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[2000-05-06-APW-Terra Nova Terror] West Side Playaz (Boyce LeGrande & Robert Thompson) vs Jardi Frantz & Vinny Massaro


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An APW match with good lighting, decent production values and a hard cam positioned at a nice angle; this bodes well! A slow opening as the two teams feel each other out. LeGrande cartwheels out of a stunner, and a thrust kick to the head of Massaro for two. Frantz blows a ‘tilt-a-whirl’ move, but at least has the common sense to try and turn it into something else, forcing Boyce to grab the ropes for the break. They go straight back to that spot they’d previously blown, ‘tilt-a-whirl’ backbreaker by LeGrande and Frantz replies with a flying headscissors. It’s not going well for Jardi as he then botches that convoluted wristlock takedown where he’s meant to bounce and spring off the top rope. The WSP look to isolate the left arm of Massaro and Thompson with a single armed DDT. LeGrande keeps hold of the arm and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Vinny gives him a shove and he falls to the arena floor. Jardi is around and throws him into the ring post before tossing him back inside. Slingshot senton and a split legged moonsault for two. Plenty of double teaming behind the official’s back as they continue to get the heat on LeGrande. ‘Fameasser’, but Boyce is able to kick out before the three. Big running powerbomb by Massaro. Boyce ducks the roaring elbow, spinning heel kick and he’s finally able to make the tag. Make that three blown spots for Frantz as he messes up a belly to belly. Scoop powerslam on Frantz and then Thompson counters a Massaro German suplex with a stunner. As Jardi and Vinny take to the outside to gather themselves, Thompson backdrops LeGrande over the top and out on to them. Frantz avoided most of the impact and as Thompson is out to check on his partner, Jardi with an awful looking shooting star press to the floor where he doesn’t rotate enough and lands head first on the wrestlers! Boyce with a superkick to Massaro and Frantz is in to break up the pin. DDT by Jardi, Thompson breaks that up and so the series continues with Thompson’s torture rack airplane spin into a neckbreaker being the highlight. Emerald Frosien, double underhook DDT, Samoan drop, ‘Rock bottom’, it’s a constant stream of hitting a finisher and then their partner making the save. After Massaro hits a pumphandle into a Rikishi driver on LeGrande, he calls for Frantz to pass him a ladder. This one isn’t the biggest and only stands about a foot above the top turnbuckle. Thompson reverses an Irish whip and a 3-D on Vinny. LeGrande with a ‘swanton bomb’ off the ladder and the Playaz get the win.


My least favourite APW match to date, and it started off so promising with the increased production values. I’m not sure what the thinking is with some of these indie promotions, but it’s as though they have to go twenty to thirty minutes long. As a result, the opening was too slow and plodding and we then got an overly long heat section on LeGrande. At times this was very similar to the March match, and again I thought Thompson was the standout. Not sure what was up with Frantz but he badly blew four spots at least. We had the same escalation of saving all the big and double team moves for the final stretch, but that became move, partner breaks up the pin, rinse, repeat; I just became numb to it all and zoned out.

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Lots of walking around in the beginning and this wasn't the good kind of stalling to build heat. The match took a nosedive everytime Frantz came in. He missed moves, didn't sell when he was hit, etc. This turned into a proto-Young Bucks type of match with one huge move after another with very little meaningful selling and just shuffling to the next big move. Bad match.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-06-APW-Terra Nova Terror] West Side Playaz (Boyce LeGrande & Robert Thompson) vs Jardi Frantz & Vinny Massaro

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