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  1. Reckless defeated Mike Sullivan in making it to the semi-finals where he meets American Dragon, a matchup we saw several times in Memphis Championship Wrestling last year. There’s a slow feeling out process, Dragon in control until Reckless is able to get a single leg and transition to an STF. Following a snapmare Dragon kicks Reckless in the back and that sets the tone for the intensity levels to move up a few notches. Reckless with a facebreaker from the top after having blocked the attempted monkey flip and sat Dragon upstairs. Dragon floats over on the Northern Lights and lands a cool bridging fallaway slam for a two count. Big Mafia kick and Reckless is up to his feet showing his fighting spirit. Running forearm smash. Reckless ducks the clothesline and hits a reverse DDT. He blocks Dragon’s roaring elbow, countering with a rolling cradle for a near fall. Dragon suplex at the second time of asking, a roaring elbow to the back of the head softening up Reckless sufficiently after he was unable to hit it first time around. A belly to back dumps Dragon before a stiff clubbing clothesline folds him up double. He’s too slow heading up top and although does fight off the superplex, Dragon still takes him to the mat with a flying Fujiwara armbar. From there straight into the Cattle Mutilation, that hold giving Dragon his second submission of the night. Go back one year ago and Reckless Youth was the Indy workrate darling, fast forward and he’s surpassed, as a wrestler, by Dragon. It is astonishing to think where Dragon was twelve months ago compared with today and how quickly he’s improved. There was a very Japanese flavour to this with how hard they were hitting each other, especially in the second half, which was nice to see, as I’ve said previously how Reckless almost seems a different wrestler this year. Dragon brought the best out of him that’s for sure. I did prefer the Spanky match over this though and it’s cool how they’re building the Cattle Mutilation submission with both of Dragon’s victories tonight coming from it.
  2. The first incarnation of the match I watched the most in 2000. They open by working things around the wristlock with reversals and counters before they trade knife edge chops in the centre. Spanky cuts off the headbutts with a forearm but then badly slips on a springboard, Dragon stomping him to cover for it. Dragon blocks the wheelbarrow and kicks Spanky’s shoulder. I can’t really describe it but it was so good. Speaking of “so good” so is Dragon’s working over of that shoulder, the way he pulls him into the ringpost, the way he kicks it, the reverse arm wringer into the mat, tying the arm around the ropes and then dropkicking it. After being whipped into the corner Spanky comes off with a reverse crossbody but Dragon snatches him with a Fujiwara armbar. Spanky rolls through on the second armbar attempt and launches Dragon with a release German suplex. A springboard reverse forearm smash, he was brave to try that one again after slipping earlier. Northern Lights bomb. He’s slow climbing the turnbuckles and Dragon takes his legs away. Spanky fights off the double underhook superplex but then fails to connect on the high frog splash, rolling to the outside to try and get his breath back. Wow, Orihara moonsault by Dragon, I can’t remember ever seeing him do that before. Wrist clutch suplex. The two jockey for position in the centre, Dragon blocks Sliced Bread #2 and then hits a Dragon suplex, transitioning to the Cattle Mutilation for the win, moving onto the semi-finals at the same time. Dragon’s work is so tight, especially when he’s focussing his attack on a specific body part. Where did that Orihara moonsault come from also? Considering this was only a first round tournament match I thought it was really good for that.
  3. William Regal is exercising a clause in the contract for a rematch after losing the European title last month. Nice gut wrench powerbomb by Test. Regal avoids the charge and Test goes shoulder first into the ring post. The match has been only been going sixty seconds when Al Snow, who is campaigning to be Commissioner, walks out. The cameras are focussing more on Snow dishing out buttons to the fans than the action in the ring. Test starts battling back and hits a side slam for a two. He accidentally straddles himself across the top rope, Regal then tying him up in them. As referee Teddy Long tries to untangle him, Regal goes to the other side of the ring and puts his head through the ropes to say something to Snow. The wannabe Commissioner wallops him with ‘Head’ and Long has freed Test who connects with a big boot to retain the gold. I was hoping that the European title was coming home but it wasn’t to be. The match is more a backdrop for the Snow Commissionership storyline and it looks like Regal is heading for a feud with him.
