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  1. Michael Buffer on ring announcing duties to give this the ‘big match’ feel. Mr Belding is in the front row and Booker leaves him hanging as he makes his way into the ring. Steiner hasn’t even made it through the curtain and is already chewing out producer Ricky Santana over the fact that they’re not the main event tonight. ‘Big Poppa Pump’ with a back elbow to the jaw to escape the hammerlock. Booker responds with a back elbow of his own followed by a flying forearm as Steiner rolls to the floor for a breather. A knee to the mid-section stops Booker in his tracks and Steiner slugs him before punting his downed opponent in the ribs. He gets the better of a shoulder tackle, however is felled by a spinning heel kick. The Irish whip is reversed and Midajah completely misses grabbing Booker’s ankle as he hits the ropes, though he sells it like she did (you’d think she would be paying closer attention after what happened in the Steiner/Awesome match from Nitro). With his back turned, Steiner then clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. He whips Booker into the guard rail, cracks him over the back with a chair before tipping him over the railing. Steiner slams Booker through the commentary desk while at the same time bad mouthing Stevie Ray, threatening to “bitch slap” him too. Booker ducks the clothesline and hits a neckbreaker, although the axe kick is cut off with another ‘Steinerline’. Samoan drop off the middle but Steiner would rather flex and do push ups than go for the pin. Belly to belly for a near fall. ‘Big Poppa Pump’ runs into a big boot and Booker then leap frogs out the way of the charge as Steiner sails through the ropes to the floor. Booker heads up top but Midajah pulls his leg causing him to crotch himself. Steiner climbs up with him for the superplex, however Booker blocks that with a head butt. Missile dropkick that Steiner barely kicks out from. Axe kick connects, but before the Harlem side kick does, Steiner waffles Booker with a lead pipe that Midajah had passed him. Steiner attacks Charles Robinson, tying him in the ‘tree of woe’, yet clearly didn’t think things through as there is no-one to call for the submission when he puts Booker in ‘the recliner’. Scott Armstrong runs out to take Robinson’s place and Steiner attacks him too. A third official, in the shape of Slick Johnson, comes out and calls for the bell, disqualifying ‘Big Poppa Pump’. Johnson ends up getting clubbed with that pipe which Steiner then swings at security. Jeff Jarrett tries to calm the situation and play peacemaker but Steiner is not in the mood for listening, shoving him as he’s completely lost the plot. A fairly uninspiring match that felt pretty repetitive. Just as business was starting to pick up we get the DQ finish and although Steiner is portrayed as this crazy ass, uncontrollable dude who will do what he likes and when he likes, you have to question the logic of attacking the match referee moments before you put your submission finisher on your opponent!
  2. Jerry Lawler has called a meeting with the MCW talent and wants them all to put aside their differences for a bit and listen to what he has to say. He explains that he went to Power Pro Wrestling last week to tell everyone why he is no longer a part of their show and what he thinks is wrong with them. The next thing he knows, Brandon Baxter, Derrick King and these clowns get in his face and take advantage of him. He says how he gave them fair warning that if they tried anything he was going to show up back on their show today and bring all his friends with him. They all seem quite up for this with Thrasher wanting first dibs on Randy Hales, while Joey Abs says that he’ll break all 80lbs of Derrick King in half. Lawler tells them that they may have to force the doors down to get in the studio, but when they do he wants them to drag anyone they can find into the ring and show them what they are all about. Tracey Smothers is wired for a fight and ‘the King’ has to calm him down as he’s ranting about hating Channel 5 and hating Randy Hales. Lawler finishes up by saying that the Power Pro show goes on air live at 11:00am and as soon as they’re done here, they’ll jump into their cars, head over to 1960 Union Avenue, TV 5 and kick some butt! This is being held outside and it looks like they’ve just set up a ring in a car park somewhere. Smothers resorts to raking Krush across the eyes in order to try and get him to slow down, and while that works momentarily, a huracanrana followed by a dropkick from the Southern champion leads to Tracey rolling to the outside and calling for a time out. He’s getting some grief from some kids out there and warns them to “shut up or I’ll smack you on the back!” Krush leans over and pulls him up onto the apron by his hair, however Smothers with a couple of back forearm strikes before clotheslining Krush across the top rope. He pulls him to the floor where he throws him head first into the ring post. Tracey gets a two count after a low blow and is in the referee’s face asking him “can’t you count?” before wondering where the “Tracey sucks” chant is now? Rear chinlock and Smothers puts his feet over the ropes, but out of the official’s view, for added leverage, until he eventually does catch him. DDT and Krush kicks out as a despondent Smothers yells “what does it take to beat this guy?” Tracey whips him into the corner, tip up, Krush ducks the clothesline and catches Smothers with a leg lariat. Axe kick to the back of the head. He heads upstairs but Tracey shakes the ropes causing him to lose his balance. Superplex, float over and a great near fall as Krush just about kicks out, saving his title in the process. Frustrated that he still can’t put his opponent away, Tracey collects a chair from ringside. That backfires on him though as Krush superkicks the chair into his own face and then lands a face first suplex onto the chair to retain the gold. Smothers cracks Krush across the back and over the head with the chair post-match until he’s run off by the ‘Kliq 2000’. Cool little opening that links the two Memphis shows as Lawler rallies the troops and plans his revenge for what happened to him the week before. In regards to the match Tracey worked hard here, both with Krush and also in the way he gets the crowd into things, to the point this is one of the best, if not the best of Krush’s outings for the year.
