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  1. concrete1992

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Where is the top 100 being rolled out? Can't seem to find it.
  2. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Haven't posted it here but with two weeks left on the clock wanted folks here to know that WDKW100 ballots are open. Do on 2/27. Other information is located below: http://wdkwrestling.freeforums.net/thread/670/wdkw100-faq
  3. concrete1992

    All Elite Wrestling

    There is not a women's talent pool that is equal in name value to the Jericho, Bucks, and Cody's. They can build one up, and Martinez could be a BACKBONE but in the current landscape, it is hard to put together a women's division that doesn't come off as second rate in comparison to WWE's. For context, there isn't this supreme wealth of overall talent out there ready to be snatched up. Like...there aren't a whole lot of big "young" talent gets.
  4. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

  5. concrete1992

    2018 Wrestler of the Year

    I see little connective tissue between Prince Devitt and WALTER and think that's an odd comparison. WALTER is the front-runner and it will take a stellar December from Fuminori Abe, David Starr, or Timothy Thatcher to make up the gap. He has a formula but the formula flat out works. No matter the promotion, no matter the opponent, he slots them in and it is grand. David Starr continues to be the most versitile wrestler out there. He had a BritShoot match against ZSJ that was rad and has had deathmatches against Joey Janela. Plus every match of his seems to be him putting in a good effort which is nice to see. Thatcher is mostly WALTER's second but when he gets to go off on his own, it owns. He's the same grappler we've known but in settings that seem to care about him. If you are interested in submitting a list of your top wrestlers of 2018 though I will promote the http://wdkwrestling.freeforums.net/
  6. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    https://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/wdkevolve-4-hard-truths Bucky and Sam drop the hammer. We tell you the facts about EVOLVE 4: Danielson vs. Fish. As true wrestling pundits, we inform you who is Actually Good and who is Actually Bad. You might not like it but you will respect it. WHAT TO VIEW: Kevin Ford's Review EVOLVE 4 DVD BEARDED ONE PRESENTS
  7. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    https://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/wdkw100-2018-temperature-check This week Evan the Soccer Guy and Quentin Moody join me for a little roundtable discussion of undervalued wrestlers this year they deserve some shine. Folks that when putting together YOUR WDKW100 ballot should at least have been thought about. From Japan to Mexico to the US & UK indies, we tackle it. Buckle in for takes PS Shane Strickland sucks eggs WHO TO FOLLOW: Quentin Moody Evan Weston WHAT TO LOOK AT: WDKW Forums PWX Pure 3 (Slim J vs. Darius Lockhart) Gary Jay vs. Jake Parnell LMS
  8. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    https://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/wdke-1-wrestling-genius-vs-big-davey Monumentous occasion as myself and Bucky hop on Skype Call for the second time ever. This is the first episode in a series called WE DON'T KNOW EVOLVE!!! (Gabe's a racist). Very excited to go through each and every EVOLVE show up until the death of the promotion. We start with Evolve 1, where we get to lay witness to the prestigious EVOLVE Singles Division and Tommy Dreamer doing his pose. Humble beginnings for the premier indie going today. Give this a listen! WHO TO FOLLOW: Bucky Concrete1992 WHAT TO WATCH: EVOLVE 1
  9. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    http://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/lets-talk-about-it-by-myself I went solo this episode...because I didn't put much effort into getting a guest this week. I go over thirty minutes and I keep running my glass jaw. I talk about a cool podcast and cool future wrestling website. I talk about a three-year-old project. I talk about the WDKW100. I talk about CODE OF CONDUCT. I let you know I'm selfish. Good stuff all around. WHAT TO CHECK OUT: Latest PID w/ Quentin and Brock PWO Announcement WDKW Forums Code of Conduct
  10. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    http://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/dynamite-cup-2018-preview This week on We Don't Know Wrestling, the promoter of Dynamite Cup, Tom Green, joins me to talk the purpose of the event and run down the card. Tom is passionate about wrestling and specifically the people he has chosen to join in on his show. We also talk about the booking prowess of Nolie. WHO TO FOLLOW: Tom Green Dynamite Cup WHAT TO VIEW: Dynamite Cup Website Last Year's Dynamite Cup Together We Rise
  11. That's really dumb on Shimmers part. They're already 2 years behind on shows. They should really work on getting volumes 80-100 out so you can actually know what's going on with the promotion. I'd rather watch from the beginning, to be honest. Shimmer is odd, because it's already two years behind or whatever, so what does up to date even mean? What number was their last show? That's up to date.
  12. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    http://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/desert-island-comp-3-tanner In the end, it is always Tanner. One of the hosts of the Match of the Week Club, Tanner, is being sent to a deserted island with only a disc of ten matches and three segments on hand. A disc that features surprises, violence, and an American hero.
  13. concrete1992

    The 10,000 person crowd

    At this point it feels more akin to a suped up NJPW USA/ROH show. Just calling it an indie (let the record show that it is indie, NOT indy) doesn't necessarily put the show in the right context. Starting to move past this WATERSHED MOMENT IN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING HISTORY and wondering what the card ends up being. Is this just going to be a three hour long BTE episode? Is it going to be a dream match factory? Will be a platform to showcase non-WWE wrestling? I don't know but I'm interested in finding out. I hope to god they don't take the Naylor advice of doing a non-advertised card because I'm selfish I want to know.
  14. concrete1992

    Greatest Wrestling Promotion of all time?

    Is...is TNA the greatest wrestling promotion of all-time? Food for thought.
  15. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    http://wdkwrestling.libsyn.com/errorwdkw100 Skylar joins me this week to reminisce about the greatest wrestling podcast ever, chat about his WDKW100 progress for 2018, and why computers are bad.