  4. These four participants are scheduled to face off at No Way Out in a Fatal Four Way, that match and this tag made by Mr McMahon who took exception to some comments made by the Intercontinental champion. I know! You’re thinking Jericho running his mouth and antagonizing someone? Unlike their opponents the Radicalz walk out together so they should have some cohesion. Jericho with a drop toe hold sending Benoit crashing into the bottom turnbuckle. He goes over to tag X-Pac but he’s not interested, telling Jericho to carry on what he’s been doing. Y2J grabs him by the hair and flips him into the ring, the two engaging in a shoving match that ‘the Crippler’ takes advantage of. Spin kick to Benoit and a crotch chop draws Eddy inside. Pac ends up straddling himself across the middle as Eddy is tagged in. That trusty spin kick works again, Pac dropping him in the corner. He starts celebrating in anticipation of the Bronco buster only for Jericho to slap him on the hand for the tag. Double underhook into a backbreaker, Eddy kicking out of the cover on two. Benoit hooks Y2J’s ankle from the floor and that swings the match in their direction. Caught in a front chancery Jericho slowly powers his way towards his corner, Pac actually wanting the tag for once. No he doesn’t. The moment Y2J gets to his corner Pac jumps off the apron out of his reach. He’s now distracting the referee so that the Radicalz can double team him behind his back. ‘The King’ make a good point, that in the grand scheme of things this match isn’t important, Sunday is the big one, and anything to help soften Jericho up for then will be beneficial come the PPV. Jericho holds on on the top rope rana and lands a missile dropkick. After the flying forearm he attacks everyone, including his partner. Bulldog. He goes for the Lionsault but Pac kicks him in the face as he springs off the ropes. Benoit locks on the crossface and the champion taps. Eddy and Pac end up coming to blows while ‘the Crippler’ keeps that submission hold on. Justin Credible is out to help Pac, low blowing Guerrero. X-Factor on Eddy and then a double superkick to Benoit, the commentators still trying to work out what is going on with X-Pac and Justin Credible. Pac is the one you think has got no chance of winning going into the Four Way so smart to have him being the only one left standing tall at the end of the match.
  5. On the back of Monday’s tag we have a singles match between Rikishi and Jeff. The Matt and Lita liplock gets replayed again. Rikishi is easily overpowering Jeff in the opening moments. Hardy ducks under a clothesline and tries a sunset slip, sliding out the way just in time as Rikishi was about to bring all his weight down onto his chest. Shotgun dropkick followed by a somersault legdrop. He comes off the top but Rikishi catches him in a bear hug. Belly to belly. Lawler is back talking about his favourite subject, Lita’s underwear. Rikishi has the Whisper in the Wind scouted, stepping out the way, Jeff having run up the turnbuckles after being whipped into them. Samoan drop. Following a thrust kick he drags Jeff into the corner for the Bonzai drop and this one’s over. Post-match he’s about to give him a second when he senses Lita up top and shakes the ropes causing her to lose her balance. Stink face on Lita. Matt Hardy makes the save, running him off, Lawler thinking it highly unlikely he’ll want to kiss her any time soon now! The match was a squash and did feel like a rehabilitation for Rikishi.
