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  1. That was the best MJF segment in god knows vow long. Sting made him look like a million bucks. He clearly hasn't watched much WCW though if he thinks Sting's pals always stuck by him. Except my man Luger did always stick by him, even though Sting did the Total Package dirty
  2. Did Sting's body get infused with a cocktail of vibranium and adamantium or something?!?! How is he taking chair bumps at his age?!?!
  3. This was an excellent match. I really love Bryan getting over multiple submissions as finishers. He is channeling his mentor and becoming a stretcher too.
  4. MoS

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Cuts from boxing bleed differently due to the more blunt nature of the strikes, but cuts from elbows in MMA can definitely lead to a classic Ric Flair-esque crimson mask. Watch Cain Velasquez cut up Bigfoot Silva and tell me you don't get strong Muta vibes from Bigfoot's gash
  5. MoS

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Wasn't Dave writing in 1981 and 1982 too? There are Observer awards for those years. I don't know how frequently he would publish then, but IIRC he switches from a magazine style to a newsletter style sometime in 1985(?)
  6. Dustin v. Danielson should rule hard.
  7. From the F4W site (https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/report-flair-lynch-had-confrontation-after-wwe-smackdown-357161) : Charlotte was right to be pissed at the stupid title exchange, and it seems Becky wasn't too happy about it either. But if she sandbagged Becky in the middle of that segment, then that was an unprofessional trash move. The WON report crediting TalkSport says though that the "timing was off" when Charlotte did the back and forth, which makes it feel milder and a timing issue, unlike what PWI is reporting.
  8. MoS

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Dave has said that Vince relied heavily on the New Japan checks until all the revenue from the first Wrestlemania came in and he could finance the expansion on his own. Those TV bills were coming up around Wrestlemania and he had a lot of debts due to the expansion; a New Japan check shortly thereafter was crucial in giving him some breathing space to execute his grand vision. It's a pity very few of those 80s Observers survive; there would be so much info there.
  9. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    Love how Florida is the only place Cody still gets cheers now. That match lost me for a while in the middle but an excellent finishing stretch. I wish PAC the winner hadn't looked like just a setup for Cody though. Arn has clearly decided to embrace the Armed Anderson memes so good for him lol
  10. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    These women's matches need better agents. Too often there seem to be disparate parts in every match, none tied structurally together, weak transitions like the particular one that led to the finisher. I don't know if Britt botched that little Bret-Piper/Austin tribute spot or whether she was always meant to fail, but they did recover from it well.
  11. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    lol a grudge match between Anna Jay and Britt Baker because there is "so much bad blood" between them? What bad blood? They had one brawl? What is this shit lol. Like I clicked on a WWE stream by mistake.
  12. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    This entire thing is making the Lucha Bros look like dumbass babyfaces, one of my least favourite wrestling tropes. First they didn't realize it was clearly FTR under those masks in their match, now they didn't realize these crowd masked geeks were not FTR even though they looked nothing like FTR? Fuck out of here with this shit.
  13. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    Give me the PENTA fist-bumping Schiavone gif NOW
  14. MoS

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    Catching up on Rampage. Hobbs-Orange was disappointing. The finish was crap, and I got tired of Jericho bickering with Taz on commentary. Remove him from there now please.