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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 5/06/17

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Pro Wrestling Only
TWIW Indie & Int'l 05-06-2017
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Pete and Timothy discuss some of the wrestling they watched this week.

1. Timothy discusses his love experience from AWS/QPro Joint show #2.

2. Wrestle Circus Battle of the Big Top
A.Get a free month of the WC streaming service Use code TWIT52
B. Thoughts on Archer and Rich Brennan as an announce team.
C. Could Rachel Ellering headline a WC show?
D.Sydal's influence on wrestlers.
E. Analysis of all the matches with star ratings, and the show as a whole.
2. CWF-Worldwide
-An episode from fan fest.
-The Evolution of Cain Justice.
-Brad Attitude Q&A.
- Arrick Andrews tv title defense.
-Pappa Hales shooting
-A match so much fun and lol Pete cracks up while talking about it.
3. NXT
-Thoughts on the show.
4.NJPW 4/29/17
-Star ratings and thoughts on the matches.
-Takahasi talk.
1. Is his year as good as Kushida's from last year.
2. Is it feast or famine as a jr. in NJPW?
3. Does him being a fresh act in Japan help his standing with NJPW fans online?
-Juice Robinson talk
1. His standing as a white mat baby fish
2. Was this his coming out party?
3. His G-1 prospec

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