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  1. MoS

    Winning streaks - good or bad?

    How about someone like Rock who got over as a main event babyface while losing a lot? Even when he was the biggest thing in wrestling in 2000, he was still doing quite a few jobs
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA this is solid gold. Fucking WCW, everybody
  3. Always enjoy your weekly get-togethers!!
  4. That main event was absolutely bonkers. An absolutely awesome match
  5. Deeb-Conti was excellent. How many great matches in the AEW women's division are now due to Serena Deeb? She is awesome
  6. Jade Cargill is absolutely terrible at cutting promos and anyone who has ever booked her to cut one should be fired. If anyone could have used a manager, it is Jade. Not Nia, who can cut great promos by herself and don't need a mouthpiece
  7. Now why did the Bucks show up to save Omega's ass right after he had burned them and given them the biggest middle finger possible on national television
  8. But it's not as if they were feuding before
  9. Why would Omega fuck with the Bucks for no reason, right after aligning with them last week? Why do the Elite overcomplicate their booking, every single time, making it contrived and turning a surefire hot angle flat? This has been a consistent theme with the Bucks and Omega in the last 10 months or so. It was so with the Hangman angle, where I was told that I was complaining prematurely cuz surely the payoff would be great, and of course, there wasn't any payoff. It's now happening with Omega just dicking around with the Bucks. It's wrestling, STOP OVERTHINKING IT
  10. This show is also taped, and I got the feeling that the fans were not really singing along, and they added a couple of individuals singing along in post-production
  11. HOW EXACTLY DO YOU HAVE THAT STUPID BRANDI CARGILL THING AS A NOMINATION FOR BEST MOMENT ON THE MIC BUT NONE OF KINGSTON'S PROMOS. I swear to God that as good as Brandi is at certain things, she is slowly really living up to the Stephanie McMahon comparisons. It's annoying as fuck
  12. Wish they would give Kingston some big wins. In a way he is his own enemy cuz his golden promos make him untouchable and he can always get his heat back, but still. He should get more wins
  13. There's still time.. I love everything about Eddie Kingston. They should give him 15 mins on the mic every week
  14. Well tbh I have stolen @KawadaSmile's gimmick, so I am really no one to comment on that