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Brad & Chad Show: Match Watch Jamboree

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The Brad and Chad show is back! Chad and JT hook up to do you some random YouTube wrestling watching, and you get to come along for the ride. We discuss Randy Savage’s decision to go to the WWF, the quality of Roddy Piper, the legendary career of John Nord and JT watches Necro Butcher vs. Samoa Joe for the first time! Join us on this wild and at times nonsensical journey.


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Really enjoyed this gentlemen, a really short breezy listen that covered the commute to work nicely this morning. Youtube is such a goldmine for exploring random matches and moments and would love to listen to any more show's like this you do down the line. It was like the audio equivalent of the sidebar, following yourself deeper into a rabbit warren that begins with Hulk Hogan and ends with the Necro Butcher.


Glad to hear the love for Piper's in ring work too. Personally I love his frenetic style, and while not always the most technically sound, his matches have an intensity and energy to them that I can't help but enjoy.

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