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Between The Sheets Patreon Special #6: Vince Russo Origins


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Kris and David are back with a special look at the 25th anniversary of Vince Russo Becoming a Thing. Take a trip back a whole quarter century to Spring 1992, when Vince Russo, barely in the wrestling business for 90 days, suddenly finds himself in the middle of the WWF sex and steroid scandals. What did Vince Russo do when John Arezzi's wrestling radio show and newsletter, which he had become a partner in, started heavily covering all of the nuts and bolts of the scandals? He certainly didn't stand his ground. Hear all of the details, including Russo's abominable writing from the period, Arezzi's rebuttal, coverage of the Russo/Arezzi split in the Torch and Observer, and much more

Also: The Observer's coverage of the rise of Russo through the WWF office, a couple surprises, and much more. You will NOT want to miss this show!
Free preview available on the regular Between The Sheets feed which includes discussion of:
  • How Vince McMahon probably played Russo like a fiddle in their first meeting.
  • The repercussions Russo’s first conversation of note with Dave Meltzer, playing “mediator” between Russo and business partner John Arezzi, is also discussed…was this the root cause of Russo’s animosity towards Meltzer?
  • More!
Timestamps for the full show:
0:00:00 Prologue (Pro Wrestling Spotlight Weekly 3/2/92)
0:28:42 The Protocols of the Elders of Russo (Wrestling Observer 4/6/92, Pro Wrestling Torch 4/2/92, & Pro Wrestling Spotlight Weekly 4/13/92)
1:27:32 Interlude (Pro Wrestling Torch 4/16/92 & Wrestling Observer 5/4/92)
1:42:13 Rebuttal (John Arezzi’s Pro Wrestling Spotlight Newsletter 5/11/92)
2:36:19 Epilogue (Wrestling Observer 7/17/95, 4/22/96, 10/14/96,12/30/96, 1/27/97, 11/3/97, & 2/16/98)
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