  6. ‘Totally Buff’ defeated Kronik last night and in doing so they earned themselves a tag team title shot at Greed. Luger tells the fans that they’ve been waiting for a big star to come out all night and now they’ve got it! He says that O’Haire & Palumbo messed up when they snubbed their offer to join the new WCW, now they’re going to take their World titles at Greed and send them packing, just like they did Bill Goldberg. I reckon ‘Totally Buff’ are going to be milking that one until the end of the company, just like Scott Steiner milks the Sid broken leg (even though the latter was nothing to do with him). Sean O’Haire has been banned from ringside for the match, Ric Flair flexing his authority. A high dropkick by Palumbo and ‘the Package’ is begging off in the corner trying to buy some time. He yanks Chuck by the pants through the ropes to the floor where he does some damage before throwing him back inside. Forearms to the lower back as Luger looks to soften it up. Belly to back. The Palumbo comeback is cut-off with a scoop slam and he motions for the Rack. Mike Tenay notes the arrogance Luger’s showing, talking to the fans and taking his opponent for granted. As he leans over to pick him up, Palumbo hooks him with an inside cradle for the win. Lex attacks him post-match, O’Haire running out to save his partner and then Buff Bagwell dragging ‘the Package’ to safety. It’s noted that he may have been banned from ringside for the match but there was nothing to stop him from coming out after it.
  7. Mike Tenay is still raving about the Shooting Styles Press from last week and how it’s been the talk of the town ever since. A glorious European uppercut by Alex to Air. Combination inverted atomic drop/spinning heel kick. A.J.’s in but doesn’t fair much better, also on the receiving end of the Wright uppercut. Disqo with a Russian legsweep. He starts dancing and Styles is able to crawl between his legs to make the tag. Paris does stagger Disqo but then goes knee first into the top turnbuckle as he avoids his charge. The Boogie Knights target that leg briefly before moving onto the lower back. Wright gets crotched upstairs, however as Paris sets for a superplex, Disqo, after nailing Styles on the apron first, gets underneath him and has him on his shoulders in the Electric Chair. Missile dropkick. Styles pulls his partner out the way of a corner splash only to immediately walk into a scoop slam when he’s tagged in. Disqo misses a double axe handle off the middle and A.J. with a DDT for a near fall. Atomic drop/high knee combination, this time Alex in to break up the cover. As Disqo takes some respite on the floor Alex is over wondering what he’s doing. Jeez, what looks like a springboard double dropkick to the floor by Styles! The Irish whip on the concrete is reversed, A.J. crashing into the barricade, while at the same time Paris wipes out Wright with a crossbody off the top. Back inside Disqo celebrates after landing a reverse DDT dropped into a backbreaker on Air, not realising Styles is up, perched on the top turnbuckle waiting. When he turns around he’s caught with a high crossbody, the Wildside boys picking up their first televised win in WCW. Post-match the Boogie Knights have words, Wright not impressed one bit by Disqo who seemed more interested in dancing than getting the job done. It boggles my mind that when WCW closed Alex Wright pretty much never wrestled again, what a wasted talent. A veterans vs rookies story, the rookies picking up the win to take into the Cruiserweight tag team tournament. It had to be really, you can’t have them going into a tournament on the back of two straight losses in their two televised bouts. Thought Paris looked a lot more greener this week than he did last.
  8. The Kwee Wee is tired of coming out here and trying to get Ric Flair’s attention. He’s going to make him regret not having him on his team so is offering an open challenge to anyone on the roster. Surprisingly the challenge is answered by Kaz Hayashi, not the person I would’ve expected to be high on the list of something like this. A spinning heel kick sends the Kwee Wee to the outside. Sweet twisting dive and he unloads with punches from the mount before rolling him back inside. Kaz runs into a big boot and Kwee Wee with a running Thesz press. This unique suplex variation where he suplexes Kaz into the turnbuckles. Snap suplex. The two jockey for position and as the Kwee Wee looks to have it, Kaz flips over on the belly to back landing on his feet. Spinning back kick to chest. Kwee Wee gets backdropped out onto the apron and goes to suplex Kaz to the floor, however he slides down his back looking for a sunset flip, Kwee blocking that by hammering down punches. He fails to connect on the suicide dive and a Kaz headscissors on the outside sends him into the steel steps. In the ring Kwee blocks the implant DDT and levels Kaz with a short clothesline. He’s crotched upstairs, but counters the superplex with a front suplex. This is going one way and then the other as Kwee’s caught mid-air with a dropkick when he comes off the top. Kwee Wee pancakes Kaz to the mat on the tilt-a-whirl for a near fall. It’s Kaz’s turn to be backdropped onto the apron, from there though he hits the slingshot DDT for the win. The Kwee Wee has been embarrassed, and everyone knows he doesn’t like to be embarrassed, so gives Kaz a post-match piledriver. Decentish back and forth action, although I was expecting more from these two.
