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  1. Returning from the commercial break, Corino (still in the ring) says that the rules are different now he’s the ECW World Heavyweight champion. It means that he doesn’t fear anyone (even namedropping the WWF and WCW) and if there is anyone who wants to accept an open challenge he’ll slap them like he slapped the beer out of the Sandman’s hand. Ooh, I wonder who might be answering this. The challenge is answered by, shock, horror, the Sandman who proceeds to make his customary lengthy entrance. Corino immediately starts backpedalling, claiming he never meant he’d take anyone on tonight. He then starts talking about how he would love to wrestle the Sandman but he’s injured his appendix…again. This is really weird characterisation of a supposed face, almost as if he’s reverting to the chicken shit manager that he used to be. The Sandman has heard enough and spits beer in Corino’s face which snaps the champion out of this odd retro stance he’s taken. One cane shot to the head and we take our second commercial break of the segment. We return to see Sandman carrying a guard rail from the back to the ring. He actually throws some good looking punches, something that I wouldn’t normally associate with him. As well as the railing the Sandman also collects himself a ladder; suplexing, whipping and bulldogging Corino onto and into both. He buries him beneath the ladder and lands a slingshot senton, crushing him under it. Everything he throws at the champion isn’t enough to put him away though. Three cane shots to the head drop him, he calls for the White Russian Legsweep (I do like that name) but Corino counters into the ‘Old School Expulsion’, Sandman landing on the steel, for the win.
  2. The champion and the challenger are nose to nose in the middle of the ring when Dawn Marie walks out to ringside. We’re reminded how she turned on Corino at November to Remember; in that case why is she even allowed to be out there. Oh, turns out she’s not, she’s just circling the ring before making her way back up the aisle to the dressing room. Her distraction allows Lynn to take advantage and he starts whipping Corino with the leather World title belt. Jerry throws him to the outside as Joey Styles wonders whether Lynn asked Dawn to come out and provide that distraction for him. He picks Corino up, runs his lower back into the ring post and then slams him on the concrete. There’s a definite new found aggressiveness from Lynn, almost as if he’s incensed at having lost the World title so soon after winning it. Cyrus is seen at ringside, Styles talking about how he has said he wants to get Lynn’s career back on track. Even though he hasn’t accepted his offer yet this sounds very much like a rehash of the stuff with the Network from several months ago and the storyline as to whether Lynn was in cahoots with them. A lovely powerslam by Corino gets him a two, and he picks up another following a Fisherman’s suplex. The two trade punches and as H.C. Loc tries to separate them Corino elbows him in the chops. That looked deliberate although I suppose it was meant to have been ‘accidental’. Marvellous, here comes Danny Daniels, I thought we had seen the last of him. He’s still got a score to settle with Lynn, but Jerry avoids his chair shot and Corino superkicks it into his own face. Lynn DDT’s Corino onto the chair however he kicks out of the cover, Jim Molineux appearing out of nowhere to replace Loc. Jeez, now he gets bumped, accidentally, courtesy of a superkick. Justin Credible is out and he blitzes the two wrestlers with Singapore cane shots. Lynn is backed up in the corner, bleeding from the eye, the talk being that the cane caught him there. We go to a commercial break and on return see Corino all alone in the ring, the match having been stopped and Lynn in the back receiving medical treatment.
