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  1. We talk AEW We review the current NXT. We Review Wrrstle Kingdom 13
  2. I'm totally with Chad on this. Color me disapointed in the match. I know this was a special match for Cain, but it just felt there.
  3. shoe

    TWIW 1/4/19

    1. AEW 2. Future of Kenny Omega Hulk Hogan's return to Raw. Reviews We review 1. MLW Fushion 37 2. NXT UK 21 and 22 3. Riddle vs Hero 4. Action for the Championship
  4. We are here where we breakdown 1. MLW Fushion 2.NXT UK 19, 20 3. NXT 4. Trevor Lee vs ACH AAW 11/24/18 Unstoppable
  5. Both guys are great before the bell. Sawyer is scary as hell.This was all action Butch strikes 1st with a big soup bone. This is violent right from jump street. Reed attacking the shoulder with the chain. Then ground and pounding Sawyer with the chain. Fist drops by Butch with his fist wrapped in chain. Reed has busted open Sawyer. This truly is a great stip with the right workers. Buzz cuts him off and takes him to the floor. Crowd is 100% behind Reed. Reed is bleeding. Buzz just smacking Reed with the chain. Heel yeah he misses and Reed now is whipping Sawyer with bad intentions. Sawyer dives off the top right into a Reed punch. Sawyer gets his collar and ties it to the rope. Reed is at Sawyer's mercy. What a brutal finish. A legendary Mid-South brawl. Post match Duggan and Slater join the fracas. Great stuff all around 4 1/2*
  6. Mid-South Jim Duggan is/was one of my favorites. Slater takes an early walk. Duggan walking talk and kicking ass early on. Slater hits a reverse neck breaker and starts choking out Duggan. Big fight on the floor. Slater smashes Duggan head 1st into the guardrail. Duggan makes a comeback with fists, only to get cut off by Slater. Duggan hits a spear. Slater gets tied up in the ropes. Duggan gets Slater's foreign object and uses them on Slater for 3. No ref reverses his decision and dq's Duggan. Fun match. 2 3/4*
  7. Jake has one arm tied behind his back. This is one of those matches where both guys have an insane amount of tricks to keep it fun and interesting. Humperdink using the foreign object. Jake gets the weapon. Busts Humderink wide open. Hits the DDT, and the crowd goes wild. Just tremendous fun.
  8. Taylor is targeting the arm. Watts really had a good eye for talent. Basic underneath match.
  9. I'm totally loving the early schtick. Gilbert is a great foil to the Bruise Bros. Gilbert bumping all over the place. Pork Chop Cash is outta control. What a character. Nightmare's turn and he has as much sucess as Gilbert. The heels try the same opening spot as the faces did with the exact opposite result. The trip Mad Dog Boyd and start to get heat on him. Boyd fires back to no avail. Heels stay on top of him. Noggin knocker sets up the hot tag. Gilbert interferance back fires. Super fun tag. Perfect way to be different with 3 strong main events on it. Honestly a perfect match for the show. 3*
  10. Verne and the Ax are strapped to each other. We have 3 refs plus the 2nd's. This screams shenanigans. Gagne on fire early. Hennig bumping big. Gagne has Curt's number early on. Hennig working the leg. Hennig with a toe hold. Gagne with a nasty bump, and Hennig locks on the Indian Death Lock. Gagne reverses. Hennig with kicks and knees, and dead kneeing the leg. A big miss by Hennig. Gagne starts to work the arm. I'm digging Gagne's arm work. Hennig turns the tide and is after the leg. Double noggin knocker. Punch exchange and a huge knee lift by Gagne. Big miss drop kick by Gagne. The seconds have a moment over Greg Gagne. Gagne trying to shake it off on the outside. Gagne fires up. Gagne sleeper. The seconds fight. Curt gets DQ'd in a shit finish. 3* Ring fills up post match. Hopefully their building to a cage match, or a tag team match.
  11. Both guys I totally dig. Announcers are fat shaming Adonis. Pretty lackluster to start. Adonis has clamped on a lazy arm bar. Big chop by Wahoo has Adonis crumpled in the corner.Adonis using his girth on Wahoo. We get a ref bump. Adonis hits wahoo with the phone to get the heat. We get the 3 count, but refs waves it off because Wahoo had his foot on the rope. This was a bad match.
  12. Rockers attack before the bell. The OMX bump and stooge for them. We get Michaels nail Condrey twice with punches. Condrey is great stooging during the opening shine. The stooge spots are really fun. Rockers are owning the OMX early on. Arm wringer and the OMX start on the arm. Michaels punches himself out of trouble and again we get some great stooge spots. Janetty using his speed and a headlock to control. We get some clipping during the Rockers shine. Michaels controlling with a headlock. Rockers just outspeeding them, and having great payoffs to the action. Dangerously causes a distraction and Condrey pulls the top rope down. Condrey puts Michaels head into a table. Now we finally get a heat segment. They start working Shawn's ribs. Michaels makes the hot tag. The action seems really great, but man their is a lot of fast forwarding with clippage to where it's too hard to rate. Its worth watching though.
  13. It's Buddy, not Jake here.
  14. We talk some WON HOF. The Elite Boys on their own. We talk MLW Fushion #35 We discuss NXT UK 17, and 18 We talk NXT proper We wrap up with SCI Trios.
  15. shoe

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Talking with Matt D this match really enhances their whole feud, and really is a lynchpin for everything that happens. This sets up Hennig as a title contender, and another reason he turns heel in 2 years. It's even more grand than the Steamboat vs Savage match from Toronto from 2/87 that enhaced that feud and wiped away the talking point that Mania 3 should have been a bloody fight.