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[2000-04-29-MPPW-TV] 'Evening the Odds II'


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Wolfie D joins Dave Brown at the announcer’s desk for this one, with the winner of the match getting a shot at his Power Pro title. Apparently Randy Hales decided to have another ‘Evening the Odds’ match due to how well received the previous one was. Derrick King is first man in the ring and, after Hales’ comments from last week, he’s due to start against Brandon Baxter. According to Dave though, Brandon has said that he’s not going to be here. A kicking and screaming Baxter is then dragged to ringside and tossed into the ring by two officials. Baxter does all he can to try and apologize, but when he tries to sneak a kick to the mid-section, King is wise to it, grabs the leg and nails him with a reverse atomic drop. Soccer kick to the groin, and as he writhes about in agony Seven joins the fray as participant number three. He holds King so Baxter can get some shots in, only for him to break free after a back kick low blow. Ali enters at number four and Baxter wants no part of him, immediately fleeing the ring. Rob Harlem is next and at least he’s wearing a T-shirt this week! Nice spinning heel kick to Ali, but he gets some revenge by getting the big man up for a Samoan drop followed by a good old fashioned punch to the balls. The Aristocrat, Blade Boudreaux and Deon Harlem are the next three participants, and the action has spilled out of the ring and to the studio floor again. Moondog Spot arrives and lives up to form by just waffling people with weapons and a steel chair. Havoc is the final entrant and makes a beeline straight for members of ‘The Cartel’. Ali with a uranage on The Aristocrat, however the official is dealing with something ton the outside. Wolfie leaves the broadcast position, jumps in the ring and levels Ali in the back of the head with the title belt. The Aristocrat covers him but Derrick King had seen what just went down. He stops the referee’s count at two, clobbers The Aristocrat in the head with something and then puts Ali on top of him. The official counts the three and Wolfie will have to defend his title against Ali next week.


The biggest problem here was that the rules to the match weren’t made clear until about half the participants had entered. I thought it was the same as the previous ‘Evening the Odds’ match, two teams of five against each other. It was only when The Aristocrat entered after Rob Harlem did I think something was up (heel after heel), and then a shortwhile later Dave says how it’s every man for himself. I knew that the winner was to get a crack at Wolfie, but thought it was still two teams against each other and the one who got the pin would get the shot. The clear face/heel divide doesn’t help matters, as not once, did say Ali go after Derrick King or Rob Harlem jump Seven. Once the rules were fully explained it also became clear that the pin wouldn’t occur until all the participants had entered rendering the majority of the action pointless. I enjoyed the opening couple of minutes with King, Baxter, Seven and Ali, but it plateaued after that until the finish and Wolfie’s involvement. Prefered ‘Evening the Odds I’ to this.

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