  3. A miffed Simon Diamond interrupts the show introduction, annoyed that Joey Styles isn’t talking about him or putting him over on commentary. He says that Styles hasn’t talked about Johnny Swinger’s broke orbital bone, hasn’t mentioned that he put Tommy Dreamer out of commission and wonders what he has to do to get his attention. That eventually results in him slugging Joel Gertner with Styles getting on Simon’s back trying to help out. In turn we get run outs from Swinger, Tommy Dreamer, C.W. Anderson and finally Christian York and Joey Matthews leading to an ‘impromptu’ tag match. Come the end of the year I think I’ll tally up the number of these ‘impromptu’ matches we’ve had in ECW. ‘Future Shock’ on Swinger. C.W. is still at ringside and he gets nailed with a double baseball slide. Stereo suicide dives to the floor. After a double Russian legsweep the official tries to get York out of the ring, while he is doing so though Swinger knees Matthews in the back from the apron and then clotheslines him across the top rope. Just as I realise there hasn’t been any commentary (Styles and Gertner selling what happened at the opening) Cyrus pops up, flying solo. Simon runs into a big boot and although he blocks the Matthews tornado DDT Joey just kicks him low. Springboard back elbow by York. Referee John Finnegan follows Swinger and Matthews as they take it to the outside, looking to try and restore a bit of order. C.W. slides a chair into the ring and with Finnegan dealing with Matthews, Simon & Swinger hit a combination side slam/reverse DDT onto the chair. Matthews is back to help his partner and the two throw Swinger into Simon before tossing him to the floor. York & Matthews go for their finisher however some appalling camera work means we miss seeing what happens, York ending up being crotched on the top rope after the Matthews rana. Clearly someone (Swinger or C.W.) gave him a shove but it’s criminal that we never saw it. As Swinger distracts Finnegan, C.W. with a spinebuster to Matthews. ‘Problem Solver’ on York and this one is done. The three of them continue to attack their defeated opponents after the match until ‘Bawitdaba’ kicks in, Kid Kash running out to make the save. A throwaway match for a bunch of guys who don’t have a storyline at the moment. It was supposed to be your ‘hot’ opener to get the crowd into the PPV but there’s something missing with York & Matthews.
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    Here you go, and in pretty decent quality compared to some of the TWA stuff that is out there.
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    This looks very much just like the two disc 'ECW Best of 1992' set that's been in circulation for years. https://ohmygodwrestlingreview.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/1992-ecw-pilot-1/
  6. Joey Styles runs down the rules for this unique ‘Double Jeopardy’ match. There will be two matches taking place in the same ring at the same time, Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible and Steve Corino vs The Sandman. All four men can interact with each other, however only Corino can eliminate the Sandman, only Lynn can eliminate Credible and vice versa, Lynn, for example, can’t eliminate either Corino or the Sandman. When the two winners emerge they will then go at it and the match will be decided by pinfall or submission. Jeez, I think I’ve got all that. Huh, where’s the Sandman? Credible, Lynn and Corino each make their entrances and we’re now getting the ring introductions without him. Maybe he’s been drinking all PPV and has passed out in the back somewhere. Forget ‘Double Jeopardy’ this is more like ‘double huh’ as it’s starting without him. Despite the wrestlers being allowed to interact with each other, Corino is happy to sit on the top turnbuckle and leave Credible and Lynn to it. FFS, when he does decide to involve himself it’s to break up a fucking pinfall! The crowd, who were chanting for the Sandman, are now chanting for Rob Van Dam, presumably expecting a replacement. Rather than choose to help either Lynn or Credible, Corino alternates between attacking the two. Eventually the Sandman’s (dubbed) music starts and I wonder if he’ll take another five minutes on his entrance or show a bit of urgency. Like I needed to ask, he’s not even facing the ring as he sinks beers in amongst the fans. Lynn has been busted open, we missed seeing how as Sandman’s entrance was deemed more important. In a way I suppose this could be considered smart by the Sandman, letting everyone else slug it out while he gets progressively more pissed. Finally