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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 15 - Nick Bockwinkel part 1 and Final Deletion part 3

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First off a special thank to all the PWO members who came up with this playlist for me!


Wrestling with a Generation Gap begins a two part look at one of the greatest, but most obscure to modern fans, Nick Bockwinkel! We take a look at the Bock as he does battle with Verne Gagne, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Wahoo McDaniel, Matt Murphy and teams with Ray Stevens to face the High Flyers. We also get some legendary promos and many appearances from the greatest manager of all time, the late Bobby Heenan. Rob shows a black and white match he knows literally nothing about, we try to figure out why the AWA title changed hands so many times in the 60's but almost never in the 70's (anyone know?) Dave and Nick see Ron Trongard as an old school Joey Styles, the underrated nature of Greg Gagne, Vernge Gagne, appreciation and controversy, why modern fans think today's wrestlers have shorter careers, Nick's great and varied promos, Greg Valentine's focus on attacking Native American's legs, Wahoo as the Terminator, a discussion on the worst of all time as we really digress on the last match.


Nick Bockwinkel vs . KO Matt Murphy

Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Verne Gagne

Nickbockwinkel, Bobby Heenan, Bobby Duncum, Ken Patera vs. Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Wahoo McDaniel

A collection of Nick Bockwinkel promos

The Broken Hardys vs. Decay


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