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  1. Mid-South was the place where TA really learned. They paired him with Wrestling 2. He wrestled Ladd,Reed, Dibiase, Eaton, Condrey, Wrestling 2 and others. When Dusty brought him to Crockett he was ready to be the guy. His feud with Ladd has been a really solid one, and one that doesn't get mentioned enough in the history of wrestling. I believe we have around 6 of their matches on tape. I was lucky to see one live in Htown. This was TA's feud that cemented him as being ready. This is a cage match and it really wasn't great, but it told a story. TA gets an early shine by working the arm. Ladd uses his size to take control. He beats on him for a bit. TA mounts a comeback. He uses the cage as a weapon. Ladd teases the foreign object, but uses the cage to stun TA. Ladd then finishes him off with the foreign object. 2 1/2*
  2. This is the battle of the French Giant vs the Ugandan Giant. Friday is barred from ringside. This is what you'd expect from these 2. A lot of kicks and punches. Andre throws a nasty headbutt. I enjoyed the early part with Andre working the back. This was fun while it lasted. It needed more time. We get a crappy finish to build to a rematch.
  3. This on paper really intriqued me ultimately it fell short. We get an opening shine on Kerry that felt short changed because of Buddy's stalling. Buddy gets the heat and works over Kerry. The crowd was into this. They make the crowd happy with the claw finish.
  4. Honky Tonk Man had recently won the title from Steamer in an underhanded way. Originally this was supposed to be Jake. Honky is a really interesting character. As the IC champion the fans viewed him as an unworthy champion after the likes of Steamer,Savage,Tito, and the Hammer. So they work this match to really play up that story. At the bell Honky pearl harbors Steamer but turns the tide immedieately. Steamboat takes control and focuses on HTM's neck and back. Honky gets an opening and gets a little flurry of punches. Steamer blocks and in some great revenge spots punches HTM in the face. The crowd is super hot, and believes the title is a changing. Every near fall MSG bites on. Not to be outdone Hart hits Steamboat with his megaphone for 2. Honky gets another flurry until Steamer makes another huge run. This was all action, finish sets up a lumber jack match return bout. Steamer took about 75% of the match so the crowd believed it was his night. 3 3/4*
  5. shoe