  3. Mark Madden can’t remember the last time he saw this much talent in one ring. This is Steiner’s first match since Ric Flair laid down the law to him and when he starts jawing with the fans pre-match. Madden says how he thinks Flair wouldn’t mind if Scotty actually killed a fan or two. That comment doesn’t sit well with Tony Schiavone who tells Madden that he’s out of line and to never say anything like that again. Swinging neckbreaker by Buff, he then tags his partner who crushes Jarrett against the turnbuckles with a ‘Stinger splash’ but is attacked from behind by Steiner. Sting reverses the Irish whip to the opposite corner and nails him with a running lariat. He goes to whip Jarrett into 'Big Poppa Pump', however this time it’s Jarrett with the reversal, Steiner snatching and planting Sting with a belly to belly. When a suplex come throw only gets him a two, Steiner is in the face of referee Slick Johnson causing the commentators to panic that he could be out of here if he puts a hand on him and Ric Flair happens to be watching. Sting floats over on the press slam attempt, hits a DDT, and makes the hot tag to Bagwell. Jarrett doesn’t bother to wait for a tag himself although ends up getting clotheslined over the tope rope to the floor. Double underhook DDT for a near fall. Buff with the ‘Blockbuster’, but before he can go for the pin Jarrett breaks a guitar over his back. Johnson happened to be looking away so didn’t see it, however I’m not sure how he didn’t hear the sound of the guitar breaking or see all those remnants of wood in the ring! As Sting and Jarrett fight their way up the aisle, Steiner puts the unconscious Bagwell in the recliner for the win. Better than I expected with Sting playing the FIP role and Bagwell only being used at the start (briefly) and for the finish, so keeping him away from the action for as much as possible! Surprisingly hot crowd here too.
  4. Florida’s favourite son, ‘Bad’ Barry Horowitz gets his usual favourable response from the crowd on arrival and I wonder if he’ll do what he does best and get them to turn on him by the time this one is over? A drop toe hold by Myers sends Horowitz crashing head first into the mat and he then takes to the floor to compose himself. When a lone voice amongst the “Barry, Barry” chants tells him to “get in there” he informs the fan to “shut your stinking mouth” and that he “doesn’t need no Crystal River redneck telling him what to do”. That’s my boy! Myers starts working over Horowitz’s arm and when he can’t wrestle his way out of the arm bar, grabs the ‘Extreme Shah’ by the collar and backs him into the corner. As the ref gets between them for the break, Horowitz with an immediate shoulder to the mid-section followed by an uppercut. He doesn’t stay in control for long though and Myers is back on that arm bar. Horowitz avoids a double axe handle off the top and it looks like ‘the Shah’ injured his leg on landing. A quality Northern Lights suplex by Horowitz for a two count, although I’m surprised he’s not targeting that leg. Cradle suplex for another near fall, something I can’t recall ever seeing out of him before. Having no luck in pinning his opponent’s shoulders to the mat he changes tact with an abdominal stretch. Myers powers his way out of it only to run into a high knee. Horowitz is back with the abdominal stretch, the official eventually catching him using the ropes for leverage and ordering the break. Double clothesline sees both men go down. Myers blocks a Horowitz right hand and responds with some of his own, however this isn’t 1995 ECW and those shots are met with silence. Horowitz grabs ‘the Shah’ on his attempted tip up and ‘Alabama slams’ him to the mat. He says “that’s it”, pats himself on the back then locks on Octopus hold for the submission. Myers work on top wasn’t the most expansive or diverse, using arm wringers, arm bars and nothing else. Things picked up for Horowitz’s control and, although the abdominal stretch led to the weakening of ‘the Shah’s’ back and him ultimately tapping to the Octopus, there was probably an over reliant on it even if Horowitz was grabbing the ropes, the trunks, jawing with the crowd and turning it into a cradle on one occasion to keep it fresh. It’ll take a lot for me not to enjoy a Barry Horowitz match but I do think this would have benefited from having five minutes knocked off its duration.
