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This Week In Wrestling 5/1/16

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Fall 1

Pete and Johnny look at nwaclassics.com and discuss and incredible NWA Title defense from 8/31/79 versus El Halcon. Also evaluate the mystique of Bruiser Brody.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy break down the Progress ch 28 show. We look at Rev Pros Epic Encounter. Also Lucha Underground hits a home run.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny look all things WWE. Excitement for Camp WWE. Table for 3 and the Edge and Christian most recent fair. Also they discuss NXT, and RAW.

00:00:30 Fall 1
00:01:13 NWA Classics Harley Race vs El Halcon
00:18:44 ROH tv hiatus talk

00:22:07 Fall 2
00:31:50 Lucha Underground
00:45:20 RPW Epic Encounter
01:16:20 Progress Ch 29 Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

01:45:44 Fall 3
01:49:27 Table For 3 Four-Horsemen
01:59:49 Edge & Christian Show
02:03:14 NXT
02:16:33 WWE RAW

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