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  1. Bix

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    For what it's worth, there ARE other stories out there about him explicitly looking down at the east Tennessee/mountain fans as dumb hicks... even though the money towns in SMW were liberal college towns.
  2. Bix

    Gary Hart's book

    There are at least two different drafts circulating. The version circulating online isn't the same as the one Court Bauer circulates to friends, wrestlers, etc.
  3. Bix

    Tom Cole dead by suicide

    Just as someone who's been on that board a long time. Tom was, improbably, still a wrestling fan, and would read wrestling stuff online, so I suppose it's possible there are regular fans who he befriended online over the years. (Or HowardJuneau has always been someone working at WWE and we had no idea.) As for the underlying topic with the names: Michael Cole I think is just a coincidence since his name is Sean Michael Coulthard. Tom Phillips...that seems more likely, though his real name is also Tom.
  4. Bix

    Tom Cole dead by suicide

    Curious who said that on the board. I've never heard anything authoritative, but it was something that Tom Cole himself believed.
  5. Bix

    WWF Wrestling Challenge on the Network

    The old classics site was before they had the informal policy of trying to edit Mel Phillips out of shows as much as possible, if I remember right. So either these will start in 1988 or later, or be a very carefully edited drop of the first 13 episodes.
  6. Bix

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    So I happened to have conversations with (mostly former WWE) wrestlers in the last several days where Meltzer happened to come up, and based on what they said, the answer is likely "because they think Dave is a puppet for the office." Being that: * WWE has largely stopped responding to wrestling reporters' requests for comment, but Dave is constantly talking about needing to formally ask WWE about this or that. * He reported that quickly debunked story (that he never issued a correction on) about Riddle "telling WWE about the rape allegation when he signed" (when Riddle's narrative is that Cartwright went Bitches Be Crazy after he broke off the affair, which was almost a year after he signed). * Stuff like the "I don't know if Punk is gonna be at Raw, but one of the biggest stars in the history of the business is sure he will be" story turned out to be explicitly planted by the office, if I remember correctly. ...I can see where they're coming from.
  7. Bix

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Enzo claimed that, and the police report later backed him up.
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  11. Yeah, he was deep into opioid addiction at the time. More here: https://victoryjournal.com/stories/there-will-be-blood/
  12. Bix

    RIP Johnny Walker, aka Mr Wrestling II

    I tried to see if there were any further government records and came up empty. Maybe could have gone farther though. I get the impression that people in wrestling just didn't know. Predates the national registry, only minimal coverage even in the local newspapers, etc. Sometimes I find myself wondering if the Secret Service or FBI flagged it and that's really why he couldn't attend Carter's inauguration, though. Maybe FOIA requests could get us some insight into that.
  13. It's actually even worse than you indicated: "They would pay WWE to license the footage. That’s how WWE makes a huge chunk of money and why they buy all those old territory tapes." Not only did he pull a "they pay WWE" answer out of his ass, but he also invented WWE having a lucrative side business for licensing out their archival footage, something that doesn't exist and has no evidence of existing.
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  15. Bix

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    The original idea was Brian, being Jim's friend, having a strong knowledge of old school wrestling, and having a good memory for what Jim's discussed on past shows/shoot interviews, would be the ideal co-host to keep Jim talking about the stuff he loves and out of angry ranting mode. Then AEW launched and Jim's rants stuck a nerve with a specific subset of fans, resulting in the show's popularity exploding. So they're never gonna go back to the old, better format because it's been the much less lucrative one.