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  1. thebrainfollower

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    A few quick thoughts on the WM IV main event, having rewatched it a few days before the listen. This is actually the Million Dollar Dream's debut, prior to this Dibiase tried a sharpshooter, russian leg sweep into a pin, spinning toehold and 2nd rope back elbow as squash finishers. Not called as such. Also Savage tries to reach the ropes while in the Dream but Andre pulls the ropes and that's when Hogan finally has enough and uses the chair. All of this happens way too fast for Jesse and Gorilla to really call it, which is odd, super fast Watts style ten things happening finishes weren't a WWF thing and it's not as if going 3:34 would have been much different but the story was lost in the speed at the end. Also with the Hogan thing, I think Savage is on record (and I agree) as having said that he just wanted Hogan to leave the ring at some point in his celebration so to give him and Liz a moment on there on, begging him to do so in ring and Hogan just pretending to ignore him. I can't speak for other fans, but that's what I have a problem with.
  2. thebrainfollower

    WWE Money in the Bank

    Nor was anyone at the time remotely considering a Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson title run. But yes it does help to have "the look" and that's part of Vince's very dated view of society. He thinks we are all still into the Pamela Anderson type.
  3. Now audio only as a traditional podcast should be
  4. thebrainfollower

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    And dedication for not denying us World Cast fans our weekly fix just cause of a birthday
  5. Well here's the thing I didn't SHOW Gargano vs Ciampa. We just talked about it to a blank screen. They can't seriously block for talking about stuff? Maybe they blocked for Final Conflict but that is up on several youtube sources which is odd
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA4sOnoowCk&t=7809s We're back after an extended hiatus with another look at wrestling's past and present. This time we present our first supercard as JCP sets the stage with the Final Conflict. Nobody really thinks much of the first three matches, but Piper vs Slater & Steamboat & Youngblood vs. Slaughter & Kernodle get a whole lot of love. Then it's over to NXT for another blood feud as former best friends Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa blow us away! PS - I can't see to post the link for whatever reason but youtube "Wrestling with a Generation Gap" and you will find it
  7. thebrainfollower

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    I haven't seen of a ton of pre Paul Bearer Percy but every time I do I think he's further from the Bobby Heenan clone I heard some and he himself claim it was
  8. thebrainfollower

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that the Lugar debut is dated one year early. In October of 84 Rude was in Memphis. It was October of 85 and was Luger's debut, any other past "4 years" was just wrestling nonsense. Percy going up and down completely needs to be a gif here and everywhere. I joined Johnny in laughing for ten minutes.
  9. thebrainfollower

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Brisco-Flair is it this week right? I am grateful we go it but don't want to miss anything
  10. thebrainfollower

    The Pro-wrestling Curve of Attractiveness

    I saw Emma at a restaurant a few hours after an ROH show and kind of thought to myself "she's hot, probably the hottest woman here but not by that much". But in ring she looked spectacular and knows how to look like a star. Mandy Rose is most likely getting the intended Emmalina and Eva Marie pushes but her stoic goddess routine is another example of not letting a person work their natural talents into their characters, as she's actually quite goofy outside of WWE. Alexa as Braun's mouthpiece isn't the worst idea ever.
  11. thebrainfollower

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    I was beginning to worry this podcast had gone the way of Titans to that great podcasting place in the sky.
  12. thebrainfollower

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    I don't know why you guys keep calling the Warrior tag the main event. It definitely wasn't. Dibiase-Bigelow was the main and promoted as such. Originally this would have been a WWF title match, but it was decided to cut Dibiase's crooked reign much shorter than intended due to low houses, which this half full MSG would support. At the time Warrior, Muraco and Reed were all doing pretty much nothing and Bundy had been gone for a few months (his last SNME aired weeks after it was shot). Good podcast besides that nitpick, though to me this card is the very definition of meh. I've seen a few different six man cage tags and sadly they aren't quite as good as you might hope.
  13. Season 2 of WWAGG kicks off with a bang as Dave, Nick and Rob review some hidden gems from WCW. January and February of 1990 bring us Ric Flair vs. Bobby Eaton Cactus Jack vs. Lee Scott Sting, Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. the Great Muta, Buzz Sawyer and the Dragon Master - with the 6 star crowd The Midnight Express vs. The Rock and Roll Express - JIP Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman We get some widely differing views on the quality of the matches as Rob believes this is the best stuff covered, giving out 4 star ratings like candy, but Dave and Nick aren't so taken. Then it's back to the bizarre mind of Matt Hardy, funneled through WWE this time as he finishes off Bray Wyatt in the Ultimate Deletion! Feedback and comments are always welcome!
  14. thebrainfollower

    Sampler of Detroit - help wanted

    That one definitely is going in for sure. Any other ideas?
  15. thebrainfollower

    Sampler of Detroit - help wanted

    So I am putting together a 60-75 minute sampler of the Sheik's big time wrestling territory for a podcast. This isn't a territory I know much about to be honest so what are some must includes that are out there? Thanks in advance