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  1. DMJ

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    To me, if you're inducting the nWo, you should include (nearly) everyone or limit it to just the original 3 members. I just think its hard to draw the line when the fact is, the criticism that the nWo was "watered down" is not 100% the case - sure, it did nothing for Michael Wallstreet or Bubba Rogers and their inclusion did nothing for the nWo, but what about Buff Bagwell? Konnan? Scott Steiner? Friggin' Randy Savage? Curt Hennig came late to the party, but was the central figure in one of the nWo's biggest storylines. Does that mean Horace Hogan gets a ring? I hate to say it, but yes, yes it does. I'm not demanding equal time for Vincent when its time to give speeches and I'll also add that anyone who joined post-1999 should be ineligible (sorry, Ron and Don Harris) because nWo 2000 was just such dogshit and the WWE shouldn't go out of their way to induct Nazis. The WWE Hall of Fame has, at least since it became a televised event that they sold tickets to, all about getting the bigger legends on the show (because you're not going to sell out an arena without making sure you have "name" talent - most notably Hulk Hogan, who has seemingly either been inducted himself or inducted someone else at like 90% of these things. This year he'll be inducted as part of the nWo, one of these years they'll have him induct Eric Bischoff, and on and on...Triple H and Flair are in that same category too as I'm guessing one or the other will be inducted Batista. Similarly, I would not be surprised to see someone "Austin-adjacent" get inducted this year (maybe Heyman?) as, with Austin seemingly back in good graces with the WWE, I could definitely see him being there this year.
  2. DMJ

    Who's more important?