    [1985-07-13-WWF-MSG, NY] Paul Orndorff vs Roddy Piper

    These guys really had an underrated feud in the WWF. This was all action fight. It was hate filled. Both guys personalities shined in this. Piper's arrogance, and Orndorff's intensity. Orndorff did some arm work early that paid off throught with Piper's selling of it. MSG was rocking, and the crowd was hot for it. Orton interferes in the finish. They beat on Orndorff and bloody him up. The Bulldogs try a save. This should set up a tag match or a cage match return. Good stuff. 3 1/2*
  6. This is #7 in the best of 7. This is a legendary feud and spawned many imitations. The crowd is amped for this. The heat is insane. TA is super over and to the fans in the crowd he's Captain America. TA to me is an incredible wrestler. He has good timing, incredible fire, big time charisma, and you believe in him. The crowd went bonkers on a cross body by TA. Magnum working the arm during his shine. He's dropping the knee on the arm. Love Magnum using the hammerlock, and his shine is really focused. TA post Nikita's arm. Flying AX handle gets 2. Nikita gives TA a few knees, but TA uses his speed and gets control back. Koloff uses his size, but TA takes back control. TA misses a cross body and Nikita is after the back of his opponent. Koloff selling of the arm is really strong here. Love Tony putting over the back work taking away Magnum's belly to belly. Nikita drops the elbow, but is consitant and sells it. Big bear hug by Nikita. TA trying to get seperation, but to no avail. Back to the bear hug. The crowd trying to get Magnum to rally. TA with a barrage of punches, and a big drop kick. The match feels likes it all Magnum, huge interferance and Nikita levels Magnum with the Russian Chain. The story, heat, drama made this match. We had outstanding story telling. Both guys match psychology and selling was aces. 4 1/4*
  7. The battle of the Giants. WWF always tried to have these type of feuds with Andre. Studd's opening stalling is great, and just riles the crowd up. Andre dominates right when Studd enters. Love all the theatrics with the robe. Andre is just manhandling Studd. Studd does a good job putting it over. Studd is back on the bike, and the crowd is all over him, but also scared of him too. Both guys go toe to toe. Andre gets caught up in the ropes, and Studd gives us this look like he's got a full house while playing poker. I really enjoyed how Studd controled the crowd with his antics. Not a great match, but something worth seeing.
  8. The crowd is hot here. Hogan/Andre is a dream team for the AWA. Going against the groups top heel group in the Heenan Family. Andre calls them the Weasel family. Leo Nomellini is the ref. Former NFL star. Andre saves Hogan right off the bat from a quadroople team. Hogan and Andre are standing tall. Hulk's clothesline on Duncum looked nasty. Big time shine from the faces. Heels bumping and stooging for the faces. Andre has some pep in his step here. None of the heels want a piece of Andre. Bock's butt spot with Andre popped the crowd. Loved the tug of war spot over Bock. Such a great spot that needs to be lifted. A big boot by Patera and sets up the heat on Andre. The heels are like a pack of wolves on Andre. Match breaks down with 2 heels on each face. Patera and Duncum double slam Andre. Heenan gets caught and is bumping huge for the faces. Now Bock gets his ass handed to him. Andre just squishing Heenan. Finally the heels use the number game and just destroy Hogan's arm. The heat segment is really focused. Crowd rallying the Hulk. Hot tag and Andre is on fire busting out headbutts. Andre was a wrecking crew. Tags Hogan back in. Big boots for all the heels. Andre slams Hogan onto Duncum for the win. What a blast. It was so much fun. A lot of energy in the building. Followed the AWA tag formula. Pre yellow Hogan is so much fun. Faces standing tall makes the crowd happy. With the right dynamic you can make this work. 3 1/4*
  9. I'm a fan of both wrestlers. Blackwell's athleticism is amazing. This is a 5,000 dollar slam challenge along with a match with a 20 minute time limit. Blackwell is on the bike immediately. Blackwell with a hanshake that allows Andre to control him. Blackwell hooks an over hand wristlock. Andre tries to throw him but, Jerry holds on and turns the hold into hammerlock. Blackwell goes for the slam.Andre stops him and has him reeling. Blackwell takes a powder. Blackwell's weeble woggle selling was great. Andre works the ankle. Andre trying to take out Jerry's legs. Blackwell counters with some ground and pound. Andre is pissed and Blackwell is begging off. Loved Blackwell bumping off the butt butt. Great nearfall on Blackwell's missed slam. Andre then returns the favor and slams Blackwell. Andre gets diqualified for tossing Blackwell over the top rope. This had some fun moments, and the premise is interesting. As a match it was alright, but probabaly worked in a bigger picture sort of thing.
  10. This is pretty much a dream match. In 85 Slaughter might been the 2nd or 3rd biggest babyface in the U.S at the time. I loved Slaughter mocking Flair early on.Slaughter gets a really fun shine early on.He starts with a headlock and works spots around it. When he gets to the arm work it's really great. Slaughter isn't known as a working holds guy, but the arm work is nasty with a lot of fun touches to it. They do blow a cross body spot during the match. Flair misses a knee drop and Slaughter works the leg. The actual Figure 4 is pretty messy. These guys really did a great job keeping the crowd, and they got hotter as the match went. Flair does a poke in the eye and starts to take Slaughter to school. He bumps to the outside and dings his arm. Flair with some wicked arm rope spots combined with some KOTM spots was great here. Flair just wrecking the arm. Loved the payoff of the arm work that Slaughter couldn't capitalize on the Cannon. Meadowlands is hot. It has a rep for being a hard crowd to work in front of, but not here. Slaughter posts Flair. Slaughter is walking tall . The crowd biting on all the near falls. Flair all over Slaghter's leg. Slaughter's selling is top notch. The struggle in the Figure 4 was amazing. This has a big match feel for me. The finish works for me as well because it does 2 things. One the audience believes Slaughter was on the verge of winning. Secondly it advances the Slaughter/Zuchov feud. I thought this was excellent and felt big, and had the crowd the whole way. It felt like a really fresh match up. 4*
  11. The Road Warriors a4ren't great workers in tdhe traditional sense. They have a special aura about them that the closet thing to them would be Lesnar,Goldberg, and Undertaker. People believed they were real life ass kickers, and the biggest bad asses in wrestling. The Freebirds have a long history in wrestling and are remembered as one of the best trios in wrestling. This match had a buzz from the crowd. The opening one upmanship from Hawk and Gordy was tremendous. Not to be out done Animal press slams Gordy. In a spot that popped me Roberts slams Hawk, Hawk pops up and repeadedly slams Roberts. He even slams Hayes for good measure. Ellering and Roberts had a nice exchange. Roberts worked over Ellering's leg, and in a great revenge spot Ellering posts Robert's leg. To set up the heat Gordy knees Ellering in the back and the Birds work him over. Eventually it breaks down and we have a brawl. This was a lot of fun. 2 3/4*
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    WWE Hidden Gems

    The Champion vs Wahoo hasn’t been out there before .
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