he decides to involve himself, caning Lynn from the floor and when he gets into the ring, caning Credible too. He opens a can of beer but Corino swipes it out of his hands, he’s next to be caned followed by Jack Victory. Lynn and Credible attack the Sandman although neither can eliminate him. This is confusing as fuck. Sandman finds himself a ladder, returns to the ring and whips everyone into it in turn. He suplexes Corino into the upright ladder before burying him underneath it and hitting a slingshot somersault senton. The four switch up who they’re working with, Sandman bulldogging Credible onto the ladder. I just don’t get the thinking behind why he would do this. Cyrus can’t either it seems, just referring to Sandman as a “belligerent drunk” who doesn’t know what he’s doing. All four are now bleeding by the way. Lynn with a tombstone piledriver on Credible, however Francine is in there and jumping on top of John Finnegan to stop the count. That brings in Dawn Marie but amazingly we don’t get the cat fight spot, Corino getting between the two and ordering Dawn out of there. Considering they do the cat fight every match, from the way the fans boo Corino you would think they’ve never seen Francine and Dawn go at it before! Great double superkick on Lynn by Corino and Credible. Corino counters the Sandman’s Russian legsweep into the ‘Old School Expulsion’ at the same time as Credible hits his finisher and we have ourselves a double elimination. Christ, that’s too cute. The crowd are chanting “bullshit” at that, although I can’t tell if it’s because Lynn or Sandman were eliminated or because the eliminations conveniently happened at exactly the same time. The two remain at ringside and both involve themselves some more in the match. After Corino suplexes Credible through a table that he’d earlier bought into the ring, Francine wanders in to help her man to his feet. Walking right in front of the officials who just let this pass. Credible pulls her in the way of a Corino superkick to save himself and then gets a shoulder up after an ‘Old School Expulsion’. A second ‘OSE’, but before Corino can make the cover Dawn Marie turns on him, low blowing him, not happy with how he has been treating her. A trio of cane shots from Credible, Corino doesn’t go down though and replies with a superkick. That floors Justin, almost anti-climactically, and we have ourselves a new ECW World champion. Jerry Lynn hands over the title belt while also having a few words, presumably wanting the first crack at him. I imagine the ‘Double Jeopardy’ idea looked good on paper, it just didn’t work in practice and there is good reason why it has never been tried since.
  7. So Tajiri and Mikey are the number one contenders for the World tag team titles and are getting a(nother) shot against the FBI at the November to Remember PPV. I’m going to continue beating this drum, but why on earth is it not Danny Doring & Roadkill? The match has barely got going when it’s interrupted for a backstage interview from Rhino who promises to beat those bitches (Steve Corino and New Jack) bloody and leave them lying in a puddle of their own blood. Mikey and Matthews have some nice exchanges ending with a cool Magistral cradle by Whipwreck. York wants in and wants some of Tajiri, although Joey Styles can’t see why anyone would want some of the ‘Japanese Buzzsaw’. Combination backbreaker/slingshot legdrop by the ‘Unholy Alliance’. Matthews is back in but he meets a similar fate, swinging neckbreaker/slingshot senton combo this time. We return from an advert to see Mikey snatch Joey as he is walking around ringside. He dumps him onto the guard rail and then Tajiri and Whipwreck take it in turns to open hand him across the chest. Flying clothesline off the top for a two. Matthews ducks under the lariat and lands a Hangman’s neckbreaker as he and York look to mount a comeback. The comeback doesn’t last long, Mikey hitting a huracanrana before hot tagging ‘the Buzzsaw’. Handspring elbow on York. Tajiri mists Matthews, who drops to his knees, and then kicks him around the head like only he can. Double brainbuster and the ‘Unholy Alliance’ take the momentum into the PPV. Yes you’re guaranteed a good match but the FBI vs Tajiri & Mikey felt played out last month and we’re getting it again this. I’m really struggling to think why Paul E. didn’t fancy going with Doring and Roadkill at this point.
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    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Agreed. I thought this place was above the idiots and clowns who spout shit like this on Twitter.