  5. Johnny Moss and Serena Deeb also work as trainers at the Performance Center (I think Moss came in to replace Johnny Saint after his six month stint came to an end). Does Terry Taylor still work down at the PC?
  6. Ace Austin is like a 21st Century Phantasio the way he magically makes a cane appear out of thin air before walloping everyone with it. It’s actually a smart and innovative way of clearing the ring as with six men the opening could easily get messy with all those bodies in there. ‘Scramble rules’ so wrestlers come and go, rolling in and out of the ring to be replaced by someone new in order to keep the action moving. It may not seem much but by Austin attacking everyone before the bell it means that they take to the floor to ‘recover’ and when they’ve done so can then get involved in the match, again just a plausible simple thing to avoid this becoming a cluster. The match itself only lasts about eight minutes and is a fun, non-stop sprint. Some of the highlights include a Parnell Northern Lights suplex for a two, a release snap Dragon suplex by Ku, a lovely cartwheel into a round off by Austin, a Ku ‘low-pe’ (tope through the bottom rope), an Austin Fosbury flop to the floor, a great gutwrench powerbomb by Ku where he drops Austin on his own knees, a release Splash Mountain by Gray and a Parnell half and half suplex. The finish comes as Austin counters the half and half and hits a standing blockbuster for the win. Standouts are Ku, Austin and to a lesser extent Parnell. Ku especially with his hard hitting, aggressive style looks like someone to keep an eye on and who could go far.
  7. NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight title match with ‘Playboy’ Joey Corman challenging the champion, Samir. Some lovely grappling at the beginning between these two, ending with Corman taking Samir down and the shaven headed champion complaining to the official about a non-existent hair pull. Nice press slam into a Michinoku Driver by Corman and Samir takes to the floor for a chat with his manager after kicking out of the cover. He counters the attempted DDT with a fireman’s carry take down but then fails to connect on the dropkick as Corman holds onto the ropes. Death Valley Driver and this time Samir barely kicks out of the lateral press. A quick fire series of pin attempts and exchanges and they put a black mark on what I’d been enjoying with a ‘stand off’ as both men then bow to the crowd! Samir with a thumb to the eye before tying Corman up in a submission. ‘The Playboy’ counters the huracanrana with a powerbomb as they add touches of Lucha Libre in there all whilst maintaining this break neck pace. Corman heads up top, but Samir dropkicks the ropes causing him to lose his balance. He rushes in, however Corman kicks him away and then snatches him for a Tornado DDT. Samir counters that with a Northern Lights suplex and that’s enough to get the three as he retains his Junior Heavyweight title. That finish felt flat and came out of nowhere, as if no-one was expecting it to be over after a Northern Lights suplex, yet despite that and the feeling that this was only just starting to get going, I enjoyed it. Two guys who I’ve never heard of, who were both technically proficient and worked a fast paced enjoyable match, mixing in aspects of Lucha Libre there too. Negative marks for the unnecessary and unwanted ‘stand off’ but this was a pleasant surprise.
  8. It transpires that this is for the MCW Light Heayweight title, so it looks like Al K.’s statement saw him vacate the belt which was the best outcome possible as it means we don’t have to see him wrestle. Slight heel tendencies from Dragon as he makes his entrance, drawing away his hand as the fans try to slap it. In amongst the opening exchanges there is a beautiful arm drag by Spanky. A headscissors takes Dragon over the top rope to the outside where, as soon as he’s up to his feet, Spanky nails him with a springboard crossbody to the floor. Belly to back suplex for two and it’s nice to see Spanky actually drive Dragon into the canvas with this, as opposed to just releasing and letting him drop. Dragon uses the ropes to escape a backslide and catches Spanky with a suplex of his own. A vicious sounding knife edge chop, snap mare out of the corner followed by a stiff kick to the back. He works over the left arm before applying a cross armbar and Spanky is forced to reach for the ropes with his feet for the break. ‘Cattle mutilation’ and luckily for him he’s again close enough to the ropes. After being backdropped over the ropes, Spanky lands on the apron and a cool little slingshot roll up back in for a two. Slingshot senton, but Dragon gets his knees up. Spanky counters the attempted backdrop into a bulldog, and when Danielson charges, a drop toe hold sends him crashing head first into the middle turnbuckle. Dragon reverses position on the go behind and slaps on the shininomaki. Spanky fights his way out and hits a release German. Face first suplex and he heads upstairs for a Swanton. Dragon moves out of the way and although Spanky manages to roll through, is met by an almighty boot to the face. He takes to the floor to try and grab a breather but gets wiped out with a suicide dive. Spanky escapes the ‘Cop Killa’ and hits a ‘Snow Plough’ before heading back to the top. Dragon meets him up there however Spanky is able to fight off the attempted suicideplex attempt. In shoving him backwards he accidentally falls into the referee knocking him out. Frog splash but there’s no-one to count the cover. Dragon blocks the German with a mule kick, lands the ‘Cop Killa’ at the second time of asking and the official comes back around as we have a new MCW Light Heavyweight champion. If we are going to get a match like this every week then I’ve no problem with a few sub-five minute matches taking place on the same TV episode. Dragon and Spanky are given over ten minutes here and show what they can do; stiff strikes, focused limb work, innovation, scientific mat work, submissions along with some flying before really ramping things up for the final three minutes. I mentioned it in the write up but I really liked the way that Spanky executed that belly to back suplex, trying to maximise the impact it would have on his opponent. I also liked how, despite acting heelish on his entrance, Dragon wrestled thing clean right up until that low blow at the finish, showing that he’ll do whatever it takes to win even if that involves breaking the rules. Best Memphis match so far.
