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New podcast - need some advice and help

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So two friends of mine (younger, modern wrestling fans, started in the mid to late 90's) and I are starting up a podcast/viewing project. The idea each episode is to cover a territory with a live one hour "primer" viewing. My goal is to have a good to great match, a major angle and try to get as many of the big players in a territory showcased as possible. We are then going to try and compare and contrast to the modern product they watch, to see if there are any universal truths in wrestling. My first 3 episodes are


1 - Knoxville Wrestling 1979


2 - Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling - early 80's


3 - San Francisco 1978


Now the relative lack of footage of those eras/territories made putting together an hour primer pretty easy. But with stuff like the AWA, Florida, Mid South, Memphis etc it's a lot more challenging. I have a ton of wrestling footage myself, but if stuff is online that helps too of course.


I'm trying to pick the 4th territory and then of course decide on a primer for it. I'd like some suggestions. For now we are sticking with US and Canadian promotions no later than 1989.



Thanks in advance.

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