  9. Doring and Roadkill believe that they are the uncrowned ECW tag team champions and claim that “tonight is the night”. Joey Styles seems to agree with them, saying how if it wasn’t for the interference of Big Sal they would undoubtedly be. As much as I have been enjoying the ECW tag team division recently you realise how little depth there actually is when Cyrus talks about York & Matthews and Da Baldies as being contenders for the FBI. Blind tag by Roadkill who bulldogs Mamaluke from behind. He tries a bodyscissors against his much larger opponent but gets planted to the mat. Guido charges, however he gets backdropped and then slammed in the corner. After a middle rope elbow Guido rolls to the outside where he’s floored by an airborne Doring, vaulting off his partner’s back. Roadkill launches himself from the apron at Big Sal hoping to take him out of the equation. I will say that Roadkill’s posing and playing to the fans is bordering on Van Dam territory with how often he is doing it. Mamaluke is caught when he tries to surprise him and he holds him in place for Doring to deliver the ‘Lancaster Lariat of Lust’. As the challengers set him up for the ‘Buggy Bang’ Mamaluke counters while Guido shoves Doring off the top turnbuckle. ‘Sicilian slice’ for a two. Doring ducks under the clothesline and hits the ‘G-Spot sweep’ as both men make the tag. Roadkill continues to be a great bullying hot tag as he throws the FBI around. ‘Barn Burner’ on Guido and a huge ‘Amish bomb’ for Mamaluke. Double running splash in the corner, but it turns out the FBI pulled referee Mike Kehner in front of them and he takes the brunt of it. Doring and Roadkill finally hit the ‘Buggy Bang’, although there’s no-one to count the fall as Doring gets another visual pin. Big Sal is in and he drops a leg to the back of Doring’s neck before turning his attention to Roadkill, chokeslamming him and then delivering a ‘Bonzai Drop’. He drags Mamaluke on top of Doring, puts Guido on top of Roadkill before reviving the official, Sal having screwed the challengers out of the belts for a third time. I can’t believe they did this finish for a third time! I said how I would’ve booked the title change at Anarchy Rulz, if you’re not doing it there then certainly do it the next time the teams meet. After they’ve retained the belts Joey Styles talks about Sal being the difference maker and how they’ll never be able to defeat the FBI while he’s at ringside. That certainly hints at Doring and Roadkill getting an equalizer in their corner, I can’t help but wonder if it’s too late though now?
  10. The winner of this one will go on to defend the ECW World title against Jerry Lynn in his home town of St. Paul, MN at Anarchy Rulz. Francine has got something to say although is struggling to be heard over the “she’s a crack whore” chants, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner even getting in on the fun as they make jibes at her expense. Thanks to her friends at The Network she has with her a faxed memo which states that either Jack Victory vacates ringside immediately or the title match won’t happen. Corino checks over the memo and a reluctant Jacko is forced to leave. He makes out that he’s all upset over this before saying how they fell into his trap, how they will never out-heel ‘the King of Old School’ and introduces Dawn Marie to be in his corner tonight instead. Gertner claims there is legitimate heat between the two women and how Dawn is Francine’s worst nightmare. Joey doesn’t bother with any of that nonsense, preferring to talk about how it wasn’t too long Steve Corino was just a comedic manager for Tajiri and Rhyno however now is in the biggest match of his career. It takes barely thirty seconds for the action to spill to the floor, Credible flying out over the top turnbuckle after Corino had whipped him into the corner. They fight their way up the aisle and into the fans, the crowd being super hot for Corino. As they return to the ring Credible manages to gain the upperhand until Corino starts swinging back and the two exchange hard slaps to the chest. Francine passes Credible a chair which he slams Corino’s face into before throwing him back to the outside. He bridges a table between the guard rail and apron but, unlike with the chair, Corino blocks having his head slammed into that. More interference from Francine who takes Corino down with a flying huracanrana from the apron to the floor. Back inside Corino escapes a rear chinlock, holds onto the ropes to avoid the dropkick and then slingshots Credible out over the top rope and onto that table he had set up earlier. Bionic elbow. Credible is early on the tip up so Corino kicks him between the legs. Francine is interfering yet again, however Corino has had enough and grabs her by the hair pulling her into the ring. Her man