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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 5/4/17

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Pete and Johnny have a great conversation on Space City this week.
1. We talk about the new NWA ON Demand Website that is showing a free Jack Brisco vs Spoiler match right now.

2.Ivan Putski vs Tank Patton 1/16/81
3. Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Mansfield 1/16/81
-Is Chavo a better tag worker than singles worker?
4. Nick Bockwinkel promo
-Is this on the level of Hard Times by Dusty?
5. Black Gordman vs Relampago Leon 1/16/81
-Timing is the word in this match.
6. Dory Funk Jr. vs Billy Robinson 1/16/81
-Does Johnny review it or did the dog eat his homework?
7. Terry Funk promo
-Will we get the rematch to one of if not the greatest NWA title
matches on tape?
8. Dynamic Duo vs Tiger Conway Jr/Scott Casey 1/16/81
-After seeing a lot of footage where does the Dynamic Duo stand in the all time great tag teams talk.

9. Analysis of all the matches and promos.

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