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[2004-10-23-PWG-Use Your Illusion IV] Joey Ryan vs Super Dragon (Iron Man)


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PWG Title Shot - 60 Minute Iron Man Match
Joey Ryan vs. Super Dragon
Joey Ryan. Super Dragon. 60 Minutes.
I had to see it to believe it, but this was an excellent Iron Man match, surpassing Benoit vs. HHH done that same year. This was far from perfect, just a tad notch below the Aries vs. Danielson 2/3 falls match, but this was a HUGE pleasant surprise.
Both men held nothing back (a positive and a negative), trading holds and strikes like they were headlining a major PPV. Like a juggernaut, SD was able to get a 3-0 lead midway in the match, but Ryan used tenacity and intelligence to bring the match to a tie, playing off of the legwork earlier in the match.
As the 60 minutes came to a conclusion, Ryan made a puzzling decision (both kayfabe and non-kayfabe). He was letting SD get counted out, which would give Ryan a 4-3 lead and likely the victory. But he interrupted the 20 count, and then gave SD a fucking SWINGING NECKBREAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE FLOOR. I'm sure that bump was fucking worth it for both men.
The match went into sudden death overtime (much better decision than 5 extra minutes), and SD won after multiple Burning Hammers (including one on the floor) despite Ryan's tenacity. But it was Ryan's stupidity near the end of the 60 minute regulation that cost him the match, the bragging rights, and the shot at the most important prize in the company.
Rating: ****
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