    Not putting Reigns over Brock Lesnar at a WrestleMania is, to me, the defining non-moment of Reigns' career and really takes away much of his importance to me. His list of other kayfabe accomplishments is not so impressive either. As I referenced above, he couldn't beat Lesnar at either WrestleMania opportunity. He didn't retire Undertaker. He didn't retire Triple H. Him beating cancer should've been a massive story but was treated like no big deal. He's won a ton of championships in an era in which championships don't mean anything. I hate to beat a dead horse, but even when he's not been the recognized WWE/Universal Champion, since his return, Brock Lesnar has been treated as the absolute top guy, even usurping Cena and Undertaker at this point. Beating him was supposed to be Reigns' coronation, but he failed twice and nobody remembers that he eventually did beat Lesnar at a lesser show. From a non-kayfabe perspective, I guess his biggest impact on the WWE product was that, as part of the Shield, he was a catalyst for the company to produce quality six-man tags? To be honest, looking at this decade, I don't even think Roman Reigns is the most important wrestler in the WWE let alone the world. Daniel Bryan had a bigger impact on the product than Reigns has.
  3. This could be moved to a more relevant thread, but as good as Lawler is as a wrestler is as bad as he is as a commentator. One of the all-time worst. I've not just come to this conclusion today nor have I been screaming it for 20 years - it is just one of those ideas that I think I've always been partially sure of, but am now willing to say, full stop. During the New Generation years, the commentary in WWE was woeful but just because he may have been the "best of the worst" doesn't mean he was good. Plus, I actually think his prevalence on commentary hurt his matches and angles, even against Bret Hart. I never "got" that feud because, to me, as a 10 year old kid with no knowledge of Lawler's background, it seemed like former World Champion Bret Hart was feuding with a slightly pudgy commentator who told bad jokes. And unlike Bobby Heenan, whose family of clients was filled with heavy hitters who did the fighting for him, Lawler's prized combatants were an evil dentist and Hakushi (who was, admittedly, super cool, but kinda came-and-went). Moving on from 95' and into the Attitude Era, Lawler's in-ring appearances for the WWE dwindled down and he became all about catcalls. His infatuation with women's breasts was not funny then, even to a now 13-14 year old DMJ, and it has not aged well at all in the time since. And while Jim Ross did make some legendary calls during this time frame, calls that would justifiably make his case for being the best pro-wrestling voice of all time, there's not a single match I can recall that I walked away thinking Jerry Lawler did anything remotely special or good. He has no 92' Royal Rumble performance like Heenan does. Was he even on commentator during Hell in Cell 98'? The only things anyone remembers are JR's calls. Ditto for every heel turn of that era or any time Vince McMahon did something particularly dastardly. Lawler's legacy as a commentator is "puppies." That's it. I'd argue that Lawler was actually at his best during the PG Era, basically just praising John Cena every week (Did he coin the phrase "Big Match John"?). He wasn't really a heel, he was no longer just objectifying women for 2 hours a night (though, he still did often find time for that), and because he had become RAW's "Not-So-Dirty Uncle," he had become wallpaper except when a heel needed to get heat and would berate him. He was fine in the role, but not iconic. He helped The Miz get even more over. He probably took an RKO or two somewhere in that timeline. So, when I read the post above and see the phrase "had two good years," part of me is left wondering, like, were those years 2007-2008 or something? Because it certainly wasn't 97-98. I know its a matter of taste. Jerry Lawler probably helped sell a lot of Diva calendars and DVDs in his time. But to me, even when I was a sex-crazed teenager with his hormones running wilder than Hulkamania, I did not tune in to wrestling to see half-naked women and was not entertained by a guy making corny jokes and "innuendos" that barely counted as innuendos. You could see half-nude women practically anywhere by then but especially on the internet (which, for those who possibly didn't know, was in fact aorund by the time I was 12 and was already filled with so much porn). And because that was Lawler's bread-and-butter, his few wrestling-related insights were always just a stop-gap before the next reference to a woman's body.
  4. This is one of those matches where the entire concept is so galling to me that it was impossible for me to call it good - even though, in a vacuum, in a "video game wrestling" sense, it works because (a) as much as I don't buy Cole as a top guy, his execution is undeniably sharp and Dunne - while overexposed at this point - is just as good and (b) the crowd was definitely into it by the end. Cool moves, crowd that was into it, no real dead spots, those ingredients usually make for a good-to-great match. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is like having hot dogs and potato chips for Thanksgiving. It was simply the wrong match to have. Not only had Cole wrestled a WAR GAMES match before, he had taken a mega bump from the top of the cage through a table in said match, and also wrestled a ladder match on Wednesday (that I didn't see, but, lemme guess, he took some bumps off a ladder?). If I'm not mistaken, he also wrestled on SmackDown? Adam Cole not just taking the DQ loss or having his stablemates bumrush Dunne before the bell and beat him down with weapons or put him through a table and then give Cole the cheap makes him one of the dumbest heels ever and, instead of me watching the match and saying, "Wow, that Adam Cole sure is tough!" I'm left thinking, "Wow, the WWE really does not give a shit at all about building stories or characters, do they? WWE is just Cirque De Soleil or Ice Capades, where stories from 24 hours earlier don't matter, its all just the same show every night, like the circus." So, if you like the circus, if you like the athleticism of gymnasts doing floor routines, if you dig the Ice Capades, then you might really like this match. Unfortunately, I found it insulting, another example of Vince McMahon and Triple H mocking their own fanbase for actually maybe possibly thinking that a wrestling match on Saturday night might actually mean something on Sunday. * Edit - Also, the idea that Cole "only" putting in 14 minutes makes this match different than the 30-minute ones we're used to just goes to show how trained we are. This match was at least 10 minutes too long if you think about what it really should've been/could've been.
  5. DMJ

    WWE NXT War Games 2019 - MENGO

    I think blatantly attacking the guy on Twitter is unnecessary keyboard warrior shit. But criticizing him, like any other performer on the show, is fair game to me - especially on a forum or when people write thoughtful reviews of the show. I don't mind him as much as others here, but defending him by saying, "Well, he's got to be good because he also calls fights for HBO" or "If he was so bad, don't you think the producers (Cole?) would tell him to tone it down"? Those things are all true, but it doesn't mean I have to think he's good. Its the old "Nickelback sold a billion records" thing... I don't use Twitter, but I imagine there are lots of really ugly, nasty tweets that go beyond just criticism. Hell, I saw a post on Facebook that showed a picture of Brock Lesnar's daughter and the comments were just appalling. I don't think anyone is defending those sorts of comments. Nobody wants to see Mauro Ranallo go through a mental health breakdown, but hey, he also has the option (I think) of "silencing" (or whatever the word is) the people who do tweet him with negativity. And, yeah, as for Corey Graves, he's a fuckboi who let a little bit of praise go to his head and thinks he's a genius.
  6. DMJ

