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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 6/4/17


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Pete and Timothy are back with a lot of wrestling to talk about.

1. Pete discusses his live experiences at the Wrestle Circus and Inspire shows at the end of May.
2. We discuss the Wrestle Circus Go Fund Me controversy.
3. We talk about wrestling for the people vs wrestling for the glory.
4.CWF Saturday Night
-breakdown and discuss all the matches.
-Does Trevor Lee have another classic?
-Dominic vs Cain a potential rivalry through the years?
5. CWF Worldwide
-Look at all the matches and angles
-Arik Royal vs Nick Richards talk
6. NXT
-Discuss the whole show
Ciampa's promo is explored.
-Chris Hero's role is discussed
-Danny Burch/Martin Stone we discuss his vignette and how he was booked on the show. Plus some speculation on his future here.
7. The rest of the BOTSJ including the finals.
-Discuss all the matches
-Our top and bottom 3 wrestlers in the tournament
-Which block performed best
-Tropes that developed in the tournament.

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