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  1. MoS

    WWE has become a heel-run promotion

    I don't mean to blame everything on the man, but some of it has got to do with the rise of HHH as well. He spent most of his main event (poorly) cosplaying Harley Race and Ric Flair, and probably pushes for that model, even though it was a regional, territorial model completely out of place in today's wrestling - after all, most regional territories were anchored around babyfaces.
  2. This is apropos nothing but since you all are watching a cable show: I have been in the US for near 7 months now, and dear Lord, you all have the absolute worst commercials. Forget like the UK, I have watched cable tv in Singapore and those ads are hundred times better even though I do not understand a single word being said. Everywhere there are lush farms and picturesque homes and sagely looking doctors giving advice, as if anyone in the US can afford to go to a doctor. Just the worst
  3. MoS

    WWE has become a heel-run promotion

    Kofi had the secondary belt and he lost it as soon as they decided to switch Brock to Smackdown. The trend indeed started with Hunter. I think the bigger issue though is that they seem to have forgotten how to book badass main event faces. Drew is an exception, but even his reign got repetitive and tedious at times. As soon as a face gets over and reaches the main event level, WWE books them to start losing again and again until their momentum gets killed. I guess this is inevitable when they have booked the promotion itself as the heel for the past decade.
  4. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    Yeah, I felt that too. Dunno why Meltzer was crediting Edge's large, sustained pop to his pyro. God knows he is in love with Edge's work, and thinks his terrible acting in the ring to be De Niro-level performances, so it's not as if he would try and dismiss his success
  5. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    No way was the crowd close to as international or even national as it used to be. There's still a pandemic happening. Tampa does lean democratic though. Regardless, it's just a joke. I bet your hero Mick Foley would use it for a pop
  6. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    I felt bad for the Bellas cuz they were put in a bad spot, given WWE had teased a Becky Lynch appearance, so the fans booed the Bellas for no fault of theirs. I liked the fact that they put over Roman strong, and I thought the first 3/4th of the match was excellent, but the final fourth was filled with bullshit cringeworthy overwrought WWE melodrama. I wonder if it would have been a good idea to switch the two cards. I liked the second show, but the first show felt more lively and vibrant for whatever reason, despite having a long weather delay and a lot of rain for the first half. Plus, while the Roman match wss definitely the biggest match of the weekend and the main event, they could have used the 2-day format to have the Bianca win send the fans home on a happy note.
  7. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    The best part about the weekend about the Belair win. The 2nd best was Hogan getting booed whenever he came out, no matter what stupid shit he might be doing. Like putting over the previous night's main event. As someone on Twitter put it, imagine a Florida crowd booing you for racism
  8. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    This is the kind of stupid shit that happens only in WWE. Nia taunts Tamina. Tamina asks to be tagged. Nattie gets up, and loudly asks, YOU WANT A TAG? Like, what else do you think she wanted. Wrestling is not movies, Vince
  9. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    At least it was short
  10. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    You can literally see fans getting up to get snacks in the background
  11. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    What is that weird "OHH" sound they keep piping in
  12. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    Hogan having to dress as a pirate is definitely a weird kind of punishment Getting the shit out of the way first, good idea
  13. MoS

    Wrestlemania 37

    I have no idea who this singer is, but she looks like MAGA Amy Poehler
  14. MoS

    Sasha Banks

    She's at her peak right now and might have just had the greatest North American women's match in history (it's amazing how many other contenders involve her too) so hopefully she goes on to have a really great main event run
  15. MoS

    AJ Styles

    To be fair, I think people here at least very much hold it against him