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Vince Russo books everything.


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I don't remember where I saw a thread like this, but it was really entertaining. When I say "everything", I mean it. Other wrestling angles, TV show season endings, movies, life, world wars, Biblical stories, historical events, anything.


Michael Corleone goes to a meeting with Virgil Solozzo, secretly intending to kill him. But when he goes to the bathroom, there is no gun. *SWERVE* Clemenza is a traitor! He turns behind to see The Turk smiling at him. "You thought you coild double-cross me, kid?" He draws out a knife, intending to make a statement out of Mikey. But he is shot from behind by the crooked police captain, who *SWERVE* is not just on the Corleone family's side, but is also Michael's lover. They start making out, and by chance Kay Adams sees them. Traumatised, she kills herself, but not before stripping naked, because we must have a objectifying scene right before some violence against a woman.

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