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Low Blow Booking Podcast Episode 15 Ultimate Warrior 1990

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Low Blow Booking Podcast. Join Derek Cornett and Dave Hall as they travel back in time to 1990 and rebook one of the most anticipated WWF World Title runs of all time. They take a look at the Ultimate Warrior's build to winning the title at WrestleMania 6 and then rebook his title run until Royal Rumble 1991. They talk about the matches, feuds, and also the supporting characters that will help this title run in the long run. So sit back and enjoy the latest edition of the Low Blow Booking Podcast!

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Great show, guys. I think there's so much that could've been done to make that title reign much better. I like your ideas. Alternatively maybe directly from WM6 to a feud with Savage, with Warrior winning at SummerSlam. Then feud with Perfect at Rumble. Let Hogan Slaughter have a brutal, no-DQ blood-fest at WM7 without the title. Have Warrior Savage rematch, title vs career, in a cage, at Mania. Savage wins. Warrior goes crazy and destroys Savage. Elizabeth to the rescue. Warrior turns heel. Mega Powers reunite and face Warrior and Undertaker at SummerSlam. Warrior eats pin and disappears. Taker beats Savage for title at Survivor Series, Hogan beats Taker at Tuesday in Texas, title held up. Flair wins at Rumble 92. ... After that: rebooking Flair in WWF, including Mania win over Hogan, SummerSlam win over Warrior, Survivor Series loss to Savage thanks to Perfect face turn. Savage loses to Yoko at Mania, save Bret title for 94... But that's another story for another time :-)

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