    AEW Dynamite Week 8 - 20 Nov 2019

    Maybe I'm just super optimistic and positive, but I kinda think he's doing these big spots now because he's wise enough to see that - like with the aforementioned Foley or Jeff Hardy - if you're going to base your career on crazy stunts, it might be wiser to do them in your youth and use that reputation to carry you into a less dangerous style where you can really make bank on your persona/character and all the merch that a character like Darby Allin can generate. Of course, Foley and Hardy still took bigger risks in their late 30s than most did their entire careers (and arguably needlessly so), and both can still be viewed as somewhat cautionary tales despite the money they earned - Foley's is 54 but moved like he was 80 last I saw (unless the DDP Yoga has helped? Haven't really been keeping up with him) and Hardy's risk-taking behavior seems to exist on both sides of the in-ring/out-of-ring coin. So, yes, Darby Allin may need to look elsewhere for role models, but Hardy and Foley are also probably in the top 15-20 range for most successful wrestlers of the past 25 years - maybe even Top 10 - and if you're going to be compared to guys like that, it is really telling that Allin is already being compared to those sorts of acts rather than, say, Necro Butcher or Sabu or other guys that were kinda known for craziness but were also almost immediately seen as "too niche" or unmarketable or not what the WWE would ever want. If they could, the WWE would definitely sign Allin (and probably proceed to do nothing with him despite his marketability).
  7. DMJ

    WWE TV 11/11 - 11/17 Dark days indeed

    My god what a fucking dork Seth Rollins is. Like, he had to be the first guy to challenge Punk. He is that dumb idiot you went to high school with who couldn't help but leap onto the most obvious joke at the most obvious time even though it was usually not crafted in a clever way or even remotely funny. Like, the guy who saw they were serving hot dogs in the cafeteria and had to make the lamest dick joke as quickly as possible because he was more proud of getting their "first" rather than actually saying something clever or truly subversive. He's the "Buck Fush" patch of wrestlers - just too damn obvious to be clever and also less cool than just coming out and saying "Fuck Bush" in 2004 or whatever. And I'm gonna just go ahead and say that he's probably bad at sex. He's bad at wrestling. He's bad at Twitter. He's bad at not taking pictures of his dick and not dating Nazis. If he couldn't keep it in his pants long enough not to be the first idiot to "call out" CM Punk, I'm thinking he's a 2-hump chump too. Lord knows what Becky sees in him, but, then again, wrestling's weird because I never really "got" Stephanie and Triple H either.
  8. DMJ

    WWE TV 11/11 - 11/17 Dark days indeed

    - Just tried to get through that Lana promo. Eeesh. Its a chicken-and-the-egg scenario to me. What was worst - the awful, awful script or Lana's awful, awful delivery? I know people like to just say, "Well, its Wrestlecrap, so its supposed to be bad," but one of the core ideas behind the whole concept of Wrestlecrap is/was that these angles are supposed to generate fan interest and profit. That's why the fails are funny - they weren't designed to be fails. Hulk Hogan going to the Dungeon of Doom (where the water is not hot) was supposed to lead to record buyrates as the Hulkster tried to slay yet another huge monster. The purpose wasn't to create a meme 30 years later. This is the difference between a show like Tim & Eric (or the Eric Andre Show), where the sketches are poorly-acted and poorly-filmed and off-putting, as part of the "meta/anti-comedy." In pro-wrestling, or at least in good pro-wrestling, purposefully having talent perform poorly-written scripts is not going to achieve the goal of making me buy a ticket to see a show. Maybe there are fans who do enjoy this storyline, though, so I'm only speaking for myself. Still, objectively, the writing and delivery were garbage. (Like, is Lana explicitly told to refer to her boyfriend by his full name every.single.time she says it? Is that part of the "joke"? That Bobby Lashley is always referred to as Bobby Lashley while Rusev has no first name?) - CM Punk being a talking head on a WWE Weekly Wrap-up Show is sorta interesting but not really? Kinda like if you went to go see Penn & Teller and all they did was talk about other people's tricks? Or, for the Rush fans out there, an "Evening With Neil Peart" where he plays absolutely no drums and just talks about other band's drummers? I'm sure CM Punk is going to deliver a bunch of pseudo "hot takes" (that will pale in comparison to what you can find here, on Reddit, on just about any podcast, etc.) and we'll have lots of wrestlers trying to score points off him by challenging him to get back in the ring, but with an in-ring return probably not in the cards currently, this development doesn't have me any more excited about the product than I was before. I'm as big a fan of CM Punk's promos as anyone and would love to hear him verbally tear down Seth Rollins or Baron Corbin or whoever in the build to a wrestling match. Hearing him shill for the WWE and pretend to be excited about WWE wrestling is not intriguing.
  9. I've been called out for over-analyzing it, but I don't think it helped that he was in Hobbs & Shaw and is presumably close with The Rock. You can say that a caemo doesn't mean anything, but The Rock himself used a cameo in The Mummy Returns (I think?) to eventually springboard to superstardom (with some career ups-and-downs, mostly ups for the past decade). If there is one guy you'd want giving you advice on how to go from headlining WrestleMania to starring in big-budget action movies, having that one guy be an ultra-successful producer in his own right and your cousin is a very lucky position to be in. And I think Vince, or at least Triple H, know that and may already be looking at Roman as having one foot out the door. (This also explains why Seth Rollins getting the big rub from Lesnar may have been an easy call for them - I mean, Rollins has a face for radio at best.) I've discussed it elsewhere too, but to me, it is really telling how the WWE has treated John Cena over the past 2 years. I know, he's been super, super busy - but considering how far the company has gone to bring back The Rock, Austin, Hogan, etc., etc., I find it very, very interesting that John Cena - who, for years, was put on that same pedestal as arguably the only post-Attitude guy to be on the same footing as those legends - has been noticeably absent. I mean, if I told you, in 2016 or even 2018, hell, 6 months before the debut, that SmackDown would be on FOX and that they were going to load the card with every legend possible for the debut episode, how much would you have bet that John Cena would be there? I feel like I would've taken that bet for $10,000 without hesitation. Like, absolutely no way that John Cena is not going to be there if he were alive and breathing. I would be dirt poor and probably wifeless today had that happened. And people don't find that weird?
  10. DMJ