  9. They reshow the kiss between Matt and Lita from earlier, Lawler calling him a “lucky dog”. The Hardyz catch the Island boys napping, Matt coming off the top with a crossbody and Jeff running across the barricade at them. Poetry in Motion on Rikishi. Haku no sells having his head rammed into the corner and when they go for a Poetry in Motion on him, he just catches Jeff and tosses him to the outside. Matt tries to go it alone but gets floored by a Haku thrust kick before Rikishi drops a big leg across him. There’s no-one home when Rikishi backs dat ass up and as he staggers Jeff clotheslines him across the top rope. Matt with the hot tag. Haku’s not bothering to wait for a tag, although maybe he should have as he gets taken out by a Whisper in the Wind. Leg lariat to Rikishi. A dropkick sends Haku out to the floor, however Rikishi sidesteps Jeff’s charge and sends him out to join him. Twist of Fate by Matt, Jeff, the legal man, has recovered and lands the Swanton. As Teddy Long tries to get Matt back on the apron, Haku nails Jeff behind his back and they steal the win. The brothers want some more but walk into a double Tongan Death grip. They get stacked on top of each other, presumably for a double Bonzai drop, although the Island boys decide against it, choosing to just leave instead. Unless there is some long term booking plan for Rikishi & Haku and they’re looking to rehabilitate them I’m not sure about them getting the win here.
  10. To make sure there is no outside interference Mr McMahon has appointed Chris Jericho as the special guest referee in this match as two of his rivals for the IC title go head to head. Y2J has a few words with his old pal “Mitchell Cole” which was just away of plugging this “He Hate Me” chap from the XFL, Jericho wearing a shirt with his name on to officiate this. Both wrestlers have words with Y2J on their arrival, presumably telling him not to screw them over. Pac with the first pin attempt of the match and Jericho’s count is lightning fast. It’s a different matter altogether when Eddy makes a cover, Y2J checking all the angles, making sure both shoulders are down, dragging it out as much as he can to allow X-Pac to kick out. Looks like Pac is the lesser of two evils for him. Abdominal stretch by Eddy who is grabbing his opponent’s hair at the same time. He does break when Jericho tells him, only to immediately grab it again. This happens a second time forcing Y2J to physically pull him off. They get into a shoving match and Eddy is still arguing with him as he heads upstairs. The distraction allows Pac to catch him with a dropkick causing him to lose his balance. Superplex. Pac with a bronco buster, he too though feels the hands of the official as he continues to ride is opponent long after Jericho has told him to break. Eddy gets suplexed over the top rope to the outside and Pac is being restrained from going after him as Y2J tries to do his job. He ends up slapping Jericho across the back of the head, who responds in kind. Justin Credible is out to help X-Pac, Jericho does beat him to the punch but is quickly outnumbered. Eddy returns to the ring and makes a beeline for Pac, Jim Ross noting that he’s not coming to the defence of Y2J, he just wants to get his hands on X-Pac. That is evident after they clear the ring of the two, Eddy and Jericho then going at it themselves. It looks like the IC champ came out of this all unscathed when he hits a Lionsault on Eddy, however as he makes his way back up the ramp he’s jumped by Chris Benoit who DDT’s him on the steel. ‘The King’ thinks he’s pissed off the wrong men here and Y2J is going to have to find himself some allies fast if this three way feud with him, Eddy and Pac is continuing.
