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GWWE: The Dragon, A Case for Ricky Steamboat

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I realize due to Wrestlemania III that Steamboat won't be forgotten but it wasn't until I really thought about it that I realized how remarkable his run was. He debuted around Mania I as basically number three babyface never was below that and was the definitive number two babyface by Mania III. Given the fact he was not good at promos and New York was a promo territory that's quite the accomplishment. Easy lock for top 50!


For a short tenure in the WWF (March, 1985-March, 1988), Ricky Steamboat had a big impact. Even though he was not a flashy promo, he was still booked at the top of the card throughout his run in New York. Taking the number three position immediately working with Tito Santana (number two babyface) and havign his first major feud with "Magnificent" Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji after the two hanged him. After establishing himself against Muraco, he worked a underrated program with the newly debuted Jake "The Snake" Roberts in summer of 1986 after Jake The Snake DDT'd him on concrete. This all led to the incredibly famous Macho Man feud in late 86, early 87 where he was unequivocably the number two babyface at the height of the WWF in the 80s. They had many great matches heading into the famous larnyx crushing angle, which is one of the best angles in wrestling history (masterful selling by Steamboat) and led to TWO of the greatest matches in WWF history in the form of their Toronto bloodbath in February and their technical marvel at Wrestlemania III. So in only three years, Steamboat had match of the year contenders in 85, 86 and 87 and was consistently a top drawing babyface and was hugely influential in how in-ring performance in the WWF.









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