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So, 10 years ago, I recorded a concept album called Double Murder Suicide inspired by the Chris Benoit tragedy. A year or so later, I put out another one about the Hart Family, then about the fall of WCW, and then about Ric Flair in 2012. Despite a band name as shocking/morbid as "Double Murder Suicide," the albums are homemade, lo-fi pop (think early They Might Be Giants with slight post-punk bend and occasional balladry ala Guided By Voices maybe?).


Today, I've released my fifth wrestling-inspired concept album, Razor's Edge Suitcase, and it is now up for sale via Peanut Butter Records through Bandcamp.


All proceeds (or I should probably say "almost all" because Bandcamp takes a small percentage) are going to the Cauliflower Alley Club's Benevolent Fund. The album is $3 (or "name your price" if you want to make a larger donation).


Anyway - I'm hoping some people here take the time and make the small monetary sacrifice to help support pro-wrestlers in need and maybe enjoy the admittedly off-kilter album I've made. And if you do enjoy it or just like the idea of raising money for the CAC, please feel free to share on whatever social media you use or on other wrestling sites.


In case you don't like hyperlinks, you can check it out here:



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