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  1. shoe

    WWE Hidden Gems

    You were on the money. Where were you seeing the hints?
  2. This was a great cage match. We get a glimpse of Valentine as a face. Another great Valentine performance and a guy I'm glad I started reevaluating his career 10-15 years ago. The dude has tons of great matches and performances in his ledger. Love how these guys lay their shots in on one another. This is very physical, and you get that this needs to be settled in a cage. I love the cage tease early, though the payoff we'll have to wait for. Greg's chinlock shine was eh. I loved the progression of violence.Valentine gets meat grindered . The visual of Valentine's blood on Slater is just nasty. Slater just peppers Valentine with punches working over the cut. They do a great job milking Slater going into the cage. Once he does, he becomes a bloody mess. Valentine is great at working over the cut. This turned into a hell of a fight. They didn't over due the cage spots, and made the ones they did matter. Up until this point their was no blood on the show so it made the match more impactful.Instead of the chin lock shine I would have preffered Valentine did some leg work since the Figure 4 played into the finish. This was gritty and violent. 4*
  3. shoe

    WWE Hidden Gems

    100% agree. Plus having to get voiceover would cause a delay on getting this type of stuff out.
  4. This has popped up on the network and has added a few more minutes to the bout.Barry really had a great 87. Barry's so tall he doesn't even have to jump to do a leapfrog. Love Arn early setting up Barry for some nice shine spots. Barry working the arm. Arn looking for a way out and a knee lift into the stomach was the way to go. On the floor Barry posts Arn's arm. Back in the ring more arm work continues. Barry's offense is very focused, but not a lot of variety to it. A big time hot shot sets up Arn's heat. Arn's heat is rather basic, but works because the crowd try's to rally Barry. It still needed a little more nasty for my taste. Barry gets a break when Arn crotches himself. Comeback, ref bump, and then Barry rolls him up. Solid match that wasn't spectacular. It told a story, but it didn't suck you in. 2 3/4*
  5. This is a feud that has generated some good matches. This may be one of Jake's last matches before heading to WCCW. Love the reaction when Jake face plants on a tie up. Totally dig Ronnie using the leg scissors as a weapon. I love how Garvin takes the mount from Jake. These guys are making everything a struggle. Jake is good at selling the ribs. Jake looks to be focusing on the arm. Jake with some nasty punches and elbow's to the back. Jake's size is causing problems for Garvin. Jake ,back to the arm some more. Controlling the arm, more so than working it. I loved the tape spot with Jake. He's positioned it so the ref can't see. A great idea to get heat and to get the crowd to rally behind Garvin. They brawl a bit on the outside. Garvin nails Jake with a chair right in front of the ref. Garvin works the cut, and does the Garvin stomp. No clue why he wasn't Dq'd. Garvin hits him with his finish and the crowd erupts for the new champ. This had some interesting things in it, but had it share of flaws. 2 1/4*
  6. shoe

    WWE Hidden Gems

    We do have Arn vs Barry, but it's from World Pro so there's a clip in there I bet.
  7. shoe

    [1983-12-04-GCW-Atlanta, GA] Ric Flair vs Tommy Rich

    I gave this a rewatch and liked it better on 2nd watch. Rich's shine was much better than I gave it credit for. If you compare it to Buzz and Ted chinlock, Ted was happy to sit in it. Flair was constantly working for outs in the headlock. Flair really pushed the action here. Because Rich was so established Flair treated him more as a peer in the match, and we got less bitching and stooging. Their were some cool KOTM spots. 3 1/4*
  8. shoe

    [1983-12-04-GCW-Atlanta, GA] Ric Flair vs Tommy Rich

    Rich was a top 5 babyface in the country here. We get some mat wrestling to start. Rich using the headlock and headscissors during his control. Rich's shine was pretty mediocre and didn't play to his stregths as a wrestler. A spot I liked was Flair going for the Figure 4 and Rich turning it into an Adominal stretch. Flair's heat was lukewarm until he started working the leg. Then it got nasty and focused. The finishing run was normal Flair. The finish looked ugly to boot. 2 1/2*
  9. This s a wild brawl from jump street. This is utter chaos. Brett's arm is in a cast and he's using it as a weapon. It calms down and becomes a straight tag. Sawyer's have an interesting shine with walking tall spots. Finally the Roadies use their strength. Buzz gets a hot tag and is running wild. Finish was pretty sudden. Fun match in a chaotic way.
  10. Ted DiBiase defends the National Heavyweight Title. Ted is stalling right of the bat. Loved Teddy missing the punch to eat an arm drag. Buzz biting on Ted. Buzz howling at the moon was great. Babyface Buzz is a blast. You can see how Rick Steiner lifted his stuff in 88/89 Crockett for his babyface run. Buzz was a mentor to him in Mid-South. Ted in control working him over, Buzz fights back and works a chin lock. Ted fights out, but misses a drop kick, and we're back to the chin lock. Sleeper by Buzz and Ted's flailing arm sell rules. Ted gets some separation and begins to bloody up Buzz and work the cut. They start brawling on the floor. 2 1/2 *
  11. Jake Roberts defends the National TV Title. Pez cuts a fun promo on Ellering pre match. Jake hits a nice arm drag early and has this cocky as hell look on his face. Pez then nails Jake with 3 slams and Jake takes a powder. Another slam by Pez, and another powder by Jake. Jake trying to eat up that time. He goes for a slam, but Jake's back is shot. Pez with another slam, and hooks on a Boston Crab. Jake gets the rope. A big stomp to Jake's back. Ellering gets a shot in on Pez. The 10 minute for the belt expired, and now its becomes just a match. Jake is all over Pez in the ropes. Jake's back selling has been great. Jake using punches and kicks. Pez trys a comeback and Jakes weeble wobble sell was great. Big head butt by Pez, that Ja'ke answers with a clothesline. This really begins to drag. These guys work a 30 minute draw. The 1 st 10 minutes were fun, but man these guys didn't have enough to go 30. Their are a lot of interesting ideas here, but again not enough to fill 30 minutes.
  12. This was 2 guys trying to establish position until Garvin hits him with a punch and drops the elbow for a 3 count.
  13. This is your typical underneath match. It's pretty basic. Both guys eating up time to have a real meat and potato opener.
  14. This is the opener. We have the vaudet Bob Roop vs one of the best prelim workers. Jackson keeps thing interesting early on. Roop controls with a key lock. A lot of counterwrestling here. Roop starts to take control and focus on the neck, and using his size.Jackson makes a mistake, and it costs him. Solid opener
  15. This is pretty incredible. JCP really had a knack of presenting matches as big and important on tv when the time was right. This had all the bells and whistles. 1st they show the belts, interviews from both teams. Dusty,Jim Crockett, and Flair share words to put over the magnitude of the match. Russian anthem plays with the Russians come out to. The Rock n Roll's music hit and the crowd cheers them like the stars that they are . I also think the Russians are one of the most underated teams in JCP. I love the opening cat and mouse. This establishes the size vs speed dynamic of the match. The Rock n Roll shine is great. They stay focused on the arm. Tagging in and out. Ivan was great at shining up the faces. A big elbow takes Morton down and we get a great section of FIP mixed in with some neat hope spots. The Russians really focus on the neck and back of Morton. This was super heated and was tremendous especially the pop Gibson's hot tag gets. Gibson runs wild and tries to chop down the Russians by targeting the leg. They stop Gibson and work him over. The finish is tremendous with the controlled chaos. This match ruled. It was well worked. It was presented as being a big time match. It kept me the whole time. The dynamic ruled and made the Rock n Roll Express in JCP. 4 1/2*