comes to the rescue but Corino with a float over into a schoolboy for a near fall. Jim Molyneux gets bumped as he’s admonishing Francine and there’s no one to count the cover on Corino’s cradle suplex. Lou E. Dangerously breaks a phone over Corino’s head, which brings out Billy Corgan who breaks a guitar over Lou’s. Credible goes to cane Corgan who ducks the shot and Corino levels him with a superkick. Molyneux is still down so the crowd count themselves as he gets a visual pin. Mike Kehner slides into the ring but Credible kicks out at two. A Credible clothesline turns the challenger inside out and he then hops outside to grab another table which he positions in the corner. Corino with a standing switch and a Northern Lights suplex puts the champion through the table. Francine breaks up the cover leading to the expected “cat fight”, Dawn finally having had enough of her incessant interference. Credible canes Corino between the eyes, busting him open, before going on to shatter the Singapore cane over his back, very reminiscent of the Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck from back in the day. Corino counters ‘That’s Incredible’ with an ‘Old School Expulsion’, Credible barely getting a shoulder up to save his title. He grabs the chair and is about to cave his skull in when Francine is on here knees in front of her man pleading for mercy. Of course the fans want him to brain her. Tombstone piledriver on Francine! When he turns around through he’s met with a front kick, ‘That’s Incredible’ onto the steel chair and its Justin Credible who will take on Jerry Lynn at Anarchy Rulz. I was dreading this when I switched it on seeing the time counter, but the longer the match goes the more you’re drawn into the story they’re telling; one that legitimises Steve Corino as a viable contender for the World title and someone who you could see carrying the company in the not too distant future. Yes, there is repeated interference and a ref bump, which tend to be par for the course with ECW, although for a change I didn’t really mind them here (okay I could’ve done without the Lou E. and Corgan stuff). Highly recommended and, as Joey Styles pointed out towards the beginning, they have done an amazing job turning Steve Corino from this comedic manager into a future World champion.
  11. There are “Who are you?” chants aimed at Xavier so I can only assume this is his first appearance for Jersey All Pro. Nice leg trip by Ki, swiping Xavier’s legs out’ after reversing the wrist lock. Ki’s flexibility is demonstrated as Xavier grabs an ankle and pulls him, Ki ending up in a splits position on the canvas. We do get a stand-off, although this one is done slightly differently than pretty much all the others we’ve seen, climaxing after both throw kicks at the same time and end up kicking the other’s shins. Xavier connects on a dropkick and Ki takes to the floor. Somersault flip dive over the top rope out onto him. This JAPW crowd who were real smarky at times during the September show are at it again here, on Xavier’s back. At least he’s giving as good as he gets responding to their taunting by saying “I may suck, but you swallow”. Butterfly suplex for a two. Ki ducks out the way of the handspring elbow and lands a handspring kick to the head. Now Xavier is the one who’s on the floor but quickly ducks scoots inside to avoid the pescado. He goes for a tope, however Ki kicks him in the head as he comes flying between the ropes. Xavier blocks the ‘Ki Krusher’ and catches him with a deep powerslam for a near fall. Ki fires off some elbows to escape the cut throat neckbreaker only to get dumped on his head by a suplex. The crowd are then back on Xavier’s case after a really weak looking kick, his attempt at dishing out some payback for earlier, although nowhere near as impactful looking as the ones Ki had been blasting him with. A dropkick to the knee wipes Xavier out and Ki locks in the ‘Dragon clutch. He manages to get to his feet and runs Ki backwards into the turnbuckles to break the hold. Pumphandle throw and the fans actually gives him a round of applause for that, maybe they’re starting to realise he’s not as bad as they may have first thought? After a rolling German Xavier leans back to make the cover (think Tim Horner’s finisher), however Ki grabs him around the throat from the bottom and transitions to the ‘Dragon clutch’. In the middle of the ring and at the third time of asking, he gets the submission. The crowd were dismissive of Xavier from the get go and didn’t want to give him a chance, even though I thought this was an impressive effort out of him (kick aside) and he did appear to win them round by the end. Some real nice stuff in there too such as Ki’s trip, the spot where he ends up in the splits and the way Ki locked in his finisher. Worth a watch.