  11. Jim Ross says that Lita and Dean Malenko are set to go one on one, to which ‘the King’s’ response is how he’s always wanted to go one on one with Lita. We know you dirty old goat, you can’t contain yourself whenever you see her. A lengthy video package reminds us what led up to this match, an obsessed Malenko even forcing himself on an unconscious Lita in one of the clips. She may have requested this match but things don’t start out well for her. Malenko grabs a chair from the outside, but as referee Jack Doan tries to pry it away, Lita schoolboys him, although she doesn’t even get a one count with it. He’s having his way with her here, deliberately putting Lita’s leg over the ropes at two to break up a pin attempt, and later, after a belly to belly, lying there and draping her arm on top of him so she’s the one doing the covering, even though she’s completely out of it. Doan gets bumped by a swinging leg when Malenko picks her up for a slam, then collects a second chair from ringside. As he sets himself to clock her, Matt Hardy runs through the crowd into the ring, kicks him in the gut and then blasts him with the chair. Lita crawls over to make the cover, Doan coming around to count the fall in the blow off to their angle. Hardy looks more pleased than Lita with the win, lifting her up to celebrate and even kissing her on the lips. Immediately he apologises, saying how he got caught up in the moment and leaves, thinking he’s screwed up a friendship Lita runs after him, turns him around, Matt goes to apologise again but she full on kisses him. The crowd were electric for that.
  12. Nothing shows a company is running out of ideas more like repeating the exact same skit they did a month ago. Just like when Goldberg was forced to leave WCW and a mock funeral was held for him, one is being held for Kevin Nash, ‘the Magnificent Seven’ all dressed in black as a casket is brought to the ring. Ric Flair starts off talking in sombre tones saying how Nash’s career has come to an end... because ‘the Magnificent Seven’ struck again and now there’s no-one left to stand against them. Scott Steiner takes over from him, saying that their motto in the new WCW is winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, and if they have to break a few bones or break a few rules that’s exactly what they’ll do. He runs through his victims (Sting, Booker, Goldberg and Sid) and intimates that he’s not yet finished with Nash because he made the mistake of putting his hands on his “freak” (Midajah). Despite Flair saying how there was no-one left to stand against them, Steiner mentions there is one man left. He opens the casket to reveal Kanyon, dressed as DDP, doing his Positively Kanyon gimmick. A rematch from last night has been signed for later in the show and Steiner wants Kanyon to beat Page, to hurt him, just enough though for him to survive to Greed where he can get his hands on him himself. Steiner has stumbled over his words several times throughout this promo. DDP shows up in the crowd, plugs the Greed match because as long as he has that there is nothing Steiner can do to him, then reels off his catchphrase. Kanyon is wrestling this, at least he’s starting, as Positively Kanyon, complete with badly fitting wig and motivational book. DDP slides into the ring and Kanyon tries to run away but gets grabbed by the pants and tossed over the top to the floor. Pescado by Page. Kanyon reverses the whip into the railing and a right then sends DDP over it into the crowd. Back in the ring Page with a tilt-a-whirl slam. They’re calling Kanyon’s win last night the biggest win of his career. Page goes for the ‘ten punch in the corner’ spot but Kanyon Snake Eyes’ him into the top turnbuckle. Sicilian slice for a two. DDP is about to escape the rear chinlock so Kanyon grabs him by the hair and slams him back to the mat, reapplying it. He escapes at the second time of asking, shooting Kanyon off after some back elbows and then planting him with a modified uranage. Both men are down but when they get to their feet it’s Page who’s got the second wind as he unloads with right and left combinations. Discus lariat followed by a belly to back. He signals for the Diamond Cutter however Kanyon low blows him. DDP kicks out of the Kanyon Cutter, Schiavone erroneously thinking that is what beat Page last night. Kanyon slogs him with a loaded book, Charles Robinson otherwise occupied, disposing of a chair that he’d moments earlier bought into the ring, and again he kicks out of the cover. As he puts some knux on his hand, given to him by Scott Steiner, Diamond Cutter and Page avenges his loss from yesterday. Steiner is on his way out, but DDP sees him and the troops coming so hops out into the crowd before they’re able to get their hands on him.
