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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 12 - Stampede and Okada/Omega II

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Yet another episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap, the podcast that's all about showing the old to the new, and showing the new to the old. This time around Dave, Nick and Rob start off by watching Stampede Wrestling. Such stars as Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, Bad News Brown, Jason the Terrible, Nick Bockwinkel and many more get covered. Then we watch the rematch between Okada and Omega while Rob struggles to stay awake after 36 hours without a break!

We pay tribute to Adam West, Dave explains Lana and Fashion Vice, the evolution of Rob's thoughts of Jake Roberts, a broad history of Stampede, and a whole lot more

Also I have noticed some people do check these threads. Wondering if any of you had any feedback? Many of you who do podcasts were my inspiration to give it a shot

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And pulled because I forgot WWE owned Stampede.

Here is just the audio but for those who want to watch along here is what we watched

Stu Hart confrontation with JR Foley - on youtube

Jake Roberts vs. Sylvester Ritter ladder match - on WWE DVD

Dynamite Kid vs. Bruce Hart

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Leo Burke

Bret, Dynamite & Sonny Two Rivers vs. Bad News Brown, The Stomper and son and post match Stomper interview

Bret and Dynamite vs. Bad News & Cuban Assassin

Brian Pillman vs. Jason the Terrible

Owen Hart vs. Makhan Singh

Okada vs. Omega - match 2


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