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Hey all, going to have a podcast coming tomorrow with a few people discussing but wanted to lay out the WDKW100 information once more since the deadline is coming up: http://wrestlingwithwords.com/wdkw100/index.php


What is WDKW?
It is a podcast. I’m offended you are asking. It is not very popular but still.

What is the WDKW100?
A list of the top 100 wrestlers on the planet for 2016 based on in-ring performance voted on by fans. The poll should not consider promos, ability in segments, ects. This is meant to be a strictly in-ring, in-match, based list. So, don’t discount that Japanese wrestler because you don’t know if he is a good promo.

Who is eligible to be voted on?
Anyone who had a pro wrestling contest which made tape in 2016.

Does it count if it aired in 2016?
Nope, sorry. This will be the biggest issue with Lucha Underground. Episode 14 of Season 2 of Lucha Underground, “Cage in a Cage”, is the first episode taped in 2016. Hopefully that helps you know what to consider when making your list.

How do I vote?
Well that is currently not finalized but the plan is to vote via a Google form. You will fill in your ballot of 100 wrestlers, ranked, and I will tabulate the results.


What is the Wrestler Discussion section for?
The best way to make sure a wrestler is eligible for you to vote on during the voting period for WDKW100 is to create a post for an individual wrestler? Please don’t make posts for tag teams. Just will get confusing. In those threads, tell us what you like about the wrestlers, what matches you would point people to, link to matches you think are good for them, ect. Got it? Good

What is the Misc. Discussion section for?
Do you want to talk about something WDKW100 related that isn’t about an individual wrestler post? Yeah, that goes here. Do you want to compare individual wrestlers or regions? Put it here. Want to talk about your voting process? Go for it. Topics along those lines would be perfect for this section.

What is the WDKW100 Announcements, Information section for?
Hopefully this is self-explanatory but essentially if there is news going on, such as when voting opens, you can find it here. Such as this post. If you have any questions about the systems or such you can ask here.

Where is my confirmation email?
Please check your spam filter first.

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