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[2000-07-12-WCW-Thunder] Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Kanyon


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Booker T has joined them on commentary for this match where the winner will face him at New Blood Rising. So much for that four way then! Jarrett with a go behind into a side headlock. Kanyon shoots him off and an early backslide by ‘Double J’ for two. Kanyon reverses the Irish whip and a real cool looking Northern Lights suplex by him. ‘Sicilian slice’, but instead of making the cover he plays to the audience. He steps out the ring to confront Booker for some unknown reason, only to get levelled from behind by Jarrett. ‘Double J’ throws him into the front row, before suplexing him back over the guardrail and onto the arena floor. Chair shot to the back. Now Jarrett is having words with Booker, but this gives Kanyon the chance to waffle him with the chair. Back in the ring and that ‘Alabama slam’ into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Kanyon picks up his book and swings for ‘Double J’ but he ducks out the way. Boot to the mid-section, Kanyon drops the book and Jarrett with a DDT onto it, however the DDP impersonator is able to roll a shoulder at the last split second. ‘Double J’ grabs his guitar from ringside, but as he’s about to hit Kanyon over the head with it, referee Billy Silverman snatches hold and takes it off him. Distracted, Jarrett then gets KO’d by the book, but at two is able to get a foot over the bottom rope. The match returns to the floor and after Jarrett reverses a whip to the guardrail, he’s again over at the announcers table. He shoves Stevie Ray (who’s now a commentator), clocks Booker with a right and security are straight out and between them. In the meantime Buff Bagwell has jumped Kanyon (over what he did to his mother) and attacks him until another lot of security drag him off. Things look live they’ve calmed down, Jarrett with ‘the Stroke’ and he’s on his way to New Blood Rising…again.


There was nothing wrong with the work here (and that Northern Lights was quality), but I just can’t get past this god awful ‘Positively’ Kanyon gimmick. As a result I couldn’t get into the match and found it all rather boring. Seriously, I find myself fixated with that ridiculous hair piece half the time! The guy doesn’t look like a champion, let alone a contender, and certainly not a threat. Some odd moment’s as well with Kanyon seemingly having the match won, only to pose to the crowd and then step out the ring to have words with Booker. Where’s your urgency? Don’t you want to challenge for the title? The pull apart between Harlem Heat and Jarrett had a bit of ‘heat’ about it, although I’m never happy to see Buff Bagwell involved with anything.

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