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[2005-05-07-ROH-Manhattan Mayhem] Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley


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ROH Title Match
Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley
The other great match for the evening, and this one certainly lived up to expectations. Despite what a personal match this really was, both men were intelligent enough to largely put that aside and focus on just out-wrestling each other. To me, that really puts over the ROH Title, that being the champion of the company was more important than settling scores. These two just went back-and-forth with tremendous pacing and showing off their submission work, working on the necessary body parts and trying to gain an advantage.
I really loved Aries desperately rolling to the ropes when Shelley hit a series of deadly moves on him, making Shelley have to use just a bit of additional energy before attempting a pinfall. Little things like that are what separates raw potential from true greatness. And while Shelley really did put Aries through hell, I've no problem with Aries finding enough of an adrenaline rush to finish off his former teammate with his trademark finishing sequence. Die-hard sports fans know that's often the case for so many teams and athletes squeezing out victories in the closing moments of games.
Rating: ****
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