  13. The dreaded Chavo & Animal team! Hopefully Konnan is able to match up against him better and we don’t have a repeat of when they faced Rey & Kidman. We get a recap of Konnan coming to Kidman’s aid last night after Animal had taken him out of the Six Way Elimination match. Chavo makes his entrance at which point we cut backstage to see Animal and Konnan already going at it. To be honest, keeping those two back there and having Kidman and Chavo wrestle a singles match wouldn’t be the worst idea. As Chavo watches the goings on on Nitrovision he’s jumped from behind by Kidman, doing like everyone else these days and coming through the crowd. This has barely got started and we head for a commercial break. On our return a bunch of referees are out struggling to separate Chavo and Kidman while Konnan and Animal have fought their way down to the ring. Tornado DDT by Chavo who then steps out to help Animal, nailing Konnan in the back and then throwing him into the guard rail. Konnan looks motivated here and even pulls out a springboard dropkick. There’s nobody home on Kidman’s top rope splash but Konnan is able to cut off Chavo’s tag, Tony Schiavone saying how their strategy has to be to keep “that monster” on the outside. Konnan ties up Chavo in this cool Lucha leglock submission and Animal is in to break it up, he’s being heavily portrayed as the difference maker between these teams. Chavo distracts the official so Animal can choke K-Dawg over the ropes. Irish whip is reversed and Konnan with the roll through clothesline. I’m sure I heard someone call that Rolling Thunder by the way. Tag to Kidman and the Animals have done a good job of keeping Animal out of there. Right as I type that in he comes again, although every entrance has been illegal, Chavo working the entire match for them. A double clothesline sends Animal to the outside and Chavo is all alone. An ugly looking facejam, timings slightly off. Kidman drags Chavo over to the corner for the Shooting Star but Animal pulls him out of harms way. Animal catches Kidman on the crossbody from the middle turnbuckle to the floor so Konnan comes off the apron himself with a somersault onto them. The match has returned to where we started, Kidman and Chavo in the ring while the referee is doing his best to separate Animal and Chavo on the floor. Kidman lands a sit-out powerbomb when from the back sprints Rey Mysterio. They team up for a Nutcracker, Kidman then hits the Kid Crusher and Konnan holds Animal’s leg to prevent him from saving his partner as the Animals take the win. For reasons known only to a few ,Animal has to look strong, even though he was kept that throughout, and leaves Kidman laying with a huge powerbomb. Expectations were low and I was dreading this but it was an enjoyable bout and they did the best possible considering the almighty handicap that is Road Warrior Animal. This push of his in 2001 is one of the most perplexing things going. Nice to see K-Dawg bringing it, even if there was that unfortunate botch in there.
  14. The Cat has announced that there will be a Cruiserweight tag team division with a tournament to decide the winners starting next week, the finals taking place at the Greed PPV. Well Lance Storm’s Commissionership didn’t last long. At least with Cat back in charge it should mean we see him wrestle less, which can’t be a bad thing! Noble is seconded by Evan Karagias, so presumably they’re going to be one of the teams in the tournament. Considering how they don’t seem to be on the same page the majority of the time I’m not sure that’s the smartest decision. A bad looking top rope headscissors by Shannon after Noble had been slow on the climb. Scott Hudson thinks that Noble & Karagias are one of the favourites for the tournament despite their problems. I don’t. Noble with a nice Northern Lights suplex only to run into a big boot. Twisting corkscrew senton off the top. Jamie rolls to the floor out the way of the slingshot senton but then gets nailed by a baseball slide dropkick. Over the top rope tope con hilo. Karagias’ attempted interference doesn’t pay off and Shannon ends up dropkicking Noble into him. Whoa, Karagias DDT’s Noble on the apron. I’m assuming that’s some sot of payback for him accidentally bumping into him just now. And Hudson thinks these two are favourites?!? Shannon with the Bottoms Up and the win. Ooh no, Karagias and Moore are stomping down Noble and dancing together, it’s they who’re the team for the Cruiserweight tournament, a reunited two thirds of 3 Count, not who we all assumed. Disappointing match that felt more about the angle at the end than anything.