    AEW Full Gear

    Forgot where I read it, but I think the idea behind Omega/Moxley being the closer is that, as an "Unsanctioned"/"Lights Out" match, it technically shouldn't be happening as part of the "sanctioned" show. The added benefit is that it makes the ending to Cody/Jericho even more up in the air. If Jericho retains, the crowd will probably be pretty disappointed, while one would imagine that Cody winning would also lead to some "burn out" (as the crowd, having gone crazy for Cody's victory, would be spent for Moxley/Omega). Its hard not to just say Cody/Jericho should be the main event, but then again, I'm intrigued as to what Moxley/Omega are going to bust out in a stipulation match, as the closer of the first post-TV show PPV. Moxley strikes me as a guy with that Foley-esque mind for big, attention-grabbing moments and seemed very resentful about how his match with Lesnar didn't allow him to achieve that kind of moment. I'd be shocked if their match didn't feature at least a couple insane "WWE would never allow this!" spots. If this event was $15 cheaper and I could convince my wife to watch it with me, I'd be buying. Sadly, I don't think I'll have much luck with the latter, which makes the wishful thinking for the former a non-starter anyway.
  11. To be fair, this doesn't sound too dislike situations in many workplaces. In the heat of the moment, in this case when you're in Saudi Arabia and you feel like you've been abandoned and you're wondering when you're going to get home, you're probably going to say things out of anger. Your emotions are heightened. A couple days later, you're back in the US, the ordeal is behind you, people are making jokes and then the boss brings you into a meeting to talk about it and your attitude is different. To put it in terms that I use with my MD/ASD students, you've gone from the "Red Zone" (angry, yelling, mad) back to the "Green Zone" (calm, happy, "ready to learn"). Plus I would wager that Vince's speech began with a disarming pseudo-apology - something along the lines of, "I'm sorry there was confusion," which places some of the blame on the workers who were confused - and featured a line or two that put himself in the shoes of the talent ("What a weekend, huh, pals?" or anytime he used the word "we" to collectively describe an experience that he and his inner circle did not actually experience). Vince has been referred to as a Jedi Master. He certainly knows how to verbally disarm a lockerroom and present (false) empathy with his "the WWE is a family" bullshit. This is all before we even get to the intimidation factor of this guy being in control of your career and having a history of being punitive and very shrewd about how he can both overwork you and underpay you simultaneously.
  12. DMJ

