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[2015-05-17-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Nikki Storm

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This match was for the Wonder of Stardom title, vacated by Act Yasukawa following the Yoshiko shoot incident.


Different from the other Shirai matches I've seen to date, as Storm controls much of the match by working over Shirai's neck and back. Much of Storm's offence is focused around variations of a neck whip. Io does a good job selling the damage and working in hope spots. I thought the match was pretty solid, although Storm's offence--despite her apparent size and strength advantage--always looked rather soft compared to Shirai's. This seems to be a recurring theme with many of the gaijin wrestlers. Nonetheless, this was a change of pace and worked pretty well. If Shirai's comeback seemed a bit short, the quality of her offence made it credible that she was able to put away Storm notwithstanding having spent most of the match on defence. Overall, an enjoyable match. Nothing one needs to move heaven and earth to see, but worth checking out if one stumbles across it.

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