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This Week In Wrestling 4/24/16


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Fall 1
Pete and Johnny look at nwaclassics.com match of The Dynamic Duo vs Dick Slater/Tommy Rich 12/11/82 . The boys break down the match. How good are the Dynamic Duo ? Pete also talks about the ROH show from San Antonio. Pete turns on some of the fans in the audience.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy discuss The ROH Supercard of Honor Night 2 card. Also look look at the Wrestlecon Supershow. One of these shows had one of the most ego centric driven matches they've seen in a while.

Fall 3
Johnny is back and they check out the E&C show, NXT, RAW, and Smackdown. Is the Maryse and Miz pairing as awesome as Johnny and Pete think? Will Payback deliver as good of a show as it sounds on paper? Where is the WWE Bullet Club headed? Why does the product feel fresher? Check out the show and find out what the boys think.

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I misspoke Ricky Mandel was trained by the Ballard brothers not the Cutlers but you know no one cares



I enjoyed the Ballard Brothers schtick in early PWG. I havent seen anything of them in years though. Cool that they are trainers.



I did as well I really have a huge soft spot for Pacific-Northwest and So-Cal indies guys completely based on regional bias but yeah if Dylan & Zellner get to act like southern indies are better than UK just because they are at the shows live then I get to say that Scott Lost is one of the 100 GWE

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