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What if... Rick Rude was the Black Scorpion?


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I wanted to throw my scenario into the mix as this is one I have always enjoyed thinking about.


The Black Scorpion (supposed to be Al Perez) "debuts" in August.


Now Sting does defeat The Scorpion (Perez) in September at the Clash.


Rude leaves the WWF in October...

Around October, Rude is defeating the Scorpion (Bill Irwin)
For most of November, the Scorpion is losing to Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk... so during this time is the real negotiation to get Rude to come in.
Starrcade is December 16th... this could be Rude's debut as the Scorpion... now you have a couple of different routes...
1. Does he join up with the Horsemen in Sid Vicious spot?
2. Paul E had hinted about knowing his identity... do he and Rude join forces this early?
Are there some other scenarios that you can think of?
I think he would be a HUGE pick up at the time... but where does he fit in the long haul?
Would Luger turn heel? Would Flair still leave when he did? Would Rude win the title from Sting in January like Flair did?
I know contracts would probably be the kicker here with the no compete or if there was an injury for Rude... but still a fun idea to kick around.
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