    The Official Seth Rollins is Terrible Thread

    EDITED because of the retraction someone posted above. Kept this part because I thought it was worth discussing: I do believe that Seth is still liked and appreciated by his peers. I get the feeling that they sympathize with his frustrations and while they may not agree 100% with his tweets or even necessarily how positive he is about the company, I do think they respect his effort, experience, etc. I mean, we have a thread here based entirely on how terrible we think Seth Rollins is. I know it comes with the territory when you're an athlete/entertainer, but, to his co-workers, he's a real, living, breathing human being who does appear to be trying. I don't think anyone here has ever even accused him of laziness or indifference. He clearly is a hard-working guy. Unfortunately, to me, he works harder not smarter, embodies the whole concept of a "video game wrestler," and, by defending WWE Creative and making claims about being the best wrestler on the planet, has essentially positioned himself right in front of the basket waiting to be dunked on.
  13. DMJ

    WWE TV 10/28 - 11/03 - 1 Year went by so fast!

    Maybe FOX didn't want a more sports-based product and that was all just gossip? Whether FOX wanted more a realistic, sports-like production or not, though, its still undeniable that Brock Lesnar is a bigger star than Bray Wyatt and, if you're FOX, you'd want as many big stars as you could get. (Same as USA) And even though it is kinda silly to even have to say what we all know, if this was the longterm booking, the WWE really has no fucking clue what they're doing anymore.
  14. DMJ

    NXT talk

    Watched the Balor promo. I also didn't think it was too good. For starters, that "shoot" comment about "laying down for someone just because they have a new mask" was stupid. You can get "shooty" and talk about "bad creative" without completely exposing that there is a writer/booker who is laying out the finishes of every match and choosing who wins. I think Jericho did a great job of it a few weeks back with his promo introducing the Inner Circle. He got his digs in against the WWE's creative without outright saying, "Jake Hager was told to lose and he followed the script but now that's he in AEW, we're going to book him to win more!" Second, all the lines that referenced "this business" reeked of Triple H putting words in his mouth. I honestly can't believe they never marketed a tee-shirt with Triple H's face and the phrase "This Business" right below it. It was like a drinking game for awhile with him and you could get sloshed every Monday Night if you took a shot each time he said that phrase in one of his endless, breathy promos. Finally, maybe don't talk about how there are boys in the back who don't look like wrestlers when you, yourself, are what? 210 soaking wet? Even in the relatively smaller world of pro-wrestling in 2019, Finn Balor is relatively small. Maybe the point was more that Balor is handsome and Gargano isn't? Okay. Fine. But here's the "ting," if you don't accentuate that handsomeness with some extra pizzazz or (for lack of a better term) flair, you're just a handsome guy in a cool leather jacket. Compare that to Ric Flair's extravagant suits and robes or "The Model" Rick Martel's get-up or even Shawn Michaels' ridiculous mirror-covered chaps and zebra-print leather daddy stuff. Or if you want a modern equivalent, just look at Velveteen Dream. It all exudes confidence, arrogance, narcissism. Even if you're going for "low key cool guy" (which we can debate is even a gimmick worth pursuing anyway), there are ways to spruce it up. I'm not saying Balor should be wearing over-the-top shit and coming out with a feather boa, but you can't knock the other guy for looking like a fan when you yourself look like a fan (who just happens to be handsome).
  15. DMJ

    WWE TV 10/28 - 11/03 - 1 Year went by so fast!

    I'm a big Rusev fan and I think Lashley has quietly had better matches than he's been given credit for since coming back to the WWE - the Reigns match was a stinker, but I liked the Balor sprint at Mania and the LMS against Strowman - but I have zero interest in this angle or really anything on RAW these days. It just sits in my DVR list until I delete them. But I'd also note that it doesn't surprise me that this big scandalous angle is not having the same effect as similar storylines from yesteryear (such as the Edge/Lita Live Sex Celebration or, even years ago, the suggestive segment with Warrior and Sensational Sherri). The big difference, to me, is that those angles all involved characters that were over. Edge and Lita were despised in 2005/2006. Warrior was popular and Sherri was hated. But Lashley and Rusev and Lana have each had their legs cut out from them multiple times and have been treated like non-factors. In Rusev's case, its been what? A 4+ year process of making him "just another guy"? People are comparing this to Dreamer/Raven/Beulah, but this reminds me so much more of the Kane/Lita/Matt Hardy garbage (which was probably more over than this too) and the Nidia/Jamie Noble stuff and all those other tacky, terrible midcard angles they've run over the years. Its trashy, it involves a bunch of characters the fans are not invested in, and, according to the numbers in the report above, it is driving away every segment of the audience. Like, who is this supposed to appeal to?