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I've been tossing around ideas of booking an indy fed that's more in the territory system like what Smoky Mountain or the USWA was. I want to use more modern guys but would fit in the style of promotion. I want to use guys and gals that are good on the mic and have a variety of styles. I want to book a lot of old school gimmick matches and the like.


I was thinking of using John Wayne Murdoch as a top face maybe in a Lawler type role (unless there's someone better for that role). I also wanted to have Jimmy Rave, Chris Hero, Kongo Kong, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett to be top contenders for the title as well.


I thought it would be interesting to have the tag division really centered around trios/factions. I know it's done to death but I like the idea of a 6-man tag title as I want to use Reverend Dan Wilson and his Devil's Rejects as the top heel faction and have a group of trios work them. It also gives me a way to use more luchadores.


I need to do more homework on certain guys so that I could write better shows and storylines without it feeling like I don't know what I'm talking about. What I would like to ask is for some suggestions on what promotions to really look at for wrestlers that could fit this type of promotion.

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