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[2004-10-16-ROH-Joe vs Punk II] Jimmy Jacobs vs Alex Shelley ('I Quit')


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I Quit Match
Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs
Fuck, this was just phenomenal stuff, and did a fantastic job of conveying hatred and emotion in a unique fashion. This match had lots of bumps, but they were done with purpose to truly inflict pain. The use of weapons was tremendous also, and Jacobs blew away his underdog performance from their prior match in the same building just three months earlier. Even in defeat, this did nothing but elevate Jacobs and I'm shocked that he didn't earn a permanent spot after this. Shelley was also even more of a dangerous bad-ass from this match. This had insanity, this had psychology, this was just terrific.
Of course, as soon as Ricky Steamboat comes to save Jacobs from a GeNext post-match beating, I'm sure to hit next on my remote to avoid that awful feud between him and Mick Foley.
Rating: ****1/2
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  • GSR changed the title to [2004-10-16-ROH-Joe vs Punk II] Jimmy Jacobs vs Alex Shelley ('I Quit')

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