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  1. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    On the third episode of We Don't Know Wrestling Society X, I am joined by former WASIMCAST GUEST Dan Rice. We break down WSXtra 2 and WSX Episode 3. That means we chat Trailer Park Boyz and WSX getting very sexually charged. NOTE: In this episode, there is a Teddy Hart match so we talk about that. Attempted to talk around someone else last episode and had a harder time here. If that makes you not want to listen totally understand.
  2. concrete1992

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Really wish they would bounce that age back to 45 or even 55. Note entirely sure that changes the standard to get in. If Kenny is a HOF guy now, he would be a HOF wrestler later. If that meant possibly resurfacing wrestlers that fell off and were presented before turning 45, I would be okay with that! Load these ballots up. I'm super interested in the candidacy of Kenny right now but think maybe in a decade when we have more info on how AEW plays out, he would at least be fun to discuss. He has layers to his career, is going to be a top guy in 2 of the 5 biggest promotions of the past decade, and one of the more divisive in-ring talents of this era. But that is a less enjoyable conversation when we still don't have much distance from it. Will say I am super happy for Jun who should have been in. The WONHOF feels like the closest thing we have to a HOF for wrestling so will take it when one of the good ones get in.
  3. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Episode 2 of the World's Greatest Podcast on the Most Efficient Pro Wrestling Promotion To Ever Exist. It is We Don't Know Wrestling Society X. This week joined by Andy of Pizza Party and backyard wrestling fame. Sorry, no, not that one. We talk the greatness that is Human Tornado and paying someone for an 8x10 because you just feel bad. Follow Andy on Twitter: twitter.com/VerbGagne
  4. concrete1992

    GWE 2021

    Yeah, initially hearing this I thought "this seems absurd!" But honestly if more people are going to submit ballots would love to do a lil' watching and submit a gutcheck ballot. Then when things start building up again in 2024 and I'm past 30 and some folks can start legally drinking, we can start getting this all together.
  5. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    The world needed a podcast on the greatest wrestling promotion SLASH wrestling tv product in the history of this fine sport. With that, we give you episode #1 of We Don't Know Wrestling Society X. Sam and guest, KrisPLettuce, go through the groundbreaking first episode including a match between two current AEW wrestlers and TNA level gimmick match. FOLLOW KRISPLETTUCE ON TWITTER: twitter.com/KrisPLettuce WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE: C'mon, google it
  6. I statted this in a Slack group but I feel like this is going to melt my brain. The UWN has been around for about 7 years. It was started by Marquez as he got booted after the whole Pearce vs. Cabana "debacle" for the NWA title. During this time the UWN amounts to essentially squat. The pitch seemed to be that the UWN, well Marquez I guess, had enough connections where he would be able to arrange local TV deals for affiliates. Currently the UWN website lists 3 promotions under the governing body, all Championships Wrestling From, Hollywood, Arizona, and Memphis. Not exactly exciting to see the BRANDING on all three affiliates. Anyway, no World title is established until they gain some sort of access to the NWA belts? I'm just confused on after all this time, why now when all Marquez really wanted was to have his own NWA sort of system. This tournament line-up feels like you are a few months in to your Local to Global TEW challenge run. Heck, if you were attempting to get a TV deal on a low-rent network you might even try and pitch a tournament with 5 former WWE wrestlers that have been on TV the past decade. But good lord, other than that not sure why we are doing this thing.
  7. For me it is no question. I sort of disregard folks like Briscoes, Bucks, etc. cause those are such defined units. Jay or Mark never broke off and teamed with other folks for a period of time to show they could make something else work. That is no shame I just don't know how to separate their individual tag team abilities compared to being part of this great team. The case for Cesaro is straight forward so if you don't agree with the premise it isn't going to be something you can be persuaded on. He has been part of many teams that all have had really good matches. You got Kidd, Hero, Swagger, Sheamus, and if someone wanted to say the team with Ares is worth commending him on as it is one of the fewer times where he heads the driving force of a promotion, sure. I loved Beer Money and MCMG, but can't fathom having Shelley, Storm, or Roode (which, honestly shocked me he was brought up) outranking him. Saying he might only rank if you WWE on a curve feels in bad faith for a wrestler who has been good-great his entire WWE run even in stretches (and there have been many) where the overall quality of the WWE wrestling has been dire.
  8. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    From Q&T, think it is an important episode to give a listen to if you can: Q&T R Very Serious this week talking about the world outside of wrestling because like how can you talk about wrestling right now?
  9. concrete1992