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  11. Crowbar is all dolled up like some 70’s pimp while Vampiro, who is out second, beckons Crowbar outside to start this on the floor. He’s more than happy to do so, but ends up getting blitzed by the nunchucks that Vamp was carrying. Vamp whips Crowbar into the guard rail before they finally make it into the ring. Some hard knife edge chops by Crowbar although he gets nailed with a spin kick after catching a leg. Crowbar crotches Vamp on the top rope to escape the side headlock as he then crumples to the floor. Things pick up from here with a Crowbar splash from the apron to the outside, a bulldog onto a chair and a face first suplex onto the ring steps. The action returns inside where Crowbar lands a belly to back suplex and a slingshot splash. He heads upstairs, however Vamp cuts off whatever he had planned launching him to the mat. ‘Van Daminator’ by Vampiro, but they’re too close to the ropes. Now it’s Crowbar’s turn to cut off Vamp’s top rope attack with a huracanrana. He lays a chair over Vampiro’s face and comes crashing down onto it with a slingshot somersault leg drop. Vamp rolls to the floor and staggers up the aisle with Crowbar in pursuit. They fight to the back of the arena ending up near the DJ booth. Vampiro whips Crowbar into the dancer’s cage when two druids show up and stack a couple of tables on top of each other. Crowbar goes to suplex Vamp off the stage and through the tables but one of the druids grabs his leg to prevent him from doing so. Vamp takes advantage of the situation; instead chokeslamming Crowbar through the tables at which point Charles Robinson stops the match. Post-match Vamp gets on the house mic and says the Crowbar’s blood is on Mike Awesome’s hands, holding him responsible for his actions after he superbombed him from the ring and through a table at ringside.
  12. A ‘strong style match’ meaning the only way you can win is by submission or knock out. Benson Lee is announced as a black belt in some Martial Art that I have never heard of and is giving away a noticeable size advantage against ‘the Beast’. Lee throws some kicks to Severn’s thigh which look pretty bad and I’m doubting that he’s a black belt in anything! Severn gets a hold and launches him with a great amateur style overhead suplex, however Lee scrambles to the ropes before he can lock in the rear naked choke. A kick to the bread basket stuns ‘the Beast’ as he’s bought to his knees following a flurry of quick fire kicks. Dragon sleeper attempt, but Severn flips him over. Gut wrench suplex, he slaps on a cross arm bar and Lee taps. Severn suplexing and throwing Lee about was great but that’s about all there is to this.
  13. Another late Metal find for my 2000 viewing and I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity of some more Derrick King (I’ve already watched his match against Perry Saturn from a fortnight later). Jonathan Coachman mentions that the big Ohio Valley show from last Wednesday was cancelled due to the weather and will let us know when they have a new date as they’re in the process of rescheduling. That’s got to be one of the earliest, if not they earliest mentions of OVW on WWF TV. Tazz whips King into the corner, DK puts a foot up as he rushes in, however Tazz snatches the leg, grabs him around the upper body and suplexes him over head. A stiff clothesline followed by some crossfaces and King has got in no offense whatsoever so far. Head and arm suplex. Another whip into the turnbuckles and, again expecting the charge, King with a tip up. There was no charge though and on his landing Tazz immediately sinks in the ‘Tazzmission’ for the victory. A squash in the true sense of the word!
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  15. I've re-posted this review courtesy of Jetlag due to there being an issue/glitch on the original thread meaning that it didn't load.