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Squared Circle Gazette Radio #119 - WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 RuView

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The latest SCG Radio is now online for the return of The RuView! This time, we're talking WCW Bash At The Beach 2000, a show famous for Jeff Jarrett lying down for Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo's subsequent "shoot". But folks, there is so much more to discuss - the Graveyard Match, the Wedding Gown Match, a match with a Bill Clinton run-in, a match where a participant willingly loses a major championship, a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion in Booker T, and twists, turns, swerves and bullshit galore. The panel breaks it all down and discusses all the traits of Vinnie Ru's vision of pro wrestling. And to add an extra bit, one our panelists was there live in the building and shares his perspective of a very bizarre evening. A fun podcast, check it out and let us know what you think!



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Actually watching any of these Russo shows, especially WCW Russo shows, just makes me angry, but listening to your recaps is always fun. I liked hearing Matt Holt's live POV too. It's funny and so WCW that his friend was rooting for Sting and got Sting druids. I can understand how live the start of this show would beat down the crowd so hard that they'd have some stockholm syndrome and be drawn into Jerry Springer-esque Russo's promo.


Have any of your opinions or views from Ep. 42--saving WCW in October of 1999--now changed?

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Weirdly enough, I was thinking about that the other day.


The very different periods of horrible that took place between that "Saving WCW in October 1999" show, the Russo run, the Sullivan and the R&B era, really did a number by the time these RuViews are done. Funnily enough, the early 99 MNW Timeline Shows are doing every bit as much to solidify or change my lines of thinking.


I'm still convinced Scott Steiner should be been top heel ASAP in 99. It really is amazing how quickly WCW went from being in the fight to feeling like yesterday's news. Goldberg went through so much awful so quick at the start of 99 that he feels cold, even if you want to reheat him in a dream world and build everything around him, I don't know that'll work any more.


I'm a big believer that for a company to fire on all cylinders, there needs to be an element of faith - fans believing in the company, the top babyface, something. The faith in everything and almost everyone is gone by October 99. By the time these shows are taking place, it's nowhere to be found. To restore that takes so much work...

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