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    Working on a 2010s list at the moment and Daniel Bryan will be towards the top of that. When you give him the decade prior as well, feels like a lock as #1 over the past 20 years. If anything is WWE work helps him. He's worked essentially all manner of matches that promotion allows and excelled. Not much more you could want. Then in the mix is probably Hero. I know AJ seems to be the consensus two, and if I crunched the numbers a little more, maybe that's how my feelings shake out but Hero feels instinctively the #2.
  10. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    After a long hiatus, We Don't Know Wrestling is BACK with another Desert Island Compilation episode. For the fifth edition, we go through the comp of one of the premiere video essayists in wrestling, Joseph Montecillo. Joseph has been producing videos for years but recently released his largest project to date, an hour plus long video laying out his case for Daniel Bryan as the Greatest Wrestler Ever. Running down Joseph's comp, we walk through his favorite wrestler of all time, past favorite wrestlers of all time, matches that were a turning point in his fandom, and wrestling that hits close to home. Join us for the ride. CHECK OUT: Joseph's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/Jigsaw1048 Joseph's Blog: josephmontecillo.wordpress.com/ Philippine Wrestling Revolution YouTube page: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbr-yAwTGqlrfzuGWKUuNw
  11. concrete1992

    WDKW100 2019

    Another year, another WDKW100 countdown. For those that don't know, the WDKW100 is countdown of the 100 best wrestlers of the year voted on by PEOPLE. The rollout has started so wanted to at least note that here for folks that might be interested in following along. Intro 100-91
  12. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    Psychology is Dead just wrapped up their top 100 matches of the year so now you can binge all dang near 11 hours of this beautiful thing. Part 1 https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid100-2019-p1 Part 2 https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid-top100-2019-p2 Part 3 https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid-top100-2019-p3
  13. concrete1992

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    Was starting to get worried that they weren't going to get that one back on the books. Love to see it. Also Zayne is more or less an indie NAME at this point but still a fun generational match-up.
  14. concrete1992

    2020 Wrestlemania Weekend

    We are back on the "Too many Mania shows" discourse which I'm staunchly against. Excited what we get this year. Hoping they don't do Cassandro dirty on the Effy show. Let them light it up. Pizza Party has announced Caveman Ugg vs. KTB but more importantly Yehi vs. Makabe II. The match last year was a hoot. Excited that this promotion gets to run it back a year later after a year of growth. Already seeing the value of that promotion with Oswald Project, a real unique talent, starting to break out with bookings for GCW, Beyond, and CHIKARA this month alone. Gage vs. Low Ki should be good...but I think I'm more interested in Gage vs. Bonnar. Two dudes with truly weird presence. Bonnar gonna throw that spinning roundhouse bby! Also hoping that means he is on Bloodsport.
  15. concrete1992

    We Don't Know Wrestling SUPERTHREAD!

    I'm a terrible person. You may not know but in 2019 we launched the We Don't Know Wrestling Podcast Network. A couple of podcast things happened and plenty of live things happened between that made it so mostly Quentin Moody had has own feed. Personally, I don't mind that cause he's one of the best voices out there. Him and Tim just did a podcast with Daniel Makabe discussing ALL his 2019 matches which I think is probably the BIGGEST show since the feed started. Huge recommend there: https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/wrestling-jinnis You also have the PID50 where Quentin and Tim breakdown their top 50 wrestlers of the year across 3 parts: https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid50-2019-part-1 https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid50-2019-part-2 https://soundcloud.com/wedontknowwrestling/pid50-2019-part-3 Also wanted to announce here that the WDKW100 ballots are open! For those that don't know this is a public poll of the best in-ring wrestlers of the year. Linking to the FAQ which also has a link to the ballot: http://wdkwrestling.freeforums.net/thread/909/2019-wdkw100-faq