  12. A recap of last week where ‘Janitor’ Jim found the WCW TV title in the garbage and when after a successful defense against Robert Gibson he was challenged by Steven Regal who promised to retire if he didn’t beat him for the gold. Regal with an early cheap shot on the break, but Duggan reverses the Irish whip and a pair of clotheslines floors the challenger. Hacksaw follows him out and throws some bombs, which is what his offense is primarily limited to these days. He tosses Regal back inside but plays to the crowd a bit too much allowing his Lordship to get the jump on him. Regal with an armbar and as always with him look for the subtleties like how he drives his forearm into Duggan’s jaw, making the move as uncomfortable as possible for his opponent. Duggan punches his way out and fair dos when he throws a left he immediately grabs that arm and holds it by his side, unable to punch effectively due to the damage Regal had done. He whips Regal into the ropes and slams him to the mat. Three point stance, he then drops ‘Old Glory’ and Lord Steven Regal is history. Fidel Sierra is shown at the top of the runway watching on having apparently already issued a challenge to Duggan. I won’t be watching that one!
  13. Multi-gimmick match for the vacant JAPW Heavyweight title. Lover telegraphs a backdrop and Homicide with a swinging neckbreaker for an early two. It’s not long before the match goes to the floor, Homicide reversing the Irish whip and sending Lover careering into the guard rail. He rushes his opponent but gets backdropped over it and onto the concrete. Lover grabs the Singapore cane which he cracks over Cide’s head and while he’s down disappears to the back to collect a ladder. As they embark on a tour of the bleachers Homicide starts to fire back, launching a chair at Lover’s head which busts him open. Hard chair shots to the back and another to the shoulder follow. Homicide drags him up to the Crow’s nest but Lover manages to put the brakes on and throws Cide off it to the stage below. As the action returns to ringside Homicide picks up the Singapore cane and dishes out some payback. He bridges a table upright against the guardrail and lies Lover up against it, however as Cide goes aerial with the tope con hilo Lover moves and he crashes through the table himself. Lover bridges a board covered in mousetraps between two chairs and brings the ladder into the ring. He’s spent too long on the furniture arranging mind and Homicide has recovered from that nasty bump. For some reason Lover then starts climbing the ladder, something that makes zero logical sense, while Cide climbs up the other side. They trade blows at the top and a hard Homicide open hand slap causes Lover to lose his balance, falling from the ladder and into the board. ‘Cop Killa’ and Homicide is the new JAPW Heavyweight champion. There’s a nice round of applause for Lover as he leaves, that cut of his now leaking blood. Generally I didn’t think this was a bad Hardcore match even if there was a slight random feel to it. My main gripe regards the finish, in that Lover started climbing the ladder for no reason whatsoever, and it was blatant that he was only doing so so he could take a fall from it into the mousetrap covered board. It didn’t go too long either, so no feel of it dragging while Homicide took two wild bumps (off the stage and the top con hilo through the table).
  14. At least the women have been left in the back this month, although we still have Johnny D and Rick Silver seconding their respective teams. No long write up because the match was very similar, even down to the referee, as the previous one (DHS shine, heat on Mafia, hot tag after spinning pumphandle, ringside brawl, finishing stretch (including the same spots such as Cide blocking the Dragon screw, applying the STF and Mafia saving his partner)). At least the actual finish itself was different, however I’m not sure putting the heat on the referee is the way to go, even if it did play up his legit incompetence! As Scruffy is being manhandled by DHS and Johnny D for counting the fall the ring announcer comes to his rescue saying that there was a foot over the rope and the match must continue. The restart doesn’t go long, Cide getting backdropped over the top rope through a table at ringside before Montoya is small packaged as Da Hit Squad regain the Jersey All Pro tag team titles. It would be nice if these teams either stuck to wrestling or brawling and not this weird mishmash, still the post-match handing over of the belts and the talk of Homicide having bigger fish to fry means it sounds like the feud is done anyway.
