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  2. Bix

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Also he beat the shit out of at least one of his wives.
  3. Bix

    Worst wrestler/manager combination ever?

    Well, where is joeg from? It's not online anymore, but there used to be a match on YouTube from Germany TV where Harlem Heat—I think using that name but I'm not sure—won a squash wearing prison uniform tops with wrestling tights. It never aired in the U.S. In light of that, it's not exactly a stretch that matches featuring Colonel Parker's Posse aired overseas.
  4. *bump* I found a Kagan-sourced chart of the top 20 PPVs of the '80s in the November 1989 issue of Channels, which includes the PPV universe, buy rate, and gross for each show. I proceeded to write way too much about it: https://babyfacevheel.substack.com/p/i-fell-down-a-historical-ppv-buy (If you want to skip to the key data for now, that's all in bold text, so you can skim before you read.) Only one of the numbers, Survivor Series '87, is the same as what we've always used. The rest fluctuate greatly, usually upwards. Maybe because the newsletters generally reported on buy rates just a few weeks out when accurate PPV data always took famously long amounts of time to come in? (Also, not in the chart, but something I included citing a different Channels article: The first WrestleMania apparently did over 100,000 buys on PPV, which is pretty incredible given the limited clearances and the national publicity explicitly advertising the arena experience.) I'm VERY curious what everyone else thinks.
  5. Bix

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Bill wasn't part of 1Wrestling at launch or even for the first several years. He's also the first to say he had very little editorial oversight of the magazines.
  6. Bix

    ECW on the Network

    So I guess that means they don't have the master.
  7. Bix

    All Elite Wrestling

    On what planet is Marko unathletic?
  8. Bix

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I think Clint meant that WWE must have gotten it via Florida. Wouldn't shock me if it was mixed into the Dallas library, though.
  9. Bix

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I have no idea what crawled up your ass recently that you've decided to troll me repeatedly on here while avoiding the use of the part of your brain that controls reading comprehension, but I've made it pretty clear that I think it's, at best, "they're following PWO and PWO adjacent people" because it also happened right on the heels of the last time khawk mentioned the cereal video, on top of specific mentions of specific tryout matches that showed up a few weeks later. It's the geekiest fucking regular content WWE puts out, why WOULDN'T they be tracking what the geekiest wrestling video nerds were looking for, especially now that they've made a noticeable effort to drop the common stuff like developmental TV matches out of the rotation? I always make it clear they I'm being at least half facetious with "taking credit," but would it surprise me that they were following us because we know this stuff inside out? Not at all. But it's not "hey, look what we found"in this case because they've had this one digitized for over a decade, which way *exactly the reason I had tweeted that they should upload it.* I dunno why you're being a weirdo about how "it's gotta be killing you people" that...some thing you're baselessly speculating about might have happened maybe? Hidden Gems are good! Be happy! Life's too short to get worked up over your inability to process a blog post over 500 words or someone joking about their good fortune!
  10. Absolutely, but I always thought it the "precognizant promo" thing was a bit overblown, even if ripe for exploitation, because it didn't sound that unusual for a Warrior promo, plus he had long been convinced he wasn't going to live past his 50s because his dad and grandfathers didn't. And even if he knew more...well, he did look like he was having a heart attack all weekend and it was being commented on during the speech and promo.
  11. I know you're being facetious, but this is part of why I stressed the specific context of the standby legends and the degree to which they've gone so ridiculously far with Warrior: It's pretty clear now what the origin of the larger lionization of him and using him as the face philanthropic of their Philanthropy As Marketing actually was. Dude dying as soon as he touched down returning from the Mania weekend with his HOF induction made him weirdly magnetic and sympathetic, at least momentarily. Simultaneously, it gave them a newly-dead legend who died with such bizarre timing—the promo on Raw helped, too—that, with an inspirational-sounding name ("he's THE MOST ULTIMATE OF WARRIORS!"), the character became too obviously useful to mold into whatever they wanted him to be. But since he changed his real name to Warrior to blue the line, WWE does even more to blur the line with framing The Ultimate Warrior—not Jim Hellwig/Warrior Warrior—as the dead guy who Dana Warrior was married to, and so on, you cannot separate the character from the man at all. And their hubris with regards to what actual campaigns to use the Warrior imagery in shows that they know what they're doing. Actual LGBTQ+ groups trying to claim the character as a pride symbol independently would have been cool, and WWE and Dana doing a campaign about trying to change him to a positive figure would have been risky but better than what they did. Hell, doing it with some irony, even if they didn't outright say it, would have been better than what they did, but there was none.
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  13. A lot of indies have gotten flak for not preparing, but...I'm not seeing it that much? PWG pivoted a while ago. Even a group like AAW, which I see treated as the ur example of over-relying on the buzzy indie stars a lot, has been developing people for quite a while now. Beyond will be fine, and Uncharted Territory is clearly helping them build. GCW has been making a more obvious attempt than most (with the clear, concerted efforts to make certain people overnight) for quite a while and will be more than fine. (Shane Mercer has been a great addition and will probably break out even bigger after the Sekimoto match, for example.) Defy doesn't get nearly enough credit for the great job they've done mixing names with their own crew. On the indie scene right now, who is there really that did/does seem poised to go from "thriving" to "OH FUCK," exactly?
  14. Eh I get what Sek is saying, though, I've seen people, not necessarily here, who have gotten that vibe. But the big thing that most immediately put Tony into prime position—and this is luck and privilege as much as anything else—is that he's a super duper hardcore fan who's not just part of a billionaire family, but part of an *NFL owner* family. He's done the work to make the deals and made the right connections, that's for sure, but it shows that, even among billionaires, There's Levels To This Shit. The Bucks/Cody/Omega and All In were the right people with the right proof of concept at the right time, sure, but it's very obvious that Tony was able to get the right meetings on the right timeline with people who probably never would have taken, say, Impact seriously.