  15. Scott Hudson is referring to Chavo as ‘the Mind Gamer’, that’s a god-awful name even for him. A dropkick sends Chavo through the ropes to the outside. He rolls in to avoid the springboard and as Rey climbs up on the apron looks for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor but that gets countered with a headscissors. Chavo rolls through on the springboard sunset flip, hits a gutbuster and then dumps Rey face first across the top rope. Rey blocks the suicideplex, shoving Chavo backwards to the mat. He turns his back on his opponent for a moonsault crossbody, although doesn’t realise that Chavo is already up and ends up tied in the Tree of Woe. There’s a gritty nastiness about the way he scrapes his boot across an upside down Rey’s face. He telegraphs his charge ending up going shoulder first into the ring post as Rey skins the cat up out of the way. Rey gets a two count following a sunset flip but is immediately floored with a lariat. Gory Special. The challenger powers his way out only to end up back in it a second time, this time Chavo dropping him chest first with the Gory Buster. There is an underlying story, from Schiavone at least, of the four knee operations that Rey has undergone. Chavo catches him on the Asai moonsault and puts him over his shoulder for Snake Eyes but Rey wriggles free and sends him crashing into the corner. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Springboard crossbody, however Chavo connects on a dropkick to the chest taking the wind out of him. STF. Rey fights to his feet, reverses the Irish whip and lands a spinning heel kick. Chavo uses Rey’s dungarees against him, grabbing hold of them to pull him to the floor. He drops him across the safety rail and then grabs a fan’s Rey mask which he proceeds to put on his opponent. A great belly to back, Chavo driving his forearm into the face on the cover. He’s too slow as he heads upstairs, Rey swiping his legs out before putting the mask on him. Top rope Frankensteiner. A headscissors sends Chavo through the ropes to the outside, Rey choosing not to follow him, instead trying to get some air into his lungs. Whoa, awesome somersault dive over the ring post, like the dive Essa Rios does nigh on every match. Springboard Thesz press. Rey slips on the Lionsault and immediately holds his knee. Considering that Rey is one of the most reliable guys there is and rarely botches things, I’ve going that that was planned, especially by the exaggerated Rey jumped onto the rope. If it was a botch Chavo covers for him with a cover, putting his feet on the ropes for added leverage. Chavo wedges a chair between the top turnbuckles and whips Rey towards it but he slides underneath it. Crazy ass springboard rana from the apron to the floor by Rey. Springboard falling headbutt, tornado DDT, he still can’t muster the three though. After the Bronco buster Rey goes over to use the chair that Chavo had wedged in the corner. Whilst referee Jamie Tucker tries to pry it away, unbeknownst, Chavo has ducked out and collected a second from under the ring. Lay in wait, when Rey grabs him he clocks him with it. Slingshot senton. One vicious brainbuster later the champion has retained, new number one contender Shane Helms next to chance on the horizon for him. What a match! One that felt like a battle and one that could’ve easily gone either way until the difference maker of the chair, Chavo resorting to underhand tactics to pick up the win. Maybe Rey’s slip on the Lionsault wasn’t planned and he almost slipped on that crazy rana off the apron too, but considering he was wrestling in boots, dungarees and had some ridiculous horns glued to his forehead it’s incredible he can do what he does. Chavo’s run of impressive performances in 2001 continues as well and he really was the glue that held this together. I went against how I have been watching things and deliberately left this match to watch last as I didn’t want to finish on an expected downer with Steiner vs Nash. I’m glad I did!