  15. There’s a proper early 90’s Indy feel to the way it looks in the arena with how dark it is in the building. Montoya is announced as being “number 189 in the PWI 500”, well he did better than Don E. Allen! Homicide and he have manager Rick Silver (you may remember him from the tag team The Big Unit earlier in the year) along with valet Poison in their corner. That scruffy, long haired kid is officiating and it looks like he’s going to have his hands full with these four. It doesn’t take long before Homicide and Mack are just forearming each other across the chops. Monkey flip by Mack as he and Cide working a fast opening stretch. DHS with a double press slam on Montoya followed by a double shoulder charge. Mafia is jumped from behind by Homicide but it’s so dark in there that you don’t see it. He blocks the attempted suplex and dumps Cide across the top rope. Montoya replaces his partner, no tag, although fares no better. Clubbing rabbit lariat after he ducked the regulation one. A short elbow to the side of the head stuns Mafia as the Don and Cide look to try and wear him down. There’s a real classy “she’s got no tits” chant aimed at Poison. Montoya drops a fist a la Ted Dibiase saying how he learned this in Memphis. Mafia has a golden opportunity to make the tag after a dropkick sees Homicide roll to the floor, but rather than make that tag he follows him outside and ends up getting whipped into the ring post. Cide breaks a crutch over his back and we then get some awful overacting from that ref, questioning why the crutch is broken before kicking the ropes and saying how he doesn’t want to see any of that. Shut up you fool. Fujiwara armbar by Cide and Montoya with a single arm DDT into a crossface. The Don claims a tap out but as incompetent as this referee is even he isn’t falling for that. A lovely Saito suplex, dumping Mafia on the back of his head. Mafia reverses the Irish whip, keeps hold of the arm and hits a ‘Rock Bottom’. Again he forgoes the tag to deliver a spinning pumphandle slam. Now he makes it, to what can only be described as a tepid reaction at best. Da Hit Squad’s manager, Johnny D, passes his charge the wooden ring steps and Mafia with an awesome tope suicida over the top rope, Mack helping out to break his partner’s fall. That dive is surpassed by Homicide’s top con hilo where he goes flying over the guard rail and into the front row. The bout descends into a brawl and not a very good one, lots of whipping each other into various objects, standing around and numerous dives off the wooden stage, even from those who are not actually involved in the match (Johnny D and Gabrielle Leigh). Leigh ends up getting accidentally bumped on the floor as Cide reverses another Irish whip (that spot has been done to death here) sending Mack clattering into her. Things finally return to the ring, Mack missing a diving headbutt off the top. Homicide blocks the Dragon screw and slaps on an STF, Mafia saving his partner. He goes to check on Gabrielle but she clotheslines him across the top rope. I don’t know if this was a turn as it’s never been specified whose corner she was in. Mafia staggers backwards, Cide with a ‘Cop Killa’ and the scruffy ref is delaying making his count, presumably waiting for Mack to be in a position to break up the fall. Yup, that was exactly what he was doing. Comfortably the worst referee I’ve seen all year. Montoya clips out Mack’s knee as he’s about to piledrive Homicide, STF, this time there’s no-one to save him and he taps as we have ourselves new JAPW tag team champions. Post-match Ric Blade joins ‘The Unit’ for the celebration while Rick Silver challenges anyone in the back with the balls. ‘Lowlife’ Louie Ramos and two cronies answer the challenge but don’t fare well at all, Montoya pulling his pants down and giving one of them a stink face. Things fell off a cliff big time when they started the brawling, it was all very aimless and meandering, while the dives felt like they were dives for dives sakes (everything post Homicide’s tope con hilo, the manager? the valet?). By the time they were breaking up the submission attempts and pinfalls I had zoned out and was wanting this to end. It’s a shame because everything up to then (the DHS shine, the heat segment on Mafia) had been pretty good, but the final ten minutes or so was terrible. Still at a loss to what was going on with Gabrielle Leigh and it’s where a lack of commentary on these Indy shows hurts in the telling of the story or explaining the history to new viewers.