodhelmet sees this and can help you out.
  10. GSR

    Bruce Mitchell Drama

    What would he have to offer the Observer anyway? I've never been a Torch guy as it is, but isn't Mitchell a columnist as opposed to a reporter? The newsletter is Dave's baby and although the likes of Pat Laprade, Kurt Brown and Phil Lions have written pieces (usually obits or historical stuff) I can't see Dave being prepared to give over a section every week to Bruce, especially when Dave seemingly struggles to get everything in as it is. I do remember the Observer having a columnist in the early 2000s (Ben something or other maybe), but it didn't last long, plus I read the Observer for Dave's opinions no-one elses. Could he offer anything on the audio side of things? I doubt it. Even if Dave wanted to hire his pal, Bryan is clued up and savvy enough to know it wouldn't be good/wise business. Completely off topic, but I would be interested to know how the Torch does in comparison to the Observer. Clearly not a metric to go on, but Wade has approx. 200,000 less Twitter followers than Dave and I never see the Torch mentioned on any forums I go. Heck, this is probably the most pub the Torch has gotten since Moxley gave Wade his first interview after leaving WWE.
  11. GSR

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I haven't, but from what I gather there is no original content (I doubt Dave would have the time for starters). They're not reprints of every Observer, rather major stories/articles for the year put into some sort of chronological order. As an example, for '97, the Montreal Screw Job would have been written about over numerous issues, the articles from all the issues that talked about the Screw Job, the fallout etc., have then been put into chronological order, so you can follow how the story develops, to form one chapter of the book.
  12. GSR

    AEW Dynamite - December 9, 2020

    Dave quickly addressed him on today's WOR. Didn't give exact details but just wished him the best.
  13. GSR

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Shit. He was doing so well and sounded so upbeat and confident of shortly being home on that recent audio he did with Bryan.
  14. GSR

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I've not listened to the podcast (and don't really have much interest to at the moment) but even though Meltzer sent him a ballot (confirmed by Dave on WOR) Cornette didn't vote because he fell out with Dave? I know he can be stubborn, but I didn't think he'd be that petty.
  15. GSR

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Steve Ogilvie has a vote, at least he did last year as he was on Brian Last's podcast, and was very good too, so I would assume he again voted this year. Although Tim Hornbaker posted on Classics about how he never got a ballot this year, whether that was an oversight on Dave's part or he does drop people we'll probably never know. I wonder if he'll actually send ballots to Cornette and Last in 2021. After accusing him of manipulating and fabricating results I know if I was in Dave's shoes they wouldn't be getting one again.